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Bruins fall to Sabres, Mut and Lou talk about their night at the game

Feb 1, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about their night out on the town which involved dinner and drinks at West End Johnnies followed by the Bruins game.

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Made the the evening started out. In a good spot. For the month -- show last night -- west and Johnny's the body John what establishment by the way now. I had no idea that. Joe's our -- -- producer takes a resident there Friday Saturday Sunday every weekend with less volatility which we found that out last night and you're paying rent. At less than Johnny Spurrier not a time you spend there back to -- what to give an -- in our poll question yesterday. As far as peers how long it would take -- to get drunk or. -- and we set -- like an hour right at some food before the game. Twelfth twelve Beers yeah well I can I thought I was thirteen twelve Guinness -- -- listen I you boy cal men drink bottle once we get in there. -- like walking in there he'd look like Thornton walked out okay. Adding twelve -- now -- month get access all the guys -- that was that compiled mark from Lexington. His body met them up again is that what. It as we have right -- on the show today that talk for five at the golf -- mission accomplished -- -- mission accomplished. Let's -- out a good spot at 31 in the second period -- illegals and and in a good spot for the Bruins last night and for the first time in 44 games give up a two goal lead and lose. In a fashion that would that's. Used to seeing the Bruins lose the sloppy defense of hockey and a lot of people who we're gonna get into the hole Shawn or Jon Scott fight -- in setting the hole and how was set and but you know. Find the tone was set escape but you still talking about a 31 game -- Munich came all the way back in three want to write. That made it 321 was anybody that building wearing it but it watched that game. Concerned at all no but the rules are gonna lose this game I thought you were celebrating like little girls efforts bruins' goal and he at the troop. -- -- -- -- -- got me out of my seat. -- idea -- what were upstairs -- is items here. I don't -- I was a sense that you guys up a level mind turned and high five adjusts -- what the problem it was just a simple just life I was the -- -- KL I don't think Bonnie hey I still wanna go there I wanna go there -- the -- -- man -- you got adolescent look at too long after I don't -- will the press -- your -- on -- and that the Red Sox and stuff out of the first years media watch -- play -- and -- delay had to come to make the -- into a Major League Baseball. -- -- you know we don't -- out the kind of cute show emotion in the press box. -- civil -- ago because I can't watch sports it's like the purest form of emotion watching it. You know you're pissed you're excited like I can do that. -- FN I can't watch the press box I don't watch them back a watch on TV. -- don't watch elaborate joke stick -- what's a lot of -- above or next that if the buy tickets because people respect. Because of me. As you. I don't care to be honest there or ever takes Joseph. Gonna show excitement. Dallas fired up you might not care but we care because they afterward they pulled Joey aside they added the -- capabilities now they tell the media they can DVR things like -- maybe garlic and thrown it away sausage out there on the ice but something an element lot of -- -- vote -- -- right. It's our Italian we're emotional about it after -- you know all about the -- silence about what it drone hitting any ice come -- my face and chest painted. And I just last night a playoff game yet the Bret marsh uncle think it's your -- your seat and excited and you've got some problems and all that clear enough. Fair. Very fair I just thought the -- man -- lasted eight seconds obit too much after -- terms of the game itself. 31 nobody's worried about joint use command -- last night -- chief up there. The chief classic love -- guy got equity that she thought about the five on three late for buffalo Vicky agrees that changed the game last night for everybody involved. At the sabres back in the act he would -- -- and chart the penalty box. Five on three that changed the entire freaking game. 312 period you can't don't tell me about the -- Scott like that nothing to do with it got to 21 lead by about three penalty. Now we're tied 33 you decide to pick their fights there's no question it's said he told but yeah you're right coming to Europe three to one. And if you're feeling really good about this you know you got what 56 minutes ago and a period in India. The -- gets the boarding call right David C will we were we can see the blue chip in was strip low but the -- Chara. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's in that one bit but that changed the game because they they -- net five on three. And then it technically it wasn't you know power play goal -- was twenty seconds after that five on full was. It beat the five on for the came in delegate -- great -- -- -- great goal by in his it was terrible defense by the Bruins -- -- pass by. And let's for it's like -- and you really want four guys and -- right that's a well he's playing but. Opened fraught in front to -- the tide opened up at the end of the period eventually you'll back and forth the third period -- Bruins score. You know the Buffalo Sabres score and it was just so uncharacteristic in that sloppy hockey. By the Bruins normally give up that eagle committed to buoy gold and bad game two was down on to the last night of the Chara -- three. In that game that was on defensive pairings that consistently got beat in consistently had chances in the park just couldn't get out of their -- and. Offensively we're just weren't very good and and you you know those are some -- tells you said pinching on the walls and and given two on ones and you don't we we weren't very good marijuana and then the young guys trying to do too much and but focusing vs you know realizing who's in the -- area and covering those guys so. -- all even the things that they end up costing us. Defense deleted home yeah. Yaris to this turnabout again this -- is no two ways about it doesn't means that part of a team like chart doesn't mean we'll get on -- a bad game -- It did hold decency and boy chuck I thought that that that pairing I thought they had a data Beckett panic just. Kimi and I mean actually sick game but at. I wanna get to the strong point fight. -- because a lot of people you get excited right Jack do we have a Jack call on this because we're all at the game. And we had this discussion the other day when I thought that the fight was sort of a draw on -- -- jackets okay to -- you know what everyone saw what year old guy's gonna lose a fight. Because it's hockey it's just gonna happen -- -- -- it would jacket at that call. -- -- -- John -- this guy. Is about as close schools close and -- and get through six -- through Santa -- drops -- Scott averages all three minutes and 45 seconds of ice time the game. He has one career goal. -- goes to the box is a hockey player Jon Scott. Didn't really -- people. -- We -- up after the -- just listen to the crowd reaction because you don't need Jack to do anything unity Jack -- the play by play eighty is great. In the most part just listen to the crowd and that'll tell you won that fight. Do you love Jones got on board this guy. Is about as close to a person who's you can get through six say -- metadata drops forward. So in quiet hopeful like a library in their for a couple seconds latte at that anybody have like. Iraqi four struggle but I have like -- drug culture Jack Cameron the absolute monster. -- that's what it was worth imperious -- I -- listen shut -- here you go I'll tip the cap. -- after the big dog but six inches and fifty pounds. For the love of god. -- towards a tough son of a gun to wouldn't have a chance no shot and have a chance. -- that fight last what 678 seconds Eagles right blocker -- -- locker room he goes the penalty -- given credit. How many guys would've gone directly back to the dressing room and then on he took his minutes and then he skater already was done for the night from what we know it'll -- -- -- shocked when he was on the ground and it went home and -- -- watch that again as when he was on the ground and -- that one promise a left on. It was just sort of there it was like a weird position. At first a sanctity. Of seven there was a ball popping out some but as -- even -- any shots anyway may -- landing on a grounder -- -- was like -- -- -- never returned. Was good -- -- -- few steps possible it. -- struggle in itself. Felt pretty much what it was eleven and they have done all giggle acquired Alex Jones god who. -- Jackson averaged three and half minutes to afford a half minutes of ice time last night that's why he's there. And that's the only reason why he's there that's yet. -- the tough guy. He did his job last night we talked yesterday about this buffalo team in the trades they made and that. Trying to rebuild themselves at some level Lindy -- their coach would tell you know existed -- to be competitive but. A lot of people think that they rebuilt this roster made the trades and and the on acquisition they did. Because they wanna be able to compete and be able wanna be tough for the Bruins last night at least early they did -- I'll think that changed the game. There are 31 in the second period -- saying that fights that the tone you were up 31. 35 for what -- -- -- -- thirty minutes after that fight you're up 31 and that game. Damage to do with the when he got to that point ordered to do with your defense. Just turn the puck over like they normally don't do either want to be games like that. But having the big discussion today coming off the -- Scott important out. It showed the Bruins have done anything to retaliate. Should the Bruins have gotten to a point in that game where somebody. On a list Quaid Chara -- teach your bigger Bruin. Should there have been a retaliation there and someone stand up report in any point neck games you know what somebody else gonna get a shot here. Org or somebody else gonna drop the -- is we're gonna fight for the honor of our -- on board. We'll talk about that and you'll hear from Brad Marchand not happy after the game ninety seconds.

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