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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Jeff Green can be a big contributor

Feb 3, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Jeff Green can be a big contributor

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The Celtics today. Presented by Alexis continued from the garden Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers -- off our super Sunday final piece of business -- a conversation with -- -- but he's always. My Harvard Pilgrim Health Care -- -- health care. -- -- -- Everybody this week just -- a rogue players that her lead story -- it's. What sort of defining week for people from the outside that very quietly but a lot of fanfare nobody really noticing. Over almost. Now the defense of numbers and the defense -- -- has really been a lot closer to what you hoped it would use 41% from the floor when he 9% from the three. Points now about 91 half redeem what is categorized maybe better than what is best exemplified. This defense has improved. Well it really isn't one answer provided to call with Hugo which state bodies now we have better ball pressure we did over -- -- Better which allows each released earlier just to back the Glasgow. You know -- to start -- come together. And you know like it was earlier today. Mr. Orman. It was government together before -- -- with bird before you're out there that was just to be. Is that a phone and told this mr. Norman as well that's all under the umbrella. This new team at the start when you think it was going to take there are coming honestly very I would believe it took longer and it should have. By Hugo agreed to pay Leo we see some terms. It may not be what you wanted to meet you when they decide it's time these. And you know now and we decide. A lot of to -- its sports and over last week and you sign of things he can do it seemed. It's what you use it. Even accuracy that you sort of that your intensity with epic is used to tease. Getting closer to being sort of aggressive player and yet there I don't know. You. I've probably done on purpose but I are definitely been ornament put them. I just believed he could be really good and you know on my daughter -- and you work in in spots but he went through the American. You know when we -- talker -- just total. We're -- there might need to be there every night. The -- question you'd think that you watching him play appears that was. Not really asked to rebound in Oklahoma City. I don't know it figured out that sort of plateau if they lifted I they. And it's tough you tell people there's. It's easy for -- you're you're you're about to go rebound. There's great rebounds then there's not very ribeiro. And you know you can improve your rebounding in we want kept -- from his rebound. -- His his history of that you never agree. And it's rare that a guy deterrent in the one of the coach -- -- where receipt you. He thinks they know she became it became a recruit them with them and it. Doubtless now be able redundant but you know you he dedicated himself to aren't really characters that -- they departed. Which both parents Robert. But I'm sure that the be. Who have to compare rebounds. I -- Riordan is a week ago last -- -- due to directly to our members -- -- I do. What is the most dangerous thing when we think about the -- Tebow the crisp off into it's it's -- well it's plated in -- of the year. What's the most dangerous thing about it the -- unit doesn't. Well it's harder in some -- regard. You know at -- -- Airports or ignored -- there are a lot to him. -- make them believe these huge vote makes me more papers. But it's almost more of time you don't know -- -- Arturo. While. As the head coaching that idea a long connection now Tom -- coach of the Indiana Hoosiers who -- huge -- there -- if I talked to last night -- but I'll -- that you did in the past. What was gonna lead me to my question is hopefully your conversation you can provide this information because people who don't know. Tom crane in addition to coaching a team it's likely to -- number one team in the nation come Monday morning. Is the brother in law of the -- boss. Slash little bit later today have any of any inside information. Now we thought if I don't talk about exactly. The ability to open at Thanksgiving game a year ago -- really are comfortable with him. Because you know you know they -- and yours is part of not yet. And that's -- Did you did you ever imagine scenario you probably and world Austin Jeremiah. Playing against each answer some companies should. I've thought about it I hope it happens at these guys but it suits you -- if it is proud that. -- -- -- Better lucky in the ninety -- -- that you are usually you know that's as -- if you -- just the way you can answer this but now has that availability and all the -- or other hours that is super peer group one. One has here. So. That's really the I've really worked -- -- that respects on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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