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Friday, February 1st Whiner Line

Feb 1, 2013|

Where da party at? Buca de Ghetto!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. The minor -- stars like ETT. Proceed with caution. -- -- -- -- -- -- Only Morris and now goes -- Laura you're alive. And we are in a protracted labor struggles. What is your opinion so we grew we're removed. -- and now this this -- while one. There's there's no other -- issue as well. UE I want to underline that since a week from -- Itself and there are people who is really struggled. But it's real struggles to 6177793535. With it and right now. This house so. Some people this swine. Lines people who work in stadiums. Fans. Who -- -- it's now his recent. If we don't. Watch how much you which we call it crap but. So. If you take. WEE I what do you think that there's nothing else that -- -- want him to be happy industry's. -- move to succeed him. So you won't rehash it when it's over you'll be depressed when it's over and the. Susan will be over. What are you gonna go on. -- playoff game here's the one thing I know football. If I'm Vernon Davis as the wanting pissed -- that -- this week if they show Mike Singletary do in the embarrassing thing removes that and we should play it by himself. Embarrassed. Where is Ernie Davis we're going to be on Sunday. These innocent right where's Mike Singletary ambulance on a referral it's -- right -- Kandahar. I'm going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd rather get penalized and they were ten guys that you would think when you're penalized yoga. And out. -- They just call you mentally -- he played with its end. I expect you to decide the AT&T wanted to wake read a template of us to clients in the past week -- like -- call. Lewis -- the week letter by texting at about the 37. 937 we'll start with -- -- -- -- -- -- I've accomplished cause we're -- -- well how come in ago -- -- -- the Baltimore game. And then OK you know let me get a word in edgewise. Everybody's money. You have been here ever -- it. Thank you. Park to watch. And that hit us like in an automatic -- play -- over and over. I that was nominee a here is a nominee BE. -- Barney Frank and shot apparently. Tried to walk this -- itself I. That's. A -- that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up until the end of the city's one text your vote to 79370. Choose -- Brady calls him. Or BP that would be filling John -- street after. Her name. I don't know if it receives a lot of -- -- also eligible. The program writes that it it was one year of the AT&T service include one which is now part by AT&T forgy LT was it. Specter its three GAT and T rethink. Close -- where it. Had only been ten years as a I'm only -- -- -- -- now it's cold. And then it comes out of your eyes closed -- Well you know what daddy was here yesterday that that. -- it all together -- -- -- -- work. It's contagious now do you know I'm -- wanna you know entered into. I don't. So don't work. The danger with this. Guy says the source but you you -- to which you're in danger dog giving you -- because you know I'm going to get a Politico. It's. It's. It's actually. Had to actually could. Irish. A little bit more on -- you ready for the one on -- -- ago. What in the lineup I don't know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The different and the -- question. The difference. Other big hit but that -- had tried too hard I think about it tick bite Beijing got a bet with a week. Bet I don't know what you expect what I picked up we can't play. And that detail like he took the body a little bit in front of the net last night I don't candlelight he would just jump game in these people earn so little. They aren't born. -- they -- I don't agree that we don't Pol -- like Bob probably. Are at your aerial Larry that I'd I'd. Our -- you know it. But that -- And it's a surprise Roger from Revere did -- sale would think and Johnson got -- nobody can it is tests. -- it. I thought that would get you know involved without you know after. -- And -- not every player is and thoughtful and then. And customer. 78. I'm I think he would have been mad men. I have a clear -- Super -- and I hope Broadway November employment. Because that's their -- has mayday. Out that. Way. Yeah and I have patterns and that looks a little eyes that ended -- -- that one -- what do you say we want the 49ers. Not ravens -- detailed and and message. A slip of the time it's -- able to beat up. Succeed just haven't seen an agency that would be our Chicago armed and knocking off I am. Got it all overall it figured if you don't beat off this seven to -- it's. -- to obsolete. Able to beat up. Beat out. And there are that they go quiet you know a little bit. What can be put up little over a little oil snows regardless it was outlined app of the week and he was the hot dogs. Go ahead you can. What. Had no water -- I remember the bingo violent lap band and -- -- what the man. And now aren't they never saw me how many weeks -- there I was once summer I don't know yeah our whole summer -- Saturday night. Once a week or so ago. The line Eustace where I was more of a bouncers and none of them all that the lines stretched on the block around I'll fly. A little oil Saturday night -- -- Tuesday it was it was a Susan please what -- -- doodling which can't have today and he loves it. -- championship he's picked -- -- -- grants or watch -- jump into we're a little oil. Paid big opera and I -- that picture view agent Ali. Yeah -- -- -- you know about about when they took a trip they connect twelve basketball player. A couple of little credit. And message should Oregon go to guy 6165. I should bring that the public that Chris Collins. -- And I go out and fight the drug -- -- what Michael always advantage. You know. He could be could go -- -- Jeremy. -- pocket porn. And that's diligently Mikey I sent him and I heard snowstorm battered and I have no interest sobering in how he -- spend the next two weeks in Austin he's had he's done fine T indictment the refueling is here with Greece as we speak at. I have a button that. Don't get involved -- app itself. -- -- had to -- about trying to get up every. We had. Next time find out yeah actually have to -- we got the double and then. Yeah. The job board yeah I -- -- -- -- right or you're involved with had been available Rob Bowen. Goblins and they don't have the exact tale thing is that the only good spirit he. We'll find out he got hot yeah. We're probably on the first one like a couple people. Good maybe it brakes and air support okay fine but for the next few weeks. Everytime it's brought up interviews conversations web -- well and particularly broke out of port. Yet nobody ever thought about but. There were guys who aren't like we're we're out there and it will try to -- says actually a good program probably dead silent -- Protective -- -- in my probably -- -- will definitely keep asking that question so it's America and it classic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't want so quietly yesterday. -- get caught gonna show that the minute ago. -- All the troops come loop goes -- -- and broke out boy. And Crocker. Now the program. Hey don't put to. Tell us about that at the golf ball OK. You know -- And -- I salute got one more. -- big deal once saw how she got wrong. Thousands are now a lot of waiting for that payoff was a lot sure that's our awarding for an -- and -- Woodward's. Nike Adams in advance deep hole blues. -- -- -- Look at all -- it was OK okay. Reform -- is OK okay. It's from a -- Okay. If you live favor asked her lovely weather record humans backup singers are male or female -- -- I found -- -- audio. From the 2012. Green -- and radio I had good exit and newcomer like. Ballantine belly and -- and programs have been. Dwight -- and packet. -- That's the problem that the accident. You know it's it's a bit of a way of approaching it now but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would be debt that's what you do -- -- -- here but look we got more work he's got a lot of work a world leader and an NFL ticket yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so it's trying to you know sounds good to -- it sounds their little war. -- I've never thought they'd gotten a dead. Chris Carpenter. I thought we got another -- bit. But he -- opposite reveal what the public that Baghdad. Are even though they are. And message. Hard to strippers -- and review which is a cedar is really going whatever she says I need just needs to -- if -- really get a picture. Yeah I mean. RO I don't -- and I just now -- -- and see -- should prepare for natural -- and I think it's just a partial male female. There. Billy off anyway. Red Sox truck Twitter account. How much -- argue ball going to do. My. I haven't done -- That part about you know the without. Oh. And you know. There it is my friend very. But yeah yeah. Exactly. But that that would have been around the globe popped. Up my own book out that this could have done it -- -- And -- should stick your -- justice reference. He's probably at the super boring yeah I would believe he would be bottoming Dick justice -- to write about Ray Lewis right. Yes I mean after you read about Roger. It brought to justice announcement and -- complexity on the attend a midnight be here. Yeah minded his head out from Montego Bay going to be motivated dead -- picking -- then -- VW America. But in fact I get very angry when I hear people in -- watch and day. At a world bad guy and -- I don't view held -- another dramatic -- again. To -- it's -- that did you really say Washington State -- the world's. I don't know but I don't care. The big thing of the Jamaica earth needs cheap. Do you understand the controversy over the GW -- -- I argued that Mikey provident moment that you know you know you're you do. Of course that. Arctic Tuesday -- arms Jamaica Jamaica. -- I think it's a very -- not jamaicans like being you that's right so yeah. Jamaica after. That. You know why do. Cowboy about it and it. Hey you know what the view this is the cadet get help. And down and audit. Can't edit my. Look at our book that it gets my. An event that excitement and -- people a lot and they. It got below we caught note -- or how about north. But I -- I can follow it about the amount. I can edit it about the amount and all boy you better about it back -- OK it would. Angela and -- leader. And yeah. Hot right now -- App and why not how I. But it really is that I good and not Apollo I got paid to smoke can do belt out and an honor. Yeah. -- And that that source that was our Barbara ahead of the barges are we still the party had broken don't go out there. I -- points today. Tom Brady calling he 61% to 39 you go out American Express gift card from the other ones can win -- out actually how that eligible for the -- the year grant priced blamed price in the email once -- week at W dot com -- I brought you by AT&T -- LGE was subdued and -- festival three G. AT&T rethink possible.

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