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Bruins suffer first regulation loss of the season. Response and reaction

Feb 1, 2013|

We start the day off with hockey, and specifically some of the Bruins defensive lapses against the Sabres. Plus a debate about whether the B's were tough enough in the loss against the Sabres, and whether or not a message needed to be sent.

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I took if all goes we go he urged Georgia encampment George hey good morning. -- good afternoon -- afternoon but it. Guys down a couple of quick observations. On last night -- -- game I'm longtime -- camp. End. I'm embarrassed. How can I don't -- public here. I'll -- -- -- explanation I don't get what we're doing well remember. And is that. I mean everybody knows the buffalo abroad in this. Six foot eight inch 270 pound defensive end. Both Scott -- yet -- to get on these to depict we this guy combo. And he beats up on a six foot two inch 215 pound guy give him a concussion. A little hold on let's not talk about Sharon -- like some little time you don't know and and hope he's they're enforcing these parents -- are. They've got six inches taller and he's been counted -- for -- though it yep but Glenn -- -- did you see that it didn't even match up a lot worse now. It would be an even matchup I'm sitting here talking -- here if you're talking two hours before the game and you say. -- -- Shark Norton has to take on a guy who's six to eight you know on an even match what he's done that applies to a bigger guy he doesn't even even knowing that he -- take a loss how many. Guys in the league are bigger than that -- Don't tell me why you -- I'm I'm just trying to follow -- so my point where you know why are you embarrassed. I mean well number one that played terribly okay. So any night that they scored four goals they should win. Play terribly sensibly offensively than I mean they scored four goals that could affect team scores two -- I mean they went. So I mean I can take a loss but my question that the crux of my point is we wish -- What you want them to deal give an example -- -- -- -- hold on hold on public I -- just got its back in the game. After the penalty. Would you expect Charl or to go at Scott Scott average is point four minutes a night. Chart plays more minutes than any player on your team and without him. Your defense is in serious trouble so what's the what's on the great I don't agree gotten to know that yeah you'll like that trade. Off the -- well I standpoint but here's my point they have got other very good defenseman okay my point -- you're up 321. Okay he got a two goal cushion this guy gets assaulted one of your guys having -- -- fight it was an assault. In -- the same side this guy has stepped up. But he was hardly out there on the ice. I kept looking for you -- -- when he comes out he wasn't out there much. What I think he play for a half minutes last night I -- woman -- or any any any was there at the end are George what what are you get him in the last minute -- game yeah well well wait a minute. What do you what do you expect Zdeno Chara to do what what's his role for the team. And -- you can -- at least I can do exactly what you Hampton who came to. -- prefer that they think they win that -- like buffalo wins that matchup -- -- just managed in the knowledge ago aren't gonna buffalo wins that matchup if you've got if they've got their grown. Going to get your captain. That's exactly what they want he's scared just to fight. The day out Chara has much more to his game is more important to the team and has been out there to make Georgetown can't feel good because he's 69 the other guys fixate and that's a fairer fight. Doesn't make sense for the Bruin sports are to be mixing it up put him. -- -- Well -- categorically. Disagree. Okay here's a team that went out and got this guy because they got embarrassed by the Bruins a year ago when I would teach any typical right you know I mean come. And they and hold on and worse than that they didn't none of the other players reacted to it and they were ridiculed for not doing so it also don't you want to you want -- you went -- -- play the next game. Yeah. Are you ever heard any kind of got to play these guys who ordered George never heard of -- penalty yeah yeah how many -- -- when out of not just gloss that over. So if if chart Shara was this was not a fight between -- -- it's got. Michael. Michael how many times they gonna play these guys the rest of the season. That if you wanted to do something more about it to tell you George if you wanted to do something what you should have done. As you should have had somebody else go and take out -- Who teach many got called -- then he'd be culpable. I don't know what you want. What I'm -- I don't know what's really clear I think you know I think you know I should've stepped up in market. Slot and -- guys got remembered -- stalwart Sean or -- will not have no one -- can deal -- you know the thing I heard is that. It was the turning point in the game you could see the difference after the fight which was in the first. That they don't want to. The Bruins went and took a two goal lead in this game. The Bruins were playing well after that. It was that that that period where we're buffalo came back and tied it up and the reason that they came back and tied it up is because the defense got really sluggish to get to 11 rushes they got to want nothing rush in which they didn't even score. And then later in the game of the third period I thought the offense was all over Miller put -- -- -- He stopped everything in sight but the defense was that would gave up their game last night they just. You know what man rushes just don't. I -- yes OK and I had to adjust to still thinking about George. In his call what even in the last minute Michael let's say the last minute in and it was interesting. Because after Lindy Ruff called -- the timeline and that was one of those few time. Okay and he claims that he wanted to get Scott back out tyranny as does he was afraid it would require one of the skill players -- that that makes little but it's anyway. But even that last -- What would you really -- you already lost one of your players now to a concussion. So do you wanna go out there and risk having -- get her in a in this in his game and it looked early -- this game like Bergeron got -- And it turned out to be okay do you want to lose chart in the last minute of this hockey game when you know you're down by three goals a game is gone. You already lost it there and there are other games that you will play buffalo. We're trust me you can you give you completely little payback. I don't know what you game. Other than you can you don't pound your chest the next day and say get out we got them back I feel much better now because we we got the bully back. Yeah race. It is and you know about the best way to do. It disrespectful so. It was. Marcia talking about the media time out that in the rough what's the video. Game and they played well. That the first goal. Instruments. Used the back and that was tremendous things -- great but. Well I mean took it took it to the right way. I don't know if he wants to do that that's right as the right -- don't you know whatever whatever and you know. Quote knows it was a nephew and treated that way the next time he deals with -- or something like that pops up and you'll stick it to win the rough but. That would gain like him now at at the point at the end of the game got you. NA IQ you went eight. They didn't in order and part of it is I don't think anybody really thought coming -- look at buffalo coming into this game as a wardrobe yet they're struggling. In your face and you felt like all right we've got this but how well we've been playing still haven't lost the game and in regulation. And buffalo this is rubio slap them around a little bit entertaining game we -- go home happy instead it was a game that. If a patient one and Shawn Thornton. Gas lost a fight. Don't happen often no it doesn't put against letting me get this guy get a look at that -- look at the -- of the taste just like cult you're probably predicted. This -- not human. What do fees and dear to bring something that -- not not human. But I heard they'll be talking about it earlier and he said you know he -- coaches tell him before screw the two points tonight which is to -- beat the bleep on the on the other team. We you rushed to a terrific start you're gonna have to do that in this case right everything is going grateful. Even after the fight understand what a -- sit there going OKMR Scott -- out there to fight right off the now so did the Smart thing was up there and ship or did the Smart thing that is let them go at somebody else so he wants to start a fight on the let's go you and I. So it was a Smart move by storm but what do you do after that. He beat the crap out of sort. I mean it was not even it was a -- fight correct. So what do you do at that point they did what they do best bet is they went out played well got a two goal lead and they very rarely give up a two goal lead we know. Defensively this team is really sound. And in this case they -- I think it has anything to do the fighting and if you've started fighting at that point. I think you play right into buffalo generically. Exactly and you look at -- frantic last -- as a great player he's a great the last -- it's damaged the last one is. That's. It it seems impossible. To be able to do what he did that last couple. Just like -- moves in one. So -- heat it took about what it's. It took the Bruins blowing a two goal lead which they -- which they rarely do. It takes on -- losing a fight but if you look at circumstances. And understand. Why don't you are lost by favor him in that fight and then it took a hat trick from manic. When the game I don't enjoy what is Eleanor and one of the guy forget Ryan knows tremendous enough third period abroad put. Really had -- Russia and put a lot of pressure he was tremendous at that point and those two guys that have been great against amber yeah have been tremendous. -- -- Hey good afternoon -- Cited one that got Brad marsh on in -- post game comment he's a terrific hockey player in -- killed but you know at. And the couple and the Bruins. Built a lot of back and and you didn't. In other people are and we didn't look at them and I should look and and I got Brad Marchand who made the little foot comment after the game the other day. You get a comment after this game and I would prefer -- campus not shut and play hockey because you know it's just people are raining down upon this kid that it didn't. And that the other. What -- keep you know we're getting a lot of flack because there and keep saying when people say you know the article in the kettle black. It's part of his game and Gephardt just gonna say are you are you -- -- -- because they lost ammonium. Brad -- hasn't changed a bit. Aren't our guys and totally OK with the way it played no he does everything -- should you know. The comment on it you're gonna go out and -- You could sit there and say what he did to one of the incident between your twins here was was stupid and yet you you don't want it it changed the face of that game. I think he's just a pain in the ass and he drives the other team crazy. He's like that little kid that just didn't judge did does something you know mischievous and and you have no response to. Then add in the act and I'm I'm I'm fully agree with pat I -- -- big Sean Avery and back in the day I just. I would just prefer that she didn't call other people especially for things that I just I don't like -- our players -- Bring back I don't like it more I'd rather bring the like Iraq. It's it's it's a legitimate because you'd you know when you. When you talk about people that if you can't packet and -- even though he had two goals he was unable to back it up last night with a with a win and people can get past. So maybe it's a legitimate correct him. -- well why people like Brad marsh on the first place. Because he says that whole thing ASCII character. You -- attitude everything. And so they loses game it's now march march on Ike Davis he's he said marsh on needs to shut up you know put that on -- is that what a year. The sports wish list on your wish -- will never happen. It will never happen that's not always guys do you think to try to get his attention by talking about his nose. After and -- that he had heard that before that's what I mean I think I'll bet you he hears it all the time -- Clarkson thrown out. Do you think that like Colin cabinet did you think that like the Baltimore Ravens are going to be mic in front of notes. On Sunday gives you got it right they don't make fun it is. You don't -- -- another probably two probably I think guys like that if you have a certain characteristic. Physical -- characteristic. People gonna try to use Steve -- get somebody what's Khalifa. I'm never however no I've never in an election disturb me for like three minutes. That's that gore about. That. Why I was the guy right there. His car lost the car and I'm gonna go a little undone by a question. Put two and about the -- get Allen Iverson but it may be man of the year. Opera house I don't like -- the car. I think he I think he was even before he he took his absence is official absence from the league. He he really really fell off -- at the same player. -- you're talking about a guy who as been out of that out of basketball for a couple of years. And he does have issues. On top of his declining skills is just I would rather. I would rather go with the guys were here right now he can't bring him Iverson in -- Courtney Lee hey have a seat or you can't bring in. Iverson Intel -- Barbosa to have a seat. And on top of that. The for the Rondo haters out there. You can't say Rondo plays no defense and everything and Allen Iverson. As a bad combination of the deteriorating. Skills were car and he's got baggage bad combination out. You took notice see you noticed he had an opportunity to play in the in the Andy Andy declined it. Yeah -- -- practice he declined. They let them -- quick. You know in the past people -- come -- -- -- Wes walker because he dropped the football and they lost the Super Bowl. Well I'd bet now is that they -- it meant what to call that -- look into the. -- -- -- He did he -- the -- out of output and at the launch time at least they can admit that. I Michigan didn't buy that here's Roger -- -- Roger. -- act or are you. Well that Jordan. Called apple it -- -- -- up to -- because. It has the ball should get -- by noon. The -- does anybody think for any. I think it through any hockey evolution. Polite whether Gary how -- -- -- opinion I don't mean they think I'm a little guy that workforce -- -- that they. I -- enjoyed taking a six foot Bob Barbara caught six foot four I'm David sharpening. The ball. And alternate shot on this important and what -- and they don't eat. But you know that ain't gonna fight that I. And that's all right so he -- -- -- each and get her passion that's what happened next on all my boot camp. But I'm and I'm not a moment again. Went -- -- was playing he thought I would popcorn and go. He -- twice a day. I don't -- -- -- you don't want to wipe them out of the Olympics I'm there yeah I know we haven't had the right. I would would be well I think really. When when we got a lot because he got the big animal and human shields. Yeah he's really understand our war. I think it's the government is no question about it and he's -- he's got a history there is a player as well as though that. RT of -- sort is probably looking at video right around figuring out how to get leverage does -- -- Because he had no chance right from the get go we just didn't. He couldn't find a way to. You know securing his body so we can even get approximately on the. You know it's -- out to think about this when one Roger brought up. You know going over the history of some people were were in the league to fight and how they had to take on people who had. You know four or five inches autumn. 7080 pounds on him and it reminded me of of Thornton when he was talking about the the late of their Bogart and said. -- -- I had to find them. He was tough. -- had a five I didn't look forward to it but it was something that needed to be done I'm talking about that after they had after they won the -- won the cup. You know look at -- in -- -- -- in may -- eleven McCoy and his death just like his is measured 67. 260. 67 to sixty. They look at Shawn Thornton seems Sean I'm not end. If you meet him impersonate not definite right you'd say he's not alright is this guy gives us a pretty good shape I can't believe he is. An enforcer -- another -- -- Boston -- -- that's that's why he's so good for them right is that he's willing to do this he's willing to take. The bullet right out of the gate in that game last night to make sure that lewd teacher one of the other guys is not taken off the guys that -- a valuable guy. Quick thought about taking on bigger guys stand Jonathan. Whether they ever take on a guy that was that was close to was also as always took a much bigger guys and it'll most of which was amazing. Back to default goes we go -- shot at a car -- shine. Let you know because -- caught up in complaining about are not beat the snot out of got at the end of the game or second. Realize that you can't start of -- in the last two minutes of the game under the news media make you automatically receive a suspension. Correctional it's the last five minute guys we brought them yeah correct last five minute. Other one that understood that because -- built -- but then you get twice what you want to buffalo because now. The people that chopper accident. Yeah I mean that that's what I was saying to our caller. And can I can't remember his first name George with -- can I said. Do you do you realize. And he won't be you'll be suspended and he won't be there and Ethan -- whatever. I don't I don't understand why people would be -- as we a couple of people around line in the apparently dropped off. Date they told our our -- they wanted to talk about treating children like -- gone there won't want to trade lawn. Full. Look at it. This team is built right now on defense I grit that they didn't play an awful lot to a good portion of last night's game and that's why they lost the game the digital. Lose to game because -- didn't go up there and tried to to make up for reform is loss in the fight with Jon Scott actually no sense at all. You don't want him doing things like that. You wanna standing up for himself up -- any -- -- don't want him to try to take somebody else a guy. -- just four minutes a night on the ice. And you want. Your that it did spends more time than anybody else it's averaging what 46 point elementary at all. More so what that again you know you think about Chara. Face it 11 of them best conditioned players in the league. If you needed him I think -- and go 32 minutes until -- got very little limited you don't Republican that they are averages that it. It makes zero sense I don't get here's Ritchie McKay project. Hey I don't know it's. -- -- -- talk about that fight yesterday. Well what happened once and I'm in a player like I think Troy Crowder and you know go back about properties. Well you know everybody's written there like Jack Edwards -- on the boom in this and that and -- you know if equator somebody else. You know -- the fight you know you get them all the credit but. What a fair fight yesterday and he didn't say anything about 8 o'clock and -- -- gate. You know he finally got up when he would get not there was really suffered and get -- -- you know like who he was hurt right away. Upon another that Gordon had a bad position on that fight he couldn't separated he could have separated. You would have had a shot he couldn't separate from Scott -- he just got a bad day that's a bad angle it doesn't seem to do that to somebody else. Yeah it was an upper cut and actually upper cut want that upper cut him -- my note was. In bad shape but it's like you know what they are obese so why -- -- now I'm in John Cooley. Jack Edwards yesterday you know inflate when a -- and -- -- and but when it. That's what started it but that's what's women he describe what's gonna blow a little -- forget about describing which got news. You're talking about the play by play guy. For the Bruins ocean Lehman's largest well he's the boroughs of course he's biased of course August. But you would think it was a fair fight you know it's like you're not like -- each article -- -- you know what they're on what you know chart on the invited him on that but are not that much. I'm a fighter like -- has black. Aren't so much courage did exactly what you wanted him to do because they're similar height okay and he went and had a concussion and you've got no. Zdeno -- for the next 23 weeks. I would you feel about that and a. -- Endlessly but it decade and I've -- it is it's a -- not forget about that it's a much of that. No they beat up our guys in you know one challenge admin would go beat -- that that's what it comes down to little retaliation right now. That's what you want is a Bruins. But in the long run I mean are you gonna be helped by the fact -- Okay chart you go to cures dot right now even though Scott placed three or four minutes a night you're putting out. One -- arguably your best player co -- and take him out and maybe get her. And by his comment about excuse me -- count about Jack. Come on we we know that Jack is rooting for the Bruins he's running for the Bruins to -- the game and most people watching the games they want him. -- to look at the game from that perspective. What the public that sent. Redick scored. His third last night just crazy right well Jack does go yeah Jennie so there don't why it was as everybody's watching it. Even if your Bruins fan if your reaction might be I can't act and believe this. But you still on you still appreciate the brilliant especially. Especially that third goal with a pretty is one unbelievable. So Jack. Even though you all know he wants the Bruins to win in certain fight he calls bruins' victory when they don't always win that's just the way it is. Even in those situations where it was something magical is happening happening on the -- most of given up for the help when it just about Ambien a total. All of that is not that's not accurate because he does get excited when the other team. And he shows it in his in his in his voice. The magnitude of the other goal you can tell. Our and there are most homers don't do that million -- agree go and go by age you don't. Raise your voice so if you're listening. And you're not you aren't seeing it right there -- all -- sort -- -- it looks totally different totally different. -- exhibited. With that with Johnny Johnny. And that it was playoff game which Jordan just took over the game. And Jordan ended up with 63 and lost the game itself excellent game but he at 63 points. And some of the greatest. The baskets of of ever -- -- it was a young real young and still a candidate mature Michael Jordan. And you would have thought that the Celtics were making the greatest shots in the world at the other end of the but that's what really that's Celtic fans wanted to -- they wanted to hear their team was doing great. And the other team -- the bad guys they -- dual port. I think that this is the Bruins fans off the Jack. Shows that much excitement when the other team -- but he's giving you in his voice the significance of what -- right. I think that's what he did last night. And does he -- about some of the fights and this journey of software capture. And I don't. I I appreciate having you on -- yeah just about as prudent I get this one of the book. In a similar mark my little piece here -- you know I appreciate everything they do and I know that but I think it was just more or less. Last start it was just. It was a mismatch of the two different teams you know buffalo just acquired these guys to come in and dominate the game physically and with time and you know which the Bruins are just have to -- redundant you know and you could feel the tension maybe it would just be put in -- he always growing up to be in a fan. We you can feel that tension the first 34 minutes before the flight where it would adult slow game where both teams were really -- to -- what are we gonna do and what that that -- comes and I think the -- Israel okay we're not -- who witnessed him physically so going to play it the other way. It's that it's like the other correlation of football it. If you can't run the volume growth solid hockey you can't beat them physically you Al Gore and the Bruins did get up through the one. But I think that physical play in the end with people getting hurt and just. You know the pace of the game ended up working against the -- you know you saw the score being what it was. The only the only thing I did you know I think it's it's the -- duped because you're right they would they went into the game. Buffalo knew what they were doing they were pissed off at the in the situation last year with the taking out that Ryan Miller of their goaltender. And we know that the Bruins were adding to it because they brought a plane McDermott. Yesterday saying good. The only thing you can possibly do is you can have -- McDermott get involved in an altercation during the course of the game maybe they should have maybe they should have done that. And didn't you know you could argue without -- proposed -- at at. The only point I -- seen that happening would potentially when they were upstream the water Buffalo's starting the compact but I still don't feel that. It would -- gotten -- much good if who would gonna fight and then let's say you lose -- or you know just -- an even battle it just. You work so we didn't that physical game and if they were awaiting you know through just scoring and playing you know conventional hockey then. You just got to stick with that hole in the end and you know it was a close until pretty late in the game to a point where it was you know one goal was gonna decide and and I just the I think they played -- the way the patient open you know -- a long while not a long season but it stalled -- you can go and you're a good spot with your record. Considering what awful record as they date they had the play desperate last night and you know buffalo or rob the broad -- a good -- there you know put up the good fight in telkom was just. You know not to -- -- -- reporter you know so special partners that appreciate to have them. My card German banks political that effect is. You're you're better than buffalo is there's no question about that but. In this season we keep talking about how is good for us that is 48 games since chemical fast. And as Jack pointed out the other day 2%. -- each game represents 2% of the schedule. But still three games in four -- Thank catch up with avocado with simple. Narrative they're the better team. Of slam again the probably dust. But it was just the timing of it. The buffalo having -- mean we got to win this and we have to win. And the Bruins at the point where that's an impressive games but they've all been packed and even in this scheduled impact and to a small space. It was inevitable. I talking about the Bruins last night more interestingly the a fight right at the gate with four and with Scott and we're talking obviously. We view about the show -- coming up. 51 hours 51 hours away from its possible.

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