Feb 4, 2013|

parody of the Paul Harvey "God Made A Farmer" spot heard on the Super Bowl.

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Do not -- eight days. Almost plan paradise it's I mean the couple holes so no. Gaza needs somebody willing to wake up before Johnson producer Duncan doughnuts for breakfast -- and around the rest is for four hours printing a raving about sports -- leave the office. 05 so they can be home at 11 AM call and we're OK. So rather intense. Got to send somebody. Insufferable ravens fans that they after the Super Bowl someone who just Brady's -- -- and I have to yes so always a good. And ignore the fact well crawling around on all fours during the Super Bowl becomes. Total slut. I can someone willing to leave their cozy comforts of Boston and did it went there and try. The poorest -- -- that you mentioned doctor baseball players also talked to Larry Lucchino miglin. It's certainly Larry's face turn red with anger. So god made Denis and tell. Finally. Gotten. And radio that new little something about sports someone that we bear witness to -- Bush Oscar -- then pretend it never happened. Tennis and.

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