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Dale and Kirk on the Bruins and Why They Didn't "Retaliate" Thursday Night

Feb 2, 2013|

The guys are talking B's hockey and the Thornton fight the other night. They discuss hockey fights in general and Dale explains why it didn't make any sense for the Bruins to retaliate against Buffalo or have Chara fight - because Buffalo did nothing wrong. Getting beat up in a toe-to-toe fight is not dirty!

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Studies. And a great team very here for the last six years and and you -- -- probably doesn't speak enough for himself and his teammates and and it's. Great team guys seasonal workers into this article so. It was unfortunate. Viewed -- as the rest they came out what. Going into the you know try to get back this season can. Mile island -- of the Boston Bruins talking about Shawn Thornton who Thursday night early on in the first period. Of the bruins' game against the Buffalo Sabres squared off against six foot eight inch 270 pound Jon Scott. -- Shawn Thornton pound for pound may be the best fighter in the national hockey I I think he says top is anybody who puts on skates and a sweater. He got -- -- -- -- access ain't got his butt -- Andy was he was off balance from the start that didn't help he he couldn't get a skates underneath them before Scott Atlanta at about three or four really good blows. And and I frankly think -- with out before he ever hit the ice yet he had that look you're not -- -- watching -- definitely got that five Sul so -- important it is is a guy who gives his good as he gets you -- -- any excuses from him when you hear from them. He's gonna say you when you do what I do for a living you win some you lose. I talked to him earlier in the week -- and and I was asking him about you know when you do what you do witches you know won -- guys I said the original training camp. It's not like you practiced by eaten in practice and training camp and get yourself ready. The first time you fight is is in a game situation in his case was with brought on the New York Rangers. I said you know and in the next thing you know -- squared off against the biggest and the ice Lisa -- -- was the biggest. That's my job -- any make no excuses for he said look sometimes wish it was bigger. But that's my job then and you won't hear any excuses from him. The idea. And I heard this a lot over the last couple of days that somehow Zdeno Chara. Should've gone now after Jon Scott doesn't make a lick of sense to me -- on a couple of I want -- -- the five from some people here and they should be ripping C office Jersey are not standing up and helping out his team that they which I mean you -- elaborate but. Strikes me as absurd when you look at the eight and the players. Look if if Jon Scott had jumped show on important. If there had been some some unfair you know we jumped some from behind that sort of thing -- guys were lined up on a face off. They obviously had communicated. The minute the pocket the ice the gloves at the ice thereafter. And to top strong guys did what they do one guy one in one guy lost. Scott didn't do anything wrong. He didn't he -- -- a cheap shot he didn't he didn't deliver a blow after four was down on the ice he did everything. The Buffalo Sabres would ask him to do for sure important. In the exact same situation. You know would have expected. To get and give the same way. The idea that they are captain guy who plays 2526. Minutes and much the same in the league -- should go spend five minutes in the box. With a guy who skates re so right right. I didn't quite get the whole idea there was a cheap shot there was no transgression. There was nothing to be made up full. Now is a -- cook. Know now that were only difference regulation right that was a cheap shot there and the Bruins. Knew that they screwed up when they didn't respond immediately. And the next time Matt Cooke came here to the garden they responded immediately. Important by the bright guy who don't yet. What you -- a lot of talk here the last couple basing if you where people are sort of questioning. The toughest of this team that this was sort of a game it. It expose them as being a team that doesn't have the guts. To sort of make -- -- -- -- -- -- to punch in the mouth and more punch back I would say it's a little early for that -- But he said this is not some some cheap shots and transgression misses two guys who lined up fought -- the -- happen -- his. But -- and you move on I just doesn't seem more Koppel. People ask me yesterday he said is this some indication that perhaps the Bruins have lost some of their swagger. And I said you know then I would have to believe that what I saw on the first six games was faults. Because this team has really sensed that Matt Cooke incident. That's been something this team has been. Steadfast. In favor rob and and have it may have stuck up for each other through thick and thin and believe me they have no problems. Jumping in to the aid of of a teammate jumping in when they think -- teammates been wrong and they will do what again. These two teams to play a week from tomorrow. Market February 10 in buffalo. I know Bruins fans want today in a Chara did jumped John Scott the minute he touches the -- Why now and get that debate I mean. You're seriously hurting your chances of winning game let's think it's -- in the wind if that happens but why did you put yourself in that spot. There were a couple of other things in the game that I had a much harder time -- in the Jon Scott. -- with Shawn Thornton. I am much harder time with the elbow to the failed with the -- yeah this is talk that was that was good and unfortunately for the Bruins -- time we took it it was late in the third. They were trying to come from behind you probably didn't think you could afford to dispense some time in the box at that point I had a hard time with that. I had a real hard time with Lindy Ruff calling timeout with thirteen seconds. Yes who didn't like that summit -- like that which player called for Brad marsh all right but not yet believe me all of them here I'm sure they weren't -- Yeah now here's what here's what happens okay for people who weren't hockey and some might not notice. The visiting team sends their line out on the ice burst. In this case. Buffalo's leading seven reported just scored an empty net goal there's thirteen seconds left right he puts his finance line he puts down and Hodgson. And now -- a lot on the ice. On the village -- scored yeah he sees. This is his story he sees -- McDermott on the -- and calls timeouts that he get his finance line off and get tough guys out yes you know it's. Even -- -- send them out on the -- to begin with or just even assume that's true which is this but I mean let's pretend that's true. You're not -- -- three goal lead with thirteen seconds. It's just it's I mean I hit his I guess that I inference with that he was afraid McDermott was gonna jump all right Allard. Europe's 74 with thirteen seconds left him on the right at the British have right you're worried about them being abused physically. Yeah. I had a much harder time with and yeah I would say to the people that thought this is a game that you know right from the start they fell out of the Bruins after the fight. I mean I look back look at the box or won the browns are 321. Yes or -- -- Marchand scored the go up 31 yet he and two to -- three when they are pretty rarely had one in the mark I hear anybody saying you know what would happen this. Teams are well elective I didn't respond they win that game five the one. The conversation is different than it is absolutely no question about the cholera -- port three in the third right heavily in the third so. So. As a Bruins fan it's a hockey fan short party. Couldn't wait to see somebody spring Jon Scott out. But there was no need to he didn't do anything wrong he didn't high stick the first store or jabbed him in the ribs with -- stick. Two tough guys drop their sticks drop their gloves bought one guy 11 dialogue how long ordeal for ten days while it says. Seven to ten days. If we've learned nothing in this town over the last couple years if you're Bruins sent. It's that there is just no way to tell about concussions. Right Patrice Bergeron missed almost a year with one you know Marc Savard never come back right Nathan Horton missed almost the calendar year I don't. Not trying to be doom and gloom here now via my point is who knows. About this stuff who knows. Just again you know I go back to I understand fighting I understand people are. Are in the fighting. But you look at this another concussion guy out of ten days. It does give me pause see these guys have to -- it's a tough flight five I it's their living I -- it up a year ago. Whenever was the Derek -- yet this. Our New York Times story DeLia and I brought up at the time I have always been an advocate for fighting in the national hockey. I have no problem watching too tough guys like beast -- did drop the sticks and gloves settle it man demand goes sit down for five minutes. But I said that the in this this enlightened age about concussion and concussion issues. Can there be anything that can cause more a concussion and a bare knuckle brawl. You know and it it for the first time ever got me thinking about. Whether or not you know like it's still advocates fighting I haven't I haven't gotten to that point I'm not at that point I think fighting should be abolished right. WellPoint does make you wonder some. I just looked at it like you said at the same reaction I mean he looked so. From -- I mean. And seconds and got to a bad start as you said just you know where he was. It was off Al yeah he's almost being dragged up and held up and I just -- -- -- -- -- I understand I do understand. The value of the game guy. But I wonder if it's worth it you know long term is it going to be worth it for these guys it's like Anderson it's not as frequent as football I get. What is it -- that's ID one I ask myself that easy work. And the question that everybody would ask legitimate question I don't know the answer if you if you outlawed fighting to more. How many hockey fans what -- that's phenomenal. -- -- Ironies that I mean that there's some may be a fringe element I guess but. I don't know good hardcore hockey fan and you in the wrestling would be. As anybody complaining during the Vancouver series that there were a lot of fights during a series. Now you know I mean and Ernie would like to watch the Olympics fights let -- -- they're frozen four and there are no -- I don't know I mean I get it listen I do get it but no I don't think you know. 2% yeah I mean as a number I don't know. Might leave but if you like hockey. You you love ray yes there -- -- -- fighting rank on the list of things like about hockey. In the top five for. It's such a lot of you're republic truckload I mean let's just beyond where they play it tomorrow which you -- wouldn't stop -- -- -- that's my point. Right yeah if they outlawed it. Harry -- I've had sinned and and I've had this discussion in the past is scary at one point was saying hockey would be better served if they outlawed -- He thought that it would it would bring more. Non hockey fans into the mix he felt that there was a portion of non hockey fans turned on repulsed by the fighting. And it and it they won't watch because of that and maybe they would watch it wasn't there against the case either I just think people like at the I don't know a lot of people who say I don't watch hockey because of fight. Not -- left is Don cherry says does anybody leave -- the arena when there's fight -- I've noticed that is that everything that happened a popcorn -- hot dog you know that does not happen in a fight you know again like you said. And the world has changed from ten years ago we know things now we know before about concussions and the effects of the 91 of its worth putting guys in that position time and time again Dexter says speak for yourself guys who else can we speak for. All we're saying is do I think. Traditional hockey fans would step away from the game of hockey was outlawed. I give my opinion no I don't think that many what we've got a text or says or be a lot more cheap shots and not be true and it yeah it's a valid argument you can cautions that actual zones at Carter Alan argument. Very fair but as a deterrent. You know I don't know you know it's -- -- -- it's a really fair point that's a good appointment texture.

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