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NFL Sunday takes a detour through New York to discuss Tebow and the Jets' troubles

Feb 3, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris discuss some of the juicier Jets storyline heading into the offseason, something that has only been amplified from some former members of the Jets stoking the flames during some interviews in New Orleans. They discuss what the Jets could possibly do with Tim Tebow and what moves they could make, including a possible trade involving Darrelle Revis. They finish the conversation by talking about Randy Moss and what could have been in New England.

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Number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI our final addition of NFL Sunday for this season. My name's Dale Arnold Chris price from WE yeah -- dot com is here former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham is here. Former patriots running back Kevin ball is having the time in New Orleans I would think at this very moment probably having. -- -- -- -- -- I just to get himself ready for the game and stuff like that he's made it to New Orleans from his home and couldn't Lafayette where it was coming from today. He is down to Portland for the big game today. Kind of going through all of the stuff concerning this game -- the NFL in general there's and just for the record you brought up is -- for me is that there is some news today in some news that has been percolating last couple days about. In Tebow. And go with -- Tim Tebow because apparently. The New York Jets are not going to release him by the deadline of owing him the big roster bonus they're going to and I am putting quotation fingers here. Explore the trade market for Tim Tebow. At the time Tim Tebow went from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets that were really only two teams who had the interest and one was the jets the other was Jacksonville. Jacksonville's already made it very clear. Thanks but no thanks we're not in the interest not -- in the market and wondering what they think the trade market would be for -- team. Jacksonville would view would be a mistake to treat for Tebow and know that -- that locals. Appeal there and you know what he was able to do was a collegiate but the idea of it. There would be regressing after treated for -- based on what to do with the unity which I think this would be horror. This is a soft market that this is this is a lot -- market and a so ancestors who may consider that this is a marshmallow market but it might be interest they might be paying the bonus just for the simple fact of the delegates their money -- the books or someone else's absorbing his old contract payments ammonium -- army that's the train of thought. But their. That most teams approach for -- if you were even entertaining him you're assuming it's and a federal police slow probably not -- He's he's gonna get a job some. That's the thing I assign -- on what they have it's it's funny because. You know this is this the Super Bowl week. A lot of guys down in New Orleans almost like testing the job market. Mike and -- and bombed you know was doing interview after interview -- -- stuff was doing a lot of interviews down enough. In New Orleans this week now he's retired as the special how wide and it's not like there's sort of say what he wants at this point. Any did say what he wants this week eight it was very interesting among the things that he said. He said down. One of the things that jumped out at me is is he said that. He thinks that Rex is got a -- get a little more forceful here I'm reading now from a -- piece on ESPN New York. It's his former special teams coach Mike west oft discussed. On ESPN radio in New York he said he offered a candid evaluation of Rex Ryan quote. Maybe he has to be more forceful in getting his philosophy across west offset. If he doesn't feel someone is doing a particular way. He'd better step in there and say this is what we have to do. We can't keep going -- coordinators what he's talking about. Is the apparent rift in the relationship between Tony Sparano and Tim Tebow which is why west offset flat out he said. Frankly I bought when we got Tebow I was all for getting him. There was going to be this whole package of plays in that then we were gonna use him he said also we get here and all that disappears because apparently Sparano and like. See I know Tebow -- some of the responsibility for this and we've talked about this over the last. Course the season with you know holding his own press conferences and talk with a million imaging and media but. You only get a handful of guys on -- team. In its up to you as a coaching staff to maximize the talents of each one of those guys and your roster and oriented guy and Tim Tebow needed capsule and nothing went. In anything that falls at the feet of a -- for an owner tried. I'm -- sidebar Mike Mike west top uncut is probably my most favorite. All right I was listening to limb out of New Orleans man he was saying and what he wanted to say I was awesome and team -- that mean if they would do like Amanda fell behind the -- he was the sorrow a -- hard knocks the summer they did the jets he was the sorrow and holds court I mean he holds court you would your brother -- that openness and it's been -- his coach but. Yeah I didn't have an inaugural inside their obvious there might. Well it's interesting because. Apparently you can try to trade Darrelle Revis. Now there are some legitimate questions physically about Revis is if Darrell Revis is -- what he's your most treatable chip. I think you -- that -- and I -- opulent life choice they got real seller or -- amber. I mean Tannenbaum talked about this in New Orleans. He said east that it won't be long before you're going to be able to see our plan. This -- him. He says side -- again quoting from the ESPN New York -- -- spent a ton of time defending the cap situation. In three weeks he said the entire world will see his space clearing plan unfold. Plan the jets will clear thirty million dollars by releasing Calvin Pace Bart Scott Eric Smith and Jason Smith. That would put them by ten million dollars under the cap but then one with less than forty veterans under contract -- it's been a tight situation. He's gotta slash and burn that whole roster down -- -- do which is why Revis is probably in the cross terrorism and may be others. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What the jets decided to do intent among decided to do when their team building approach was that they had a window. They had five years and they pushed all the chips to the middle the table they said look here's our window we're gonna do whatever it takes to win the in this amount of time and they weren't able to do it in now they're illegals commended. Yeah looks like a missed a shot agreements are premised on Joseph McKnight they did try to put offensive weapon sentinel homes have been hurt too much and wasn't the leader of the thoughts of the district are a lot of people and a -- -- programs. It it is it is among the topics that were you know going on down and let it it is it is the the for lack of a better term it's the convention of the NFL I mean everything goes on in and around the Super Bowl and it's been going all weeklong everybody's down there. -- -- uninteresting on the east to rosters combines. You know how many players there are with Super Bowl experience. Combined both rosters tournament not a lot ravens diners here yet it's just ravens -- Eight. Total Erica now. Interest and once the period to -- one as a form knows just Super Bowl Assyrian Randy once is a former patriot there. While then and James had a vote to. A so following the -- is the -- Sparta out Randy Moss was another guy who got a lot of attention this week he was much more candid and forthcoming and just effectively talked with -- different it and that he had to talk. Well -- that he had to -- the -- he didn't really have to talk but he seemed rather expansive he seemed very at ease with himself and with his place in the world. He wasn't really a huge part of the 49ers offense this. No in he'd let people know that he wasn't really happy with the fact that he was -- was -- up at that thought that was. More than affected he declared himself beat the best wide receiver of all time all time that a defective he sat there and said well you know I'm really happy with. My in my in my role in this in in this offense and he's essentially -- the -- in in a pink. That's who he is that this course that it at this point is -- that's who is that's what he's best -- doing while the niners play the patriots are celebrating open. In in in tape leading up to the game he still yes he runs over groceries and just ago Oregon you'll still Runyon but you'll still run deep comebacks and still get free. But to -- if you're not the first second or third option route progression. This is this is the quote from -- I don't like my -- I don't like to be up their polling football one thing -- always had to. To really understand was being Decourt. And that's I think that's what it wants want and what you get a passing offense that would with Vernon Davis and Crabtree and we we talk about gore and his impact. Eight years down the list of yeah I mean exactly so yeah I mean you can't beat him -- mr. -- -- kind of thing I think Randy. It's interesting that they they have had some which -- -- with the sort of the read options often known how. The one thing that wasn't -- had a scheme was the run blocking and how much to break those big plays when you see your advice read option play happened you know. The first six or so yards teacher from the office to Warren a lot of doubt you'll stuff the sector blockade. For Davis to me is not a very good in my blocker but he's really good in space against linebacker -- moves his feet well you need Crabtree is actually pretty big physical loft board blocker. As a receiver. Having guys like that to do -- while while there might earn you reps as much as probably passes you can catch an apt to -- I love. The idea of and then this -- some fields -- wrote about this week the idea of moss. And looking at that steam that he was the greatest wide receiver all time it's it's writes from me in looking at racist numbers deep into his career. He caught something. An absolute ridiculous numbers after the -- forty hundreds on the balls after the age of forty. I think that rice could have had a shot or -- or moss could about a shot. If the plane it's aligned to keep him here in Foxborough. The idea of him growing gold with Tom Brady which is piece of which -- that's always the argument that comes up -- -- football so complex it's so hard to say and he wants the best of this or that I don't Omar -- -- just sort of the slam book ever wants and he's the best guy. And I growth saying that thinking that knowing that but just understand -- works. -- -- Caught nothing but passes from -- -- -- basically the majority was -- hard not exactly real good Italian so early to tell us you know what when he when you look at -- he went from Brady to a broken on Brett Favre to Eric Allen Coulter was OK you -- that's army and a it's really tough to get a read on just who was singularly good in a vacuum that's not a football works so. It's just one of those games were -- accumulation is fair you depend upon content. He is a great player -- fame player. And I'm kind of with Chris on this one heavy hitting that shot his way. You wonder what could've been here now he was not going to be as productive as he had and probably that 2007 season when they just -- up the world now when year he was the best wide receiver Percy. You and he talked in his quote you talked about -- -- -- -- Erica when he talked about in this that this was the quote this was the specific quote that he had he said I don't really about numbers -- ever to have an impact in -- able to do on the field. So I think I'm the greatest receiver vertically as you talk about impact. You talk about the two thousand seventies with Randy Moss that Valencia tonight might I might do it with a that was the one that was the greatest ever receive a wide receiver out but you look at the the total body of work and you look at what he was able to do. -- moss had. When you least some some lousy years. Anything when you -- the consistency in in -- -- -- -- get too -- in numbers but when when you look at moss. In you look at the up and down depending on who was thrown the ball. I think he controlled summit he controlled a lot of the situation he got himself knew he was in some good situations. And shot himself yet epiphany -- career came you know. But I think it -- team just an event you know because these things don't happen that way but. You know what what Parker jurors may watch a film -- you judge him is how difficult it is for a quarter remark how difficult is it you can get hands on prevent from getting catch. Go to stat -- director of warm -- Jury's still be difficult recovery even if -- catching balls from Scott Mitchell. Which is the closure all you know she judged on how often as you open which is it's tough to find a step to sort of prove that. If we're if Jerry Rice had all the same path of quarterbacks and -- a situation does -- had. We know the numbers would be the same -- what would they be and how do you judge about why it's it's such short of the dice game when he when you're doing sort of a football judging it's just. It's tough game to do it just on numbers or love love love looking at -- numbers though over there -- has numbers over the course of diversity is a football version Ted Williams because he just he was so consistent. For such a long time -- only passes again well into his forties those numbers and -- Well look at that the risk of putting words in the mouth of our partner who isn't here I can promise you Kevin Faulk is rooting. In today's game Ian Randy you're still very close and at San Francisco to visit within this year I promise you Kevin Faulk is rooting real hard for a 49ers win. And a ring for Randy Moss from the day is done.

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