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GoDaddy.com spokesnerd Jesse Heiman talks about making out with Bar Rafaeli

Feb 4, 2013|

Jesse Heiman, the lucky guy seen kissing Bar Rafaeli in the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial, talks about his multiple takes with the supermodel. He's also happy to spread the message that it's good to be a nerd.

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A little more notable commercials in last night's. Was the godaddy.com. We're bar prophet bar rapidly Alley and dom nerd usual war. Were kissing on that some people were little creeped out by the length of the kiss of appeals that while -- -- spot to be sure the young man who got to kiss. -- clearly 48 takes Jesse -- and joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Jesse how are you John Jerry Boston. -- -- would most like to see yourself on a Super Bowl stage -- and that. Washed up. Well it it was just so cool being and they iconic. GoDaddy starts. Commercial. And it was apparent there's an amazing. Results. We've had record sales of new customers. And my eight I'd rather I'd like Augustin going -- like -- -- -- are certainly have a crazy and I'm really happy. Jesse give us your back -- -- Boston guys are you what a trained actor tells a little bit about your background we commend to our -- Atlanta. Yes I was born in Boston and I went -- Cabot elementary school in the news. And I I am trained Ireland to. I've -- to -- classes in LA. And yeah does that no working on mighty. I'm my act I mean I've I've been doing it acting twelve years and is this it's really paying off right now. We heard -- there were 46 takes of this can you confirm that. And did did you get sick but after awhile -- -- -- Make and -- not I mean it was like I was you know what I wrote that working whereas like I don't. It was amazing she was like it like I won the championship but man. How many takes. -- -- England's I don't remember how many take the -- each state electorate is. Are you really a big nerd -- we just playing a -- Now I am really a nerd and and that I'm I'm fine. Represented nerds of all right so we. You know we can only that now we're where we're taking over. Did you go I mean off camera did you embark connect did you -- have a little chemistry. That's what we're we're very currently is apparently has until it hurt. Yeah we are we have friends that -- -- it is a very error vaccine. Smart. That this woman and I'm I'm happy to a. Letters you can keep in touch you'd -- You gotta -- number. I I I intend to keep that letter -- that -- -- -- simply. I said that doctor. More often happen. Leo DiCaprio has nothing on you Jesse. -- boyfriend you know. -- he's yes he's yeah he's -- they put your girlfriend is your girlfriend mad about the incident I don't I don't Nadal. You know. I'm. I am I am. Single and I think but now this simple but I hope it is -- options balance time. Was -- wish -- good kisser just in your estimation. She was sure that raising actually you know it was a she's situation so we're on the -- it was a factor. -- tease though she had no interest in going further did she. Well no we wanted to keep their a professional we were both. Professional and so we you know it's. But you know it is always the possibility. Excuse me impropriety this question Jesse but did she. Slip -- a little talk and anyone of those 48 I think he couldn't. Well I. He did it. Actually ejected two. The version of the act that. Was too -- -- them and you can go on to. Godaddy.com. To see those are edited version. -- Also there isn't on the ball -- Like today that they -- -- -- and toothpaste available so everybody be Minty fresh for the entire length of the -- 00 yes I I don't when he got a -- on the football that can be but we have what do. About 6000 outlawed certain vendors. They'd they'd make sure that I was. As pressure today and I am very glad it's -- not be in any garlic. -- Leipzig. Those completes completes in your pants that we saw it it it it. Nothing that may bureau we think it like all the girls that. Didn't give you the time of day in high school when this thing be when you watch this thing and a 10010. Million people watched that Jesse. We aren't we hoping saw this. Well I just hoping you know people would receive -- -- have a different. In did you GoDaddy in the age limit and and one of visitors are mark felt. And and certainly I'm just hoping that they'll see he has. As our inability nerds and other light that we all we all have a chance to. -- supermodel as if we -- Baikonur. They how many actors did you have to beat out for this for this role Jessica. I don't know it's it's funny because I start. I thought I had I -- little confidence going into the casting because I was already. A godaddy.com customer and and I felt like I have a leg up on the competition. And -- -- -- I just wanna be soft like it goes so that's pretty good yeah. This the first girl you've ever kissed. Now I thought it goes department -- -- most memorable as the ever so the first supermodel right. You make some real money for this commercial -- come down the road Jesse. You know it's it's it's it's all about. Opening opportunities opened doors. And whatever comes -- that I'm happy you whether you get. And -- -- -- idol like it would appear. Jonah knoller Seth Rogen who -- you look hot. Yeah I would get that grow in Arab media to start candy you know. I let you know if if you sort -- a look out of the workers who were put on some are so that would be hurt. That Apatow I think you know. Simply acted like he. In something like that was which would resonate with audiences. So -- your ultimate dream is the big screen comedies or or or films as opposed to small screen -- on -- -- now -- I'm I would be happy to have my own show you know -- anything anyone who wants to our quote me. Give me an opportunity I love you learn to work with them. Well Jessica laughed out loud when I saw that it resonated on my favorites from the Super Bowl yesterday so congratulations. You've -- -- made her mark young men and just sixty seconds -- -- -- and -- -- not gonna -- -- -- takeover and -- -- now that -- get Italy's -- you. I'm I'm I'm I'm not going to change anything under certain there's really have you know enjoying it and about seeing. With my head on my shoulders -- mongers you know I'm so happy and some -- and everyone's. Enjoyed them so -- at an end Aaron I wouldn't let you. You provide -- -- under the simple. -- just how old are you by the way. 3434. For the best your years ago and tell -- -- we said you know when you two kids look up out. Outdoor outdoor art gallery it'll all right Jesse I'm -- the -- of the bar Rafael league godaddy.com commercial yesterday quicktime out fault lines open ninety seconds we'll get to all of you when we come back. There's a sexy side represented by RF CLE and a Smart side that -- a killer website for your small business represented by Walter together. Their perfect.

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