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Ian Thompson with Grande & Max: It's not a certainty that the Celtics will make a trade

Feb 3, 2013|

Ian Thompson with Grande & Max: It's not a certainty that the Celtics will make a trade

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I just thank you don't it's also Sports Illustrated joins -- there is one of our favorite guests and we go to -- -- When everybody's kind of scrambling around Celtics nation let's talk shows and taken over and people are calling in this injuries -- panic in the streets because. He is one of our guys that. Everything's gone the distance on professional wakes everybody can hear as this entire week first of all. Did you remember it's daylight last Sunday. In which one seems. Season in so many ways. That the beginning of the day to the end of the day from the change of the storyline in narrative I'd never been through anything like that from the beginning of the date it. You know it made me think about when pierce was in the wheelchair against the lakers and clippers game. And it didn't turn out to be that way you look like the whole season was lost -- And he was in such trouble this year and they came back and hit the trees turn around. And then when Rondo hyper extended his elbow against Miami and then he came back and they want to give right. So so you're right right now. There was no happy endings in this one and it turns out there is a happy ending their play better with -- without them than they were with him right now. Well I think that that the major thing about again about Rondo plane is that. The dynamics of this team has changed in the changed on the defense of being. In another thing offensively with -- doing a lot better because they're they're passing back committing. Everybody is not watching anymore and this is no offense though Toronto with -- that want the best point guards around. But their -- than probable to to the gods with a says so it's a lot for the to stop a team. When they have more guys who passed the basketball and -- instantly John and I talked about this. Their brother because they're controlling the initial point of attack. Where are where do you fall in on the idea. Danny and his mindset and what's going to happen here in the next few weeks because naturally. People war. There are local people there -- national people. And then there are some like you who was covering this team and it with a -- -- -- hear -- rounds you've -- a -- that a few of what's happening -- what is your sense of -- approach. To me going in the trade deadline. He does well. He was told we can see what Honda was worth with -- -- and I absolutely why wouldn't two teams under performing. Nobody should be saved you from the the only -- -- this Kevin Garnett. I think in trading him would be electric Bill Russell Oakland defense for everything he's done for the -- just can't see them ever treating him and his military conflict. Cause anyway but everybody else. Was going to be on the market and you only have a few guys that value. Now they don't really have much of anything has value on trademarked it going especially going into a new luxury tax the -- entire NBA next year. Users can be repeated tax year after tax. We've already seen Oklahoma City -- James Harden because there was some really -- from Memphis because of it's just gonna. Change everything so I don't see that there's a lot of value expiring contract value on this team. The fans will always from the beginning of time have always over inflated. The value of their own players to other teams are currently. What does Paul Pierce's values there were few teams and there's one here today in the clippers that. Maybe there's it would be a specific interest on a couple of levels but what is what does Paul Pierce Paul Pierce here. Is a treasure to going and in Boston number's gonna go up these one of those he's one of those guys closed Boston -- how do other teams are finally look at Paul Pierce now 35 so what. You do for them. There's a -- it's two things first -- alone he's not -- shot. It's not like you did before and doc has been very public about it that you have to do more things to create shots for him. On the other hand these terrific playmaker and he's in the all the ones Swiss army -- kind of player who can do everything for you. And I think you deploy committed to spend any team he wouldn't say you bath and keep better. Because of that. But then there's this big number sixteen million and so in the NBA like we only have the kiddie -- dollars -- close to it and in mid season to go to a contender. And for them to give up sixteen million dollars worth of talent is going to be some tone or otherwise the Celtics would make a tree. It's gonna hurt thirteenth two together so. Did they talked about treating peers last year and somebody was interested in the -- now. I -- -- -- -- -- -- this year we'll pull out I don't see anybody on the Celtics entry.

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