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Dino and Gerry bid a fond farewell to Ray Lewis after the Ravens' Super Bowl win

Feb 4, 2013|

D&C tackle Super Bowl XLVII right out of the gates. Neither of them are looking forward to hearing about Ray Lewis for the rest of the week despite his so-so performance in his career finale. They also call out a few key members of the 49ers' defense that apparently took the big game off.

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You know I don't know what your particular criteria is that defines a great Super Bowl I would say this. When cornerbacks -- each other down and produce 68 points. 874. Yards of offense 312 return yards when a blowout turns into -- nail biter when something. Bizarre happens and when a Super Bowl isn't decided the last play. By my definition that's a pretty damn good super the only downside is Ray Lewis leaves as -- Hold on before I get to that I am writing them down and though these are words of wisdom from -- after the game can you could you get to that again because he could talk to sell well and -- An issue and sound -- sell those two. Content they gonna think it's going on but the but this is very deeply thank you just played touch after the game what ray had to say. You do what you believe and no matter what happens no matter what people believe. The ultimate as the old vote. So good -- ultimately believe what you believe -- no matter what people believe the ultimate as the ultimate. Not don't let it be said he's not deep you know now he's not philosophical thoughts he's not an old sage who just in like Jesus. With his thoughts with his wisdom and -- both. You believe in what you believe it doesn't matter what people believe the ultimate is the ultimate and just felt. Biblical verse is some -- thanks so much that was cutting and drafted a it is I think it's great fortune cookie -- -- great super great and unforgettable Super Bowl. I'm I'm not disappointed I was and detained I'm happy. Four John Harbaugh who was the more likable of the two -- boss I'm not happy for Ray Lewis however. We can always remember that he did nothing in his final appearance he sucked and we can ask Jim Harbaugh forever. -- and exploit that weakness in the middle of the ravens' defense. I'm glad the -- Gonna pick a goat is Jim Harbaugh. When the play collect all at the end I'm glad you know for Joseph Flacco he is a elite quarterback who's gonna cash in. And I could ask for more than. Eight hours of entertainment analyst at -- gets it like it's it's it's it it was entertaining I I I can't complain. Culpepper nick has had in his now ten NFL games no a game winning come from behind drives -- I believe. Flacco has had -- -- that does not qualify as his eleventh. But if Ray Lewis wants you to believe that he and his defense had everything to do with this he has of course what is it that. Goal line stand at the end how wells could this possibly -- that me and my team putting -- goal line stand. Put up the fact that the ravens allowed 468. Total yards the most yardage ever allowed by a winning team in the history the super. It was I mean he's he can thank Flacco. Bolden and Jacoby Jones -- for this one because as once again Ray Lewis was just hanging on for the ride. -- I was trying to see in the replay clearly. It was a stupid call by Jim -- the fade I think it took the the biggest problem is and Jim -- is a Smart guy he's an experienced guy he should notice. The fade in large part depends on May be getting the flag. If yes if you gotta be you know the DB gets beaten face and he thinks that you're gonna score he grabs you he hits you he commits a penalty. They're not gonna -- it's the Super Bowl the last play -- I'm not at all you can put your arm all you want there's no rep from the NFL who's gonna throw a flag and we think Lance easily would have thrown a flag. Do we know for a fact there was tar balls call the -- somehow checked off account -- it panicky enemy is not a panic you looked at because the clock is running out. And he had to call time -- get the playoff and he got the play off quickly. Now -- there was a slight adjustment their -- there was a little wiggle and four that was a play called than it was a play called that that's what they decided. Was the best thing they could do that on to win that football game -- somebody needs to reexamine their offensive. And how -- status in the mind you've got to. On behind me look at Vernon Davis on the play he runs or right at the goal line. Which is kind of what that called for you know and as low throw to -- strong -- and who's. Her if they're lucky being covered by a linebacker or -- at worst the safety and it rate box help position on -- -- and that's what he does a menu and you -- you throw a fade and Yahoo!'s fault. Of the public -- ball for the call. I blame. Can -- -- the throw you -- now you're definitely not get the call. When you throw eight yards over the guy's head right club if that was possible. If -- -- at and it doesn't matter who's on accountable as a whole maybe that's what combo called for a hold instead of interference. As it would have been interference 'cause he -- the content but if that's playable like if he's trying to reach up and it's right there I didn't. And you could see the DB mechanized -- then maybe you get the call but not inevitable with the ball sales over that all the guys had an -- is it reminded of -- with a receiver on the play -- laconic. -- -- -- somehow got literally -- found a way you would have found a way he is the classic I mean the ultimate possession receiver where it doesn't matter if he's covered. And the third one. When they went and Harbaugh threw a more open as they say when he was not open and -- room. For the first though perhaps the gutsy play and then he ravens ran all game. It is when you watch this game you know what you know what else -- silent gaming about it. It is -- that -- the most entertaining guy in the NFL mean just to watch him operate he's not. Great yet. And you know who's gonna make mistakes but to see him. Maybe look terribly wrong way. And then try to makes a lot of bright -- was thoroughly entertaining he was again it was in the best quarterback on the field. He certainly was better than Alex and it would have -- But during the black coat was and I know power was -- will bring him out Smith anybody else -- There was no -- did -- -- says that was -- -- that was ever going to happen I think power. Was just reaching because it was black male lunchtime -- time they had to fill time. And it could -- Shannon thought that much and Marino was not an intern somewhere so that he and -- was up on the radio -- it was. -- Shannon was doing it's it's standup act on yeah did little shadow to keep talking -- musical I got one dumb. And liner after another it was up to -- That you know to provide some some analysis. I don't look at that cap predict performance and state -- but those last three passes at the end of the game coupled with the fact that he was over four. On passes thrown into the end zone and one for eight on such throws in the entire postseason indicates. A little seasoning is still required here for the -- on quarterback if this guy is not exactly the Joseph cool but Joseph Flacco -- -- right is very entertaining to watch. But was this not the ultimate. Think you like to see happen when the stage of the biggest the pressure is the greatest and it is all on you whether you can or cannot make a play. In the Big Ten days is tempered it did not do. I don't think Harbaugh made it easy element would have liked to have seen may be QB draw maybe in the design Ronyell rightly it -- great passes maybe and they have that. They wouldn't francoeur scored it was that great owner. Where you pulled the guy and brighter than the fullback Delanie Walker lead and just flattened. Ed Reed and and gore walked in the in three Georgia I want it gone back to that play even though they've seen it and I -- I might have tried it the other direction. I might go on with -- one read option run and let either -- -- or or gore trying to get in the end zone. I'm not sure I don't I don't like at it like any of the plays I think Harbaugh panic. They didn't you know they didn't look -- that it looked quick became the line they you know almost got the blame game almost got another delay game. That was a bad finals series but. -- -- When he started off really bad did you think he's not ready for the -- nervous east shaky he threw that pick he overthrew. -- -- And and nice and by the way I know you can catch it but I already going up and maybe just kind of screening the guy or putting a hand across his face. I said -- just watched that and didn't sit well I can't catch that's muddy the blow up and try to screen this guy visual there has never or distracting this guy from trying to catch the ball like a I want and I -- I. Said the second half would be much more competitive -- decided to try -- and cool Randy actually gave you you know the best effort he could give you an end in. Down every play but I guess that's asking too much but. -- upper -- is just gonna. Watch at that point and he didn't and he played well and he in the 91 rating. Ended up a run on the ball and I think only one designed run. Don't get that either the Super Bowl right and -- you don't wanna get hurt the so so ball got away from that him there it's in the last two games even in the NFC it's elegant and Atlantic happening never ran the ball or -- or take what they give you but. Thank -- house low. The front. Seven of the rave princes in on some big beefy guys get. Terrence Cody who's obese he. -- -- who's big and hurt the Ray Lewis who. The you know you could out run him right now that it couldn't -- line -- guys you better absolutely out run him. It it I mean it's too bad that he -- take the bullet and take the credit and take a -- did anybody see the Smith Brothers. Yesterday now it's just like honorable just like in Foxborough all the Smith. Could be the most overrated defensive player in the I know he's banged up at the -- bagged -- He never showed up he never showed up at Foxboro says and it did just that you do not hear his name a minute think. Justin is hurt and just and is more. It is not pure pass rusher. The way -- all the news but -- and I think more tackles yesterday desperately -- its pressure on Flacco and you pick in the epic vision of -- is all the Smith that the candidate for defensive player of the year -- never see immediately hear from him in the Selig gets hurt -- commit a penalty you know it is here's name. Tackles one quarterback it from the two with a Smith Brothers applied zero pressure whatsoever now back to the last play of the game. Jim Harbaugh chose is -- chose not to discuss the idiotic play call. -- he thought it was a call that didn't go his way. Yes there's no question in my mind. That. And there was a pass interference. And any. A hold a Crabtree and and the last one. Can we get a -- stupid -- us -- and you know what should have the greatest -- have maggot Tron. You know and and megatons being covered by some dwarf or there or you don't. You don't I don't -- that you do Wimbledon I don't think -- -- -- in that situation just have to have the greatest leap Byrd the longest guy get rough. -- and fade on. -- and your last shot the last place you know what. They could have been a -- it's it doesn't matter he could grab them help them tackle them in a controlled -- and not gonna say. OK you know you win -- ago you get suitable legal pro flag. It's yours it's just not gonna happen and he knows that I'm sure it's kicked a church kill -- -- brought up. Mean you know every year think about it I will say this though just a year -- Which team which is the better team. Well. I thought glide into the game only finished I thought going -- not but not to vacillating here. Going into the game clearly the San Francisco 49 and war. But based on cap Nick's inability to respond in those critical red zone situations and the app salute positives disappearance. Of the Smith Brothers and Randy must not trying. I guess Baltimore but I think it's clear that San Francisco is the better team on both sides of the ball. And if one team is about the go on a run the next 5670. It would be them. Clearly if the niners. You know clearly that's one reason I didn't feel bad media should just eliminate Ray Lewis. I could handle this I'd be okay sure are a minute don't hate the ravens eight Ray Lewis Pedro Suggs who didn't do anything either. Mean maybe it's time for him to go to. I mean they've they've. They shared everything right they shared their deer -- spring this year good times and bad maybe those two should walk off. Armon nominee -- only thirty years old whatever he -- but. Clearly to the top to bottom that San Fran San Francisco's a better team in fact the best team. One thing I have an amazing was the odds for next year and on who amid -- -- are friends easily the favorite to win next year or not. Our New England Patriots are the favorite to win suitable next year as we -- the -- I find that amazing I guess maybe that reputation. Reputation. But full and what about the reputation the nine assuming they've found their quarterback -- they're coach is secure they have fourteen draft picks. -- and they might trade a few of them for Darrelle Revis then what are you gonna say I I guess. Up for sexually it's difficult to. Give the best odds bet that the greatest odds of the team that just lost the Super Bowl even his closest ones we're gonna take a 92 time -- when we come back from -- cap -- about that last drive. Where he thought they were going and what was the deal. With that last play and also you know that a bunch of free furniture is being shipped all over Baltimore today well explain that you -- we can.

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