WEEI>On Demand>>DJ Bean, WEEI.com, with Pete Sheppard and Larry Johnson Previewing B's/Toronto: "The biggest story of the year so far is Nathan Horton"

DJ Bean, WEEI.com, with Pete Sheppard and Larry Johnson Previewing B's/Toronto: "The biggest story of the year so far is Nathan Horton"

Feb 2, 2013|

DJ Bean calls the boys to preview tonight's game in Toronto and Dougie Hamilton's return home. He also gets into the brutal fight against Buffalo the other night, the Shawn Thornton role and how important he is, and why Horton is the biggest story of the season so far for the Bruins.

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Back here and he had WEEI sports that it Muster the Johnson without a Muster today. -- -- -- -- Our justice here it was 7779793. Several get right back to phones in the just a -- you guys all lined up a second LO DJ being from W yeah I'd -- I was covering the Bruins OT Jake. How much are you doing. Oh. Well this is quite the game tonight abroad to Toronto -- them with a weapon in the buffalo game the second but I think a lot of great stories here considering Doug Hamilton. Going to back to his hometown and also the twenty year old kid Jamie TARP making his NHL debut tonight the Bruins lead in the province -- with 21 goals. Something to watch that too pretty interesting stories. Right yeah and also target I think is a is the local and as well -- in Toronto yup he's the so he's got a lot of friends -- pretty excited about this on for so. I'll be good for him obviously is that more notable. -- coming -- I guess would be him would be handled. I mean he's been terrific far. I was. I was talking to somebody earlier about it it despite it going into the game built Apple's so I -- Google's horses -- to -- conceivably -- EMO. Could make those -- and feel even worse by scored for apple doesn't. I'm sure its stake in although he's been quite secure offensively. You just expect him to have his usual two goals and assists tonight against -- Maple Leafs so. It's should be able. DJ Larry Johnson. Have you been down there it to the club balls for the Bruins. -- the Thornton incidents. Yeah. What's the overall. Attitude. For the team right now. -- I mean I think they're bumped to a loss Orton but. I mean there hasn't been our coach are without the boat he ought to vote fighting got -- I don't think it would with all due respect to anyone that we take who made that argument Bruins have done something. I think that's absolutely absurd. It's -- job sent. Don Scott plays. Three minutes and very. You shouldn't spend it is you're an entire game and certainly shouldn't hurt that helped. Your gut player -- to sit down this guy who's really get in the grip in the thing. Look at Celek jumped out went out there and -- Orton in just -- it. Orton challenged in many excepted in Norton I thought what probably you'd expect to happen we haven't played -- -- that it's that much bigger. You've got to talk about a pregame to write a -- actually discussed it. Right yeah yeah I could see them talking about it on the ice which when you're looking at a -- like -- not actually got right back I beat the I mean I think -- -- give credit to Orton and you'd say it's too bad that was the joke about. What you get it figured spend the rest of the game trying to like plot to vote are you get a -- degree jumped up. Yeah I I agree you have -- epic just quickly they'll have their -- instances when a guy has a noted concussion and -- -- -- forces and you really got to. Have him go out and continue to play this way after he comes back. We all like it it was -- comes back he has a can ease out for ten days with a concussion right. Yeah I mean he'll come back and he'll do the same thing in the that's something that yeah that's incredible the risks you he takes certainly need these fighters though. The long term damage they're doing themselves but I mean that's how they have a job in the -- -- in the long conversation about. Whether or not. Fighting it should be outlawed for that reason but. I mean Shawn Thornton knows what he's signed up for you he -- his job and this is just something that. It's it's an unfortunate thing that can happen. Yeah what about wanna get into a little bit like I grew about the -- be retaliation and it was silly now maybe you could make a presented their case. Larry I talked about this earlier about. About the cheap shot maybe -- Doug Hamilton took a net write your that I mean that you can make -- may -- more vacation that I completely agree here it's just it's not the time with a place right now. Six games and to worry about you know what Scott did and I just and. And any carpet in the box enough this season tickets how to article these. They -- it had to kill 25 on threes. Without Chara would use the pretty daunting task considering I mean -- they have very good penalty killer using Kelly and and -- are certainly both. I mean chair of the guys that you want out there -- you don't need anymore time of those you know Charlie -- had. Yeah I got screwed up one it was a rendered it was a horrible call. That everywhere you might want to Wear Tommy -- and no it was about -- -- and agree with programs wonders about in the -- him three -- five but let's talk about to -- the -- That was uncharacteristic against small sampling to six games. But on characteristic of what we saw from the brewers in the third period last night when they jumped out that 31 lead up to being down one nothing DJ. It looked like they would just -- and I mean they were they were firing on all cylinders I mean every line it looked like they were just gonna. Explode and you know just when he -- You know the opposite happens that I was quite surprised that the defensive lapses and Portugal Rasmussen not their left up the draw I. I -- how much -- ones and three on ones and at that 121 on happened in that game. Right -- -- too many are bitter losses. Actually before that game I believe the Bruins hadn't allowed third period correct these. And char it was a disaster. Like you'd you nailed it when he said -- to corrupt. Someone one. It was a Twitter followers something. Said like how could you made no mention of how bad Rasputin. Like that's -- this all just. Yeah the guy who's totally a surprise that you feel form their. I mean by the same token. -- you can probably for instance apart right -- will only allow one goal thanks to. The defense defense -- -- problems so this so that kind of activity there but. Because that is the -- -- that normally you know chart will not be out that normally in a chart for that -- constantly -- Europe certainly. -- is picking a goaltending with who voting and token do you argue feels so far about the goaltending situation but I promise. I had been good I think that. Went to -- been tested he's been -- I wouldn't qualify the other night is being tested I would call -- it -- just. I think I should note -- whatsoever but. I look more specifically the second rated in the ordinary New York yeah out yard it would really get our excellent bat in the season. A body was gonna get the double to -- are quite a bit then. So. What everything they've -- two of us are suffering for child he's done. And out it played quite a bit -- that looked was fighting is started out so they really need for and so. I think that biggest question was called an anger and bettering the -- broad set to replace the results. Well Bergeron creature given quote unquote made -- station close yesterday -- -- both expected back in the lineup tonight. Yeah -- double B and Bergeron obviously -- that was kind of biggest scare archer the Bruins since the sudden crashing in the courtroom there period there it looked like. Some sort of right shoulder injury but. It's it's it's fine not great but obviously you'd expect her to have been given the day off yesterday cricket the only one that was kind of -- Unexpected I -- that -- -- not the case yesterday but. Julian can be really really careful with these guys in -- use anyway but that is the certainties in but they can be further. DJ do you see yeah are you optimistic at all about their power play. Getting better. It's it's not our public writer but the other night it's like I'd like. There. Are like the personnel. And I like the strategy. With using what prewar. Just that haven't clicked yet though it's -- I can't second guess too much stated what it. And that they should be gearing. Nation -- this guy here the only guess I'll -- is when the power play is stolen or 345 games girl. I don't think it hurts to put -- bronze. The net for just one of them you may -- to mix things up and create some Havoc in maybe get a glove that I know -- it and -- cup finals against. He they cannot drill bit and they pulled the plug on it but I think it's something that sort trying to decide things are quick. I know given a a couple of public role since we last spoke last week but it I mean still the penalty killing unit on this team is just -- phenomenal. And as we talked about last week DJ as well. You can make the case I think apparently killing unit and I mean a couple times -- the shorthanded by three on five have had more scoring opportunities than a power play it's unbelievable. -- -- between. Marchand shorthanded goal it actually would like the Bruins were on the part was that like -- like that up and so. Yeah the arguments it can be done that. Well certainly that the penalty kill or having a good penalty -- much more -- and have at our place I would not be that I think they need to be able to take advantage. -- -- another man advantage which they had the opportunity to -- the third period I think gain. The other night they were able to do it so. I mean eventually get a -- in the in your career and have a public schools the district. DJ is -- -- Hamilton the biggest story of the in the year so far for the Bruins and if so why. I would say -- Nathan Horton biggest. During the year probably -- a small margin because. I mean not only productive the cautions. He's also a guy who people forget he's gonna contract here we try to make money so the motivation there have been in -- that this is to say that. You would have cared if you're contract here but. I'm saying everything's lining up perfectly for the Bruins get great he's an -- report. And he's been he's been here so are you feel big you know what it's still -- -- but. There's a reason he was chosen third overall. It is -- The other tip is -- the campus have been -- overall pick in that and that dropped to be moved out. So and went to get Marc-Andre Fleury but that's a -- and yet there are important that they felt they were still kind of getting a number one overall guy. When they took him and I mean he's been there. He's been huge for the Bruins thus far but Hamilton thought to be the big story just let. I I always identity comparisons -- -- which is unfair because they're different positions different agency in -- eighteen when he came in but. The NHL readiness of that Campbell this is just. Miles and miles ahead of where say it was two years ago so it's really impressive -- it's such a factor. Milligram of scenes again it's I think it's been that offer tremendous start. It just -- that that second line of Beverly and out there were heavily in the marsh on it -- great she is just. -- -- I'm trying to think of -- and use them I'd like to see you on a power play more consistent beyond we talk about his last week about you know Bob -- a -- -- he was a healthy scratch. But I'd like to see you know I I'd love to see terribly -- you -- and out there for a full power play that really what. Gotta be the better the interstate. You but you never know Julian strike -- things used used Campbell. Well the public will be years ago and it wasn't working on that that you get results even Marshall and you are -- When Marshall or -- back in the day -- Yeah I think for now the having taken out there with. With cricket which you can shorten it. Probably is the biggest dividend of that first configuration at least with Chara the points. That's what they do with that the cycle and you -- they've still been tinkering. You know -- -- it's a bit whether Seidenberg Garnet -- there's more out there a couple of times right yeah Bork mean. The support thing I kind of feel forum he's. I think it's scoring one goal really just do a lot of eager to get fit so often -- but look. This is the guy who is dominated the NHL level much to the contrary it very little via regional level and yet to produce offensively so. Thinks that he's got a deal for him that eased out of the only new guy a question mark. And that it's gone bad poorly but. They -- what time it clicks than they do with our -- -- that that's the position they look to upgrade very deadline because. Kelly entirely on their -- always question. It's probably just plug in that third guy and make it work whether it was rider and obviously writers -- will -- -- -- decide their vote. Writer around the world than ever. Sport hasn't been in the pit stop -- they. Our TJ great -- as always we'll talk to go on road Thanksgiving Day. Thanks let DJ being from WEEI dot 6177797937. Texted 37937. Quick -- -- -- Larry jug with you until what that is don't Kirk right here Sports Radio WEEI.

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