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Jason Collins postgame with Grande & Max: bulldogs Bradley & Lee key our defense

Feb 3, 2013|

Jason Collins postgame with Grande & Max: bulldogs Bradley & Lee key our defense

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I John thank you sell that well -- sexual forwards that -- Sunday over the Celtics at the garden. It would former world it's -- the homestand they go back over 524. And 23. Jason Collins I have a problem with a -- -- -- the welcome and we don't wait until we have a friendly conversation with just perfect can we talk about the game we talk about the resurgence of the minute before we get the very it would seem that we'll save that. For the you know we are. You have a -- to go right well it was up -- -- sparkling water it was one week apart from its. More of an editor at foreign direct way. Thank you so it was terrible for you thank you should know you're 02 big things and thank you should try it America Ferrara. Biggest difference giving you the biggest difference in the room. Even before the injuries this week. Everyone's been talking about the injuries but the realities defensively this has been one of the best teams in the NBA for overall well what's changed and so what do. Is a specialist on that into the floor and as a great understanding. That is what we know -- we have to do it together and it starts with regard. Avery important do great jobs. On the phone was tremendous amount of all fracture. On the opposing are an -- -- point guard on your opponent you're trying to bring the ball before. Those two vehicles moved to from your home court. What think you you we thought I was the fact that. You guys did a great job excellent job of that he would be early on that you can't discount it seemed like you Gallo bulletin. Complacent and so turn the basketball with that's how the clippers got back and it was him and about the transition from all over. What's written and often program. -- you know that you're doing about it you interpreted afterwards and -- curveball and targeted -- off balance what about reports from them and not. To. Not one wolf one place but to what was -- whoever I mean for me how what the far you haven't done that. You know of this conflict in front of them open. I thought a little bit off when you saw the ball go away the ball beater shot it you're like yeah I do not get inaudible -- I'm you know had. I'm out there and via a potent defenses in the senate campaigns. It's a great opportunity regardless of where three mammography or filters or. It's really it's different as a mentally for a long time and he all of a sudden you're in the room with guys -- played against for so many years and this is -- week. Nobody -- -- -- camera for hours and hours that this is a week in which we all watched Paul Pierce's Boston we've watched so many things so many years. It's almost as if he was able to dwarf his game this week in make it fit into what this team the government. And aloft through Paul and Kevin. We choose off an officer with the loss or. Paula and a great job in a playmaker out there not only for himself for two -- you -- -- -- -- the -- around. Speaking of Garnett it took me enough I'll watch in the game and you're right there you've seen enough these gains -- -- Where the clippers one out of their way that camera that. Give Kevin -- little -- -- show up at best and I've got -- them -- with him there with the violent -- -- what -- thought it was normal. And and its armed he was comfortable when it's in north you know my own hands are the two dollars on the knock him -- course and -- we told you was written so and anytime you have a dominant local -- you try to be physical with them. -- -- -- Well I'll just appalled -- spears yeah that's what you do you not follow me on that they cannot catch the big subdued him to understand thank you. You know -- and I didn't end up this enforcement but for about an hour and a half today -- outscored Kobe Bryant. For a select as the reporter out there today you're recently. -- -- for farm if you. It is thanks -- now we raise this -- to you the federal tax problem is -- illegal anybody tell you want notes over frankly that they cute I'm -- -- -- now what this anyone arguing that. -- thanks for archives.

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