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It's Mustard and Johnson ... WITH PETE SHEPPARD -- Celtics Lose Sullinger, Bruins Lose Thornton

Feb 2, 2013|

Pete Sheppard is in for Craig Mustard today and he and Larry Johnson kick off Sports Saturday talking Bruins and their tough loss to Buffalo the other night after losing Shawn Thornton to a concussion. LJ thinks the B's should have retaliated, but Pete is content with the way the Bruins handled things. The guys then move on to the C's who lost another big player yesterday in Jared Sullinger who was shut down and will undergo back surgery. It's just getting worse for the C's, yet they continue to win ... for the moment.

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Well Barea got more or good morning everybody it's a -- for Greg mustered out along with Larry Johnson today on the most of Johnson's so -- pretty amazing to be in the with a legend this -- -- at least a tortured him telling him -- his form -- -- as alleged by the way. I'm going to be Jon Scott who do you wanna be. I'll be one -- put popularly known as CEO and -- and on up when you're paying a huge out of me at that meet -- war. Audio to go one goal goal I look at their Colton wore a and on score -- Boy he -- a body shot the other night and just dropped him but we face them about that particular when -- went talked a lot of great outside of -- try to copy game -- -- went and our viewers know what -- -- idolize him -- and it's again the stuff like to talk about the over reaction now have -- -- that one punched. So are several punches at the governor went out like at I like the fight to begin with. Only because Thornton had that leverage right off the bat I said this is not go well the way it started he just kind of against the board. And I -- I mean I got pretty going to be for the a lot of judges I -- -- -- ITC's pummeling pond but was just models. It is it's him but. The -- reaction like now -- -- to supposed to start this bench clearing brawl and they weren't that would toughen up advocate. Baloney they're beta two goal lead in that game they play rule out the -- they let port Tuukka Rask got there. -- -- up the dry regardless what college -- the -- on Wednesday. OK but to why it. Often question of the game though the question of people having is which you have retaliate now. Not at all -- not that you heard it to a -- applicant applicants to me as you want Zdeno Chara to probably -- basic game misconduct. Go after some of -- guy now cheap shot maybe -- to -- not what you want. It's not the right time what about a garment appropriate time and a place where I'm sure they wouldn't Wear a back Alley would be -- about god I'll tell us what kind of always on the right. They'll be at time played sport by I just I mean my god. Don't play a lost the flight you know what it's happened before. It'll happen again more than likely it's not something that we electricity is certainly not used to scenes or important whose wife but he got beat attacked that pretty -- -- replace atlas project ever attack -- it was a robbery. -- -- -- -- I couldn't believe some of the bands. Just I've heard. On all the shows all that why did they do post up until what I wanted to start a -- Clinton brawl. They don't because they lost that game that particular games were they that typical third period of what three or four. The other night three goals given night the first line from the the sabres was ridiculous. Austin and event where -- with just -- but it electrical restaurant they just had a bat -- -- -- you're -- half that's what happened. Well you can't that's the worst hockey they played all year and you know what I'll Michael overall I there's very -- capital and I'm impressed with they have accomplished -- -- -- He here's my question of the people that meant. -- important getting a concussion and he's out seven attendees by the way I am trying to get up off the ice was like Mike Tyson against Buster Douglas -- -- -- types of mr. on -- on his mind works and I loved -- we all do. Do you want this guy fighting again after having a concussion it's not a question of why he will. That job but odds -- that's what bothers me though but I'm more pressing his ethical already this season you know and that he's not by the way by definition he's not a -- -- not our goal won't. That's what makes -- -- support line and really since viscerally Claude Julian -- And evil habit before while not support before but the Bruins have had arguably the best third fourth lines in hockey they really do the you feel comfortable guys like Campbell important. And the -- the world out there and why is not good news now I do they get to have that they can't I have people taking rat like that -- cheap shot at Hamilton and the and the -- -- -- -- cheap shot at a retaliate at that absolutely I was more concerned about that -- -- I agree with your -- to fight the -- -- -- I greeted the Hamilton thing that again I think they'll be they'll be at a time and place for artists are you convinced that Tuukka. What you view I am I comparing him attempt Thomas in the playoffs because I I I can't remember guys standing on his head like bats and gripped Europe a few others but. I thought -- was outstanding overnight but I you comfortable with them enough yet I'm comfortable with him as long as the question with him is always -- can he stay healthy for the entire season now with a shortened season this year. I think it helps a lot advocate the short season really helps the Bruins I think it helps the league ma'am tell me. We're not out why game they played so father has been a bad -- to -- house that those two games against the Rangers are they is that playing Toronto tonight this is like the old hockey games I -- ago and only play backed up actively play each other. This has been vintage hockey I know they'll never cut back because they need the money but. This has been fabulous -- every game means something I know the national network via an original package was available on at least on Comcast it was for free. Up until last night I believer or for Edward Forrest. So I was I was watching on the West Coast games while -- nobody -- does this mean hockey and Jim was just it's just that it's justified -- -- American I would much rather watch a neutral hockey game. -- ought to want to Vancouver against Anaheim and -- can -- an NBA game adolescence you know let's have some of the top -- yeah I think the MBA has come a long way to go with the western division but the lakers with a clip as you know Oklahoma -- and Miami -- with the -- with New York I think -- -- Brooklyn but I -- out of the NBA even has elevated because they've spread the talent around. Well if they have but again I'll watch a neutral NBA game when it's -- when Miami gets in its audio or no when you watch him go to a baseball game. The audience. Depends on depends on of a -- watched to fourth place teams the way that's for damn sure they don't tell our signal and what to read sarge -- I watched I try to watch -- the American League's. If -- watching games I'd rather watch teams the right. Because altitude to talk about more often and I Victor to an interesting division. All right I don't wanna take your office setting a table because you're one of the best I've now been around is setting a table isn't dwelling unit or hours going out all other days the world -- I look for your did your did not like Cromwell it's -- Mexican the last time we actually besides working on victory given many times over the last fifty years but. An additional reports. Times that I ever occur at the host -- -- was like -- -- commitment 1999 or something I think you I think it was my career went down right out Lovato went up it was review. And we're fill in the mid Asia are attentive to whip and he built the -- and they were and I have been asked me. I sort of talking about the -- the Dodgers Expos game you said you stayed up to watch that game. I said guys visibly is a good game -- and at the time to compare the veteran I know there's -- run regular at first I am I you're. -- the Red Sox lost its equivalents are exposed and what were those a lot going on and they would undoubtedly gonna optional group we got to get into the Celtics and I really want to start with but you -- I want at a game last night. Went to him last I'm -- something. Jeff Green. Has the ability. To raise the meter you know that sound -- they have this guy looking -- seven and always rollover and already he capable. Of being a just extremely gift physically gifted. Player not only have seventy. Remarks to -- -- Three monster monster dogs last night. Thank you triggering lots of -- and arm and you have no -- -- how electric of people waiting for something. Not only that he had three blocks. Now I only tell -- something that game against Miami against James people never talked about a couple of Rondo injury is -- He played some serious defense against LeBron question absolutely idiotic idea big block at the end of that game as well. And then what's been frustrating about him and maybe. It may -- now because of the because of the injuries to Rondo was calendar. If you wanna talk about a blessing in disguise. You know maybe this guy in the rest of these players stock to -- October 2 bit and contribute more now -- -- public support is out there. If people. Still wanna say that this team is better off without Rondo. Guys are afraid that ridiculous absolutely out of your mind but I do that I don't August I don't understand that mentality at all and because you think. Yet to be Miami possibly the pathetic Sacramento team at that Orlando Orlando team and okay -- the clippers tomorrow -- at home of the lakers again at Toronto on Thursday they're rejuvenated now beginning today and yet when the lakers on Thursday and only distinct but you never know with Menard I think that's all I did not cowards and detect about trouble addition by subtraction. But here's the question. It might sound crazy but in my ask it anyway. Which is a bigger loss for the Rondo of sound all of Rondo with Otto well how are you won't they upper rebounding force while I am on record from the beginning to say that soldier was a -- I thought was going to be to steal the draft if he stays healthy. That's the reason why you felt the number one we know he's back he's up for the years back when he was its shape because it was just starting. To come into his own authority in the last month and a half I thought it was played some really good basketball. But you can't I mean obviously different type player Rondo is the is one of you here trying to get by peers at that point forward -- just telling you that you -- even last night they're playing Orlando. Heat they don't have anybody to rebound now I understand that it's it's going to be difficult not picked -- probably still producer on the 500 market and probably squeak into the playoffs is that currency that. What's so frustrating is. Is that if they have Rondo and hats on for months and obviously championship but there isn't anybody really in the east with the exception of maybe Miami a seven game series. That you -- There is one holes of the team to -- up on the playoffs but -- -- they were recently -- they were healthy. That -- say. You know that they would -- -- but now that it's it's totally different. Well -- Larry they have it's gonna catch up on this occasion to talk about soldier at some of everybody Rondo is one of the elite players in the league is that you OK it's like I forgot it's what -- garbage you can argue you can make the point arc and seven. Players in double figures last night. They've got to win again it's a terrific Kelly I don't know but they got distributing the ball better. But that's. Listen if that's the case -- that's on dark as far as getting run darted out to move the ball around better. But I think anybody is gonna sit here and argue the point that you have an all star god. Who is out for the season and that in your team's -- be bad afar I I don't understand that logic I don't -- -- I don't know -- -- of -- lobbyist. Again listen to some used to replace that ours -- but says that Jack while -- mr. Anybody who watches this game watches as team regular basis. And you can call Rondo would -- 11 call whatever all great players have. Arrogant tendencies that I've wanted to but verdict but and I know rod it was one of those guys that frustrates people at times and I understand it. You're frustrated some of the mental mistakes he makes I get it. But overall meant to over all mental mistakes -- or Paul Peters. RPR restaurants -- while we should be of baker I'm well and while this this year you can via the always and I thought the guy I'm just telling you -- makes a lot of turnover I'm not saying it doesn't beat itself this year particularly NC where. -- -- caught up however the last three games he's played really well at the end out here double double three times and built in fourth time since 2005 this and he's a warrior he's taking on the the responsibility of doing it I'm just saying it you know obviously -- -- -- Any play the play is what they think about it a you're kidding me why would you -- -- -- -- -- -- go along -- well. While I can tell he has got that was his best friend on the team but are you need to know look look it's it's just it's me it's just silly. People think that they are better off without Rajon Rondo it's just it's it's a -- And you can call and state your case respect Europeans about it but I know you're gonna get Selena can't say you're gonna I don't think that -- and -- -- well yeah a couple of tax. And a couple of weeks ago right yeah he'd blow the Celtics wanted to demonstrate -- odd trip is one. I mean it's true contract -- five guaranteed -- July. Triple what it doesn't make any sense that what you gonna get for Paul Pierce that's gonna help the team this year without Rondo and out sellinger. What does that prove nothing. Anywhere in my opinion. Not happen it doesn't make sense to trade him and sparks blowing up a lot of people what does that mean. -- blow up Jack owns a percent right blown up means you trade Roger on Rondo. That's -- you -- blot out the only -- -- real value and am not here is would be valuable to a contender. Obviously he's a great -- of -- and couldn't get to the basket we know that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the and at a Politburo 500 this week into the playoffs as a separate seat. And nobles who I like somebody said the other day how devastating devastating what's happened to them a little -- but -- but now they're playing with house money now there's no pressure on them no matter what they do if they lose out -- -- expect they lost the starting point guided Salinger. If they if they play who said they just go out there and and given everything they have. That it will be of -- positive. But it that I can assure you that was guiding point -- and say well it doesn't matter that I don't get a logic to that it's it's gonna happen hopefully in this league guys in the Barbosa as the -- the greens they're gonna have to step up and and it's allowed me a lot oppression obviously on on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now highlighted -- person he can just flat out. Why end it -- of the crowd just goes and not it's because we haven't at a player like that but analog diaries that have been about -- talent it's been a bunch. Hesitancy capsule and passion yeah so he's got to be he's got to play -- bad intentions. He really does here you're reminds me of all our. A little bit like Gerald Green same size cosigned Gerald Green could jump through the building yet but he would just stand there -- he wouldn't cut to the basket wouldn't. Do the things that you need to do cheap rebounds. He's he can be yeah I so I see what the NEC and him he's just got to keep building and have another -- another back to back game like he had last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- paragraph breaks are ready -- it was just a rant. After that as a complete rant icing on the about a -- Decliners in his absence ideology but yet they don't like the topic -- against -- and I. Ridiculous I think Brady is overrated one -- and are now that our policies and aren't that quick like second break it speech prepared -- today at a much Johnson shall elegy is. To my right across is right I -- that better because I watched TV -- for me like that I want to Matt yeah. It's -- giant -- are the best part was likened it to crossover cup which don't which in the year and I swear to god that lifetime network. What did admit that I'm not genetic and academia sport although it's like going like. Basketball cause. It's a lot radio Sports Radio WB yeah.

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