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Previewing Superbowl 47 with CSNNE's Tom E Curran

Feb 1, 2013|

We talk about the big game with the big guy Tom E Curran from CSNNE.com

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And everybody -- Included broken out -- to. Know that you've all the Texas and it was about fifteen other people names just to break. That's the recruits that. Are -- about low -- -- great detective that there are five people in Boston. Who know Curtis blow it. Got a good credit it's not you got to be very -- -- recent -- to watch 7779737. That's affordable get back to talking about. The Bruins last night and get back to a talking about the latest with -- soldier out for the season but let's check in. On the New Orleans the censor -- book coming up outside your -- you aren't. Is there live on what's happening on -- Current world ball yesterday. Wait rip current program after your basketball you can know right. They let me ask you the first -- -- the first question. Tell us something about the horrible broadened that -- we don't know -- good -- give us a little it's not that you've been there all week you've been researching you been doing. I've watched -- -- -- -- -- -- all over the place you that this story and that's -- this story. Gimme -- once story that I missed. The biggest side and babies in the NFL. The end jawed is worse than GM I have a long story about. The control called the horrible. Because this sort -- In my career win on apple linked. About how bad John Harbaugh in particular is in contrast. To his off field demeanor he said that career -- that was still a couple of 2009 it. John -- -- it also equally happy you know blood really appreciate the work is done. -- -- -- -- portable -- that he had found the nitty gritty. All the sudden John Harbaugh such let -- into the line and consulting me cake with my career walked over to any charge on trying to put it in. On the front of racial. Chunk of blood and oxygen into. Had the -- I'll tell you don't know me. -- So. What it. Let's. All -- -- -- -- -- Or I'll give I'll give it to you timing you gave us something else. On the Harbaugh is that I haven't heard. There -- so what is the junkets it was a little bit when Jim because he is a more innocent face you know. You see them all did you get you out of its jaw what is its -- the bone structure in the face. Jim -- looks like he wants to rip your guts out. They're just mark that on yeah things aren't going his way that he put on but it's funny because this is what we're fit specific UPS and any dot com greeted. But she -- that. -- -- -- quickly off the deep end which we saw community championship. He is -- constantly. The defense. So these are so these two deeper and coaches. Which one has the better team and -- his maybe two different answers which one has the better team and which team is gonna announce them. The better team I think it actually. I think people oriented are. The same side -- the the 49ers have a better and I think that went on Sunday if you look at the results by. Have already been smoked on this wants. By thinking the patriot based on the results -- Local playbook more engaged him. Does not indicative of them happened future success we -- -- let them stretch. Against Denver yeah that's me actually. Should have been done both want it to seven against the patriots but it took -- -- say it again. They're not that good baker -- -- the lucky. I don't buy this destiny stuff but you know what something's happened. To get through these games I Tommy you just can't be lucky. And and win these three games -- against two of the best quarterbacks in the league. And play him on the road and wind I just don't buy it I would what I had I would I would love to sit here and say that that's what it is but -- It doesn't wash. I -- -- -- between keys yesterday and -- patriots former defense coordinators vote ravens' defense coordinator. And I asked them because it's in New York keeping with the sort. Forget about the stuff they're actually a television. They're real competitor to get a kick me out a little while reverend to all the -- -- the comes -- -- would you help us Somalia for that yet you looked TV show up. But bicycle looked at you -- look I want -- Houston game I watched the other he's thinking about what it's a typical game day click and get lined up. He did I don't care what they wanted to do what we weren't gonna feel to be lined up and I think one other people in the patriots keyboardist. They couldn't get by. The ravens got lined up on that thirteen to. Well the patriots second drive the result of a few locals who -- trading in a round -- way is. Dean Pees its -- -- career effect by keeping things simple. And making sure that the little things recovered and not trying to sexing up too much. Well either Super Bowl now so I'm sure he's not bitter but do you get the sense or did you get the sense that he was a little. Taken aback -- by how things ended in New England. Not at all -- reported that the last week where production global network global black compute same time. And -- reiterated the notion Dean Pees groups that. That having been let go by the patriots. And -- it would -- -- report what was that India Turkey that thinking that later and should you know. You'll and I spoke for about half an hour in his office. And he should be completely stuck here. Pick and stuff and get out if I think. It was a mutual decision. Because by the time he got all he had messages on his -- answering machine. As well being fired so. It very much for the mutual decision. According to -- And we fought by the idea that he got -- -- Ever -- I understand that I remember what happened you talked to him. At that you won the first people to talk to when it happened initially. But. He's he said he's flummoxed by. World -- the defensive coordinator of the patriots. You make a mutual decision. Mutual decision to leave and then you -- linebackers coach in Baltimore and he just and that that's a coordinator this year. They -- most people don't leave a defensive coordinator job to be a position coach and they'll leave the paper it's this weird. Here's the deal within the course with the patriots style -- In other corrupt the year 2000 they're Brandon Meriweather -- frequently host Tom Cruise around. -- -- The young guys aren't getting any better this secondary coaches would do a terrific job. To a point where they had to institute. Split. Coach for the secondary safety and quarterback. So and no matter how will you do if -- Patriots defense coordinator the total Belichick's. He -- anyway. So you know I can see it from that side where a guy like I would -- a lot of built that here. Somebody like two with a computer to elsewhere but it wasn't -- at least according -- We've -- phone calls this week anti -- low especially after the whole year. Antlers spring stuffed him in Sports Illustrated in this market. Right now -- likes Ray Lewis because he was able to dance on their turf and move on to the Super Bowl. The feeling in in watching all of the coverage and reading all of you guys. To -- low that end of the Ray Lewis story is not that big -- deal -- missing something. Figured out bright and alert at what was it would be interesting -- that I was standing there. On Tuesday media today. And the first couple -- to -- local. -- this story appeared putt putt putt in the -- slot without fairly quickly. And umpire went my way up to explicitly that you used period desperate. And at the -- -- Michael so whose -- it would actually got. Some cancel their people out sometimes a problem. And I think you know an -- -- ray Lewis and -- -- -- -- -- that specifically looked at -- expert. There's not any idea what that's like that you get it yet specifically. Indicate how he -- that flexible that would control the narrative. Shall eventually ask the question and that is of this. About severe brain and we should not not not what that does help illustrate how you have. By -- of missions we in the media as to what will be isolated here. About how different is this from baseball if this were baseball player. The you know how the baseball media would would react to it and football seems to be so different now the commissioners today's talking about testing for HTH. Is that what it is likely to change other media views in football. Well I think that is the NFL and then they'll PA will really gung -- well getting. Any GH stent approved they would have done it by about being relocated before every other major sport. You know and other Adrian Peterson coming back in nine months. From a torn ACL -- Al. Wes Welker Tom Brady or whoever else. So in other words the media the media knows it -- and it just look at the other way until tomorrow let's move on -- I don't think. -- look at the other way I just don't think that it's it's feasible for us to you know get into these guys. Bedroom and laboratories and the other thing. Is -- -- much what -- world than it is in Major League Baseball but I think it would not do not go to say I want a medical miracle it is. Good we will keep that from the court process -- admittedly seeing that the -- that. Who else wants to -- that are ready -- It goes Logan Mankins. ACL surgery you know unfortunately all sorts -- -- besmirched. By what baseball players did and all the media. Has it incumbent upon it being cynical. Cuba and the performance enhancing. Drug denial political -- throughout sports over the years all that's that. People will give it much prep football because we want bigger stronger faster article. What and then that goes right into safety. And the commissioner had this press conference conference today we -- talking about this since he announced. The suspensions for the for the saints and specifically with Sean Payton out for the year. That all of inseparable -- can be so uncomfortable for the commissioner and it's going to be really awkward. Do you get the sense that. It's it was uncomfortable for the commissioner today or leading up to today and -- do you think that. Some of these different factions are kind of circling him a bit because Dee Smith came out and talked about the safety it certainly hasn't done a good job registered your sense of what the commissioner is going to -- I just thought. I -- this book that. What got lost and he reiterated this couple and address. With questions proposal on the gate -- -- that. Paul Tagliabue agreed with all the fine. That that was -- paid to injured system in place for three seasons. In New Orleans and worked covered up and Paul Tagliabue agreed with. Butler Paul Tagliabue -- those suspensions and basically say the players who pretty much just following orders handed out. You keep -- perception that both BP didn't happen and it has stopped that. Really that narrative that switched to. Good doldrums something up that -- contribute -- to but actually to Greece. The bill ball all that is to open the -- it's much indication. -- just an eagle stepped out with the severity of the suspension. Not indication you guys hate each other trying to pick people out you heard -- say you heard somebody else it would that money here. After the -- I can't remember it -- Farmer who or what Warner little. Like you know what. About that I think and you know I completely get up so go up due to look at more independent. -- -- -- Medical issues whether -- below this weather history. You know I know the medical care that the patriots receivers is excellent. But it's always scrutiny your doctors and -- -- with encouragement given. To. What are the seek second opinions and you know the NFL he would. The -- -- players who are. Dissatisfied. With their doctors. To me signals that -- you have an issue that needs to be addressed at all. -- before we let you go our -- does radio row and every other interview we can fine yesterday obviously he was pushing India a website product. Then last night he takes off and goes to. Bogeys over -- Baton Rouge Baton Rouge that my dad passed the Baton Rouge. Some little you know like college -- bar herself like that no shirt. As the cast on. It's a piece of work. It is. Now you. May want to tell the -- of the nature of the patriots get concerned about this at all. Short oval that there are going to work -- -- crew here so let's -- the spicy with the injury you know -- I don't think. It looks great with the injury. Well I mean you don't completely hit an investment indicated. First secure contract last year it's one thing when he's on his initial contract -- -- around on a broken ankle after sort of suitable. You know now he's supposed to be of a different level of maturity and I just in -- -- being dropped that also. I think. And I enjoy and I think he's afflicted but you know sometimes I wonder what political -- he's getting from. Would -- be extremely beautiful Drew Rosenhaus. Web pages continue to let the car -- be the cooperated. And I think people goodwill will run well. We quickly. Yeah you don't play well -- so popular target I agree if you don't play great and he's had some injury problems granted it's not necessarily his -- -- people are gonna look at this insane. Shouldn't be doing so they'll work. 01 other thing I spoke spoke to Robert Kraft today and -- -- interest -- -- -- -- right now local quote Tom Brady how long you'd be around it was interesting to threaten the -- and -- It on it he's productive. And when he's not get his ass out of that so far as long as I forgot about what you mean. You. Didn't sit well it's his choice but if you want to retire as a patriot do well at his choice. If it was. It was the here got -- to put it. Another hour or that he says jailers and he said I don't mean that it's you know what it can. Have a I just enjoy New Orleans delegates majority gamble level -- reasonably. Okay six yards army aren't on -- -- the -- -- well. --

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