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Dale and Kirk Open with Super Bowl Talk and the Future of the Celtics

Feb 2, 2013|

We all know its Ravens/49ers, but who are you rooting for? Does anyone really care at this point as long we don't have to hear about Ray Lewis anymore? The guys give their takes on the "big game" before getting into the C's, who despite being on a winning streak, could be in for some tough times ahead.

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I don't know in English premiere league soccer ball forty or start today. Where did you go off for three hours I don't I luckily I know they're like let's do it. Putt you shoot a sixty while I lipped out of 65 footer for fifty not name you've been there I know you -- habit of Meola time. I gotta give them credit -- all for it good for now that's what thing -- do there is is that's that's. Part of the Mickelson magic your boy he's a good counseling and you'll say that about limits costs of some time. Yet analysts that was that was. Thursday it is not our little corner of sports Saturday Sports Radio WB yeah I'm my name's Dale Arnold -- Manningham is seated across the table. And that it is Super Bowl weekend. And I mean it's Super Bowl we'll all watch it we do understand. Know for Super Bowl this week wells this year yet I mean we know why around here obviously. But you know it's it's strange I feel like you almost forget there's -- -- game tomorrow actually hear about street Louis in the year handler and Harbaugh is shall Flacco good enough and cap -- hold personal story. And these kind of forget there's gonna be game on election be fun to sit down and watch a football game for the first time a couple weeks and capital watching game with. From my perspective anyways no we're rooting interest one -- or other artists that don't really shared -- you discuss -- down just sort of watch it and see what happens. I have Marty made this admission I think I've made it to you and -- made it on the -- in the past I'll and I'll make it again as it is to jump off point here. I honestly don't know why root for Tiger Woods. Anymore yeah I mean first ball generally speaking don't root for the underdog generally speaking in peace you know for years and years was as far from an underdog execute. And and given the issues and his personal life. -- got to root for and yet I found myself last weekend rooting for Tiger Woods again via. I don't root for Ray Lewis now I don't think he is a legitimately. Changed man how you said that yet and I give him credit and I do I do honestly believe that. And I don't reform and I find myself probably wanting San Francisco to win. Just a Ray Lewis doesn't walk off with -- another Super Bowl title. Well yeah as -- said. Comradery of who I am as a human anatomy beat the patriots you know why I can understand that I have no idea for -- -- change or not and you know he knows where cameras all the time I'll say that form the thing. But you know the idea that this weekend. The admission or non mission a story about the HPH for him. Australia put my thought of him while Moyer and other a discount assumed he came back in six weeks from an injury that people oral forever for. We bowled over shock and that story came out. Not so bad that I. As I look I think I think a large. Proportion of players in the NFL and doing stuff that's borderline legal. Some of which you can you can check on can test for some of which you can't write and I said all along I know we use the word steroids then. They're like eight steps beyond steroids now -- -- but he uses steroids and and and Dayton they know that there are things you can test for things he can't test for. So I assume people are are out there using stuff that you know is right on the yet. -- they're always gonna be a step behind so now they're doing something else that caught up with Iran anti aging so now somewhere in some lab somewhere in America they're doing something new her new athletes going in and -- again and start over again. It never stops but to get back to the Baltimore. -- Cisco game you know I just. I have no again I've no idea of Ray Lewis changed -- no idea if he's the person was twelve years ago six years ago four years ago I don't know. He wrote me the wrong way I can tell you that I don't really don't I don't know why but he does I can't -- which Harbaugh Brothers more insufferable. -- -- that time I spent two weeks of two you know I don't really have a big problem with. -- John. Our Jim Kabila outlet waiting to get John ravens -- forty -- -- to be a long time to get stressed. A player what don't they -- both coach Jim Harbaugh can really is a guy who went in the NFC champ ship without Smith who's going to the Super Bowl. With calling -- and today took over a team with singletary was a mess so he can really coach share. Really can't drag for the first time the community fair. You know and say if you could start your franchise tomorrow with the coach in the NFL you get your pick of any coach. For the first time in ten years could at least examine the idea that may not be Bill Belichick kicker for you may want look at marble. Given the age and all that stuff. He's really good yeah and then I mean they're both really -- he's gonna win the Super Bowl here tomorrow so I think he's down he's right there. Do you think. That the the emotional story there at the back story. If the ravens when the super bullion what it feels like to me it feels like the patriots in 2001. You know the improbable little engine that could and then you know had no business winning the Super Bowl. Got to the Super -- as they decided underdog and should have been and somehow write all the planets aligned and they just kept going and going and found themselves hoisting that the title at the. Yes I mean obviously the ravens were really close to being in the Super Bowl the year before I mean 2000 -- were terrible so I mean it's it's a little different like that but yet it's a big if you lined up the twelve teams before the post season started rank them one to twelve. Terms of who would win this double the read his private one. Ninth and immunity SI mean it's in the Ford as -- second or third Syria WBA. A real surprise big upset and now -- yet on the with the numbers in this ideally you spread is but I mean again without which you beast on the Baltimore went to scheme the more I wouldn't -- Now because I don't feel strongly enough but in Francisco now -- I think the better team I think they'll probably win but it's not like considered all Baltimore has no chance. In fact -- it almost feels inevitable the Baltimore when the guy who wrote to women and need to be Peyton Manning. To be Tom Brady and to beat the San Francisco the best defense in the lead to a Super Bowl will be. -- -- his good run as a team can have for season and for the people on the text machine were trying to point out to me that you know there was a a vast difference between the the transgressions of ray Lewis and Tiger Woods of course that it's nobody suggesting that. You know helping cover up murder and cheating on your wife on the same moral playing field or not I understand that that's not my point. My point is I shouldn't -- I should root for -- -- Yeah -- -- get into those with these athletes if you remain. Princeton record as a privately for Keegan Bradley you don't -- you don't who'd already you know. But it's you know I have no I just watched if it's unless you talk to Buddy Guy. You know who has had some real serious problems -- watch genetic part of -- helped tiger a lot. Was he went down he took his licks he took a beating for a couple years and I think people or what they forgive him or not watched him you know with his face in the mud. For awhile I think that humanize the but he did not seem like a human being before that. He seemed super human rights I think that's kind of helped him a weird way evil or the whole marriage bright I rooted -- for greatest set -- -- How often see somebody back and what they do in life. I want to further -- you probably have hit the nail on the head he was just so good he was sold all -- it's like it's like when you would watch Gretzky yes that's exactly or Jordan or if you watched -- player you'll watch Jordan playing it's not look at what these guys use. -- and I probably found myself rooting formed just out of admiration for the the greatness of the talent yeah I mean I'm. Usually you would root for the -- you root for the underdog yeah really did when I was watching and -- -- it's one of the few sports tree kind of root for the favorite Mickelson tiger's -- you don't have -- -- in the other guy. If you just sit there watching this -- Phil's going to have with some bill -- somebody you can her for fell. Other sports are different there was a decided underdog tomorrow Baltimore in the Super Bowl. They -- a big favored against the AFC team at some -- about this W bureau's Seattle or Seattle or arrogant team they were supposed to have been in the -- elected the probably will be. They're they're up by an armed I don't think they are less but unless something really turns -- rafter in the next thirty yeah hours a -- failure right I don't get the five that people are are. Really into the scheme ran the number will be great. But terminal as an investment here these last couple weeks and I don't -- Bob we have a lot of other things talked about throughout the course of the day today between down 4 o'clock. It just seems as though the planets are aligned against the Boston Celtics in the same -- which Rajon Rondo goes down with a season ending knee injury although. He's continuing to seek out doctor somewhere somehow -- tell enemies OK any comply yeah. Hasn't had the surgery yet will seek out at least a second opinion if not a third. I have a feeling they're both gonna find with the first doctor found him is that he's got a torn ACL needs surgery and can't play again this year the same week that happened. -- Salinger went from. I got back spasms he's questionable to know seven surgery easier result. There -- happen like it and I heard -- on John Major on Thursday. And asked about it and he gave assortment nonspecific cancer that's going to be a while a little while and if you heard that and I'll probably knew more day that he could share at the time I didn't really think about it that we -- came out about you know I'm sure -- -- more. This is you know. This white gets -- draft. Is why he was available this was the risk you -- it -- it was a medical risks to chant it's like the patriots with Aaron Hernandez -- -- -- -- You know there's some question marks that that cause them slide to a certain place and you take your chance hope it works out. It's like I mean in this this surgery may may help out here next couple years I have a feeling it's going to be kind of thing lingers with him it's just it's going to be tough to imagine. A kid this age with serious back problems -- suddenly get better as he gets older yeah but I would lists that are risk worth taking I mean at that point in the draft. The upside so -- soldier could be may be coming back and does it again but -- when you draft him in a position there's a reason a guy that could you see them play this year. That guy guy that good Beck had history colleges available on that spot the draft. Doesn't always happen to and I seen it happen in this town probably a dozen other occasions where. He had a great player who its heart. And the team goes out and finds a way to win a few and the the talk among sports talk show fans as well you know the team is better off without. Well I just cool beat -- when I first started listening station in my first thought was the first year. He won the -- -- -- got hurt. Play the playoffs and other better team though it about John Bagley Kevin gamble to better without Larry -- twenty years later you think even at Larry's Indians career. Doping that is her -- -- show. -- -- He's right I mean to protect the Celtics team is better without Rondo because they've won three game you know it's it's wishful thing that's where you're at your Celtics and you don't wanna say while seasons all right so you try to come up with some. Justification in your mind are right I remember -- years Bruins were playing and ray Bork -- And the team went out won few games and people actually call it's -- -- what you do when -- act which did put him right back in the lineup. Yeah you can't get him in the -- quick and I mean again you know was Rondo we use the best player in the post season last year and should should not play bad. Two years ago he's the best player in the post season I thought that your two. Game seven of the finals should be just not started game seven is a better without him I mean. And I hear people these guys are saying you know players are saying it's a lot more fun the office are moving the ball around where that got us. -- you know what proxies all screwed I hated the -- I wish Ron means but there's also this dale I think there is a of vocal minority. It is not like on they don't like Ron that's funny because of his as a great player I. I don't the -- -- especially pleasant person to be around right and ally I think he sorely in I think he's so. He's -- in and you know -- probably drives his coaches and his teammates to distraction at times. -- between the lines. I'll watch his right. The textile plastic -- into the -- mean listen only phone calls educate. But trading Brady because Roland I'll remember when eleven about what you need Brady to attract a -- just over 51 round picks it up yet that works every time or you know. Now what time before Wright was what's actually happened to work out. But this is a Celtics team that was really good last year -- it was in his prime. It was better than Rondo on this team at this point point guard in I don't know maybe they rip off six or seven -- Agassi -- get -- I think unfortunately you may be right and especially now that Salinger has also joined Rondo on the sidelines I just think this is going to be -- a very tough task look as I waited at one point dot I think -- a wizard I think he's as good of a coaches there is in the NBA. -- boy is this a test of his of his abilities to -- his team motivated to keep right engaged. This is going to be a tough thing to do. -- and the doctor that a lot of talent here he didn't know a lot in this town was good and -- younger plane while they want so I mean I think when it counts not so good as good as he is. It guilt I think listening to make the I think the Olympic classes beats the -- -- the teams behind him and a go to Miami they'll get a fight that's what they do. It's never laid out -- on the postseason that not with guys like pierce and Garnett on the T I don't laid out yet they're gonna go down fighting and then it will be interesting -- -- Amy does here. Eight the next couple of weeks just because he's saying he's not doing things as we know it doesn't mean he won't do anything right and every offseason as I'm yet to get the look at this team now they differ -- you did even two weeks ago.

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