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Celtics lose Sullinger, their best rebounder, for rest of the season

Feb 1, 2013|

We talk about the loss of Jared Sullinger and how the Celtics will fare on the boards without him.

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Chris or Chris Forsberg. ES PM Boston. As a couple of tweets here. I'll -- Any. I don't know at that time my opening where he basically tweets from the Celtics guard Jerryd sellinger underwent successful lumbered to surgery today. At New England Baptist. And Salinger is expected to be ready. For the start of the 2013 fourteen training can Celtics have now confirmed all of a press release out. The Celtics announced forward -- sellinger underwent successful Lombard surgery but England Baptist surgery performed by the medical staff. Under the direction of Celtics team physician -- -- and some dirt but to be ready in time for the 2013 fourteen CM. But -- a huge blow. For the Celtics here today in that the kid was really start to play so well and he was really start lowering. This NBA game you could see he was getting better every every week. And this is the one thing that people worried about was the reason the Celtics were able to draft a kid with this disability the style. As low as they were in the draft and it was because teams feared that he had a medical issue. -- his back and this is where the numbers are deceiving Salinger. This is for that the press release some hunter appeared in 45 games for the Celtics. Average six points and five point nine rebounds and sound too impressive a look at what you got more recently you've got to watch him got to watch him play. I've played about twenty minutes a game for the the Celtics. Press release goes on posted a season -- sixteen rebounds against Phoenix on January ninth. Recorded a season high sixteen points twice. On November 18 against Detroit in December 25 against Brooklyn there was a big win on Christmas Day. But it's just the way that the way that he plays the game he had just won the starting job -- the Celtics and put it that way but that's the reality. He was gonna get the start regardless whether Rondo played or not. Vs the heat he was gonna get that start. And against Miami. Heat taking over the position. And the governor. At the huge soft and with the loss of Rondo and I know we -- the last few days where people were arguing they'll be a better team without Rondo. Now you've got no Rondo you've got no soldier. That's the depth that you needed for rebound. That's the time you give KG. To rest on the bench so that you can bring him back well rested in the fourth quarter to help you make a nice round. -- tonight and I've got a raw and you're in a position. If you lose any of these other guys if you lose a KG or you lose a Paul Pierce even if you lose them from like a couple weeks. Through three weeks. Look at where you are the standings right now far behind you are to be able to get into a position to have. Home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs schedule like getting it beyond that. But you -- an outside chance you bright worked six games out five games out from getting to that point. It's gonna be difficult. Your -- really on shaky ground right now if you lose any of these other players to injury can't afford -- injury let's face it it's it's likely to happen. So this is this the tough. Who's the tougher coming right on the backside and Leo I let's get back to -- -- 617779793. Important those calls -- -- -- address this topped tweet and a tweet excuse me a text with the Celtics consider going after Greg Oden. The Celtics would love to have Greg Oden who's not available this year right. He's already said he's gonna come back and he's gonna come back next year the top two teams in contention for Greg Oden. Are the Miami Heat in the cavaliers. So. Yet Greg Oden would be would be a great fit in Boston. They -- fifteen minutes twenty minutes ride it to rebound but I don't think. It's an option for the Celtics. They got they got them again they got to figure out things. It may be better option from him because you don't have to rely on them they've they gonna rely on a -- more. That you don't have to rely on the guy as much. But still Greg Oden I know a lot of people throwing it out that there's a reason right now that Greg Oden shall we what 24 years of age is not out there on the basketball court as you can't -- Now keep some breaking down and there are bad when he breaks down he breaks down ever so he can't stay out there -- the body can't take it. I would feel optimistic based on what she was Greg Oden I still like today -- how monetary -- journalism -- well theory he came back. Because of his draft position. What he was ready to play Portland. Felt the pressure of you gotta put him out here it's just aren't noticed the number one overall pick in the draft. He's not going to be 8810. To fifteen minute a night guy. Well now that white of the videos you film pressure that it island -- -- -- video there's no pressure. You shouldn't have he shouldn't feel any pressure. Well Larry Bird saying. Player for second place -- act on the Greg Oden said the same thing. It is where the executive Stephen nationalize Steve. -- says the. You aren't a dark common of Columbia. Shawn Thornton fired last night there. The end. I don't think anyone to fight a guy. You know you're the -- -- the get a -- -- The state that we -- -- you know but not -- you have to fight on this document is knock on the door and be your game. And if you need a lift but I'm gonna go to get there there -- By somebody dictate to step -- let's you know if you don't part of me goes away your place screaming and they're always gonna plate you're moment the noted by -- But that's with the war there look at a message does that send if you don't fire him at all. The messages. You -- normal size human -- can't or somebody who serves. -- to get this is how -- of you are. It's happened before Thornton has done before. The -- stick around -- the pictures every book or. He's -- bigger guys out yeah. -- he's he's done that before yeah. Won't boot Brigham young men -- carpet. -- New York that you talked about the yeah I got a Bogart's. It was 6767. About 260. This. Although it would just let birdied. One yeah yeah yeah. But nobody nobody on the brought to match is gonna bite respect chair would get killed by a -- not a fighter and a. And I don't long Obama isn't much you I don't think so. And chart -- Friday doesn't fight has battle that's that is an already eaten anything already it's not that he doesn't fight because he can't fight. -- inability to fight that's about it. If you wanna put Andre the Giant out there on your -- but nobody got a -- in the course. 88 -- I don't go crazy about fights in hockey. And you know I'm I'm not is that passionate about it is other people put. Again -- don't be don't be wimpy about it either sailors just unfair you got a big guy and we got a little guy we just can't compete column only talk about Stan Jonathan earlier he used to take on guys that work. 6465. Anyway. -- like 59557. I know I did all the right but that might might -- this guy is gonna speech on -- -- about it and our allies. Or nine under I don't I don't know about that I'm not sure that's the because if the guys coming out did create a fight. You don't want him taking out one of your skilled players. Opted to Thornton is that -- skill but. That's his job his job is to go and -- that guy up and take him out. OK in the same respect that Scott's double last night was probably to protect. -- Hispanics that they Bruins could take out of the game last. That's when it comes down to here's our Donna McKay reported the -- second and he just got a tweet this re tweeted this from Leandro Barbosa about this for inspiration. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm sure my man Jared -- Have a successful. Recovery. -- I don't want that you -- anybody remember your argument should stand Jonathan it. Yeah eight. It it was huge -- we wanted to be let. Out a hockey. Or if you're -- I -- He reached between. Grabbed the guy put them over you can't stand on. It. -- I had to wait. For. And slammed -- down -- me and understanding probation. The difference you're -- still remember that so you can. If you know if you use body control certain way you can do some interesting things up is somebody else mentioned PJ stock that's another one now. Which it's different than -- ending up in in a boxing ring. Much different I six point 777 on 7937. Writer to bridge.

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