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Mut and Lou recap Super Bowl 47

Feb 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about an exciting Super Bowl and discuss some of the events that particularly stood out to them during the game.

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Was last week the week before work. -- you got to your -- you railed against the younger generation they're so spoiled they don't know what the hell they're talking about. Their pain is not what -- a Super Bowl since 2004. Yeah about that OK. Then all select few yes that -- felt like you might go back to it today it's say these kids today. -- -- both have a great Super Bowl every year mr. ball's always gonna come down in the final player final drive. I grew up on -- I didn't -- up on a 4926. Niners over the charged in the game he can leave at halftime fifty to seventy. Cowboys over the Buffalo Bills 55 and that 199055. And niners over the bronco it's Mikey get a a blotter is new user. Almost every other year now. It's almost like the dampening a script like Roger Goodell is sending Alcan. But like cap predict run this one in for touchdown knocking at the two points. Or make -- a close game late this games have been unbelievable and last night continued that trend. A good game at this and honestly I think it was. On a way to an absolute blowout. Power went out made the game closer that's my opinion that -- -- Baltimore won on the vote matters with the Paducah and coming back. Of course they did they did is no question about it but there about a thirteen thirteen thirteen about to get the ball back to get a third quarter of the -- After Jones take it that I house that they it was about turn into a blow up so changed momentum all right slow down take a deep breath give back in the games imprint. I'm glad animated game is -- it was to gain anything comes down. -- -- -- First and goal and at the end of a Super Bowl with everything online yeah of course that's the fines a great game. But -- doesn't without a computer Monday through a look back in August at Baltimore is were under rating them they're good team. We're looking at both of those teams almost like mid season form early season form for the niners. About week thirteen 1415 form for the ravens and it just wasn't the case. There were two different teams. This Baltimore defense was not the same with Justin Smith -- that -- that it is against the patriots down the stretch not the same at all given up points and yards. Baltimore's offensive line was fixed Joseph Flacco -- at a high level. Defensively they were there were -- the run on the everything's a sort of came together for the team they were the better team I think I see that's work. We disagree. And I'll say this very often I feel like that the better teams the 49ers. When you won this offseason I feel like the forty -- for the better team they went the better team yesterday. Because of their head coach. And there are some of these games like I joked about 5217. Cowboys over the Buffalo Bills. Where the bills get on out a Super Bowl at sucks. You got there he said we just weren't good enough and the cowboys they get the triplets and today there the middle the tightest running for like OK we wish we fired all our bullets. And we just weren't good enough and that hurts even though he lost the Super Bowl game. I think it hurts more for a team like the Sampras Cisco 49ers. Who clearly. On par with Baltimore. But because I love and this hurts me to say out loud you know what to defend Jim Harbaugh. Bad coaching mistakes. And ridiculous offensive play calling you lose that game yesterday. You must have been. Now I was I was actually goes thicket of you the very first play of the game that's creepy but OK the the very first play because we had this discussion with the Houston Texans. Rank and then you wouldn't forget -- lined up. By illegal formation. And you rail QB. All week long because a player. Lined up illegal formation to the -- the manager the head coach knew that that's just that's bad coaching you're preparing all week long four that's like Kubiak sucks. And as -- bought tickets more in the play the probably practiced all week. And it cracks at the proper way in the players so caught up in the moment that he lose his mind and doesn't let up in the right spot might put on -- on the head coach. And you loved Jim Harbaugh do. So what did you think of that call on what I did think midstream of that offense to the twenty yard pass to Vernon Davis you get a illegal formation on the first play scrimmage. Preparing for a suitable two weeks in is that on the player. Are there on the great Jim. I thought dummy. Dummy Jim Harbaugh UN 910 days error reports that they practiced that play. For probably ten days they knew what they're gonna run for stamina is still put on Karbala so that's got -- heart is still Robert. It's still wrong it's some that's got to know Jim Harbaugh and a practice that if they was practicing at the wrong way always. What is the players' fault line up there -- -- -- -- all -- -- and just take it Ed as far as I know it's just taking 88 literally. And a for the people watching in the let him all demonstrate its like taking one step back right. That's all it -- you can't cobra the titans the titans lined up on the line of scrimmage. He's gonna you know whatever offer pass you can't lineup next to him on top you gotta be. God you know are off the -- as you're about to go up there and grab each once used in here you stand here and you -- here in. Good to hear Michael -- recent a -- all during the ten day and a prepping that play on the planet not line up in the wrong -- when he saw that when you saw that we don't say oh Samper is that it can be a blow up I thought I hate. You start that way it's the dumbest way to start -- game we at Chatham on its immigrant debate. At the coaching is part of that when Kubiak lines up and it team that was a sign immediately they were focused at least that first half. It was a sign that they at ten days to get something right. They didn't do it in and gave a huge play to start that game right and up a punting and that it's all downhill which in the first half for the 49ers. That's a twenty yard play you view raced off the boards and yes you were thinking of me I was thinking Jim Harbaugh I love yeah. You gotta get your guys and a better spot the net and unfortunately for me is -- Jim Harbaugh and it's on to back the 49ers. It didn't stop his team played on disciplined all day 39. They jump offside negate an incomplete pass next placed third in four it wobbled and same player at the patriots touchdown by the way -- Watch the tape of the of the ravens against the patriots the rolled up to it global middle of field. But the great replay that -- Torrey Smith is the side the ball's in the air halfway through Boldin and Torrey Smith got a sand than the year touched down we got this thing. The cut that bothered me. The play calling really bothered me a really delicate and your loved Jim Harbaugh. I do so I was wondered if you gonna commit with some of the blame him I have to put on -- because the -- all on all -- all -- but let me just. We were in a jumper -- in this game excuse me. You make this ridiculous comeback in you have first and goal from the seven yards in the past blades. You get the ball or force the ball to Michael freaking Crabtree where you have Vernon Davis who had six catches for 124 yards. -- on targets aren't Davis -- boys. He's zero as many as humans are bottled media well and and reds and I don't need Ray -- covering him. And it should try to cover a ball game on love of god get somebody else on the man awful -- was get abused. But it's eighteen that throughout the regular season. Right average yards per game on the ground 155 point 74 in football. Scored seventeen rushing touchdowns. They get first and goal. Michael James second and goal. Incomplete third and goal incomplete file -- that final play where I guess that -- -- cap predict audible through that but. Put him in that spot artist Frank Gore your power guy and a great touchdown run earlier. Get a sniff their late I thought that play calling was a oceans. Why Harbaugh the end of my big take away from this game was the 49ers were as good if not better in the ravens and if not -- some bad coaching. They win that game yesterday come back from was 286. At one point you it was Saddam -- Peter king's. Anymore quarterback added the -- talked about. DP. And in the pistol in that final drive. Talked to some of the coaches and then. They felt the one of the ways to kind of go get cap predict in this in this pistol was just an all out blitz or zero blitz. Next -- you bring in everybody. And that that way just sort of wanna interrupt anybody you want it's a running play we get guys that cover whether it's cool weather which you. We've got you so that first playwright -- breaks that big run he's out of the game when did whatever you want to give the ball Michael James albeit. All out blitz then there was. That argument. Between Harbaugh and Dean Pees -- ball won it all up let's again. The make -- think we are and that's exactly what happened is kept became a liberal to right expect the all out blitz and they awarded it emerged in base. Incomplete pass after that all up with the last two place. So they were making short that they -- capita was gonna beat them and that was the game when he still had some yards but. They bring in that lets an -- Packard shares of the seven yard line the five yard line. That it was when not to elect cap to be with elect we're not gonna let him get outside the numbers and run the ball and now I still think the you gotta give it a shot that still your best. At least one time I mean gore makes that big run up that's why is out of the game finally we were supposed to onetime court capita giving scientists see if you can punch it in their red and. -- times yet to Crabtree or cap predict on the they re beautiful design run in the playoffs last year for Alex Smith and -- high school play where they had written a bootleg any rain -- I couldn't get that. That's that's my point wanna watch that game yesterday say boy the 49ers were better. But the coaching let them down and that consistency did the mistakes they made that's on the coat that was my big take away from backing. Was that for me 49ers standpoint they had every opportunity where we're getting their asses kicked in that game. And they found a way to fight back and they found the weight of the two point conversion act like comes up short and get the ball back again. And it seemed like want to make jokes games overshot the thing off now. They were in late and -- get down to that spot I -- I give Jim Harbaugh so much credit for being well prepared what do you with Colin -- predict. -- easy exact opposite. Once you get down that the real not -- time first and goal seven yard line Michael James. Incomplete incomplete and the -- passing complete there at the end which you can argue all day it was a penalty was not. I only get that call the end of the game. The way they're called the entire game now. The seven penalties the entire game. That game. Their mission a lot more penalties than net in the -- was that a hole I thought it was -- But like I said the way they're calling it. Mean Gary Williams is he not get thrown out of that game early on the first at great question you know right there in the -- they'll they'll let this that these guys do whatever hell they want when a player takes two hands and puts an adjustable refereeing pushes them away. I thought in the fourth quarter I thought. Baltimore settle for a field goal went Flacco is running out of bounds to the third inning and he threw the ball a complaint. I thought he got -- late. I think -- pushed out of that he was out of bounds when he got pushed. That could have been a flag there is a couple times a member Ray Lewis complaining Vernon Davis want them I think he gave re elect a stiff arm in the face. Ready cut out to the silent amid a completion. If remember rake up popped up quick tolerate their refereed to show the replay will let them play. So to let these guys play the entire game and the called Indians own the B controversy with -- there's no question but it did Jim Harbaugh. The open minded bitch like you did after the game about it it was a tough game you guys to play your best. That's my take away that you might think that there are more talented roster they -- it just goes to show you that. Like our team here in New England you don't bring it you'll play your best in the post season you're gonna lose. That's yet. It any other site at any given Sunday I mean it's just waited a chemist -- You don't play good and you don't and they didn't play well at all I don't think that the Baltimore was the better team. Well thank your a lot you're gonna agree with your take away from the as the Baltimore under rated. That the ravens we never give enough credit I'm sure many people maybe like me back the forty niners are frustrated with some of that play callers in the -- that Harbaugh did during that game. How we get your big take a -- big memories of Super Bowl 47 at 6979837. That's the phone number 617779. 7937. You can text the show it's the AT&T text line at 3793 set will come back at all your phone calls on the game -- bought and -- a big takeaways my feeling is a lot of people's big takeaways going to be yet this of the Super Bowl with the power outage. What the hell happened there didn't affect the game talk about that next.

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