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"Too Blessed to be Stressed", And We're Sick of this Mess! Pete and LJ Have Grown Tired of the Ray Lewis Act

Feb 2, 2013|

The guys are talking Super Bowl and get on the topic of who else..."Mr. Deer Antler" himself, Ray Lewis. Both Pete and Larry are tired of the Ray Lewis story and the camera in his face, but Pete goes as far to say that Ray Lewis is a fraud and a phony. LJ thinks he is a guy trying to turn his life around and blames the media. Either way, NO MORE RAY!

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-- -- over to the Muster the Johnson's show without mr. must tutors a way today -- job properly end LJ of course is here. Six what 777 died 7937 Texas 37937. We a couple of text real quick 413 says -- -- bravery and courage when he fought that eight bulls likely could not make it competitive partly actually in my question is this Providence. Have someone. But -- -- any big well is that you recall to keep the games. Or otherwise -- wasn't that responsibility McDermott. These -- -- and he got called up tonight is twenty years old. Easily you know he's leading property on global Wendy's lead I'd rather have a -- score easily -- -- 21 goals making its debut today and it's a wonderful story TJ -- by the way. W -- dot com join us at around eleventh or whatever loaded buyers is of and Linda McMahon. Can't onto that trap though like I can't detained Beecher -- either. Larry in treatment and Larry was. A -- how well I'll back on the stake in a vacuum that I am and Hamilton -- map that -- Hamilton. As an unfortunate. Fortunately it. Unfortunate scenario that he got involved on that particular moment -- -- I I think what it is did they were intimidated at buffalo. Pre meditated from blue jays hit last year Warren Miller so everybody knew that buffalo was coming and -- bad intentions Sullivan nickel or get a six point eight Cologne and put him out there. You knew what was inevitable says that the that was such I stand to what was meant nothing to do what the outcome of the game now -- not how they go -- that they were up one and neck in orbit scored three straight goals are playing really well. And they let the games away from the point 221 ones and three on ones and 21 months. In replaying last night at the if he did several water -- Project target tonight province leads the the Bruins with 21 goals. And he's making its -- -- tonight in his hometown too of course you rather have Jamie sat down would you rather have a go home I don't need to grow and I do I don't need to -- -- -- -- scores. I want goals that you. Are you from the days of Larry and to have -- -- they have got enough they never liked him mr. are now. Yeah I don't know oh in other words you're gonna drug won't fight and I how. -- -- -- that growls that Enron's other college it is congress that you are. I it's. Would buy it but that's the problem though an -- let them know. No no they've got plenty of guys on this team are the guys a Lucic is one. McDermott can be won but not guys that they need in sports or can get into when he architect wanted to look what. Adamant I contradicting. I don't want or check out exchanging. I said if they need to monitor you can do it. If they need to. I don't agree I don't want these guys don't want guys that can be that are not pick a key players on the team. You know themselves a position to be rejected or get -- the penalty box. For five -- ten minutes I don't want that -- -- we said it would hurt the Celtics to have somebody who play but some bad intentions seriously every team has to have that. While so what's it like bronco the team you hate as that. The Reagan waited at the ravens should do don't I don't think the wind beaver game. The -- -- I don't like Ray Lewis at all I like a lot total total fraud look at what Isaac -- well we -- debate nugget if you look at -- Ray Lewis iPad I. I despise -- why he's a total fraud -- right. He's a flawed from. Hawaii because we've got a -- -- point one point one is. The way here at -- -- they would want to chip -- went to jail for a lot longer needed. -- -- -- -- You way out of that I. This -- the way to get himself would have corrected the rest up this way Larry that we're we're probably -- with the -- allegations of OK have you -- -- -- since then that the guy who made his accusations never even our music or did you yet but he -- interview where -- even -- -- out. Gallon now that stuff I had no affect on him what about the argument where we all agree Ray Lewis is always in the year. The linebacker he used to be but yet he's not at an advantage for coming back -- -- which way is it is the is the -- out in force her out there. RC no longer the player we want wise I think. I'm not talking about Ray Lewis NFL player I definitely going to be a hall of Famer. Up talking about the missed last week two weeks ago when the cameras on him during the National Anthem at the end of the game the this this this fraudulent. As a man of of but religion as you are. You are not disgusted by some of his antics like wet wet wet -- Oh but wait wait switches wait pretty okay I thought we are destined to win and the Watson outlet at all a factor for us. -- point he's wrong about that I don't think you -- -- it if -- how -- parents were -- you want to win is that thing that went gardening guards got to pick one team over the -- but he's wrong about that out if he's making a testimony about bush being born in the mean streets of Miami is my they have -- at fifteen. I RBIs and a lot illegitimate kids by the way I'm Marie knows that once I mean. If you want to get in a while of that I think that I think he's entertaining I think the -- delete needs. Personalities like that I certainly don't condone. What happened ten years ago that was a disgrace but then again I can come up with some politicians. Who had similar situations who never got -- we never had -- up. We agree but all of us I thought about this particular guy out let's talk and Larry. This guy always egos when the cameras not a trick to show a lot of it I and I think people most people turned off by politics you know I was just play our very little value of the things I've learned these past two week of this past week or so and watching -- of the stuff is. Pete is getting to a point with the media around there and -- the cyberspace embarrassing people out looking to buy anything they hate in I'm telling you it's to a point where. I watch sports because an escape from the real world and it's getting to a point where. Even -- Reno story I I read on DMZ is something that your house -- power it was reported -- and -- -- some -- the as CBS. Except -- you have to be so cruel and mean about -- accused -- -- -- guy whoever got a mistake and that it is just they didn't. Doubt it Larry though with that story I don't care. I know I I don't I don't I don't think Ray Lewis is -- as you go back. The problem is -- -- this also kinda ties in with Johnson's book about Francona yard Francona is meeting with the Red Sox what some of the female. Focus group people that they had are interested and most of it was about looking players that all the cats up we say all the type that's boring right. Or don't -- you. You know you start doing the flash over substance as owners of a of a Major League team or any professional team -- us moment then. But then people did you also have an element out there complaining because Bob our Brothers get along because they treat each other like Brothers and that's wrong that's. -- I can -- act wisely and item already used a practice facility. Is just hate hate I think without -- -- I don't value. If you don't I don't know right if you don't like a particular player -- -- seriously. I don't -- that doesn't want him -- are the few watches every few well. To ruin a sporting event and I'm gonna watch tomorrow night props odds on seen as Ray Lewis yup roast it. I mean just constant with him constant sustained he's -- and a celebration afterwards team that's okay. You know. I don't believe guys had. I -- he -- Picks up old women that are not -- we've got to -- kept my head not what I do believe that a guy like we did what did you give him true -- to say whatever you will lives. So albeit. Tuesday to teach at a person chains like around do you believe that. -- about it except that may be the guy eight. Is appreciative of what a contrast in -- madam not talk everybody's doing -- -- the player like every single. And that's why we aren't they don't put a microphone and while I agree with you that's why a lot of this on the I thank -- -- -- a lot of it is it's the question I mean when he gets -- -- Brady gets up but he -- -- -- doubt not the last game when Brady gets company gets the first down and he goes. Out. Everybody does that mean. Never earned. On suggested these risks. And blessed to be stressed too gifted to be saying he would compare. Re you know is not -- -- I mean this is saying you don't like Indians you know like all I like it it's. I've -- and you Dana's great cosmic Ray Lewis you know penny to the camera more than nationally aptly notes. I mean it's no which -- to have its original -- and went to Iraq or you wanna blitzing fraudulent enlistment and our ambulance not a -- what they agreed not to what's the type I'm just arguably doesn't come out at that off like it was turned over every stone. Every negative thing make it fine and they get to a point we end up he mean the event I -- Segovia which I enjoy the game. And that's all I'm an -- which is why -- don't you're looking for perfect people you're not gonna find him in politics you're not gonna find him and the mentally on the digital dog -- show as sure I'm not gonna find him in sports you're not gonna find him Larry. I agree with that's why don't want to love and -- network this week you know -- to ESPN this week because it's the same sickening crap over and over watch -- go pressed -- yesterday. A watch the hub autonomy what about Brady -- managing the clock out. And -- like if you that's part of the game it didn't have a didn't have a bad game yes he did what batch file back in fact cut that clip out -- optionally it was emotionalism -- and -- that I love your -- you only show I would want to I enjoyed I actually enjoy the Harbaugh pressed -- just -- it was a -- a lot of people don't particularly the they're angry because they -- treaty -- everything out as they were -- fraudulent contrarian who have nothing better to do they think as the Easter break stories or try to beat because. The sick ones at that the team was better off without -- but -- original -- -- -- very reported that -- Marino knocked up -- be so crass about it and Larry and he's paying his responsibilities. And -- made a mistake disdain while of social media and all my unit -- -- all our Dallas writes I mean it's just. I just expected as always there's always going to be that kind of tabloid journalism out there it's always going to be that way. My feeling is it's -- -- ignored names or I don't care I really don't. Dark haired actor that mark is what it immediately into giving him Heisman votes that part here about the respite care about I just don't care about about about stories like that to me at all -- -- -- What 777 nights indicted 37. Chipper Larry Johnson -- you -- to 3737. -- Muster is off today. I'm a force to cause a wrong and you're right c'mon. A much anybody's wrong governor -- your opinion I just completely disagree with I think. Say overall that you think this team is gonna be better off without was on -- I just think it's silly. Well and you can believe -- wanna believe. I'm -- be realistic about it again I think it's silly that what you want about -- auto -- tremendous tremendous Alomar also amazed that nobody is bringing -- a -- I'm telling you hate this kid. He's a great affordable sellinger -- and does that sound. He's a great -- coming off the bench -- a rebound Larry who is on over to my opinion becoming a star. I think they were and where you're ready to move in that direction did and become stars and I -- -- a big soldier guy on the bandwagon since the draft. And I thought you know it's sort some brilliant at times this year for young guy -- recordable willing to learn. He loves to play the game it's it's like the uses it and that's why -- you can't keep losing plays and they act -- that I got -- -- that's ridiculous what some college -- particulates in the -- for I mean god bless you hope to write it and I hope you're right if that's the case -- Jeff -- becomes an all star in over quickly here. Back to volunteer Larry and the W guy's sports Jeff and the capers and -- Jeff. Thanks for taking my call as -- to make three point should -- yeah -- your comments about the -- my first point is this the point which is that. You know he can't control injuries I I like what I see. Out of the rotation with doctrine this small ball. I think he's three away and -- -- you know. That the the last two wind -- sort of Chinese because they -- -- eighteen but I like what -- under the traditional Miami and I realized we get that Salinger. I think that. Looking forward to the future at that. Last year rapid. Turn out to be a pretty good traffic think you know he got a lot of value. My second wind in the Bruins take -- You know I understand that Orton is kind of you know our our our our -- got. But keep in mind. You know. To couldn't get well it wasn't a situation where I get cheap chatted it up Orton at oak. OKK. Characters the guys decided true. You know I read that right at the -- so -- you know I transport job he chose to do it. Took up a lot of credit they -- got killed and alleged incident at. I mean that if you read big day disgusted actually pregame hype they're gonna doer not a -- throughout those don't. And my third point and out taken up in areas. You know Larry I kind of disagree reviewing the old real great fluid situation. I agree -- You know what -- -- I think it is it under the gentle words that. Warner was brought up earlier and you and your program and how would the guy that didn't agree with it you know. You know everything with the lord in the -- eat you know and I don't particularly care that because somebody credit for their -- I think the fact of the matter is that duke did Coke can you not you re -- little -- I -- more there could get -- and don't do that at any image you like you know. X. -- -- -- about about what he'd done what it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're the go ahead. And illegitimate children. And Oprah not absolutely not what about Marino the other day. -- bringing it up -- If you're gonna bring up one guy you can't just focus on one person when he is done. Is terrible way he grew up was terrible his father with a heroin addict is -- adamant fifteen -- but that's not an excuse. But can somebody be -- deemed. In turn -- life for around absolutely. And I'm just saying that. Then hatred and venom out there for guy now if he doesn't live up to what he's saying years. Then shame on him. Heidi what is he going wrong now that bothers you. I believe. That the video that you wrote pretty knee deep in. You know. -- you know his -- and oh yeah and it. Have you seen heaviest thing in every scene and the guy said who he distributes its he's never seen them doing. -- -- -- -- I don't know but I don't you guys have an agenda that it doesn't matter I don't average because of fraud here I defined in the private is what is he doing it fraudulent just explained to hold up to five or six model at that dumped -- well the lord in your face all the time it's all buffalo portable power windows what allowed Tebow did it. One. Or how good of a guy who. Didn't expect quite frankly. You know the game into a role model to want to do it's a little bit. I don't know I don't know now -- now nobody is a far side. If they give they screwed up TO like something terrible. And Andy -- deemed themselves and they have become. Somebody now who was living -- go Larry I can talk about what I got a brother double hop flight programme I am. We all agree Pete that was bad but yet you don't want to bring up any political people or anybody else thought and -- it's not. Really does not just object is -- somebody. Made you read about that yelled at the other day was driving that be attracted to the stadium. And kill the woman and now there was a deal made so he's not to have any charges against him or anything. Listen if you we all know if you got the money that you can get out anything nobody's contended undone in that. It was Harbaugh what he was involved in. Regardless of his -- -- it but I'm in the redemptive business -- have somebody can turn their life around me -- Marlon Favorite is. Grabbed everybody hated that we did they have no weapon that's trained on the disk that's a problem. Web and men tick control what god has already that we'll blow up and that it meant. This is awesome man. Thought we were to run average I have been dropping a -- -- but that it's about it being there -- it's all new sanctions as it is right. How would then Larry and they shouldn't talk to Atlanta keep -- don't want to tell me about it I'm not match I regret I talked in the I talked -- nearly as much -- people are. They have not let everybody -- -- it's part but leave them alone and that dialogue saying Italian nerves -- a well thought that market has had no particular -- contrary to Donald -- -- now here's what figure all that talk about to odd to particular drama on the -- watching is sure where this guy is brutal back Johnson formerly Josh. Josh. Good. Morning and how high. I had the Celtics go ahead. All your personal. Flawed and last hurdle is sold on defendant now because Massey okay defying global a -- defines me you're an affront to still use the mute and -- we know that okay. Handling of the victim. OK has there ever been anybody else out there. It -- -- involvement it. Was not. I don't you guys get mad about that at -- you're picking out one person -- -- -- not dealing with anybody else Obama -- -- I'm okay you want me to name a politician you may name a politician who did that. Stop Hitler OK fine it rate at which the venom over him. -- -- about it. -- regulars you can listen nobody if you can open that -- Then you -- open to everybody has done that terrible Everett Scott I don't you know you just -- -- ball. Right now saying it. Get up and goes to work everyday yeah. Has reached in the quiet on everything but also more I thought you can light up a team player and stand in front of the cameras able to many operate -- -- WWU. Production again. OK well how does how does how does a team feel about it. I'm suggesting these risks. -- yeah I don't think it's. You know he's called the inspirational leader of the team by the -- and I mean that's who years that's what he does this article. I don't know you keep saying fraud I don't know how we pride -- -- All sort. Of what may be okay. Wait a minute wait a great way to -- at all wait a minute what Hewitt had a horrific experience in your life teen years ago I was a cancer survivor. So where do you think I'm not gonna sit here and thank god for saving me -- -- clearly. To what I'm saying because if somebody else I have some you know it's not if they -- -- that he gives somebody messed up in the life. Ten years ago. And then they turn their life around and they feel that got help -- -- -- -- right around what you're not supposed to acknowledge god for doing that Larry. I think -- I'm just and you. What I'm talking about it is and you're right most -- -- to blame -- the media's fault as it went absolutely -- -- -- in the -- the evidence the other 100 I don't in the far -- when a tree -- notes you know -- what you wanna play the patriots that nationally -- -- -- -- Henry Louis and that look on its base and like the audio and let us constantly. Second or do you blame for. Camera on sites that can practice yoga that's troubling is that you blame him I would like to thank you ugly but he knows the camera's going to be on him he knows it. He continues to project this image. Of what you gonna hit the one it's well -- kind of white light surrounding some kind of force that we don't know about it's ridiculous because it's it's it's sickening. It's it's. That was a membership value when Tebow get -- -- by the human Tivo does. -- -- -- to one of the Tebow in the end zone and preying on the time that a body and keep dropped -- never bothered me -- it's just what was thought you'd hate Ray Lewis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I got to your right to make -- that green I bet you're a captain that tomorrow night -- -- 625. I don't recap I know you -- -- extra money five the odd bit networks will be out there waiting for him come up the channel. Of course -- economic. It complain about it but yet they give the guy the exposure to -- complains about it because complain about it a lot perfectly but I think towards people -- -- -- -- -- Lewis. -- the average NFL -- off. I think this activists are you want a cookie count out kind of league now all that's that's the -- the other extreme that's not -- Opponents and at all I just -- away and -- how bodies of the little -- soldier much and on it was it was right where that right the problem real -- is dancing before that care about the anti Putin goes on all the time all the sports that part of your -- actually it bothers me that he talks about the lot as maybe he would say well maybe -- -- little -- bailed out why would you talk about -- -- up today. I don't know -- Democrats do not that's starting to get this guarantee that house that you wouldn't -- in the palace. -- like Kevin's sister in those students these films.

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