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Thornton out 7-10 days, LB joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Bruins enforcer

Feb 1, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to talk about Shawn Thornton's fight with the much taller John Scott and which Bruins players should've stepped up.

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Were banged up like any other game would be end you know again like so we're kind of reassess everything tomorrow. But you know those are just so it. He saw guys leave guys come back and so we're gonna check everything out seem to -- to. Two of them -- he's gonna be okay. Left -- -- written and income -- -- -- -- Julianne after the game last night Bruins lose they get to -- tomorrow your call 6177797937. People questioning. The reaction last night after -- -- taken down by Jon Scott -- Down the hall Hill Man Morning Show. My hat on do you saw what happened last year I think that's up -- -- -- -- give David the Bruins missed out on a teachable moment would not how to how did you look at this first off shop door and to be kept if you go after him. What next body. Again a deadly. As it was a teachable moment I think at the Bruins missed out an opportunity to let the league no let off long known that there the big bad Bruins they will be each and every game for sixty minutes. I'm my I don't think there's anybody on the planet that didn't realize the buffalo was coming in the building last night. And two to send their message that you know basically took our -- last year you ruined our season we -- got. One of the biggest doing so I've ever seen I love it you know again I am now. It was column Drago also listen I'm I'm jealous I I would love to have been sick -- and into six -- aware of that beast of a guy is and -- kudos to authority. For stepping up I don't think if I would handle -- outweigh. If I was. Had a -- -- say however if I was gratified it was more in the C I think. If I'm 69 Jews have money or to sixty and there's a guy and their team -- there for one purpose and he he ease out there I think I may have taken the liberty. It figures are what what about the exchange of those two obviously not third different different level players you think. I don't I I did so again I don't really think last night's game was a vote two points. Tom is the Bruins are gonna make the playoffs the Bruins are better hockey club the Buffalo Sabres. The Bruins are tougher hockey clubs in the Buffalo Sabres. Is everybody in the Bruins tougher than -- got no. But I think Gary. I was birdie par was a first line guy may may may be taken the opportunity to have my first line tune up their first line my second -- tune up their second line. My third point you up their third line and then now. Started brawl. Why. Is it just me did not everybody everybody in Boston everybody in buffalo and everybody in the NHL I know that Buffalo Sabres were coming up Boston guard to take a -- over the building and leave their stance OK and say look. We -- we don't. You ruined our year last year were bigger better and we're getting we're gonna give it to you and therefore one regional Charlotte Boston Bruins to beat up the Boston Bruins -- -- with Scott did. You know a -- Scott every game for the rest of his story and -- you know the Boston Bruins are are not scared divisional -- art. I don't know I don't know where their heads -- last couple -- on set and I you know. I I I -- coach back in my day we had a rivalry with the Montreal Canadians. And they want to see you know billion to -- degree back to back afternoon 1 o'clock 1 o'clock games home and home. And we we got its bank to Montreal. And I had a coach come into our locker room and specifically look assault on the guy and tell us I don't give an -- ball to two -- today. This is a -- to Jersey this is a book about the black and gold that does the Buffalo Sabres do not match up with the Boston Bruins today. And everybody looks at you when you don't look -- of anybody -- -- you needle and give the last few you don't get the last push you don't get the last bunch. You know you're gonna you're gonna hear about it after the gamer during the game. -- -- -- And I just I think that was an opportunity for those guys you know on -- this team. Great bunch of guys and I think they dropped the ball in all you know you know did their bigger battery tougher double Scott's got you know again. He did what he he he did what Torre you know are offered him and gave -- opportunities do. Up people a lot of talk with you about this and us about this sport do that where you. Anything at the end Brad Marchand team -- called a big shot Lindy Ruff called a timeout seventy seconds ago was that an offensive mode. Your player. You have a few in the old building -- you get them. You know lender of longtime rival you know days successful hockey player played forever -- successful coach. I was I was I was Lindy -- a few in the Boston Bruins and -- they -- stand for a ten. Do you think that somebody. Two at the somebody whether BC's today I got to wake today got the Scott should adopt ought put this event is that it -- -- -- those guys are gonna go anyway. Right you know I sent a message the -- everybody if I was they don't turn I was a -- The Boston Bruins. He knows that it's -- -- you know -- he's gonna fight for firfer. Scotty quite sort of fights every day for everybody -- -- authorities there for a reason. For somebody runs a chip charge somebody runs -- Andrew Ference somebody runs into birdie you know whoever it is. They shot torn to houses houses -- noses -- -- is a role that's a given. Debbie succeed because we don't know all right he's being about we we almost on the -- and again February 10 and dale talked about -- the sport to promote. Jon -- -- local or just what this guy up last week and looked it up yeah not about till you must get because. But the port -- that he and with the bodies yeah -- -- which which was awesome. Yet I don't attorney -- incidentally after an upper body the body the body a 100% at a I mean not for another dog -- -- aren't you would have pounded my trees into trust me. Trust me he's a tough SOB Joseph isn't meant for talk and show on board today LB -- you know what's up -- Big guys play a certificate yet. -- -- Bulletin lost the fight he lost one battle this whole world talking Apollo who's currently -- -- -- this Cuban next time. I have a film that the next time. Bolton. Which is gonna pick the smile for the kids -- I Nokia -- be used I don't yeah I'll poppy and that's cute though and look greedy Greek needed. It's somewhat he -- he's a pop gated. I don't believe the you know if they in the fight again that. You know if you can't beat this paramedics. You know -- got the -- you know the captain has. He had the style -- the moment John I didn't. Number I don't hear about the -- to hurt others like Egypt and it's -- ball -- black and gold it's all ball stand out in May. It was so cute though it. That has a dual winner will have to do it. I listen it's a lost moment rally. You know I I don't know what's gonna happen now signed you know eight -- this doesn't set up a massive brawl on the next time these two teams meet. Who is dubbed the buffaloes that there isn't like I said at a -- -- now what so it's a mind for now it's Saturday that we got to figure this out. Now it's you know what's gonna happen. It's it -- you don't. They have there was an opportunity for the Boston Bruins to come together as a team and say you know want but just I guess in my service saw this -- a playoff team seems Stanley Cup contender. Did we know these guys are heard argued teammates we know it may be stand tall together. What happened who who'd -- you know who didn't mention it last night you know I don't know. You know we've put authorities you know he's gonna lose -- -- -- -- -- authority and Scott did the bigger picture is what happened what happened to the rest of the -- I I agree that percent of both felt this way we won't know baseball the -- drilled. And it's like it's it's a close game -- it's all about the W will get him next time up. Now -- in the next game it's about winning that game as well you'd take care of it right then and there and then move on with -- win or lose this. Now they've lost the game if it's about two points you lose the game. And you lose what you're talking about right answering for a guy that protects you know each and every night and is this at at some. What you you gotta you gotta come you've got to come -- you know you guys back get a grip Ortiz back. You know and I -- I didn't see it and so. Again you know are not in that locker room and all those guys are all good solid Arizona big guards we know that they get there but -- whatever happened last night somebody's got -- Somebody's got to have a little talk and to. In that dressing room whose responsibility importance out everybody got a -- everybody who's gonna put us up for -- we got to do something here everybody's. Response diploma you know everybody can say something to date you know I don't know who did it's not about yeah upper hell wasn't ray Bork wasn't -- nearly wasn't. Everybody's got everybody's yard TE got an opportunity what is termed. May make him. But pose this question me earlier rule one way observational when do you answer because they jump ball that frequently Wendy and I said young -- to a 33 game I expect coming -- there appeared to be an answer. I don't think we saw it right away oppression to shift should actually ship should right away brother -- -- way I guess it was that -- it was it was just to me. To name the way everything that we did just didn't seem like buffalo and I don't think buffalo curable 2.2 GO. I actually is they came in that it yeah. You know Calgary I kept fight I went credit for the -- and I think they toll just end up taking a game back and they were taken liberties the whole time and you know by the third treatment. I you know by Britain great she got that goal third in the brought jurors Randle didn't. And buffalo answered back I just start -- the -- one out of the building and their but I thought it was the year just the whole the whole situation. LP is hanging out we're talking with the -- Stephen Dan everybody else 61777979837. We start the Bruins. And the reaction last night took one you're back at a model -- not -- three point seven WEEI we start Bruins today it would got a lot of football Heath Evans Peter King next hour LB. Our friend from down a hole I VO AFs Johnson. As a -- a mile we've got to hold that we get a whole new light fighting styles for authority now ordered it. We're gonna we're gonna include mixed martial arts with the boxing to get -- -- -- a little wax on wax off and hand combat stuff to get authority inside on Scott the next time they play a Connecticut took him up from the inside. Need your help it's not how close it up guys and -- -- I get like a real reality he'll watch a joy into its -- what LB teach also had a -- better. Bids official -- made -- official Bruins fighting stance now he did that tune up as you put it -- up 65 to fifty Lewis and the raiders say this really again go -- -- Yeah like I said it did it authorities got a heart of a lion they're all the guys that do that job. They come to the rink every day know what they're doing -- it was on our show we have by authority on Thursday boosters and authority in the fifteen. -- holiday -- and he said yesterday you know he's like yeah they you know they they they get two guys -- did you know they they wanna beef up their squad they wanna be tougher Tuesday all the teams are doing it. You know -- don't give the Bruins are the biggest bad ass design and manage you know the Bruins are big hops team and -- one last night Ellis. This is on in the locker room. Steve is an act Awami wants talk about last night's game Steve how are you. They get put up LB subject. They a couple of points that exceed what he'd just met in Montreal the same thing Montreal. Bob double a couple of a -- -- Iraq to -- -- -- That quickly it Lindy -- is biggest mistake was putting that why you put that -- on the exit fourteen seconds. He worked -- that important yet. Put on the bench but put out your meter five foot six -- bought in college I mean that's mistake number one number two. I know we just -- space rearranged. But Gregory Campbell I expected can be brought to throw down they have some serious history to have some of the -- I've seen you -- that they played Dallas. Apple said that that didn't happen. Yeah -- think -- your Burress then everybody tool of -- this morning and and and I think. Again I for whatever reason I don't I don't think -- for whatever reason their heads weren't in that mode you know certainty secs -- Now do Lindy Ruff all the shenanigans. If I was on the I said grab whoever was closest to me and and trying to come up to -- get your ask you to get your ass kicked but at least here at least you're seeing not -- in our building. I don't think it is in the game it's not absolutely you know again -- -- but then I think the -- back they would miss me. The next -- and now they call some other kid up from from from -- the baby -- but you know you look at -- USA the Boston Bruins you know on a roll. And in all I I I wouldn't call that a trap game because I think everybody knew that the Buffalo Sabres. We're gonna command trying to rearrange the Bruins nose and and and they were two what 23 in whatever they there are four game losing streak the Bruins are. -- aren't the better the the -- the Q and you. What the Mon off -- on a four game losing streak you know you know you don't -- losing streaks in Boston and I did it just outside of apple or at Steve. Just in regards to the court and play I don't you know a lot more about an idea I think the biggest sticking it was cabinet quite right next to the -- I think at that place -- center right you have -- -- but once yeah against the 48 dollar. Maybe a big -- 68. To sixty. You're gonna have to speak about that quite -- you know and anywhere. MLB take it off the ropes again and entering a look at John and I poetic doesn't do and I think I'm sorry John -- the bad match total hornets got -- millions. And -- a he would want to. I guess I Gary TI and a guarantee of us I'll guarantee of the sharp -- in -- down again. Everyone has. Circle Monday night spaghetti and I've put so I don't know -- always a value will be fine let's go to the cape Angelos there what's up match. LE a good -- I can't believe last night that blue -- -- pick up her Orton could be you know. Yeah I mean Portland. Like for everybody. And you know he gave back in the opportunity to make it you know is waiting NHL and -- sheets should have stepped up and lock somebody under the flyers wouldn't allow that happened. Why -- sorry again he can't yet predict what wouldn't wouldn't happen is that the fact of the matter is last night. There was an opportunity to the Boston Bruins needed to do exactly that say you know what -- we got to back. And again I -- little funny stock -- her -- it's it's you know it's about. Other guys on the team and and having the Buffalo Sabres command there and say that you know our jerseys better than yours and that and that shouldn't happen. It would really look far Asia morally or go to there's no question would she like Bergeron -- get all fired up right. You don't expected other -- after the big dogs. Video content to lose at this guys like that diabetic -- ultimately it turned out about it in the first period up. -- of driver all listen to news it was some anger from Bruins fans there was no retaliation think. -- to do with just. The reasons why you love this team and what they've rappers that right I mean at this everybody's following the Boston Bruins because its grip. In their half. The big bad grows it he said they're -- you don't mess this portable pinkie Q but if not it's -- much if not it's -- it's not boy chuck Junco McQuay is everybody. Marty -- -- Nathan Horton you know he's appease a big. I didn't disappoint everybody last night as the playoff team like you said they're still playing great hockey but just the fact that nobody kind of stuck up for sport and I think disappointed. Disappoint a lot of pronouncements are marks in Fall River waiting patiently mark what do you have. A guy like I don't remember that god that LB it's familiar live. Women are keep that I think -- -- and maybe take everything couldn't explain that playbook all at home. You name is -- Beloit -- G are all eyes. Exactly and now all. He well and I believe placed second in the that speech writing. Three or four years ago maybe maybe and all of a long dark. He's he's definitely career minor league where it's probably got thrown out so long -- then no it can't cut that piece. Yeah why again they don't know they don't have to go get and they're from like to -- he's mostly guys. -- and I the of the lip and it did this game's history. And I just Ottawa's the fact why is he -- and is simple in the simplest terms. The Buffalo Sabres I thought came into the Boston Garden. And they came in to. Curse or else is that I was -- sport to help is gradually McDermott. Want that to pick I would hazard -- -- -- and Jim McDermott was up in case some shenanigans didn't Atlantic 600 penalties and I'm sick and didn't I guess I'd let you know that's up to him he's a big boy he knows the -- we on the overall and now we know the the -- -- -- not -- I've I've I've expressed my disappointment. And and again you know it and we move on they got another. They got to the got to get it together and yet another two the big Tilton in Toronto local law now and don't think -- he's not -- he's been watching you know -- I don't know if they played last are not but. You know the -- data in play and he watched that game he's going to be like I had the right. I don't believe that like their time. -- week for Monday you get the buffalo rematch LB have a -- -- -- -- -- a lot of guys man wielding a -- -- you know every morning -- Hill Man Morning Show WA -- he stops and -- -- -- today we come back we'll talk some -- a lot of our friends Heath Evans who has been linked to slots. The company that he Ray Lewis is second chance here Heath Evans next.

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