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Peter King, SI, says Super Bowl is hard to predict

Feb 1, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss HGH testing in the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodwell, the 49ers offense and the Ravens defense.

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Butler not three point seven WEEI Super Bowl Friday will be some predictions. Awesome props. Proposition -- later on the show your phone calls throughout at 6177797937. And at 1 o'clock today. Conversation with Jerry Rice and Ron Amadon couple hall of famers live from new war loans. You feel public you normally do for Super Bowl Friday. Like this is your excited for this game that -- wait for kick off top I don't I'm excited for the game and it's not like I'm thinking about. In every two seconds the way what do patriots which for me. Well it's that different than anybody else a US AUS team -- effective incidently about a Super Bowl -- the patriots are involved and you could. I think people active pumped -- the I think it's it's impossible. Everything that you've got Flacco nobody I don't think there Harbaugh Brothers Ray Lewis a million story lines. Op Peter King has been over all these story lines this week for Sports Illustrated bull on Twitter and it SI dot com. On any -- -- an hour before the commissioner would -- the NFL Peter good morning. -- territory. Be a bit of front of this thing all week from here we've talked a lot about ray Lewis and this type two slots and I'm wondering do you think ray lewis' legacy is affected at all. Based in the story that came up this week in SI. Well at all I think it probably is I mean it's probably gonna cause a lot of people want their analog. Not making any accusations devastating effect here is not currently in the NFL -- PH. And so. If there's not a referee DH. We know that 800 players -- -- -- so I mean I don't. Not hurting anybody with anything but there's a lot of things right -- the cooking at four. And so they're people who were going to believe what they wanna believe and and you know that's it I think that. You know wanting to keep in mind that -- which have been thrown people whole week is that. Think David Epstein of Sports Illustrated and George -- in the investigator export recorder for Sports Illustrated here. Two of the most respected people and sports journalism today and I don't think. In any way that the stories fault so you -- per -- conclusions. Deuce you are you feel. Our old Roger Goodell has been addressed immediate 1230 in with MLB announcing they're going to be GH testing how much pressures now on the league both. You know Goodell and the players association. Well I mean the league. Has been cooperating with congress. Try to force the NFL PA. To adopt the testing procedure OP continues to say that they're holes and all these testing plan. And they'd basically say that. You know that the leader in the NFL it's we. Done everything that we could convince the players of the efficacy or the program that we would propose a lot is behind it. The US anti doping association. A -- of it and making -- the players to agree to it so at this point. I think it probably is as silly as this. And it's probably going to take either some bargaining chip go to the players' side or. For the players association to appear before congress to explain why they feel that he has so proposal was no good. When he does speak. I'm more curious than ever to hear his his conversation today when Roger Goodell talks because yet. The week of Super Bowl on bounty gate and New Orleans 61%. A 300 players come out USA today and say you know we don't like the job the commissioners doing there's another report as we don't trust our doctors. -- what do you think opponent -- there today Roger Goodell conversation with the media's going to be. I think he told -- gonna be you know I don't know I'm gonna be and ten minute mark in the Baltimore Ravens practice. While she speaks so I don't know what he's gonna say but I believe its own it looked -- straight conciliatory. -- -- own. Who could basically trying to. You know to try to put a lot of this stuff behind them. A lot of the New Orleans I don't think. I'm reminded that in 1963. When Alex terrorists. Had. Were suspended for a year you know after the gambling group amphibian found guilty of gambling. I'm reminded that. That that at that time. Hey you know he was always -- of his career and -- CP Brazil would be. You know very cold and angry and basically you know the -- UN approved Monday night -- also one of the police leak. And so really I think one of the things. That he's gonna try to do -- he's gonna -- expert -- leave her own but the fact it is going to be a lot of people who are never going to accept burger they'll. -- in the -- so what happened in oil. Domestic was separatist obviously a lot of talk local camp nick but. Jed York comes out sealed in niners and says no we can keep Alex Smith beacon of forty point five is that a bad thing have a backup quarterback. Is that just sort of talked do you think it was just sort of trying to up the ante for trade routes -- Well I think they can certainly afford to keep them that they wanted to put that strikes me as saying -- -- not to release Aleks Maric. And not only you re not going to release Alex -- but if you want him you're gonna have to pay pretty high priced at a and that's really what I think is is at play here I don't know that you know I read those. Think the repair them a little bit my own world down here was -- including covering or even every day but. I believe that that's exactly what you're trying to do their -- -- people -- releasing Alex Smith -- one you're gonna take. You've been on this ravens side of it as a pour pour all week and he can't talk specifically about what EC but had a feeling you get from month. Underdog in Vegas but emotionally people see them as that team with. Let's call magic Peter that the -- that run right now and they can't be stopped. Yeah I mean I really think that eight they enjoyed that role a lot innate feel light. They wish they could beat this troll every game as as you know what are leaking of that and you know you look and -- nobody believes. And at this point when I look at that team and watch them practice. I mean they are on his part answered her the field -- the other day. They didn't complain outwardly obviously -- -- didn't like it and so they have to move photographs of the saints practice facility. And it's you know they they don't. Go about the business publicly ripping. Things -- at least this is my impression of that. But they feel very strongly about something and go by trying to change him now. Just as far as its how they'll approach Sunday. I think they're going to be first of all. -- -- -- And end these guys you know they played so many big games so burger so playoff tested. I can't imagine them being affected nervous anything like that per game of this magnitude I mean you play two straight championship game in the England. And hold her own one year and beat him convincingly -- next year. Mean -- -- -- -- -- in the count brightest but then again eager Colin kept carrying the one takeaways from this week. It's -- -- thank you expertise he looks great he's taking that Colorado into play you know Fresno state. He just is he's totally unflappable. So much it's that he really has no idea. The beaten so the magnitude of the I think it's a good thing. -- allowed people just you know given this to the niners in saying that the better team they have more talent put. I think it's a different Baltimore team the offensive line is different the way they're attacking and Jim Caldwell is different they're running the ball more. Black though that throwing the ball more effectively deep or 50% completion on the deep ball. I think I like the ravens and this has not to do with the emotion but I just -- -- -- give enough credit for the football at their playing. These -- different emotions in my it's my opinion. I think the emotion this silly game. He got like football maybe the emotion helps -- -- minutes -- so I don't know but. It looked like football and I tell you what worries me. If -- -- it's inconsistent. Over the last five games 49ers record 29 points and 390 -- So you tell me I mean it'll play twenty quarters general. Of suspect defense. Everybody key column in the great secrets which. They have been a lot in the career in in name in recent years -- but I mean to -- robbery. In nineteen minutes. You know. The 319 yards and four drives pain and -- the patriots are great offense we don't know that all I'm saying is that. I think we get comfortable storyline. That you know great defense vs an old beat and that's that's the story line yet here I get straight. Are you watching games. Pain you know I I don't see what I watching Francisco. Appear it was defense I see defense that. Again each sex in the last five games that's a great pressure defense all the -- just it's no sex in the last five games. I mean they all that and had a good game in the championship game. I don't know I think we've all in to storyline laps in the story -- easy. And I think and I think Hillary instill I don't have a great deal about it but I take them to. I guess the year Colin peppard a lot more than I would hear -- this paper does indeed. I TV story line that I haven't heard anyone talk about Sampras Cisco how concerned -- Peter 2424. Six seconds left. -- I mean ever even acres burning in my column I think he's the biggest player watching this game close game down the stretch is the excitement here. And so I think that's a huge huge concern. I it's gonna be interesting I'll get you out on this at tomorrow's eat your ball in the hall of fame they'll make the announcement tomorrow what's the build -- like -- was a voter before you get -- Roman guys start. Thrown around their push for different guys are on the ballot this year. You know you spend I spend time during the fall. Basically. When I have somebody on the own. I've got a Bill Polian on the phone and I you know I might ask him his opinions on some eyes and you might stir up something -- as well. That's what I do is a year goes by only strict evidence -- back in my mind and and then now -- When that date comes I just try to have an open mind and listen everybody I mean. Gregor told people here this week I have not supporter are -- they'll have not voted for in the past. But every year when I go into the room and I think I owe it to every candidate to have an open mind and -- listened to the arguments. And you know it's it's unrealistic I think -- go in that room and think that you can't have your mind changed. It was not an art monk guy in the Len Shapiro of the Washington Post. Said something to me one year after a meeting he gets it you know I know how you feel about month but I it's pretty city you've you've supported Harry Carson. Art -- with. Was that -- Redskins were Harry Carson most of the giants there's so much stuff -- -- those scenes in the locker rooms. Unselfishly blocking all that all the soldiers that leadership. -- you really need to consider consider change my mind into the voting Vermont so I think we owe it to the process to have an open mind. Peter it's in a pleasure talking football at the every Friday I'll let you get to work -- wanna thank you wanna listeners love here in every single week we love talking to you. And thank you for the great football season long. And they really appreciated there's been great to be under the -- year. By Peter King Sports Illustrated joining us live from the Super Bowl on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible Peter has picked publicly Baltimore. Like he said 2723. So he's got a four point game. You've got a three point games the story you like the ravens. Heath Evans pick in the ravens and Smart people with your case is pick in the rave and think Jerry Rice and Steve don't predict later on. I think that I what are your side Hillary on my side by then I'll get back to your phone calls at 61777979837. Month lows suitable product.

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