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Boomer Esiason calls out Ray Lewis after Shannon Sharpe interview

Feb 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni praise Boomer for speaking his mind and criticizing Ray Lewis.

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If you're like me and you enjoyed the the sandy hook kids singing America the beautiful and up that was. As good as gets prior to kick off last night committee also agreed at about 520 or so. Shannon -- sit down interview with Ray Lewis was an abomination. These guys play together their friends so I was expecting any -- real answers from a late ray Lewis and give Shannon Sharpe the credit for. Asking some of the questions in this this interview happened -- before. The -- it was stuff. Broke -- and ask about that but he did go back and ask about 2000 and what's gone on a race. What would you like to -- it. As simple no. God. Has never made on the screen. Passes we use. C. And if our system. Is the sad thing about. Our system. If our system to time. To really investigate. What happened there to musical. Maybe to a -- at the bottom line to. But the saddest thing of -- Was that a man look him up trees. And told me we know. You can do this. Portugal and -- it. For the family. If you knew. If you really know. The way god works. If you don't you lose people. Who commits any thing like that. For his glory. -- wait. It's the total opposite. A wheel of a financial settlement to -- Lebanese and one thing that's that because my name was use the wrong way. Mining is the last thing I'm worried about whether money will help those kids out and not just those. Any kid that I can help any family that I can support I support to take don't just say that family and say -- -- once -- Because -- -- when it's thousands of its time and time again just the fun of different ways to help somebody who worked up. -- of one of the systems ball and if the system didn't fail. Then it it wouldn't what -- by the white suit record that we're gonna help the system that was brought an end to. Yet I know I gave some financial settlements in the family's here but but but I'd give money to a lot of soul. Let's -- altogether families that -- have people murdered. I give money to the same as me giving money to a family in Baltimore charity that will be actors and things like -- charity pay -- same thing. To that thing happens they go back to the set. And Dan Marino's there not concede Jack. Bill Powers there again not to standing Boomer Esiason stood up and said a lot of us want to say that there are huge questions. About the legacy of ray Lewis and -- dressed his comments today on his radio show on New York. You know why I knew that he did the piece I heard the patient on that this is a team -- back terrain and Shannon has. A great amount of respect and probably has greater insight into that issue than anybody I know -- now he would not share that insight with me because he doesn't feel like it's fair and I understand that 100%. But I also told shadow nice that I. I can't sit here again and just allow -- to -- somebody has to be a voice of dissent and have the opposite viewpoint. Wee -- we went down this road by the way. Towards the end of the season when Ray Lewis came back. And we we discussed in the playoffs obviously this is a little bit -- Bob because Shannon did ask him a direct question about 2000. I thought it was a meandering kind of like. Maneuvering answer and maybe he is down by some confidentiality caused due to the pay -- that he made to the families -- out of Gaza may -- can't explain it. But there is a certain part of the population out there and I tickets are relatively large of -- -- -- that don't buy it. So it -- good -- I don't but I just can't sit there and -- of Marino's record as saying things that. Build towers understanding and I get it -- there in the end. Somebody has to say something and you're critical -- and you critical of the answer I -- the chassis shop I appreciate you asking him a direct question I needed it and I and I and I understand the difficulties that a former teammate might have in that situation. And I know why Shannon went there because Shannon has a great friendship with Ray Lewis they spend time together this week and raise hotel room and hold here -- -- thing came out. That's boomer explaining it today and if you saw live. I treated about it right when it happened it was a breath of fresh share on a on a pregame -- -- a pregame day. Across the NFL network and CBS and ESPN. Did not spend a lot of time in saying what a lot of us think that there's at least some knowledge that Ray Lewis adds about what happened and he's not talking about. Boomer Esiason was a breath of fresh air it was awesome. To hear what he said in that situation because no one else is gonna -- -- and a lot of people think you know what. The questions that's the radio site come on boomer. Right and two point you know with the fact -- does radio on a daily basis as a show. That's that's why he says the things he says that about the guys in the NFL network on. Well anybody any -- the analysts you know of the what do they want they want just talk ball football they want talk but the game they -- analyzed placed things like that these types of subjects. They're not gonna be critical of their players. You know it's the same thing he MLB tonight all these other things they just wanna talk about the gain on the damp and does that -- -- steroids knowledge just wanna talk about the player himself McGee always give the players benefit of the doubt but a gala boomer. Who's on the radio in giving some strong opinions and in hearing strong opinions from callers. That's when they disappoint sick you know I I can't sit back is the my listeners know -- feel about this. You know I've already talked about this can't be now a TV mode but he says Dan Marino in these guys that -- at the same thing. -- good for him. I and that's that we just heard is from my FAN boomer card show that airs there are mornings. I'm and I thought breath of fresh air from -- and he like he should be doing against the nets next year. Get him off Alomar radio dial global in the Kevin holed -- nice job but he sends out. -- and calls like it is the great job at those games and is locked in is not going to be afraid to say something he's gonna. When he's asked about a penalty delayed Sims was last night. He's asked about that pass interference and Phil Simms says Al lot of national broadcast TV the more I see it the more confused I get. Size is not gonna say that -- opinion not the first time he sees -- stick with it. It seems meandering around about as follows not a -- an eagle saved the -- -- Jim what are you down and not -- second guessed Harbaugh. Perfect in the field goal that's when there are no second guess a lot that Bjork. That's why allowable what what people -- the station with Dennis the calendar receive the money during the football season. -- top of the hour Scott kept up it will continue with your phone calls and I wanna talk about the commercials last night and what stood out. In the Super Bowl commercial base they spend millions on -- here.

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