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D&C pick their favorite TV commercials from the Super Bowl

Feb 4, 2013|

Dino and Gerry are both enamored with Ram's ad saluting America's farmers. Dino points out a lack of monkeys in this year's commercial lineup. And the guys have a good laugh about NFL rookie sensation Leon Sandcastle.

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Might this be the first year in many many many Super Bowl years that there were no chimpanzees. Monkey -- and lizards in commercials. We know that we're no monkeys -- -- is -- -- -- lots of babies a lot of bases. What cars -- are still -- honestly a lot of beer scantily lots and lots of apocalyptic futuristic movies yes. Isn't it obvious that these special effects guys all in order to us. No showing their stuff easy suitable biggest swing in media and the you know what -- out there because. They're -- at their biceps and what they're there are discount and buys that or got you can make the world blow up -- -- Empire State Building fall I'll watch what I can do. And I mean can you even keep those movies straight -- public now Dublin. I idolized by tough fought battle you know five favorites but -- gonna go backwards if you want for a little bit in the fifth one which is probably the most. And it was very it is that the density punchy dealers wanted to end tonight I wrote this down but the yet commercial for tide in the Montana state. Yeah it's kind of amusement cute. Did you go in general managers. The thing about it was that again the little twist that the white with the ravens fans so they they custom made that commercial. For the ravens in the forty -- being in the super ball too little penal quick up time. A time. Turnaround -- but yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah me. That was number two in the USA today's ad meter and they have. You know they check would like nine million people that as a number two boss seven point 75 score so your fifth favorite Jerry my fifth favorite I don't know also a elected Deion Sanders won the that he's trending by the way. It's the sales can't get on sales as well. -- -- -- idol didn't want a light and I didn't want to like it -- deal on an is an obnoxious but I thought it was very very well built. Fill up and I was at that much science and -- to do that work but even even so did you think. The showed a Dallas does he really do this any different -- And he did it and it was funny and just kind of felt that we've met before is that the -- met before them. I thought and there are there were two commercial that I really liked a lot. And it's a new kind of genre if you will. And it's it's it's a narrative it's a neat it's a artsy -- -- well written. Well thought out Tug on your emotional heart strings in the two obviously were the Dodge Ram god made a farm with Paul Harvey. And only eight. Today. Bob McDonnell has planned paradise and that I need a caretaker. So god made a farmer. Godsend -- -- somebody willing to get up before dawn milk cows were called you know feels no -- again -- -- then go to town and state past midnight at a meeting of the school -- from god made a farmer. Got suddenly somebody willing to sit up all night with a newborn COLT. And watch your diet. And trying to tie doesn't say they -- See the key here is three things in my estimation it's it's the voice. He is required it's the writing that is required and it is the visual that goes with it now this you didn't even know to the end it was Dodge Ram. And so rather pitch over the head with you know Hyundai and he and show on the cart driver all over the neighborhood the soul whatever. They're showing you all bees bees empathetic. Artsy scenes and and footage with that voice and the whole can of Ceglia told sepia toned look to it. And that the and then nature of the truck via -- to it's -- that was the best. In my opinion -- -- car that was number one. I don't think it was the writing you know I think they left that the Paul -- like -- Probably thirty years ago or whenever he did it but the Paul Harvey's voice I soft spot for Paul Harvey's voice anyway about it the whole setup the whole -- the united. I as -- -- one unbiased ram truck -- It's something you'll remember -- remember it was two minutes long -- -- you know what that was -- -- That was fine by me I thought it was so well did not mind that it was long and it was touching. And I guess in that you know the the people put them together with some warts. I don't see it on the USA today ad meter -- is number of free. Number there is -- out yet is number three just through the eye of the tiger tied behind on the 743.

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