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John Ryder and Lenny Megliola Drop the Gloves on the John Scott-Shawn Thornton Fight and the Celtics’ Woes

Feb 2, 2013|

John and Lenny take a look into the future and predict what will happen the next time the Bruins face the Sabres. They believe that the Bruins may retaliate for the late timeout called by the Sabres in Thursday’s game. Moving to the hardwood, John and Lenny examine what interest the Celtics have in injury-plagued center Greg Oden.

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Well I guess it was a mystery as to who is doing the show but now you find out if you listen to the open there is John Ryder and let -- make all the way to. Like to surprise announcements of course we're all about the surprises. I was going -- its going good -- good feel good that scared I think Angola ten rounds and well we might you know we might do that to 530. 530 break you and I will square off will settle it. Once in frost -- really talk and discuss and get into this John Jordan Jon -- fight because we can duke it out so weakened in don't know the fight game a little bit better yeah. But. You know it. And a lot of talk a lot of great talk from dale and Kirk on on that game and on that situation but Bruins did respond they were up 321 minute. Yeah it's. Again I'm with -- -- I mean it's it's a hockey game. Early in the cities and there was a fight it was anticipated. And now is that if the patriots -- disappointed us. We'd be darker football and that fight -- got -- second -- that's where it well. Course but if and the other part is if the Bruins ended up winning that game or even getting a point out of it. They. We probably wouldn't that be still discussion but not to this point right so you think to fight there any bearing on the result of the game the final school. I think that the physical malady of buffalo did that top line is tough to match up against Thomas -- is now leading the league in goals in these continues to be Bruins killer. But they were up 321 and then they went up 43 in a buffalo scored. Four unanswered goals including the empty -- to win that game buffalo I guess period was more physical and -- defense of breakdowns for the Bruins in that game Arabian government screaming out for Zdeno Chara at a a -- Jon Scott maybe now maybe Chara ends up breaking news hander charge goes out the eyes humanoid in Berlin well that game for five minutes from. Time left with these two teams may -- -- charge Scott that mix it up on Everett had just as they did respond in that game. After that may be and it was too many opportunities as Scott was not the ice too much maybe. Next time around I'm guessing that Jon Scott goes that it was another boroughs where. Robbery but I mean I and the stand that fight his fight that's worth about anybody get notified and breaking his hand I mean. What does that say right yen you know you've valuable than NAFTA and I'll stay and fight for us but you're breaking and that's okay you're expendable. No I'm tired -- -- Chara what -- I identified as they got out as much as stored -- he's a get out there and and fight once a -- people want to fight a little bit more bodies also. Arguably your most important player definitely anchors the defense -- do you want him off the ice for five minutes from intuit. And he paid the price chart much bigger price and losing -- unanimous decision right. -- get in get clobbered in and now it's who knows again with the -- -- that era we live in its could go on for long time. However remain -- -- -- -- -- I was more upset watching that thirteen second. Timeout Nam. Well as part of the reason deathly beer -- we know the history between these teams dating back to last year Lucci each Ryan Miller prop up this how will get the two coaches out there and let them duke it out that was a coaching thing. Right the big interest it would really rough right. While it's doubled in April by both both former players and close down in the mine -- -- But I mean I I cut that was discussed and and -- broken down to the terms who was can be on the ice and who couldn't be on the -- who didn't have to you on the ice and I don't know what their -- with thinking about. It's only created -- on that I won game. They have their first first loss you know well first regulation loss and you knew was about to happen at some point your. Well we can now also get it's that we can get Brooks and action ideas -- they visit Toronto Toronto's up to a foreign three start will better than expected they have a little more. Should be better this season but still not a playoff team will the Celtics be a playoff team as we segue to the Celtics now with a loss of Solingen do you think that they'll still hang around we can -- listeners as well of course what every wanna get -- -- there is the Super Bowl tomorrow. At 6177797937. You can text -- as well at 37937. Now with Salinger died pharmacies yeah. With and and again it was something that who's always feared. And it happened and it's. It's gonna put amounts. In a while I mean that's two key guys gone for the season now. I tell you they are. And again it was against two crappy teams but the way they move the ball down and just gave an -- about the Qaeda I mean. That was pretty Irish basketball. Against again against bad bad teams have qualified yes. In I was just gonna mention that -- funny you mention their late thirty assists on 42 made shots cricket -- even though Orlando was terrible in Orlando has a shot. Yeah to be have to end up with the worst record in the NBA right now they do dot. Post detailing my own money and Turco and basketball or any sport. It's incredible he goes substitute Rondo. Thanks joint they went -- it doesn't matter either well we've certainly done well when I landed to the way he's played since she's been back did but I anyway another go to our. Yes well they're probably gonna deal JJ Redick and -- -- fourteen at 32 they don't have the worst record in the NBA but I would be surprised they ended up there -- big babies done for the season with a broken foot. Might a little bit different last -- Celtics -- won the game but Arron Afflalo was out with a calf injury and he's been dealing -- that he's very good. Underrated well thriller about right or well good on the ball defender and Israeli. One of the best parts of his game -- didn't have that last night but. And or an -- -- mess him and look at that bench some of these benches are on the NBA again and E'Twaun Moore is broad. Arguably their best bench player. And a. Yeah and it's just a lot of bad teams period tea offensively I mean you look out over the course of the month and look at the box scores and see how many games. And with -- team in the seventies. You know -- using the pistons but the fact. You see that a lot and you see it too many. 109 to 77 games I think you know not that crazy about the uniformity in the NBA -- you know this season but. And again if Chris ball doesn't play tomorrow. You know it was a tie -- felt as if they win. I don't know how much -- you got to give him credit that's great that they responded and they blog Sacramento it was nice Sacramento the other night to let the Celtics run their offensive drills and try to figure digs out and basically it seemed like a scrimmage. During during that game the only defense that segment of the worst defensive team in the NBA. So there weren't pressuring the ball Orlando same story will see if the clippers do -- the clippers accommodate pretty feisty. Tomorrow because they got blown out absolutely obliterated at Toronto -- 973. Last -- once again. I think that it in no one's really talking about why would expect around here but. Chris Paul I mean this is now what 67 games with a knee injury yep -- going to be concerned about that from appeared clipper land with thank goodness you know Eric Bledsoe very talented player and -- very solid backup point -- still. So so they play the clippers without Chris follow they're gonna play Chicago next week aka. Without. Rose and just make -- in the following -- -- -- -- fund thirteenth member said thirteenth -- a going to be the big a time -- look at that -- at the Celtics again because they -- -- entities and now it's it's kind of -- -- is important because you know I assumed Chris Paul was on a plane if they beat. Chris Paul you know led team you know points for the Celtics but the B and two -- not some. I still can be a very tough matchup Jamal Crawford his -- but is still a sixth six man of the year candidate and it's still going to be tough for me Blake -- and in the country Jordan -- side so it's still going to be a difficult job match up -- that. Thirteenth game against Chicago talk about defense on the ball pressure what they can bill. And after that and -- will really find out as well West Coast swing yeah yes the lakers downed Phoenix is down. -- Denver which is always a tough place to blend of get a really good young team youngest team in the NBA. And always you know Portland's always kind of took place to play there in the playoff -- says his Utah so that you really gonna find out here but I still think that. Bill end up with at least the eighth seed. I think when it's all said and done and less addictive thing yet to worry about with the Celtics is. And it was nice last night Paul Pierce only had 229 minutes Kevin Garnett 23 minutes and counting so much and they would be anyway evil with a rod -- -- sellinger but now even more so. So much -- pierce and Garnett at their ages. Absolutely I mean -- this has not shot the ball while for awhile now. And he's got talent I think sixteenth in the league and -- story I mean that's. It's bad it's eighteen points and its sixth from but he youth in 1988199. -- a little bit better lately he's he's still -- of the F 42%. For the season but he's gonna do more things now amid a nice -- I'd grab and eleven rebounds to lead the Celtics -- -- a very very solid game last night I cut -- fourteen points on five of ten shooting eleven rebounds seven assists. And you got to expect some turnovers but what was really impressive was the authority assists on 42 made shots and I know that. This is a great argument these Sacramento Orlando NN Miami and we see this situation so many times. Including one time against the Celtics -- Kevin Durant wasn't playing. I can remember from his last season the season before that might but the season before that. Where -- right to rants out Celtics will be Oklahoma City that was at the -- we've seen that so many times in the NBA but he all the way going back to the eighties. I don't it is the Celtics -- talented. Even without Larry Bird but you'd see bird missing game of the Celtics -- still when the lakers would have magic and it still went. You see those situations. Time sometime in the NBA were teams not expected to got to be out -- All of a sudden it's just even though that there up for the big game they just don't play as hard because they're like our will win this game it's always the Celtics now and I Rondo. They are seven coliseum like now. All right they were heading in to -- to a knicks games there five they're five and three I believe. Five and three -- rob is that overall on the season. I'm counting when he was with the team but missed you know miss the knicks game with a suspension that it missed couple other games OK and what three you know -- Well they won their last three yes. And a three game winning streak. They're an action tomorrow and of course -- here after the game -- Super Bowl coverage -- 6177797937. In Texas at 379370. The other news in Steve bullpen tweeting about Greg Oden Celtics they said they've been monitoring him. And they met guess that would have today according to -- bullpen on Twitter. This would be oracle -- on crutches this would be. This will be more removed for for next season but it looks like -- a front runners here or Miami Cleveland he's from Ohio and Miami Cleveland of the front runners but -- he would be playing this year -- this is a move for for the next year. Yeah and and again. -- Hanson right wanna take take flight on it's it's not can be big money it may not even come to fruition by next -- who knows -- may have another cheap but. I try it I think he loved his game in in college and still only 24. Is and but yes all right I. I hope they bring meant to look but inflation Johnson is talking chance this year growth. It's so hard to find these big guys. -- around the NBA that's why it's going to be tough to replace sellinger and he even though. It already played bigger than his height is great positioning there in terms of rebounding and it just a nose for the ball. Off the river off the glass. There's about ten teams interest of note but yet -- yet clearly if if you've got to seven footer with some talent. You're gonna get along there you're gonna get a job and you're still only 24 you might look like your 54 it's. In -- but -- a long time since that talent has been on display vote Johnny -- and and those you know those feet I've been through a lot it's it's not. You know. When he has and is -- something that's you know anarchy and get back back quickly and obviously it's not. Markets have kind of game you play running influence with no feet well at least yeah yeah Neeson these. -- I'd I'd take him but I would. I wouldn't you -- probably help you probably end up either Miami or Cleveland in his budget teams that should Dallas Indiana Miami goes after everybody you have all the Indians did that while they they're looking for size -- Chris Anderson and they -- -- Jarvis Bernardo was here briefly with the Celtics -- that Varnado is the all time shot block. A leader in college. Is when he was at Mississippi State and so yeah. Even always under is six foot nine. It -- to can block those shots they signed him for the rest of the season has probably with the Celtics -- ended up. And it ended up going -- -- progress that kept him that well either at the time who -- would've thunk it but they were expecting sellinger at some point. There -- there opened the back active or at. You know they can get this done in the off season but they expected it would happen at some point. You know I think Salinger is pretty bright. Kid down and you know he's he he's wise trees she is in Mark Recchi in terms of how we death of the game. And and one hand that they -- ashamed that he you'll miss the season because it would have been you know certainly a growth period from a period of adjustment. They also thanked you know if he's healthy again back roads tricky if he's healthy comes back healthy next -- -- pick right up where he left off or what what he was showing he can do you know I mean I think you set that type of kid and thinking not a lot of in. Structure and I still don't think -- ever a discussion well they should demanded a bit worried about the back problems look you're drafted number 21. It's not an extremely deep draft. I think that was a perfect pick at 21 I agree I agree I cut you know if he's going to be on the board it would be -- won't they take -- I was happy with -- let's get the phone calls here's Dan in New Hampshire he did. I don't get. What do you rock out and odd that are sparking yet and I'm planet although there aren't silly they're it's silly it is I. Let it be that -- there's sort of like. I don't know products made a lot and I said that it would go through a bit like like with the -- -- at altitude at that were well out here and -- Get it really had built over here are. And besides there are always China beat the bandit. And especially that the cat but they're not going out -- Prospect and and not developing. Out but each side. Well. I I think keeper and even -- Red -- do it as well and -- Overrated their farm system but. You've get some of the top prospects exam -- Bogart's Matt Barnes and looks like they've started to replenish it I think a big mistake they've made. When they really did second wave after Lester and buckles especially you know in terms of -- when you look at that there was a gap there yes and it and it cost them. I think I think there exactly try to concentrate on what you're talking about it -- if they weren't they would of this -- season ended up. If they were really really go for it they would have ended up packaging Barnes -- Bogart's for some of these other prospects -- deals. -- I. -- -- At the prospect this year more I think that you can you image -- -- -- looked like things like that but it. And out with that. Put it back and they're the kind of politics now. Yes well if you've been through the last two years like that don't you think they would be image conscious right. But did not fully. You know the real fans. Hi -- -- is that you can put out those full page ads in the Boston papers and you know mr. -- overcome mistakes or whatever you that they go on with. -- that's fine but you know the the point is. They haven't done much and the Columbia had cell this year and and they found that. Well this is not you can't like Larry Lucchino when he was out city eight or other spots you cannot really for the -- when it comes to sports here -- in Boston right and they know -- but they're also doing this because. This is this a bit of -- Ted cellar dwellers last season collapse the season before. And that probably. The right so far that they have a responded to the Shaughnessy book. And I doubted you know what that would give them no per day -- would then no purpose. They want it to go away they don't want aflame and 6177797937. You can text to -- 37937. Were here until 7 o'clock I like to. Not much Super Bowl like Lanny I know that that too many people probably wanna get into the game itself considering. That propel our local team now they well the majority even though is that call about some calls on not gonna watch it. You -- probably in -- watch and -- sports in an NFL Finnegan and have watched yeah I'm curious about it. Michael C movie during the afternoon though I will I won't turn it on -- a kick Arafat tell you that. I came here and now that Talking Heads say another word about the games and you -- one -- three hours of of Ray Lewis coverage jury or the -- Barbara any of that no no Arlen needs to kick off the since then -- got -- -- 61777. -- -- 7937. You can -- to -- 3790 threesome for -- 7 o'clock let's go over some of these prop bets. Which are always adjusting as well. We'll take a 92 break John Somerville Europe next of that room feel the fault lines. And the tax board after this.

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