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NFL Sunday takes on the Ray Lewis SI story by the antlers

Feb 3, 2013|

Dale is joined by Matt Chatham and Chris Price as they open up the discussion on the Sports Illustrated story that reports that Ray Lewis used performance enhancing drugs to expedite his return from a torn triceps. The get into how the silly-sounding deer antler spray that Lewis reportedly used helps the media to take the story lightly in addition to how, since Ray's retiring, there isn't much the league can do.

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Cure on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. On Sports Illustrated had a large voluminous. Obviously well researched piece. Which -- brought up some of the questions that I remember we talked about during the course of the season. We talked about how quickly you can come back from and back when when Ray Lewis got hurt. We thought it was where they didn't. On IR I mean -- talk -- torn triceps here. Why didn't they put him on IR I mean they must feel there's some. Weird sort of strange way he can come -- may be for a Super Bowl he came back a lot sooner than that. There were questions throughout the the NFL about how quickly he returned from injury way back when. Now according to Sports Illustrated their meat may be some reasons why he was able to come back from injury is quickly is deer antlers. You -- deer -- spray and here's the problem okay. Because of -- name of the substance -- it becomes a Saturday Night Live ski because of the name of it. It becomes the punchline of a joke. And and unfortunately people wanna look barn up into it to realize that there are some. Legitimate real chemical things going on within this which help you -- From injury it was interesting to hear Heath Evans former patriot former saint who was on. -- it would month Lou earlier this week talking about it and talking about the benefits of what he's try to before he says that helps them with focus and ultimate concentration. It's it's been when he was a player it was it was a big help that it did to get something like this but it's just. A I think your point you know I think who -- a lot of it was lost in the fact that always you don't -- -- -- but that's off to a lot of ocean yet exactly in in the guy. Frankly. From what I understand the press conference -- this league it was Saturday and I don't yet except it was let's get. In -- talking about stickers and that way we talk and -- with -- in negatively charged water and often it's. I think it goes to the idea we talked real briefly about this off fears that. Athletes if you tell them something a lot of athletes -- -- all athletes but I think if you tell guys that. If you take these you will do -- you'll perform but you'll be faster you'll be stronger. They'll go for -- -- this. Whatever it takes and distort that yeah a bit of those those defense you're trying to jumpers basically. Is a legal. You know as a player -- -- -- -- -- her Abrams time for this. -- -- -- So if you're light brown it's not hurt me and it's not as -- as far as -- no legal activist shot I mean much to the point up the political analyst -- throw against the walls -- what happens. That the curiosity in me on this and -- mention in the last segment his. It got pressed so little because basically. In my view they've been discovered there's not American do. And I think as a league they don't want these stories to persistent for -- reason I don't call you can correct me -- did -- -- -- get pushed on this and I don't think so no but he -- it doesn't feel it. And we talked about story lines we talked about the Super Bowl everything that goes along with us and while I don't think you fit a convenient. Story line for the week I really don't I think. How many stories did we see from really to a journalist this week. About the -- -- redemption to Henry Louis has put it all behind him and once in his career on a good note and how he wants to. An in positively and we didn't really hear a lot of serious substantive talk about. This its effects in in what he can -- to a body went into football player and what it means a week as much as as the substance itself I liked to seen him be pressed on okay. -- economic can be -- -- want to -- raise it appears that there's no loophole because it appears now the different guy has announced he's gonna retire. Nothing you can do -- take everything that everything you wanted to point you have no recourse there can be some surprise topic eminent as some surprise super bull test on him. As far as I understand the my read in the CBO restores are remembered. That the -- they would jump in and raise hell and short of suspending him for today's game which was never gonna happen all the oil that would be -- -- recourse and they -- -- the testimony to educators get on he bought the stuff -- -- -- system you know that's human with a temperament if they Don -- and although. Maybe to put -- Rodney gets suspended. Without flunking the test because he gets stuff shipped duty Akaka I don't know story -- focus so that the point of it is. He can get pressed on that and I don't understand the Telerate -- Ole re just said I'm as this question of embassy here at the that was kind of feel they're right and you don't as well as much as much of race the -- for particular example. How are you going to have to fix this loophole I think we've discovered a loophole discovered that anyone in this scenario. Special several municipal wants a lifetime opportunity when heparin to river bridge if you know there's no recourse for -- at the other -- of the great piece this week angry and vocal -- talking about how guys. At one point in the year at least in the NBA get tested in in the rest of the year. Whatever you wanna do it wide open and the other thing is that I'm thinking from. How many guys are sitting at home right now that didn't -- goes Super Bowl this year. It missed four games for some sort of suspension of probably 2030 guys across the league if not more. Who maybe Coco weight gain so voluntarily took a diet supplement our guys in the play a couple guys patriot and -- sit at home going. What took was pretty innocuous and probably didn't have that much affect the schedule out in front. And you know isn't even being pushed on us and I want race suspended but the fact that it discovered got brushed. After Jermaine Cunningham percent secure -- I took. God knows -- and you know the last four weeks -- today I lost four to pay for -- and -- took a substance to give himself a couple of reportedly and we don't know them but it's -- -- appears that we don't know the severity of the injury it will -- this -- start up with him as we don't know the severity of -- torn -- and a lot of -- -- kind of an open ended statements. In terms of how tough it is to come back from. You look at the recovery time for a lot of these guys typically -- -- who it took me years to come back from there around here. -- you shake your head music that. The quick pass the signal test has thrown back in all of what six weeks from from an injury elect a terrific a lot of people -- -- the the the -- went up it at that point in to started thinking that this is kinda weird but again as anything that's it -- bring a critical point in net. When you look at the guy who's about to retire. Or you know -- in the stop drug testing. It you know at the end of the year. It's wide open to everyone. Well and the question would be a -- brings the point your suit others -- the basically the story did died because no evidence that he took. There's evidence that he. That he bought I was gonna say I mean Mitch Ross who is a leaving breathing Saturday nightlife -- And you know said why -- son take it yeah I I shipped it to many -- -- -- the sink right. Well I've video taped the conversation. When he's ordering yet but then I don't healthy actually took it and. I come and that's the question assist especially after we've gone through this Lance Armstrong thing in this four million dollars of arsenic they're sort of a fear out there that people are beyond a sort. If give Dell had this power he doesn't want some sort of cloud hanging over his big game which as soon as. You know an impromptu test probably would have been warranted based on this amount of evidence it's out there just to clean the game up and hopefully -- passes that test and this thing goes away. But. United that it cannot even prostitute does seem a lot. And over people who don't know OK and and I understand it's like I said it is it almost sounds like skip here. Deer antlers break contains a substance called IGF one. Which is an insulin like growth factor which is a performance enhancing drug banned by the national football. That's why this matters because it contains this substance. This substances banned by the NFL. Now you can make an argument that it doesn't do what it's alleged to have done that make that argument if you are -- it's still totally accurate it's still like banned substance. IG up one is not allowed by the National Football League. If he used that he was using a substance that's banned by the NFL now. But -- but Democrats -- -- what do you do it. Distinctive what do you mean it is at this point it's career -- -- -- -- who you -- this is -- -- -- yet. By virtue of well here's the thing and there have been a lot of studies about IG up one. Off a recent study of IG up one said that it improves cartilage damage in joints do repetitive trauma then. Horn I -- had I mean. The studies of what I G up one guy news. Plays exactly into what Ray Lewis was looking for which is to get him back from injury quicker and so -- -- simple question -- -- -- you at the -- -- that the Roger -- Why -- not testing -- -- -- what ground you not. I mean and I'd just I'd love to just to hear that -- say you know we don't have the ability to based on what -- CPA is because we have certain testing time. Just that simple question answered that question would have an interest in -- I don't know what is. It it it it doesn't feed into the Ray Lewis redemption tour story and I want to hear him say guys you know it it doesn't fit into that it. It it goes against the hole and and look I'm one of the people. Who has said. I personally believe Ray Lewis is a changed person. I think base in the possibility of life behind bars might do something to change and I and I do think I don't wanna make this sound like I think he's a good human being right now. Okay that's not my point at all. I think he probably has changed his behaviors. Realized holy crap I -- involved in this sort of thing anymore. There's a story in the New York Post today. About Ray Lewis -- charitable foundation and but the money that he claimed was going their apparently got there aren't. Things like that as the heat he has fathered six children with four women in and all of those things. So I'm not trying to make it sound like I think this is a good decent. Kind of human being you want to root for guys because I don't root for him. Having said that I do think he's probably changed his -- some. I think he's I think he's a changed guy I think she's a different -- and then what he was three for five years ago but at the same time. Whenever you talk about Ray Lewis you're gonna talk about the great linebacker -- going to talk about -- -- -- ball field issues that are going to accompany him for the rest of Tuesday's. Well and if jumping were also play a little bit has the numbers mean this week comes up you expect to deport them if there's Grossman clauses are gonna go -- -- excuse me and and so. In the event of this kind of situation you want to have. Put to bed with facts as opposed to sweep -- under because those of ordinary. I think that's probably the thing that you don't receive special and again I'm Obama brought back a player my whole life from a guy would be more susceptible to these -- it would really get hurt by losing them money. I'm sure there a lot of -- guys -- museum they have got suspend the second. I just a personal parity on everyone treated the same. And I think that's probably you know he's been named a consultant -- in retirement he's going right up into the league is that. Part of why he's joining me is the and yet he's just so -- you know just wants Iran -- -- I think any again I'm not I'm not at all try to Terry Lewis -- huge fan of him on the field. Bought I think in the NFL because is such a team sport -- -- like depressed immune Rodney Harrison's great good friend great teammate one of the best ever but to make mistaken you pay for -- moved on from. Bought into doesn't mean Ray Lewis wouldn't still be good guy if he tried this what he did make a mistake and it seems like how much of it is about -- be expressing contrition. At least to me as the public QB at least you know that the perception of a guy who stands appearance as you know what I screwed up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't screwed up I'm sorry today Tuesday and I think that might in a weird way goal and an analyst Rodney did some of that. After after he was -- in 2000 and you know what I did you'd -- to -- -- proponent Clinton you know moved out so maybe I don't know if it again. Whenever we talk about Ray Lewis it's going to be. The fact via the complicated legacy because he's such a great players -- system so much on the field but. So much of his baggage is is sees -- go to company -- -- the original like this to me feels more like a Lance Armstrong. Yes you have no right to question him and -- all the good things have done that that's that's how it's been packed. Well earlier today. On Mike and Mike on ESPN radio before we came on I heard the commissioner Roger Goodell and he said he is very confident. That the NFL will follow the lead of Major League Baseball and will have HGH testing in place the start of this upcoming regular season. I'll be very curious to see what happens when that when that takes place because we all think that is the the drug -- your the thing that the contest or anyway so what there is -- I take it as long as they couldn't -- I got it. -- -- these case and why they couldn't prove a chip to me. Nobody's gonna know. Let's issue though it appears not not the each sheet but the -- -- whatever right Vick improved that has French attitude here that -- so that's what's. And you know off the topic have you guys if if this is something the can be tested for the IG whatever. Is that some from the which are definitely I don't know -- I don't know or -- -- by simply to have the receipt and told him that the paper -- but it's but the bottom line here is there will be -- -- -- -- it's on -- next season. That the players association is apparently on board with this. -- if I believe the majority of players. Play fair likely. By the way there's a group of people out there who think that I am I'm Pollyanna I say that. There's a group of people out there is that everybody takes some but you know. Listen I I played through this last ten years this last era and I can honestly say. There would be you know -- nothing to cover this point I mean if it was there -- you know -- of the blue pill -- stuff for more baseball mean much -- that was there. I could've told you -- you guys might be suspect full of I think it was not rampant I didn't see I'm not aware of it and it's not like you know there was some sort of sub culture that half dozen guys were into -- arrest warrant it just. Steroids to mean he was is also or risk -- gonna get injured being the big bowl -- key player in the NFL. It's it's this is not weightlifting so in the event that you might terror muscle is as big of terrific. The HJH becomes a human because it helps with recovery and that's a little bit different story but the got the idea of the guys are waiting and it's ever been doing it. I didn't say I did rattle cy -- -- I steroid yes -- I did not see. Indeed it was the seventh -- yeah it's a very it's very much a GNC culture at least you know on I've been out for four years and I know that the the testing which changes. Yet take the stuff that stamped by the NFL on all that now. What it was very much a supplement you know taking protein shakes and we're powders and we also know him yeah that kind of stuff bought the vote under the table stuff it was not rampant and I'm not I can't even name -- two or three guys in my experience -- team to team. From from talk again as romance and marriage are there are guys that there there -- certain locker rooms that are and where it's more -- where where where you can talk to guys for couples -- 5060% of the guys. Take this kind of stuff in -- coaches have talked to guys who of them don't coaches who looked the other way. When he know something like this is going on in the in the locker room so I think it from team -- team I don't know. How prevalent was around here but again I've talked to guys and other teams who played on the teams you know we got 56% of the guys -- -- the coast. Well three organizations from the rams here in jets and I can't tell you it's CNET and if if I -- said the suspect list of it it would -- you can fit on one hand and I'd been based on basically nothing just I mean it's not if something and I -- -- -- in the -- test. The eye test I mean the thing is you freaked me FL and the NFL is the biggest strongest fast guys and you don't take -- to become 66 you you are six. And there's guys walking around 66 and 300 pound the -- college. So maybe it happened at an earlier age but he in the NFL running growth stage these are adult men so that that the perception from you would be I'd be more. Thinking HGH you know things that would write things that would keep -- -- as opposed the things that make you bigger faster stronger you are bigger faster stronger you can -- --

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