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NFL Sunday predicts the Super Bowl … they hope

Feb 3, 2013|

In the final segment of NFL Sunday for the 2012-13 season, Dale, Chris and Matt make their picks for the Super Bowl and plan out how they’re going to approach it as viewers.

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I will say this I set I'll I'll hit his little of the pregame as I can possibly hit. I will I will see the kids from -- singing. And I will see -- -- keys to the National Anthem I mean -- I do want a seal that's that's going to be who don't stuff I just did the year review we've given unifil and grief for one -- that's at that Tibet but this decision. The real pilots let's see what we think is gonna happen I mean I honestly don't know this when I asked the question -- I know San Francisco's favorite I don't know by march. I don't really follow that stuff I know that they are considered the better teams -- a -- prop bets. I'm not so much how Long Will Alicia Keys National Anthem last at 212 as the over under would probably are connected. But who we think is gonna win -- actress well first of all I wanna see it's been a pleasure doing the show you guys this year I really a lot of -- both you know Kevin tale that -- that everyone else who can connect it would have been a blast at a time of the desk. Of -- the numbers suggest that the 49ers are the best team in the linger in other planes knew -- playing really well on both sides the ball in. And I just look at the ravens though we may have that. Whatever it is an emotional factor that -- patriots -- -- 8001 already do this bird they're playing really well in the right time you know when it did there at their didn't really good player and -- special teams they're doing all the little things in the of the emotion to with a Aubrey Louis retirement and all of that going on I just I can't overlook. What's it been disclosed on. This year just the incredible consistency they've shown on both sides the ball I'm going with San Francisco -- can be great gaming is can be close game. Agassi -- Francisco when he when he won. -- -- Concur Chris obviously I've had a blast on the until some this year really enjoyed doing this guy's been my goal in doing this when I originally agreed to do it was. Ruler wanted to try to give fans of the different of one of this sort of be an end of the week thing you get geared all over the you know other every outlet for the week and we -- to be -- the fact checker research guys that. Give -- a little deeper a little more I think we did pretty good job -- into a discussion with you guys and Kevin is. Not here now so had a blast and I would go back to to your Crist what I think is pretty much -- -- I think. You your head tells Sarah to scroll away your heart tells you logged improve the long too many times the last ten Super Bowls to know that it always goes -- headway. You know I did there's said the rams have -- them when it looked like they wouldn't -- be -- when it -- like we would there's the San Francisco largest. Has all the paper. The paper reason stood to go with them and a look at progress or go with a but I'll be surprised or wrong I think your idea that'll stay in the -- is probably pretty accurate. It'll I'm gonna go with about a 2.4 120 type -- could still be competitive which actually is a historical thing was who global leaders aren't so. I won't be surprised camera and Alamo the San Francisco 49ers won a Super Bowl one. 55 to ten. Yeah I don't think that'll happen I don't think you'll see that sort of thing happened here today I agree with the guys that he if you. If you don't have a dog in the fight if you try to just do plain simple analytical analysis. All of that stuff. You probably would pick San Francisco for the San Francisco 49ers I think they're the better team. But I'm not going. I'm gonna go I'm gonna pick Baltimore simply -- and by the way a party set I started the show -- says. I don't wanna see Ray Lewis had crying and holding that trophy after the game today. Looking for camera thirteen am looking for camera seventeen and looking for camera 22 I don't wanna see that. But I do think that there is I think there is such thing as a team of destiny and the patriots in 2001. Where a team of destiny had. No business. Getting to the Super Bowl let alone winning the Super Bowl and that was something about it something about the journey something about the inevitability of interest -- just. Just felt like it was the way it was supposed to be. I hate to say it but I think that the ravens are driven by the notion of making rays last ride a successful. And and I'm not sure how much that helps them on a third and four in the third quarter. But it just seems to be something about this team. I mean it went to Denver and beat Peyton Manning came to new England and beat Tom Brady. Those are two pretty darn good quarterbacks and and two pretty good football teams and they went on the road and won both of those. They wanna game at home as well against Indianapolis that they probably should've won anyway. There's something. Almost inevitable about this thing with with Baltimore I've been wrong about Baltimore since Thanksgiving. You know I read too bright -- write him off a great emotion in the keep showing that. It's an unbelievable amount of mental toughness but again I just don't know if they're going to be able to overcome to get to -- too good to resist I I think that they were not handicap and and I didn't in my own -- is. The idea that they did two weeks so the thing that scares you about served two schools all the usual production and bizarre offense. Might be mitigated bit you know if you've been two weeks among game -- and okay never -- nauert and even keel -- -- I don't know. But I think it's probably were I don't think this is going to be one of those 49 to 42 candidates I think both teams -- figure each other pretty well. Again don't have a lot of dog in this fight among them are gambling so admiral had told him -- but I think to be right there. And as somebody who really doesn't care either way and I really don't care. All I really root for and it's like we all root for just make it competitive game to make it close game in the fourth quarter and keep our interest right up until look I'd love to see a situation we have a guy tackled at the at a one in the last play -- -- -- and yes -- -- I'd love to see that now but it just keep us keep us involved Rachel Berry and model my dog in this fights are active policy especially in sport in August have been dubbed -- just want I had champion -- but I have been -- you know you're I think it's important they're gonna try to kill off this offseason and their needs to be. Dramatic in vivid exit polls why can't -- And that means -- or golf we need some punt return we need to be able to show -- inexcusable. It's nothing it's not -- to take away I will say this. Heck nobody on the planet as it up and work Sunday mornings I'm not an idea I'm not any different I'd rather not put up a Sunday morning and work either. But you guys make getting up on Sunday morning a pleasure it it is it is truly one of the joys of my professional life. Being analysts at around. And back when it was -- in -- man ex Enron Hobson and I at least -- for fat guys talking football. It's it's just something about. Four guys who love the game love talking about the game love watching the game. Sitting around and doing -- I'm sorry Kevin's not here for this one but -- you guys have been a real pleasure it's been a joy to work with each -- -- all season long. I've learned a lot. Some of which is that I -- adult based on the stuff that Chatham tells me on a weekly basis but -- -- a lot of fun now enjoy the game tonight you guys so I'll be back next weekend here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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