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The NFL Sunday breaks down the San Francisco offense against the Baltimore defense

Feb 3, 2013|

The crew flips the analysis by taking a look at what will happen when the 49ers have the ball and focus on the offensive player that has been the focal point of much of coverage heading into the game: quarterback Colin Kaepernick. They discuss the Niners unconventional pistol offense and how the Ravens will play the zone read option.

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Right now as we speak it is 26 degrees in Newark, New Jersey. Precipitation 10% chance humidity 84% to wins -- just a ball me five miles an hour. It is a beautiful. Forecast for New Jersey right now at this moment because a year from now that's where the Super Bowl and I'm sure commissioner Roger Goodell is rate. That that's what he has for weather a year from now because -- Don't most of the media portions are going to be indoors anyway yeah I think that's the thing people whine about so must logistically it's going to be and they -- -- will -- -- is -- an element and -- How much of their gonna set up the soup or experienced -- injures Ian how much they're gonna put downtown I think that will be interesting to watch but not out of hotels Al. New year MetLife stadium. Policy that in just -- -- again from a logistical standpoint you know cold -- -- -- -- every -- they gonna beat you with a of the game but it just. I think for me that was one of the reasons that indeed it's attribute everything was it -- -- walking just -- begin with right there downtown it was easy to get around. You put the Super Bowl in MetLife stadium. Surrounded by not a whole lot it's just. And work -- be energy logistically how they set up the good news that medal and pork to just set up -- before you know usually like to the terrific New Orleans sets that -- Virginia north of sort of fate yet. A suburban street kind of thing like. Initiatives say they use the medalist park and build that out and and so terrorism the trial went around the city or is all media -- going to be downtown I think it's all got to you know -- I think they're gonna have as much deficit in downtown so they don't have to travel rustling yeah exactly and and maybe just go out for the team on Sunday. I just talk about the 49ers offense against the Baltimore Ravens defense couple of interesting things -- to note here. Everybody's talked a lot about the read option offense in the pistol and Colin -- predict what he's done. Think about the last two playoff games but the 49ers played. Against the Packers. -- -- at sixteen of these read option plays. He kept the ball and sell on seven of the sixty. He was not contacted. By a defender on pipe of those seven. Including the 56 yard touchdown run. Now the very next playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons he had eleven zone read plays. He handed off to the running back on all eleven. All eleven times he handed the ball office opposed to now the falcons look to the Green Bay tape and -- Weytman. That didn't work you know we've got -- would just that. I would expect the Baltimore Ravens are not gonna allow Colin -- predicted beat him with his beat the way to Green Bay Packers. I I think the biggest. Chip that took the ravens have against this is holding not a because penetration kills that read option. And not a is probably the one guy in the league and we all know how good Logan Mankins is what he was a handful forum last week he you know it's a very tough one on one matchup. -- a guy that big that can keep it even as much as a yard makes the angle quarterback angle of a dynamic will change. Not a pressing now line of scrimmage and sort of screen up what's going on back there. All teams don't have that he's a really rare guy. Hit him getting penetration play after Africa that may mean he -- draws the double each and every time but the -- free someone else so. I think they're built wealth to sort of -- sort of wrench in that process as much as anything different -- different situations but I think there's some certain they're there few similarities between the defending cap predicted defending Tebow. In that you need to maintain gap discipline you -- -- things -- you need one of those big guys 2.0 will be not a union woes because opponents just disrupting every war thinks it's tough those you do need speed on the outside and in math and that's different actors in Green Bay should have been a great matchup and that. But what Dean Pees didn't -- like he'd never seen anything like that -- -- because a slow played and that's there's a half dozen different ways in college to play the edge in peace slow -- over he's gonna try to slow down on the quarterback but that his responsibilities inevitably the -- -- So teams of aggressive and we saw Dean Pees do that last week when the hatred toward the no huddle he just double -- pressure. So takes all the question out of you just don't get to big double edged pressuring go right for the full back with -- -- guys. It -- against certain teams that the pressure read places oppose him based defense generally have a little better better -- it. It but what's different here is I don't think the atlases and the ravens is quite as good on the edge -- slugs -- is a stud. What he's not an out in space -- it's going to be able to run pitching hopefully her rest of that same with the other guy on the outside. Public name. Well Paul Kruger very good but this is not an athletic in space -- rundown pitches so the fact -- little less athletic on that edge. I think -- probably is aggressive and -- goes and takes -- quickly and allows the -- players linebackers the second level to be your pitch people there was a quote this week it was from Mike Vrabel who would be best about how to defend company competitive and you know one of the quarterbacks. Three kind of thing he says. The best way to do -- seal entry. Or to slim down the -- and annually up RG three and you know it's. Then again it's a different system different setup but I mean you know we use you to equal ability away from a mobile quarterback you know you -- sizable workman's game. Interesting little sidelight here when we talk about Colin -- -- was selected in the 2011 draft. There were five quarterbacks taken before he was taken in the 2011 draft Cam Newton was taken first overall. Jake Locker was taken eight Blaine Gabbert -- Christian Ponder twelfth Andy Dalton 35. -- -- -- -- -- total QBR. Is almost twice within its high on that list is he has been by far the most successful in terms of numbers and what he's done. I Cam Newton would be second but that -- -- of it behind you always so half with -- sort of those analogies I get your there's nothing untrue about anything you said. What would be dangerous for teams to do. Is go art and try to find the next Kapalua -- capita because of style works awhile. Because they don't have the separate Cisco 49ers offensive line in right if you put Joseph Staley and Boone and all these guys in front of of Cam Newton small portion of a different story. And a -- becomes a magically more efficient more and more productive. That's what I think is sort of the crux it's going to be tough after general manager other try to make a call on and Andy Dalton -- guy. It'll only her first round pick vs the capita tech guy. Do you have the pieces already built in your organization to make it successful because if you don't. It could be a camp situation re just beat up backed cabinet walked into a perfect situation better aren't really did -- on a number of levels accuse him get a great offensive line in front of him. You also -- a coach who was willing to work with payments it -- -- or or strings we're going to do weekend to maximize restraints and I think that pleading to his world record in the yeah exactly francoeur we talked earlier in the year about. These coaches chaining and Harbaugh whoever. Not being sold dogmatic about their approach in working with these young guys and cling to their strength and enforcing -- I heard Herm Edwards on ESPN radio as I was driving in this morning. And he said it is it is his opinion. That the San Francisco 49ers are gonna run right at Ray Lewis to start. As he pointed out Ray Lewis is not same -- was five years ago. And that and he thinks that they're gonna try you know get Frank Gore get him going right out Ray Lewis to start with and -- goes from. I don't know. I thought there were a lot of vulnerabilities the pitchers didn't exploit in the run game in nickel. And so. To give into that situation I don't know -- -- in nick -- match your middle linebackers one of the two off the ball guys. I don't know if running directly at anyone in their base 34 the priest out -- that I always think there is a soft spot. My view would be give him -- a nickel and take advantage of that situation the only problem is that is. -- for this is what's interest in -- game especially if you got re trying to cover a tight and yet while basal drop and that's what you know that's what was also so frustrated about that bill of physical narrative from last week for the -- because. With the ravens adjustments second have to put a lot more softer a man. They didn't reroute anyone it was gives linebacker soft dropping in quarterbacks -- -- from opposition not rerouting -- mean anyone that happened from the general Wes walker hit whatever drop on. It was a very soft game plan and that's and that's they -- they don't -- Rain Man to man and make him run around chase people -- little soft drop the middle and read routes and make hits he's pro he's still pretty good at that. So I don't think they're gonna say -- -- on pit or Rayon you know or -- a bit -- on Vernon Davis Odyssey array on the other -- -- Darwin go to Doug did. There W walker walker -- he's very you know she's a reason is an X-Factor kind of got. I think they suffer from his own the place before the Dean Pees lost so much which is basically low matching its like a three under four of the top kind of defense they don't. Aggressive Manchin are going to be able just get -- in space and -- best guys don't do that that much and that there is Smart enough to not put him in that situation. When I think about cap Riddick and in the equation it's different obviously injury wasn't ball. Which you go back to it that Tom Brady replacing Drew Bledsoe in in this case. Jim Harbaugh took Alex Smith who. Good NFL quarterback have been doing a very good job his won loss record was very positive he did a good job. And Jim Harbaugh said no we're -- change now not because of injury. He just felt they had to make the change -- right now he looks like ingenious in its -- the with the NFC championship plaster and replaced it was exactly I was -- play quarterback better than it was a year for -- yes it is amazing because -- -- -- -- people say that there are some similarities there but I think when you -- you depend on the surface I think they're two very different situation. You know a source with everything that right now -- inquiry into that injury to happen but I think you know drew was. Open up plane at that level up when he was still very good player for us obviously bug docs office is like leaving in the NFL and Mike. And passing efficiency -- he was way up there they were winning nothing was going wrong at the time we need to change we were struggling a little bit. Not just at the -- position -- and capital overall but they were rolling it happens so. That it was tough call he looks like a -- darn right you play for Dean Pees race yet you Clady who has -- linebacker coach and -- -- it did TSE mid 2005. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The chance for him to win a Super Bowl championship today as a defensive coordinator must be -- safer for guys who used to play. Payment to. Yeah we -- mean dean was awesome we love the name of his wife Melamine it was a good family atmosphere here that became part of the -- -- -- definitely was tough to see him go but. If you were call I feel like at the time when -- laughed. This defense has taken a lot of heat. That was sort of the -- Thomas kind of fallout thing and it was kind of a rough year. Good still productive and good but I think it was sort of a mutual I need to go somewhere else and establish early with their just bowed out -- -- great job as one America which I think again at the ravens -- And I don't McDonnell left he moved to moved back in the job yet and you know again talked to Ted Johnson for his quotes on -- -- -- -- like any of the guys that had played for dean we just love the Munich he had a lot of the same persona quite frankly is Romeo did you as a sort of grandfatherly. Real good x.s and those one of the things. -- it should be credited with is actually read somebody national wrote an article this week on the rise of cover for. When we went to cover four cover for was sort of recover for fans authors for -- people on the part of the deep part of the field for on top three underneath. So basically flip in cover three -- tegra three yellow are around three up top -- Dean came here from Kent State as an old. I believe he was a whole Reeves in the bill tree with Saban at Michigan State it was in Michigan stadium so -- presume that the Belichick tree but he had gone to Kent State and he major income before. It would Dean Kamen and dean was brought in. That summer was cover for installation was not something we ran we ran it was dean basically teaching us how they teach cover for. And it was that there was sort of transformed a moment with the pages play when people talk about the whole. You know bend but don't break that's cover four cover fours and on top kind of defense played down rallies you know don't to borrow the top. That was dean's little baby he brought in -- really taught us the most of the concept reminders to recover came to basically deemed preaching.

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