WEEI>On Demand>>Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We had no idea after the last game that Sullinger would need surgery

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We had no idea after the last game that Sullinger would need surgery

Feb 1, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We had no idea after the last game that Sullinger would need surgery

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So this present about Lexus continues from the garden it is the Celtics and the Orlando magic's opening up the month of February Europe to guard mere moments from now the first our conversation -- coach Doc Rivers brought to you. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim. -- like that and health care sponsor for a lot of years and way too often we've been in the conversation. But talking about health care -- -- -- sort of come to terms with it just in knocking people -- building it seemed like -- were taking its worst in the news. On Sunday you've talked recently -- after the game Wednesday yesterday. Taught you about your injuries being sorties -- day where you -- each year where you were surprised there -- mail that basically argues that with Nightline that's when its arms like well. -- yeah -- from time to time already positioned to someone. The slide massaged the -- the don't. Stated they know what time we actually did that -- be backed Nixon thought to be put them right. On them when he did. Further tomorrow is and other things based please show that he needed surgery right away at what point do you get in Monday's numbers and he like to keep interest up wait till you have to be involved -- -- called me and -- That gives -- -- this morning. -- -- -- -- It was early this morning that -- or do then. So at this but it looks like it needs one more X -- And at the same thing came back so. Do you replace what he has been giving -- the last fifteen or you don't -- just like you don't replace Rondo but if you win games. Try to figure out a way of winning day -- In over this one this hurts a lot in a lot of ways because we don't have a lot of B. -- oh the one that would run do we have a plethora of our hearts we don't have that would be that we don't ever rebounded like year so. We probably won't have to change the way we play again you know -- -- -- -- You know we we will definitely have to play more small ball I think that's a definite. And you know so that's -- we -- You always seem comfortable with -- off the bench and brand starting with that just the -- it with the -- was that the street the second unit companies -- twelve. It was to where you are always wanted to pass and -- going forward all time ago. And that way you -- would either have to manager on the floor. -- always had passed. By the start up -- he was sort of vocal for the first time talking about gaining more touches and getting more shot -- his discomfort with the year he has we talked about it struggled. But does it go beyond just this economic using shots he was last year where had his struggles come for The Beatles. You'll probably between years ago and obviously I don't read that stuff so. But an artist whatever players struggled since it didn't touches or minutes and ago that we are always look at as a coach you earn your minutes in your new characters and that you make shots and -- from Britain and I think it really they're just not making shots and I thought that affected how you played the entire day you know if you what did they can shots. It would put down another and then and that's who we we need to make shots. But it in the day we need him to be productive in the other benefits run in the boards ending. -- some rebounds that's -- -- It. The other guy was Jason Terry was a similar spot although obviously use it still playing as hard as he -- he -- that are player what. That we noted there was one of those key stats about not just usage rate but about the way it Jason Terry was getting his shots and has over the years in Dallas it was so what's more pick and roll. -- off screens and things like them soft for -- talked about it after the game Wednesday. Is this is not the -- could use a blessing in disguise nonsense with the injuries but. Could he get more of the shots he's comfortable. Yeah we we definitely have to go to problem we have what -- -- Q was that would rival on the floor he's involved more of that growth have been all. And especially when -- of -- the ball seventy cubic rose Rondo got with the guys it was -- Imagine -- -- Paul will be a lot of people -- together. Knows that -- -- -- smaller than -- but -- him. And as -- in Orlando lost eighteen point there really rough spot right now and injuries now the flow of the game. But when and now with the injuries you have does a guy like Jameer Nelson -- to come up much scarier or your argument or to reject ago. Both for Maher are great scores are playing really good basketball so those two guys are gonna go to. How many more before you have to start practicing it then you throw Armond and for the average or are by an actor Kevin -- in their first so it's a few more exactly there are Celtics have magic's next that was WEEI Celtics radio network.

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