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Heath Evans, Former Pats FB, on using S.W.A.T.S products

Feb 1, 2013|

Heath Evans joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Mitch Ross, SWATS, and Ray Lewis story. He talks about which products he uses and how helpful velvet deer antler tablets really are.

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-- to -- -- and ID three point seven WEEI Super Bowl Friday just a couple of days away from niners and ravens. We'll talk to Peter King later on this hour 1 o'clock couple hall of Famer Steve young and Jerry Rice that that now all of us. Asked them about my -- scheme but some patriot questions as well. But joining us right now one of our favorites he's been all over the Super Bowl in the world once Heath Evans. Keith we should be there with you should be patriots are niners Heath -- taken a lot allude to a good spot for dinner on Thursday night. Well that's exactly what would have happened we did a great dinner and figure out what I teach. That -- -- -- -- rematch -- and so does to be holed -- sure. We get -- ravens it's -- get to the game I wanna start with your name appearing in SI story this week we spent a lot of time. She spent time yes there a -- frosty co owner of the -- company he has become. Big time linked to Ray Lewis in his recovery and there's a a paragraph in the SI story that quotes you. As someone who uses the swat products. It is that true and these products that that he do you believe in and what the folks it's watts put together. Well you say products and that's -- no I don't believe in all of I -- believe it -- My initially did use the so called great. During so. The -- -- things that you would notice that the track of him that I would honestly they're or. Really nothing. Were you know very well. Well what do you army air military here's all the appearance or. Air -- -- -- Like basically. You know what are -- outlook or less but it it. It's something that doesn't digest like the cut on the -- so cute cute. There's -- -- -- -- Australia and a few other products will. Get your own destiny and actually it -- I notice is. The simple to I don't have best in the world that -- eighty piece though or all but we probably. Only 20092. There. You've argued that I'm concerned about maybe shorten the cockroach -- just. You shouldn't forget simple stuff and you know we'll explore that they feel it is you know don't -- work out well actually arrest. I recall an area of network. While the trip downstairs at night -- we're not forgetting what should sit down. Those. But it's -- died some of the -- Those are on the ball. Right back personable that the chips that use the -- -- run faster -- more. And yeah I think there are a lot of -- -- back out. I would not let the ball while it let see here we're. It's something that I immunity GG outweighed by good print article cargo flights. Multi hundred billion dollar all of our parent company. And I also good the actual they try to come out of what. While -- slower rate. The tree -- work. Steroids and all that nonsense. That do not think I'd be nothing like this help it recover. It was not a ballistic and it probably get some -- But it was because rate for the rest of the -- and everything else for that -- -- -- do. He had surgery. We -- our bodies are well rupturing -- smoke and others other ball players to his body responded because our bodies are made and we trader. That would be the one question heat because of -- seen guys before. Do what he did and isn't an entire year and he was three months and I know it good living -- like you said the lord is amazing -- Three months -- be different became acting nine or ten after most guys you know free but three months makes it unbelievable weather was the stuff for something else. Well they're not that we injury did not -- an error page you could say. And eat a -- got -- -- to see -- -- -- huge yeah. And you know you do your except when you know -- around all 2000. That I come back you're out there. Injured or apple Apple's you know I think there should without -- yeah. If it wouldn't want. Out of the shadows are obviously there were pretty as. Well -- a flight just. For the one doubt on the ovals it's all one. And yet -- its circular error by and see all this -- errors -- for me ball ball. Well. There are areas that now. I think I'm curious. Is there are -- -- -- -- -- It is -- Are trying to -- -- produce what I've worked or let. It's so are you well where. All the -- all the data on everything else you know felt like Cho is here to weigh about as everyone -- actually you know. The kuril and so there are a lot of a lot of things that they shouldn't. Don't bear -- that around 18100 years it's been users through a lot of things. Over other alters. Well which will support others aren't you like it could only caught a little prayer. -- in the apple that your yeah -- miracle network or water or -- actually did say they were either. -- should -- on a certain amount of on. Because there's isn't enough. Result that is the only thing I change. -- and it's. You know that production -- for -- and -- the ball excellent. He let me ask you because a lot of guys -- athletes I believe you know they'll do whatever it takes right at this one -- it's legal or not -- it is just gonna make me feel better recover better. When you courteous you model citizen to a lot of stuff off the field the entire NFL career how much research did you do with the product before you put in your body. Or are there will be back -- you felt great. Jordan Rubin the older apartment life is literally several hundred million dollar all of it -- there in -- either whole foods that are. Any reputable. You know I didn't shock and other figure nutritional awfully. Of Georgia today and yes that you're going to be your eight year old -- you'll -- 44 page. What we're doing all my news. We're on my work out all the watchers Fincher forty or all of the ritual what that is what they -- What will liquidate all your formal felt that your. Will be shipped him off for you in in wall. You all of not a drinker but I imagine what are you take flag burning down your growth. Well the -- Billy goat and go through it all shots whether like that for. All but I don't know if that kind of stuff that you -- -- -- -- will be obsolete to our recovery and peace so -- possible. On what they work out she didn't work out. And and so what police say they were just -- also one. Also about Mitch. Yes but I got so I'll try because much importance are -- -- the worst of the world. Yeah -- right at the same facts that the role that would form there but these traps are having. A copy of the book that got me where I mean it's simple so I won't use votes on it hurt more acute that you want weakness along the subject last year. Oh almost abstract and I don't -- get. I'm a supporter but. Thirty -- The last thing I'll say about this were -- talk about the game -- is that part of the conversation has been about the IGF one. And how it's -- a human growth -- and -- the league right now the NFL. Has not test for the so if Ray Lewis took something in it was a banned substance they really could even test for this baseball as recently said. We're gonna start blood testing for growth hormone. Does football need to follow suit should they be blood testing for growth hormone as soon as possible. What sort of forget they do what I needed it where people regular publication I wish I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very clear. Yet the shield PH should look at it and well. What truly give him. -- -- broad range factor so well obviously Darren Sharper than at 34 year old Michael are on our double up on the wheel well. -- Injured or or -- top thirty or you that there are human growth levels. -- the ball well medals and page are. The margarine which would be consider helping or cross. To the extent I don't -- guys. My wife maybe go get checked out every year see these here error -- hole you'll. While a lot of work to make sure all the things we've been here about why we're an alternate. Well -- up quickly now at least every year. All but -- thought. Some doctors -- and interest that I. -- strong like -- all the little more people are -- low well my age which a lot of political players you know have that issue. Of -- tall order. But know what. My level 34 RB you know. I got in trouble drastically different that there will be that leader is doing I want -- it just means that there will. Others -- healthy. Market that you could be between and can't get it done in the right well all or I would say this is if regular. Seventeen years and say you're Watson I don't I I doubt you'd know where it went all right let's just say that -- -- solve. People form of picture -- synthetic form base near collapse. It was just say about the vacancy open. Our argument would be acute stresses that differentiate right now it would be good show well. Will be because -- levels problem would be -- normal 37 year old male and you wouldn't know. We got. The synthetic form of age -- age old body builders. All built their safety. And 1214 unit day where you know the people that take this health benefits. The better or others you know they say you know a YouTube that he -- that sucker written chickens -- There's nowhere near what he could show up let the public would be removed our. That it must turn its alt HH stop at just normal question -- did you implement HGH testing. What kind of effect will that have on the NFL and the game itself you think. Well -- where are so I don't people all what's the percentage or I don't know well. We heard about it only because the conversation that we were all out force what for. If you're seeing in the locker though you know your -- talk about doing -- you know I've heard rumors yeah. So I honestly I don't. It is. I don't know I think you would be amenable. Guys opt out some video -- it in. With. You know likely won't be unit you know optional like crazy but I don't I don't particularly upset recipe. It's even at its thing all week looking at this game give us the most interesting match up do you see between the niners and the ravens. Well. And others. Certainly what you want so you know. I -- the only way we. Old -- out on it and it -- -- -- Despite a lot of man defense across the board and saw it. Honestly what -- most -- student is beat the trees and you'll be reporter they're doing. Is now all or. What what gates fired the missile or they're all week that you know. It is right well as you you know it's just a portion of what we beat it says it's all about it -- We are well actually did well what you do all except you what so. But I don't buy so. It almost -- or is she the law which triples. Berkshire's you know what the news or because I think -- played that game I don't repeat it. Israel for the future operating you. -- -- -- -- -- You might -- I've ordered your unit to an acceptance. We're going to be there are concerns that -- -- are hard workers and at least one more -- -- fox. On the we're gonna crowd your effort where you've got until the management aspect of you doubtful or. Because we're out number you will rotate every single word you want to do. I would think -- -- be would make this pistol or more. Because. You have. Geometry is to be -- better because -- -- Ford is either yard -- used to you'll. And Rummy game which you are actually much more fit all four piece of and in the game because at that point these. Actions exit so what we'll try our personal that you don't know if Orton so while the others you've got to jail or he got a one man and we've -- a war that's not true hero. Outnumber them one currently -- the formation and say hey we hear it appears from the -- And if they do that -- Vernon Davis can have a monster day he could feel like on Sonny who would you pick for this one. You know I obviously he's. Quote I'm not -- -- by the book I appreciate your who'd beaten you optional pursue. What they're like you know. The best appointment or -- being put this all work that deal although you know. The better team on April Everest and what I'm about how do you go about it. It hurt business sectors reported march. And it would have been a part of football world they would one mr. But I do think that this is all achieved. Bold or that you can't quantify. Like the ravens in an upset -- great insight on on this Watson NH DH in the NFL and great take on the game -- for all your coverage. On the NFL network -- love -- you'll talk to you soon. I he's the best Heath Evans joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible. I'll -- to move around Peter King you'll join us at 1130 not at noon today in ninety seconds. Ed -- is yes. At the media in -- -- the --

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