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Alicia Keys national anthem

Feb 4, 2013|

Did you take the over or the under for this year's national anthem. Alicia Keys performed an outstanding rendition but went well over the 2:05 mark.

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Get a lot of -- the SNL skits. That parity Ray Lewis hope they do one more those now that he is a two time. Super Bowl champ it's not -- ID 37 WEEI all your reaction. The Super Bowl 47 the sights the sounds the commercials we get into all of you get involved at 61777979837. Text line 37. 937. Or on Twitter at -- Maloney at -- and UT. WEEI. Before the game starts. The prop betting begins when it comes the Super Bowl one of the prop bets was. A -- keys national let them. How long of this thing last and if I had known. Italy she keys abetting large sum of money herself and her friends about a large some money yourself. On the over. I wanna bet more than measly ten bucks I bet on the over a period prior to that game and because there is no doubt in my mind. The fix was in what's at the beginning of Alicia Keys off. Or an unknown. Team. All easy over good lord had -- Didn't. And it is gonna informants. -- -- -- -- -- You know piano adds a lot to this -- right you know it was a handles a the -- say OK now definitely don't mean yeah. At least he's Croatia and a lot of zeros so I didn't I had -- talent and any kind of thing about that we did you start. But as this is going on 45 seconds -- -- Because right now are -- trying. Horrible few of the over -- around him with a big cheers of the over. They realize now they get you over. -- -- -- Now it's quiet people with the under -- Because they're against him. Here count your money that's right. Question Libyans. 130 enough guys. Texas isn't easy pieces smoke it there. -- -- -- -- Okay. And it killed the Castro and who's pitching pitching pitching. Earlier -- your. Here we go yeah. And. Adding words -- piano that was profit. Who GM words. -- -- -- -- -- You're 35 was the total unbelievable thirty seconds over rice on line at two minutes and five statewide and the people got in there but two minutes and 35 seconds that just from the first oh. That's not -- -- sexual things that started with piano lines the first word of the beast again it's still went thirty seconds automatically. That is a football team winning by three touchdowns. Thirty -- I don't have. Any of these huge prop bets right and all lenders in songs. Gator rate colors. There's certain things that you know will beyoncé of cleavage in certain things that. Bellowing about brain locked the Gatorade when it was very disappointing what do you -- it before the game. He got in some way you'd you'd know. In this is significant the it hub Alicia -- is -- -- all our peeps. Like you can actually get -- or about a deal to kill. Matt Walsh poorly paid for the patriots -- world's second I want to get in there. Time's up or so while you to a two point when you go yeah. Lock it up because there's no -- on fifteen seconds shorter. But the National -- and even if if if that. Gillette ever had a suitable rats can be in New York David people he worked at the stadium. -- get -- put in the the benefit of your favorite and practiced he had -- first to got to carry it to make things that go coin toss okay whatever first -- complete -- All these other things that's but the game play out heads five times and Europe and its -- let you don't know all right things are determined regarding now what the her dress is already there Gary know she did -- -- Italian she guided the she's already practicing and how she can sing it's Google or not. Gatorade. By the tutors working on the corner right at the Gatorade. And the assistance. As help out trainer something with -- you guys are. Shady men. The over was a -- once that thing started and I think that -- her friends made a couple of extra bucks on top -- a paid by the way she was great. She nailed the anthem and a tremendous job and that was a prop that I look into bombed. -- biggest tumble in the that a little bit what that Alicia Keys tell people that she sprinkle a few bets around at the Bellagio. Paris was she spent and a -- on the over with that. Back to your phone calls let's go to Christian is in -- at New Hampshire today Christian. A abaco and what's a Christian first so called that's great Achilles key. Think all of he's taken the monitor in her ear piece the old Chicago -- to fuel and it went off. So -- energy a little buzzer okay -- over to a five you're clear. You finish it out or about. But actually -- that. Political. On the -- -- and let played. I think it absolutely won't hold it but I think it's we've seen. If the offensive player starts to fight back -- it's called a lot less and I mean there was clearly. Upset with him since -- On that play. And I think that's why they didn't end up calling it if you would have let him really roughed him up it would have been a no brainer they would have to call. Well you I mean listen could you sold it me or take a chance of just get the contact the kind of selling it falling down and put in their hands. No no I just you know I. Saying that I think that's why it wasn't. -- called was because we were definitely fighting back. Yeah and did Crabtree initiate that contact and it's it's a fair question Christian watching the NFL guys break it down today. On ESPN it's -- mixed bag you know sometimes it's called the times not Crabtree started the the call he's held. Way after the -- -- chunks out of what you think about the call itself he has held -- interfered with. Five yards after the caller heard a five yards after a dead at the chucked them. -- it was talking up as a sporting it's able it would culpable and it was who cares I don't know. -- she made a pretty ridiculous attempt -- that he was that athletic. But he made a huge lead the attempt early in the game -- if that's a just practice and just a one on one situation you're supposed to be your guide there. I'll but it got physical and you're not gonna get back called for Harbaugh ought to bring an up afterwards. You know it was it was a little bit sour grapes to make -- Braintree this after. Yeah it's and I don't and that. Are -- just -- -- on the national plan on here as soon let's. You know and it rolled out young coach on treatment and I blocked by that then will real clip -- -- -- you it's either that. And channels especially keys are playing -- Smart play on. Two minutes and I sector so I was content in my pocket out of that you executable. I think it was absolutely. Brilliant. -- -- Hard what they've -- -- particular law. Which. And at that point. So cute chick -- eleven it's -- -- at some -- kids -- -- fourteen it's three to 143. And how loose is still in the game two possession game no matter what it -- statement that it was an extra bonus. On which almost. So it's absolutely cardinal -- it's important to let. The -- -- meticulous cable made a good play their began asking Justin -- to goal. Nine yards a -- against a pretty fast -- Francisco would be. When -- and a half. It is particularly true that. Should a guy running gross doesn't let us feel you know -- first down and then you can pretty much locked up the game. K I just -- -- years soup bowl seventeen to three ethnic is pretty nice with three minutes ago in the half. Yeah he passed it up now it appears that it turned out OK because you get the ball right back to defense stepped up and -- -- little momentum confidence -- I don't care what to do whatever the hell we want because I believe in my defense and that's the way played out. But when I rather have an eleven point lead or fourteen point lead in second in that mean -- in the half. -- by the way get the ball back. You start the half. So you know I just -- points -- that half the pennant. Seventeen to three to get the ball back it happened at three minutes ago -- my defense hold them see what happens when I'm gonna get the ball back here at the start that site you can really. Distance myself from the state. It turned out and agree with a time. I like the call at first glance and as Lucent actually worked out for them but we're gonna what you thought initially initially -- of -- -- make a joke about John Harbaugh. That's -- that I thought Oakland's. Are they decision there it was just you didn't have to gamble. It worked out their favor you've got to stop upon you'll but the flip you scored. This -- can't cover Jacoby Jones down field. Odd couple other notes. Via our friends on Twitter regarding its we should keys over under thing. I'm Scott says makes even more suspicious. Is -- performers are not paid at the Super Bowl. So. What would stop somebody for and that's additionally she keys for just saying you know what I'm getting paid by gold over two minutes and five seconds I assumed they got paid. So -- couple bucks in the side again Scott tells us that they don't get paid they want. Get paid through the anthem and Scott says -- taken Scott on two Bruins -- 27 I'm taken ms. word. The performers are not paid at the Super Bowl. He got to find a way to get yourself paid off. Its interest in right more than beyond sick at a site with Pepsi that sort of hide in the Super Bowl halftime. Social part of that the payment has to do with that as well of Destiny's Child rock that's -- problem Pepsi. Joseph says a few minutes before the at the line. Jumped to over at minus 150. And as soon as that piano was ruled out you knew was over that really happened they would check the wind got that have beaten on the over minus 150. Fix was -- Good call guys 61777979837. Text as it's BH TT tech went 37937. -- a global view it's --

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