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D&C go inside the numbers of Super Bowl XLVII with Kerry Byrne of ColdHardFootballFacts.com

Feb 1, 2013|

Kerry Byrne from ColdHardFootballFacts.com has done the math and has some unique insight as to how Super Bowl XLVII might play out. He says that Joe Flacco is the top gun of these playoffs, but he needs Ray Rice to carry the rock in order to operate at peak efficiency.

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Well I'm sure our friend Gerry -- from cold hard football facts certainly shed some light on that he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TV good morning -- Gloria. Very well German carrier you're doing well and what tell what numbers stick out in your mind as we get ready for the Super -- -- on this and like the number -- CA last night and memorabilia as a drag. A minute -- guys that we have to do and appropriately during children grow without -- people vote at Purdue WEEI if you put enough. I don't handed push you outside that you mistake -- and remember a report -- -- -- the only -- -- -- -- What we did -- owner Jerry. In the economy the last couple years go by I drive to the Super Bowl yes and so what we did this year we took it won't but I would take a picture that he really kind of rocking the -- would need a lot of called out. Obviously don't want Giambi up and up and say once and now they helped us so we talk all the way down hit the wall and we had -- -- -- Fox News New York City. Are there are bought your connector in wee -- Chilean what RB is male. Are up in Baltimore and they actually kind of it's opposite memorable appearance -- vehicle thought they were -- gay bishop and we basically like the pied piper pigskin we've had pro until gates. Following on the wall and whoever the party to they would miss USA and. Now why don't why don't carry. Why don't you so why is it because he you're scared to flyer because you need to buy two seats. You know what I do I do like the road -- my whole life but this might actually my very -- road -- -- We are. -- -- -- we probably we possibly can actually pro football in my first near Boston College -- that you maybe a long time ago. Are an -- that's what I do I like road trip to football games. Then you know that feeling it'll always you know media -- that basically made it. Immediate or out of beta and bother about I'm about. You know -- -- being dot com -- we we we're epidemic provide -- -- getting the road tripping information and but that's our commitment. What really -- a lifestyle a preacher and so that part of that the other thing you are. I don't quite quiet and that. Did you put the beer and the ribs down long enough to crunch some numbers about these two teams -- Wouldn't you mentioned that you mentioned about blocking OK so far I don't look at the best one -- can achieve I have ever seen and then. What triggered the step that pro football focus about what but yet I couldn't tell you risk. The one of the best running teams. In a long long time and -- they have a to a -- got a question -- I don't. I look at what is remembered fading into the day and averaged five point one yards per -- the hornets continue -- about two dozen teams in history that averaged over five yards. -- -- -- -- Good cooperation. It's pretty pretty -- week and you know you look at you look at the Baltimore defensive minded it's pretty good when we look them but the -- argued that's great. The -- there -- important number in the Medicaid which it would go but then it's not it's not and the high. Well we've almost come to -- I'm really great and I do believe that one of the big difference is. Are we know we believe what -- play very well right into the two highest. Rated quarterback in the postseason this year. I've -- really different and I -- to do you know not not help but that was the right -- -- -- well no but I didn't -- in September the critical difference that can just go. Is saying that they much better rushing to not only that their mother and there wasn't he said the terms of average pro -- candle Mark -- and I would go out on defense. Didn't -- at best you. Best ground you know best rushing team -- football offensively and got the interim defensively so I think really that is critical difference for the 49 as of the end of the day. That's see you and -- are different and that of why we're evaluating the quarterbacks. I would look at things like experience or inexperience having won a bunch of playoffs games a person's not mean this is I believe the tempo game that the cabinet bullets started annie's gonna be in the Super -- Flacco to me seems much more battle to estimate that kind of analysis that that X-Factor analysis probably make you sick to your stomach did you numbers provide any edge for one guy over the other. Well you know why are you going to quit Joseph -- right now right here right now the best big game quarterback in football does his numbers. But then it's a normal obviously colonial this policy than a 115 after he touched down there or deception. He you know we will look at all the credit to be the emotional leader and in diplomatic. And I don't I don't you know I think that story -- laid out a kind of one of the great. You know what the great personal you know we recap exactly exterior and -- -- all of this guy who's gonna notice. Our governments are going to -- now consider it like beat beat -- -- probably old sage Olympian itself but for me emotionally burned to the table at all and all that which I do believe. -- is real it doesn't matter Joseph Flacco does this bone to pick a game I mean that a reality it's -- well it was a one carry this team to 2010. Fifteen touchdowns to interceptions in the post season the ravens are seven know when it does not throw a pick in a playoff games and won and -- it does so really at the end of the day. It's a quarterback and I think right now I. I trust him to be the better quarterback got to defend himself by winning three the other shoe to drop one call on jeopardy again I'd like -- -- and that I haven't heard a lot of doubt about -- but. We encourage our attention and start we've grown. Are thirteen of fourteen touchdown pass to discredit me very very inexperienced right underneath it expects slightly and -- belt. How bad gains and I just they just compete again where we don't have that kind of our. Terry I know we we know your favorite which -- thing is is defensive passer rating we saw Flacco against the patriots for some against the Broncos. How do that and end the call the colts. How do they how does this team this niners defense of pastor Rick. Deep pass defense compared to all the other of victims in this post seasonal Flacco. Well you know they're they're number six we have felt the fear that -- -- everybody talked to aren't great they were definitely a better our defensive club last year and job. You know I I don't I don't think there -- there obviously they're better than the apparent on the Broncos. We know them better -- the patriots defensively so. I think it definitely more of a challenge. -- but I don't think their -- you know I don't think there. But -- that you can't make. Big plays to get that we -- that's a Joseph -- thing right and he's he gets involved you don't feel really good about what -- -- asserted averaging over nine yards per attempt he's getting the ball down field. Are very low completion percentage by the women in the fifties and -- well until pretty haven't had looked mistakes and our. We -- up the big hurdle that might cost costumes and -- achieved in the end. Took it took a more equipped than the patriot -- or the ability. Broncos origin just forcing mistakes. -- but it -- you know what you thought it got beat quite so defense we saw we saw the sentence of the last year. You suspect this is going to end up being a grind it out -- game in the twenties from for both teams -- do you see somehow. And the like you're series that are without heretic but that -- forty the 4845 game. -- yeah I mean -- but it didn't put people teams have been -- up explosive potential that's something we've seen it. Repeated here. Broke the -- -- the votes you can make no big also played and I do think at the end of the day that. Their particular gonna control the clock they are the better your running team and I hope for all the attention on on re right -- the in the Baltimore offered him twelve games they're not particularly. Affected Russian human factor middleman pass him. An average per Russia chubby they would be -- and secure averaged four point three got forgotten what all of you -- to -- But the forty I don't welcome the NFL total body. Great running Cuba without says. The big change with the with the ravens game on this site and chairman of religion call will be offered to put it if they don't rush attempts per game went up about ten attempts per game. Think I would bet the basic you don't. Who run the ball more often to open up that don't go -- potential weapon that Russia into gone out. Our ultimate questions about Joseph Flacco don't -- -- it skyrocketed. They're really -- look everybody just -- Our lead the cheers are more focused on running the football a dramatic. Change. In the number of times of Baltimore's on the football -- called -- quarterback that was Caldwell has bought into coordinator and that we -- to really open up that this. I think that you can put -- into the playoff by. But all the way they don't play kind of introduction football pure will you know whatever that you consistently compete at all the top that's -- -- part started with such it's such effectiveness in the sixties. But that said you believe based on the offensive line and the Russians. There thereof their running game that you think gore single handle a single handily but man to man -- performer rice. I go I mean I really do I go to that they are just because look better. They're rushing demon and our -- -- What we're all vulnerable actually want the absolute best run defense a little booklet put put this -- -- a -- if you think you know look at electability. Our ability you know what sport it is not a good match up but for the Baltimore Ravens in terms of getting production out -- -- -- let them and try to run a lot. Are but they're not you know if history holds true with its simple simple place that you would sell the technology that gonna give up they or ER. RW know what I don't think frank Gore's gonna have a lot of rushes for ten plus yards. Because it generally when you get about nine yards resolution bringing down and that's where Gentoo does her best work at 910 guys on the field broke it down and I know until the end they have you ever seen -- -- -- better at that I mean he's gonna end up like twenty tackles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that the American or united doesn't like you're absolutely right I think there are. Are by Dominican from the perimeter and bomb in Rhode Island that's not there anymore. But believe economic -- the other way to make them I don't really get much. Commercial here looks like it's you know -- additional companies in China let it. The whole private industry imperial -- in the medical world now that -- will apparently popular are you don't watch them inside the superdome stay in the armies of the game. A you know you know what -- we're going to be doing we're doing it showed it I don't know if you -- at the RP before the game. And while a lot of folks there and then I'll probably won't be out again this year the -- and beer will be we oh yeah he'll be in that wouldn't Ochoa. -- -- -- But it goes -- -- particularly good. You know it's called -- and driving to a Super Bowl and he -- party you know sucks driving home eleven home our young man hung over six iron. -- -- -- or look at. Run out of gas money lend my nose and dare he and. Like this guy who who you would completely. Connected on the right on here we -- we would with -- we also are on hold for a couple of days we will why will work of the road. Finally -- -- you -- we will -- completely connected all the way down without you got a quote pretty. Yeah and you know to put Cuomo won't do that you haven't voted in New York City won't you won't be quite as much up. What are Rogers old piece of advice having should go to the -- Jordan gets some of those fake reindeer horns and put them on your head for your next year -- next the shot. Barbara -- -- -- another bit -- are greater opportunity all right Gerry Byrne cold hard football facts enjoy the able talked -- wrote Gary. Our -- -- there Mary bird doesn't tell helmet AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TTE.

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