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Repeat After Pete - The Celtics ARE NOT better without Rondo

Feb 2, 2013|

Pete and LJ continue their Sports Saturday experience and continue talking about the green team in town and their potential this season. There have been a group of fans all week long that have been ranting about how much better the team is playing without Rondo, but Pete and LJ think that is garbage. Rondo is their only true PG, an All-Star and is the guy who runs their offense. How can this team last in the playoffs without their best player?

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You. It was all of that request that -- -- first we go to get stops. And then you know we are important. For -- for me who can you don't vote for scores -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming up the -- last night in really future. Had to play 23 minutes -- -- you know played. Not my favorite player on the team right now because of what the potential what could be its -- but it was talked about it's about the consistency with him it's early yet in three cats and dogs cry -- were. Not used to seeing a kind of -- -- me I don't know why not just market about four studies done that. He's done that several times this year and maybe -- minutes and points but we've seen. The athletic member -- that -- from -- be directed and depth and but that are. Out there was in -- just look. And though he. Of people each -- -- -- So which -- a lot of grip and tomorrow a lot of -- I fear. -- really fortunate you can game it. Does it. Have a great time I mean eight tournament please note that something going on every minute on the Jumbotron. -- -- -- It shouldn't be viewed in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that the art of vote Democrats. Ralph good morning guys how about doing a very good -- talks -- -- the one thing about this for things you know Larry. I think buffalo would have loved to seen our -- anybody -- corporate it's gotten snot knocked out of it too because. Reasonable talent and the chemicals you wanna like this guy -- get a legitimate no talent go to the question I -- an initial. After what you that you what's the point. Go do we aren't doing it may help it I've seen it by Ralph do -- -- everybody got yeah -- What do what they -- -- do me a favor though when you when you get off the without go to go to YouTube in lookup -- war. For our community we don't halted -- hit him with a body shot just dropped him. So -- Advocating -- -- (%expletive) about the fighting with them I'm really not as I wished shower were a little meaner as I physically he's just so intimidating but. Am not saying he should be out there fight -- you'll go there. Billable thirty gonna keep that in mind I don't want this guy fighting I want complain. He's our best defense but I want to just. I want it's about highlighted. About to take a month. We have this and I'll pick guys you know I I -- -- -- -- the sort of the better without rival because they're not that would -- -- -- value will be appointing. Sped up without what bill but that's by design when Danny Ainge built this. Seen this kind of guy he brought in and bring Geithner and it won't necessarily been -- well. Whipped our -- quick penetrating point -- he's guarding guys that need to touch the ball is these guys are doing it working in Iraq. This will not miss a couple won't make the play what could be a lot of things I don't think about sellinger but. I it will console step up now -- as we really like his game respect. There -- -- know that don't underestimate -- though he's won idol guys he's not a -- -- But he has the way you by Paul Silas type he has a way. And -- in the united call lasted about -- he has the part I'm not underestimating. -- -- logic of saying they don't really need Rondo that's like saying have a picture to better off without chronic now that's how they can spread the Colorado got its ridiculous. It's better lightly that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is this style of play yup they're playing right now doesn't need a penetrating point god is much. As it would if let's say you put run don't want a -- But you know -- thought I I agree as I respectfully disagree because -- do you see the team they play tomorrow pissed off clipper team common and and then you tell me if they don't think Rondo penetrating point guard would be necessary in that game -- -- -- -- it's like -- you know I think tomorrow -- gonna explain what -- I think -- going to be -- -- tomorrow I'll be -- but -- I don't Tikrit but that's the guy rod goes -- and Doug had some real good games ago I tell -- it's against and it's great that the beat Sacramento is great that they beat Orlando to -- -- crappy and a lousy -- -- -- -- but but the talk about the stock that you talk about I understand we are coming from but the style may work against Sacramento and and Orlando is not I'll have to work that well tomorrow I really don't. Say is that this guy who works better without they don't need a penetrating point -- To play this style while they're gonna play this style while it's just not going to be good enough to get deep in the playoffs. But I don't think all the pot blow it up because you got -- -- guy. In these guys are trying to multiyear contract is not like it and build these contracts -- -- Anybody Jeff Greene's contract bat speed does have a lot of it's like to three point -- that we signed the ball 44 Olympic one basket. So I didn't think we'll just stop and this is not. No he's not get rated that call Ralph but you can't you can't say blow off. Without if you're gonna say that if you are gonna say if you give me -- -- have to put Rajon Rondo in the equation otherwise it doesn't make any sense and Rondo is not going anywhere and I probably -- going anywhere either this whole notion. Blowing it up its ups actually certainly -- last year was well. And this year particularly its stock and happen it is what it is looking up the deal would. You know I think this dual hub around the 500 mark maybe a couple games better than that they're gonna get the playoffs to me is that it's somewhere between a 67 the -- -- We'll take it from there tomorrow's game will really give you I think -- -- -- get -- tomorrow I think -- every dollar fine a point god because Chris Paul's -- but they've got to -- Butler and -- in the rest -- I think tomorrow is going to be extremely. Difficult matchup. For the Celtics because the clippers played lousy last night they're gonna be upset. And I think you really gonna feel the losses of Salinger and met and and -- tomorrow forget it up and don't forget that Amaro and yeah. I think. But and just telling against teams like that you're gonna you gonna really and I disagree -- -- about. You don't need a penetrating point guard play the style I disagree like I said you get away with that style against certain teams. But they're going to be nights where you're playing this dial. Is more a credit to Doc Rivers is that you have to adjust. With what you have to work with it's it's it's not I'm sure US Doc Rivers wouldn't let -- Lapierre has an additional coach on the floor of course he would. So -- it -- when a player goes down. You have to make adjustments at that it's simple as that but don't tell me they're better off without an all stock our point guide. And if -- gonna tell me Jeff green is gonna debuted this kind of an effort for the next 36 games they have remained. Okay maybe the amid the column called earlier have a going to be a forsee -- maybe maybe that's possible but that -- wait and see what happens. And I'm not entirely commits an act as I've seen flashes from Jeff Green before and then all of a sudden you are you laid -- low -- -- you leave -- -- -- I'm gonna go after the arbitrage a blowout might not at all -- -- like it up next Erica all right Larry Johnson. Don't they had to one of those people even before Rondell went down I was really turning against -- and I was getting sick thing it. Dribbling up to the top of the -- expert. You know running down the -- and penetrating and about I I I think. My question -- -- -- -- look so great and it's a great difference in the meanwhile are there -- allow people for the good everybody outlook mr. Musharraf. We weren't -- records allows me this year 500 record is because they had nine new players on the team this year. Well but the ball but but nothing that's what it is it's not new players on this team it's a Pittsburgh to it was gonna take awhile from the get go and and at what they went to that winning streak -- won six of raw to Joseph I just can't like you really think this team is better off without Rondo. I wouldn't yeah I I'm not I'm accountable -- and yet I don't know what my position as I doubt whether they're much worse without under the I think it was gonna. Rhonda let's say to you know -- -- -- as -- could be growing entity to be deteriorating. I I think in the it's already too much in my apartment to see the other guys step up -- more touches get permanent and let's see what gonna -- Jolly -- Joseph here's the key that you -- missing now is where Doc Rivers said yesterday. He says other players are going to have to step up now -- shame on them that they didn't step up big when they had Rondo. Nobody yet I'm saying the style played a rather it was a lot harder for them to step up. Don't you think I mean. But well I think basketball is I think basketball is still a game out of motion. It yet for a point guide if you have people -- a -- point guard running the flaw in north cutting. If we just have people standing there it's very difficult to make passes but when you have people cutting. To the basket in that -- appoint guys at their best. But but psychologically -- -- it. When Rondo at the bonnet and much more Hugh Hewitt one of these guys have been dribbled the ball or Iraq. But I don't want to ask Joseph Joseph highly talented Joseph hi Joseph how -- chosen -- stop doing god this year. It is that bad. -- that -- -- any -- that and I think he's tremendous talent obvious and some template should have a tremendous talent out here at the back. That maybe the other guys on the team. Are playing as well because the ball goes through that other -- with the talent bright ball mark and I don't think I do not think that he. Quote made everybody on the team. Better -- did not give people clearly had a great thing going where Garnett. And then you know. -- Cuba I think the other guys I really need to play well you know green -- You know. Those guys I think -- spread their have a chance mr. Obama and -- going to be better. You know I'm telling you -- Rondo Rondo -- no Rondo is nothing to do with Jeff Green becoming more aggressive in cutting to the basket he is not like Jeff Green apples all the balls never be better off the -- -- floor to disseminate has got -- bit almost almost all those rebounds and assists -- -- -- -- Not -- -- -- triple doubles operated 61777. Nights that ignited threesome that's -- a -- that guy -- that this week to not that garbage. Well I think Dick you know it's not his fault but it every time we turnaround getting a scoring update on how close he has to a triple double like that is that these guys tonight what gasoline -- about everybody else was doing -- here butter budget about the wind did you win. You know. It's just a the two things that I totally disagree -- reverend -- bumper about the team doctor -- penetrating point guard deployed his style I think that's it will catch up with them. And I take a look at -- tomorrow particularly against that particular team. And the fact that. The caller just called up and just he admits Rondo is an extreme talent a great player. But yet. He cut cut basic kind of called selfish. I can be selfish and average triple doubles that he does. If that's selfish you know what drive by rivals -- a lot -- I've never seen a great player who's not so who exactly right our could be sound exactly right.

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