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Steve Young and Jerry Rice with Mut and Merloni

Feb 1, 2013|

Hall of Famers Steve Young and Jerry Rice join Mut and Merloni to discuss who the best receiver of all time is, the legacy of Tom Brady, and deer antler spray.

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Back had a -- -- 93 point seven WEEI two of the best dressed hall of famers and all football because of the great folks at Van Heusen Jerry Rice and Ron Amadon who joined us. Throughout the football season join us live but in the world and guys -- real. We're doing fantastic with word together theater -- -- it's it's hard to stay objective and a week like this with 240 niner greats Eddie 49ers ravens who trouble. Not not this year I -- that team that's. This team is better than everybody coming off the books they got to prove it but it's not heart we ought to order homers -- -- how do you often actors strikes to try to make this team. Better they they've done themselves makes it makes it easy to talk of the foreigners Tuesday in vessel on line in the game the best linebacker in the game. Repeat that line enemies like they're setup that way so would all have to. Yet so much -- talked about or knows of any story lines to you know justice mail phones Smith and patches Willis all of those guys great defense great golf fans and -- Columbia -- -- for -- to go out and battle against the Baltimore Ravens. Dusty glass that we talk to you was the day after the niners Chicago Monday night game called -- nick went crazy. New -- Alex Smith the and he earned the right to keep that job and and I agree with you at the time but even. Look at this playoff from called cap predicted it's a much sure the where they are right now given the way he played last two games without him. Yeah I can use that for me. Mean there's you know the kind of good football gods have a rule that you know you can't lose your job much you can play your way out of it but that doesn't stop the fact that if you cannot play if you can't stay on the field and someone else's got that job and plays great in the call on. That we could have been a real problem if call would -- another game like -- against the rams and they lost a couple games but it was. When you're just start now undergone a body of work but if you play well and then you can take in the playoffs and dominate its its -- And besides can't cap it there's been a lot of great story like this week's diesel follow the view. Who's the best wide receiver in -- back. You know look and see I told Jerry Jerry don't make comments because -- Like leadership. You don't you don't declare yourself a leader that people -- you. You know declare yourself the greatest all time you have people well you know he does say if you need to say that that that's a brawl that Jerry don't even Tony respond -- And -- guys you know day. Mr. fortunate. -- would the best players to gain this -- audio work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't need to. Act. Like we just got done -- -- -- that I was not a real. -- I just I worked really hard -- I'd like Jerry you actually try to sell better on that. I was there are broke and you can pick your part not the most talented. Could you let a couple no no we talk about Randy Moss that -- war would read out by the leadership awards or canola oil we want you know claim to be six to. Yeah we just we just thought it was strange -- this we had a near knowing I've always of Randy Moss he talked about talent but yeah. You know finishing up your career in San Fran and things like that that fan base who actually saw -- retired military and NATO secretary how ready they can come down as the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Well or don't. -- let me -- you know the question because you you are involved -- all the things you when you kind of backing up Jim Brown's comments about bill Callahan and we're talking much of this -- -- passing offense and it's got a rare to hear him Browner some complaint wide receivers to place and really want to throw the ball it wasn't a work. No I think it was all about the game plan and you know I think it's sabotage might not be -- word but when you practice all week long and you wanna run the football you have original with 300 some yards and you get. Re running backs lack Tyrone Wheatley. Charlie garner that Crockett and the plan is to run the football did you change it on Friday. So. You know you can attach whatever name you want to it but I just felt like we we were at a disadvantage going in today game. Two days before Super Bowl. Couple well dressed hall of Famer Ron Amadon Jerry Rice joins us from the Super Bowl this is for both the view. Are you familiar where deer antlers and listening to travel bag this week. It is foolishness. But it is. Salad sounds as stupid and as I. Anyway that's gonna go out and and a pair I have some dinner and or Jews. Which you which you wouldn't -- they have it on the road that. Of this slick on I mean you've grown lecture eyeball. That's -- Bill Romanowski told me that you it. No he's got it with it and you have there are being -- there's some foolish people in the world that drive revenue rose to get the but you know like anything. Just played street -- art -- That next hours ago lives so these are. And Jerry don't Tug -- ray Lewis and and and the legacy and everything in Europe former baseball players listen that's sport has been didn't crush right right ladies and guys -- in the hall of fame money. Any of that stuff play out here with Ray Lewis guys retiring on Sunday but what's the lasting effect but you know he has then. Really fill any tests or anything like that but that guy seventeen years he's played his best football right now. The last three playoff games I think you have -- 44 tackles so he's -- it done on on defense but. The guys it would have to be in the top five. Because of players. You know typically -- You know I it's a big part of the sporting world now and I I just want people understand that football -- -- -- just my opinion. Football has done and for a long time -- a pretty good job I think that if you are doing something. -- poll find that out ideas that's been true really since nineteen. Ninety you know and -- and so if you if you really any good sale because it now that what's happened cycling. If you have failed to tell what that sound that yourself like -- people but in football I I think it's pretty meaningful this because it's been pretty strict for a long. They -- you played yeah well you know all along career and Wes Welker is going to be freed this year a couple of big drops now AFC championship game in the Super Bowl as you get. There is a receiver those drops and kind of looking over the shoulders that the first. Is that the first sign of age in a receiver. You know I think with -- is exceptional receiver -- I like is hard and had a chance to talk to him. When he came out to he has the hand and the guy. He's a hard worker he may. He makes plays and I think he really deserves. A big time contract I don't know why they don't wanna give them a big time contract let. He and I went out there you know sacrifice he's he's -- worked hard and he's doing everything for -- nature. Biggest problem was these aides it's is the unit number. And and you drop a ball and that's like Errol puts together -- he has dropped balls before we you know what until they want and I got into my thirties -- with the other than answers instantly at that age. Did you get to a number. That it happens. This -- Thomas young man's game. The young man's game as soon as you get 3033. There. You start at 3536. You know about it but what you can hardly play -- and -- are you doing this aren't you really -- it's like it's -- as -- -- due to retire due to get so sick of it. It's going to say that because number reasonable and these guys want receivables and all of a sudden losing an AFC championship and Super Bowl games back to back you of people out here actually saying that they can't win a Super Bowl with him Steve you know you'll ask -- yes. Your parents your last four years in the post season a couple times and once an NFC championship game loss at Lincoln and it's just kind of foolish isn't it. It is foolish because I heard that about -- checker run of the game or maybe Bill Belichick should leave the patriots. But this is the raiders but we we were part of the greatest run in football history before we understand what it Mexicans they hand. In the picture to the same thing and they might be in the middle of it foolish people. Literally -- I think it's because the fear of the and it's been such a one time in Boston. For a long time. And Tom Brady has dragged this team to places that would have never been. And he'll continue to until you know it is he's got years left -- -- -- much focus -- and hard -- he wants -- would have been knowing him he will. And Bill Belichick there. How could you not stand back and just let that run out now sooner or later it'll slowdown it is inevitable. It has some some on those those with Tom. Stop it but let's not get tested and -- like my mistakes -- -- need to stand back and look at that look at that look at the talent that the foreigners -- Koreans -- global. It's a much different talent than what the patriots brought to the table this year yet they made that championship game. -- the team that's been dragged by. Greatness but few people great people. And people need to stand back in in in office I'm in awe of what Tom Brady has done only -- -- let parties. And 36. States. But as -- at different time to in 197036. Year out. In 1985. You can close it 2000. You know you got time ago in now 2013 the way they keep their bodies up. Let's be honest it's not -- mean now forty that's that's the national line. Work well that's that's where are cynically trying to slight man with very well I played those 41 -- -- as slowly as we played his lungs here that's he says he wants the super bulldogs say. Gary went to the super -- broke out. It'll all you can play that's right the truth has gone to -- it was really that's like critical right now even now you got there and other. And yet church. An -- I don't know what they're just Konami wrote about it -- to -- them. You can't just part -- to game -- -- the ravens over the patriots to win you're correct about that depict the ravens again this week to -- note note the San Francisco -- win this one and -- going to be close football game went for seventy. Steve you even -- Well. I try to be pretty you know. -- objective about it I think. I truly believe the 49ers just. That they that the times that they fall this year it was that they really screwed it up. This the best team in the league coming out of the box when they get off the bus they should win if they don't screw it up they should win that's how talent is the best -- -- line. I've seen since the 2000 rams and then since then the 93. Cowboys and this is -- it's a group of guys that can dictate terms to wrestle the can turn back to Alex met their -- Africans in the relax it's going to be fun and we got to cover and that's there's no other team in the league that has that kind of line. -- the -- but they're receiving court I think Michael Crabtree knows that this game Vernon Davis all of those guys are getting it done. And and the best legacy and footballer and Maya it. I and all of that's gonna have a lot of 101 so you know -- should be a big factor in this game and at the bigger question is out of YouTube who is more well dressed at the super. Look -- Jerry Rice but when I joined the team nineties. But it was hot 1987. I mean -- expressed. Everything was perfect or the hair the clothes I I want a report -- -- my head. -- I still have my high school I want my high school it's what's. So I've -- I get that -- Luckily but you know I get the most improved -- by far Jerry's been visitors been good for long you know I think will be in Houston utility to keep looking is that the -- now look we've been we've been together this for years now menus and we've -- feel like. It's a part of our family so what we're doing now you see the Funny or Die videos are -- -- reverend Jerry Jerry in the shower that in the by -- is a lot of yeah you know means little in the way always canals so -- the truth is we've we've. You know we've had a bad news.com but the -- were made a lot of on their bit -- step. We don't know who our next to them. -- -- -- We're gonna turn we gave -- got a bright he's young guys PM at -- effort was for redress. It was this is I was we've taken that's generally quarterback's return as. Great news not put together like Aaron Rodgers and yeah -- already and it -- are that you know he might just on the extra. Who Aaron Rodgers in Belgrade now you're -- -- He's not that it's guys like meets radio -- their cleanup will dress like check out like a lot of people have the fair use and FaceBook page. I ought to check out that Funny or Die video and learn more about institute style might help them out these Stafford and we need help but Lou -- open listeners need help many of the Super Bowl weekend again. Houston they really need help what they're trying to get it already available. Guys thank you so much Ron Amadon -- couple well dressed hall of famers thanks for the folks being using guys thank you everything -- revenue agent Ron Amadon Jerry -- couple hall of -- joining us from the Super Bowl ninety seconds from now a Super Bowl prop that addition. Over under don't -- --

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