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Power outage at the Superdome at Super Bowl 47

Feb 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the bizarre power outage at the Super Bowl and how it affected the teams on the playing field.

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Butler not a three point seven WE -- we start with your calls. Your takeaways. Your memories of Super Bowl 4761777979837. The phone every can text us. On the eighteenth tee -- line it's 379 -- 37 for a lot of people going to be. The power outage -- Where he had a 34 minute almost 35 minute delay. Early third quarter 286 at that point. Not a for the football third down at thirteen after an incomplete -- that there -- sack taken by Colin -- predict. And and it's Phil Simms. Who was atrocious in this game will get to. He's got to explain what cap predicts saudis talking about they've doubled Vernon Davis the safety help and how wasn't there -- take the second and silence. With maybe some good argues the best fill some scattered all Mike. That game last night with the power outage member in a Super Bowl setting like that. Amoral Lackey situation it's happened before big games but we're talking a 120 million people watching this game. We're talking 481 overnight rating highest ever the call it the most watched TV event. In the history television go back them fashion at the Super Bowl last night was number one. Your power goes out. Boo boo boo. Out the end of help me out only macro -- the opulent how to help you on. Is a suitable party to get the little Fella and you think it will point lightly here go home. -- missed 20/20 five minutes or so the game. All legal backing DVR it like to watch it light moving forward and go back and watch their quarterly what he'd do you know chair -- lights go out. Up let's go but he -- let's go get the kid put his PGA's argued the back. In the -- let's go this can be at least half our lights went out. Who worked good. And actually got in the car Annika listened to forget you'll go to bed with -- radio because they were Kevin Harlan -- size unbiased cellphone. Was it on cellphone at Appleby at the land line by the dog's still itself -- they're talking mother on a cellphone. So -- sort of miss the whole tremendous -- living. I will beckon the doubt that with the dosage or popular back once a minute those lights went out as a perfect this is awesome is that -- go. Out of here. It's all about you. Here's what they said last night ID issued a joint statement and Entergy NS MG the company that manages the superdome. Piece of equipment that is designed to monitor electric load cents an abnormality in the system. Was the issue was detected the -- equipment operated as design and open a breaker. -- caused the power to partially cut to the superdome in order isolate the issue. Back up generators kicked in immediately as designed. Entergy SMT subsequently coordinated startup procedures. Insurer and a full power was sick day was safely restored the superdome. The faults of the equipment activated where the superdome equipment intersect with energies. Blob blob law we don't really know what the hell happened. But the power up that was the. Obviously I'm power outage it was unfortunate incidents -- were. Looking and to try to get the facts there were no safety issues at any point in time. The dome personnel did an outstanding job. Exclude our fans and our personnel -- teams. I think everyone stay -- And to work through the issues. It John Harbaugh has evolved mourning him his take on yet right. You know what he did was what -- is -- I'm listening to -- so wanna go back and she was like during it but listening to it. It -- he was just going bananas. There watching it live. Well watching it the art it was certainly looks totally commonly just when I -- organized and everything but then the lights went on that's me just -- that guy out right from the NFL. -- cleared amounts of we have -- have -- couple options of what happened with the lights -- well I -- conspiracy -- Aaron with eleven -- -- Aaron Wilson covers the ravens for ravens insider between it out at the time last night as the -- we vote -- he's at the event and he's live tweeting. This is thirteen hours -- -- the NFL official told me power outage limited to superdome wasn't the entire grid also apparently. The halftime show what beyoncé it was a factor -- -- it was terrific -- held. Didn't -- away examiner New York Daily News their there it's it's a little speculative. But there's at least one report that says on the two different. Rehearsals they have with beyoncé. But something similar happened they blew -- -- they knew they had some sort of issue with the pyrotechnics and the electricity she's not you watch the halftime show. Eight she was great beat it was a on a -- right there was. The light on the floor than at one point they had if -- and come up behind her and -- million beyoncé which is not a bad thing. And it just a lot work so when I read that last night and this morning's at that makes cents. Look bad for the NFL if they knew they could -- avoided this. And they just said yeah we'll just gamble that doesn't happen again during the super bowl of these rehearsals and the issues we had no big deal. Would just kind of role that in the biggest yet that's entity no question about who. So. That was probably it right ethic tied in Tibet reasoning was is just that. All place but if it's just been through an awful lot. Think of renewal is down there that the Katrina comment through everything -- right at that place has been through a lot of just old -- the the power went. But part of me just felt like I I just said this like visual. Public John Payton and Drew Brees is with wire cutters like laughing their asses off bright. Just sit there like on this is going to be great don't take this one interest -- That's your conspiracy -- -- -- what to say -- like you know what screw this dispute our season would ministry of the game to tell me it's Peyton. Drew Brees and rig a car they're back there. The cut the -- car in the make a -- achievement of spectators well. Alec conspiracies. Like it to take us there. -- -- movement who made the call fisheries that Sean Payton Drew Brees and I'll just say that's the conspiracy ethic is probably more beyoncé just. Blown the roof off and can cause and all this but. I just -- thing that's nice visual I hear it's only incremental I don't think it was Monday that that was the case to -- -- we just lying on the floor right to negotiate real. Sean -- Drew Brees -- It's -- and beautiful this stuff saint fair and what it did embarrass the NFL except in the NHL Stanley Cup final -- now. The National Football League a 120 million people watch your home your power goes up 34 minutes and then. You kick your story straight exactly what happened James Brown a -- are back in fifteen minutes no one knows exactly what's going on -- Steve -- right. What a what do stretch for ask her. -- -- -- -- Half time down there are you meet power outages in the field the only got a microphone he's shaken. Aziz this isn't ideal AFC championship game this is the Super Bowl the 41 overnight share. It is and shaken their -- he has no idea what's going on bits and Sam's their mics off so they can't get them -- ball solvable -- his back they have no idea what the hell's going on. So I -- and overturn. And it shopper who went a step produced considered that Howard hit it. Bill congress I don't know bring in Alex McNabb. -- -- -- says he might think about Alex Smith -- the spot really. It was -- really the problem. Always attended the fence was getting -- -- you can go open -- got a million other things go wrong 26 on the capitol police special teams they'll. It was his fault that Kobe Jones -- on punch underneath yards in a way. Gimme a break. As they finally come back but it is amazing that 8834 minute stretch and and you said it. In his first segment year. It actually affected the game right it helped the forty -- picked up there on the ropes it's third and thirteen to down 28 to six. It gives them a half hour compose their thoughts it gives them a half hour to deal with the realization. On the verge you get knocked out a Super Bowl what can we do here and turnaround. Meanwhile the ravens wedding and are so -- defensively. They were going on pure emotion. That that the sit there and those old legs get a chance -- tighten up a little bit and all that momentum they had after the Jacoby Jones touchdown return. That was out the window and you can look at that game -- say the power rushed it wasn't a huge help to the 49ers get. Act and I can't ever I think it definitely was now the niners have shown throughout the playoffs that they've owned the second half. Right meaning they come back in its second half and in new beast that -- do exactly that against Atlanta. At that that kick off return just sort of took a lot out of -- there about the -- you know coughed the ball over again turn it over to -- Baltimore again. Yeah I think it helped them out tremendously. Joseph Flacco that offense. From the their last possession in the second quarter before half. Who their next possession the third has Jones -- back 84 minutes of real time now. 84 minutes city calm competent it's like. Think that kind of hurts anything hurts a rhythm we talked it owes us a lick bush before Troy and everything else but the Super Bowl. But how much it's longer right there usually is president -- halftime the concert everything that's difficult to come out with how important those first drives are. Now you tack on a delay in 84 minutes of real time if we step back on the field. Yeah might have some adieu with a they sit there. And -- the 49ers came on after that they at the moment plus the Ray Lewis fumble helps but it change entirety game and got them back in the game I do take a step further. And point out that not Patrick rich columnist for Forbes. Says the black -- actually gonna hurt the world's chances hosting on the super blog talks about the world -- this great -- you talked about the -- to that building. And the city itself. And that the next time they want to host the super -- Peter King agrees he writes about this that it Monday Morning Quarterback this will be brought up. That for ever -- whether it's beyoncé is halftime you guys were prepared whether it was just ball the wiring or breaker. We get a 34. Minute power outage in the middle active in the middle the freak in Super Bowl. Like it's coming out next time rightly exit down the NFL the world on -- guys are great up beat down their urban street errors it's all good but. You figure out the light in there you figured out the wiring in your place that. And we'll think about coming back there. Like a lot -- remembered for that specifically that it's the power outage is suitable. -- and we start there in terms of what you remember what you take away from that game last night's Super Bowl 47. Niners and -- 617. 77979837. The phone number 61777979837. You can text us. On the AT&T text -- -- 379837. All your fault call Super Bowl 47 when.

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