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The NFL Sunday breaks down the Ravens offense versus the Niners defense

Feb 3, 2013|

Dale, Matt, and Chris finish sifting through the peripheral aspects of the game and get into the nitty-gritty, looking at how Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offense might try and attack an elite San Francisco defense. They focus on the particular personnel matchups to watch for in the game, especially the Ravens offensive line versus the vaunted Niners front.

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My thanks to all one of our Twitter followers Steve ballast for -- who was also sent us a -- that. On all its not -- tackle because the statute of limitations hasn't an -- with -- up that day they sent us the link to the video of a Super Bowl streaker who got knocked down in the middle of the field by someone. Who happen everywhere in the interest I don't know -- I don't know that couldn't bend but it was just something that. -- -- out of the tenure that come as soon as the statute of limitations runs out let's get to to this game in particular in and kind of following our normal NFL Sunday path here let's take a look at the Baltimore Ravens offense against. The San Francisco 49ers defense and I think a big big part of what's gonna happen tonight is going to be tied in directly. Into whether Justin Smith and Alden Smith can get into Joseph Flacco space because they've had some problems getting pressure on the quarterback during the course of the playoffs. If they have problems getting pressure on the quarterback tonight. It could be a real long night for the 49ers -- -- today it goes. Act suit Smith's injury in in the fact that there's such great complementary players at least in my experience Washington over the course of the year. Those two guys play off each other really well into a good job playing off each other really well. And I have a feeling I don't wanna -- -- -- that was exposed to but but he had to learn how to play without Justin Smith along side -- you've got really contrasting styles now too because. Brian -- now being their left tackle is. -- I mean he's just a mountain of a man little bit like them -- not nearly as athletic as he was the argument our partners went into the hole yesterday. But it's definitely different kind of matchup although Smith as long and lanky and strong -- of Jason Taylor asked. And -- just a mall so he's a guy that I don't think moves as well in and out of games in the biggest thing between the -- missiles away the game to go away they would -- games. And I think McKinney is one of those tackles it's very susceptible like -- game so you know we don't know where the other Smith is as far as as hell for me it's it's coming along but. I think the productivity used to working together or that to court tackle. Will be interest in a little bit differently so we -- one of the things they think we lost sight over the course of the really late in the season in the post season when he -- but the ravens and talk about the Baltimore offenses that offensive line -- you brought -- tinian. In affected met Perkins is not you know know what used to be -- -- very good senator one of the better one of the better and instantly and how they've really managed to come together did you know in in. They've fallen down in some other areas and they were kind of trying to it was about the fact -- -- we're trying to find themselves as offense. And I think they've really started a regular nicely you know I think the offensive line has been part I think it's okay I'm not -- waste of Barbara on this I was that the -- thing to -- was way over played how much of an impact he had on his loss and but the thing that often doesn't get talked about that and I think wac coach Belichick mentioned first of all -- press conferences. Was the idea the -- levels lost. And you want when they lost parliament didn't have that depth you go back and watch the final two drives of the game. The only time rule over the able to sort of you know -- with run play run and run play and get off the field. Was that offensive line from the left side mainly with Bryant McKinnie with a -- changed -- -- commitment to what. And not having another tackle bodied go over him they were really winning there were basically stuck with using just -- Francis does lashed out as an outside in but have had to move down to a five technique which is -- senior position. And the way that position most were getting bloodied because. They only have like bodies the only head Jermaine Cunningham available Justin Francis and Trevor Scott none of those guys are defense tackle bodies but. That side of the warrant that was your sort of physical nature and it was you know it comes down -- three or four plays but the ability for that left side of the line. -- would just physically move because of an injury that injury actually in my opinion. At a much were calls in effect of the papers have been stop I really wanna be publicity Ray Rice and see what he can do against the -- front because this is one of those right at half past physical defense that we've seen you know that we saw here in new England and a back in December in the week the move as a group. I just don't know how many options three race is gonna have their need to -- it if Mitzi I think he's going to be more important as a receiver than as a runner and indeed they could open things up and I think one of the guys that are really look in his I really want as he worked -- -- I think I think there's some positive matchup there with -- but it. -- look at rice and look what he brings the field he's been able put up some fantastic numbers this year but I don't know tickling the running team. How much he's going to be able to get started well it's a Gholston. -- question with him you know it's how deceit is tropical climate I think we're at this point now where. In the -- dash away a little bit too. We're kind of past the point which linebackers can match to good tight in the effect of titans a leader or not linebacker question anymore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As good a pass searchers is. He sold long and -- they actually drop around in space quite a bit and because he has a long -- think a little bit like Willie -- he's really good -- it in his hands and disrupt routes he might be a guy with a -- and Ahmad Brooks is -- does as well. It disrupting routes as much as there are pressing -- so looked at them to maybe be able to disrupt. And a blessing wanna do is to allow an effective tied -- to build on the guy which you know we saw with it was Steve Gregory against tough matchup for any safety. On a tight in the -- dollars and ninety approachable or instrument so look to see how they account for them on the on the line before leaving didn't the second team run and albums that. Is it safe to say Syrian rice he still sneaky strong and long it's such a lot like -- missed body type he actually presses pretty well. He's not just to take aside we use him in crisis again it's extremely disruptive up the field skinny guy. But that you would always. Pat anger run game to run directly. All doesn't strike me is that he's actually is like you semen pageant looks then you looks wispy. What he has he presses tackles really well surprise and while. So I don't know if it's necessarily this is the side we run kind of thing especially when you put big. In the event that they want to -- a guy that they felt was weaker when you have a really strong. Head heating season you know Gallic Patrick Willis the time. Press the whole take on a fullback or spray attack clearly does all three well. A perceived weakness or may not be as big deal. Everybody knows that Joseph Flacco on the Baltimore Ravens like to take shots down field. Hi everybody knows an impact -- a giving a couple of numbers here quickly. Like -- leads the NFL in completions. Attempts and touchdown interception differential on passes more than twenty yards downfield this season. We saw -- against the patriots and and we saw what would happen well interestingly enough. The guys content Kemper I I mentioned those areas that the Flacco leads the NFL in. -- -- leads the NFL in completion percentage yards per attempt and -- total QB are on passes more than twenty yards downfield. You've got two guys who work you know let it like kinda quarterbacks. And and that's why I said if Flacco has time. It's going to be very tough I think for the secondary to stick with some of these receivers. And and now there's some interesting things that came out of New Orleans earlier this morning I mentioned I -- -- after -- a couple of reports one is that because of salary cap issues. The ravens are likely gonna -- about Anquan Boldin this year and also coach -- also details Jones. And wobbled it's way I have to admit as a patriot and -- Makes me it'll flutter I've always loved his game anyway but it if Flacco has time. With the guys he's gotten Torrey Smith and those guys he's going to be able to throw the ball if you look at. It and crumbled body what was -- -- the -- 61 to tell you more but he's almost a -- and he is as big as Aaron Hernandez I use it basically is there as you can -- -- -- -- where you want to that is a tight in the -- you in -- in any place in the insects yeah I saw when he when he was lined outside the rain outside routes. Or keys Cole ran with him the complete that pass he made is -- inside the numbers and and and vertical inside. And that to me is you basically look at that -- -- -- look at how -- -- -- a -- for -- wasn't -- -- Dennis -- the other -- when he makes a player now and again but -- -- -- inside. The pictures we heard so much about you know how dangerous Torrey Smith was going to be -- can handle that he wasn't the issue is normal vertical guys -- what the problem. They made their most damage on the inside with -- and emboldened. And that's a question of how they match and the reds because those guys really sort of shall Portugal high Redman. So then you know that it becomes a matching issues you -- -- -- we need them to match verticals on Torrey Smith and Jacoby on the outside. Once you hit that thirty artery -- the focused in shifts to had a and apparently bold and so how they -- -- -- the patriots didn't actually produced jumped to a four yards passing. It was just not good red -- matching with those two guys it was so you know pretty strong wind that affected Jessica exact level up forces the ball outside right right that's a good point deal because. Were indoors now does this completely change how things play I think there -- a lot of winnable matchups there for the Baltimore passing game did 2.0 I think if Flacco can get their time behind an offensive line. The forty niners do have that dead beat fraud that can to a really good job get after the quarterback but if they can hold the ball for an extra second to in. This and we talked about before do you move to more of a temple offense I know this is a Baltimore offense that really loves a lot of no huddle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From you know -- and patriots in the past we get it out and temple in terms of disputed 23 seconds you know. It is -- Late in the deep there was begins command after. -- I don't know if it's just such an individual matchup week to week that they feel like that they have the vulnerability there. I don't know if the patriots -- a different answer to -- on the way to approach things especially since they're -- -- -- -- through fourteen. When you don't know when you go to eleven personnel packages that Sheehan and Nicole what they play relative to what interest by amateur so might be an entirely different approach for them. Don't think temple mount temple I think the question to me was more the fact that they went so passive beyond just how to stop running the -- -- a -- on the ball and somehow that got -- has more -- going to debit. But the idea that they would go to your game against have to score which will what that's one thing that is relative the -- -- the patriots played San Francisco. We're calling I want to come back it was racially meter eight or 910. Peter and I had a pen plays in that second -- just basically aired out that's how to put the bureau of 31 back on the board. So maybe that's part of -- -- get them out of that the court 34 because you know how good their -- stop on the run and how physical premium that. Once you get a nickel and dime it's sort of -- -- complaint -- royalty. I've been guilty of this. And then I'm gonna have to deal not only plead guilty to change how -- -- this. I've underestimated Joseph Flacco and -- way to my detriment. He's much better than my body was. And the numbers prove how how much battery is the thought the only -- I ever had to rides are still stand by -- he's got locked you this season to not have more picks. And but that's you know that's that's a marginal thing rolled to the production guys extremely productive he makes all the throws a great pocket presence he usually makes the right decision. I thought over the course figure you look at this final numbers are probably five or six in the -- to drop -- an art in and the patriots game. So there -- opportunities -- didn't do that but that's just a small part of Apple's mean in the event that. His issue was always just the bad decision and in the event the visa through -- Take -- part of -- -- -- everything else he does is at the top Little League as the Orioles stumpel joke -- to what it is still there but hasn't been the last three games I think he's a much but quarterback when he takes that that particular throw those. Three or four throws a game that he just gets away with everything else is extremely good I don't know what the NFL record is. But I think it's it's legitimate to say that one play one play is the difference between the ravens making the playoffs or not. In -- converting on fourth and twenty. It was a fourth and 29 conversion that Ray Rice converted and I don't know what the NFL record as the longest fourth down conversion and that's gotta be close to it. That one play it was the difference between them making it didn't Eagles have a fourth and 26 years ago -- -- season. Humility goes through it but it but you go back to that Uga -- -- play it was against yeah it was against the chargers on the -- -- and it was it was depleted during the annual turn things around for them but I think in retrospect it was one of those plays where you point to when you say one of this team offensively to repeat it. Well take a break when we come back will look at look at the San Francisco 49ers offense against Ray Lewis because. Does not think -- isn't it just the San Francisco 49ers offense against Ray Lewis.

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