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Boomer Esiason says deer antler spray is the last thing the Ravens are worried about

Feb 1, 2013|

It's a bittersweet moment as Boomer Esiason joins D&C for the final time this football season. Despite some distractions in the media, Boomer says Ray Lewis and the Ravens are completely focused on the game. He'll also share his pick for Super Bowl XLVII.

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Well it's not a patriot Monday but it is a Super Bowl Friday joining -- -- AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT for a last performers -- Dennis and Callahan in this football season and -- Melvin going our -- Boomer Esiason ensconced. In New Orleans good morning -- -- and how do we gone. I eat it guys it's been great and you guys destroyed -- down here it's still crowded it as radio row you know it but it's really been a good -- -- -- -- a lot of stories obviously -- like to cover some wanna cover but the fact is finally begins gonna get here I think everybody's happy about. Well we missed being down there with few but you know maybe maybe next in New York specialists are understood how that after we stay -- you. All right yes yes you guys -- and I look forward and paid out beyond Harbaugh vs Harbaugh Flacco vs Capra nick -- Ray Lewis vs -- Margate. What about this game interest you the most -- Well it really is its own cabinet I can't I can't seem to get my eight now. I thought they have been about the way he's played what he's done it's really stunning end the performance and his last two playoff games. From those. Step on a run the ball ball ball it's really done. Are quite breathtaking sort of me. -- young man -- on the field against that the legacy of maybe the greatest linebackers ever played in the Dallas talk on the field a lot and it's told meet young it's the young up and coming team in the San Francisco 49ers who many felt -- going to be your last year but if not for a few mistakes a -- that would have been. I guess the old kind of veteran team that's probably gonna lose at reached W Blu-ray Lewis and I was gonna have to sign a Contra figure court record to beat back contract. So to me that's the story in this game and of course the post game you handshake punch in the jaw hard I think on how these these Brothers play this whole thing out. Now I'm not asking -- -- prediction at this point in the interview but is that an over some book. Vacation to say that what we really have here is the -- -- two teams one the better to what prevails the better team or the team that is motivated and inspired a team of destiny if you will. While there is a gimmick yes the -- that would be at a Baltimore Ravens and anybody who's ever played football I don't care about what level you played it. You want that intangible on the block element for the Baltimore Ravens -- -- for our reasons why. They are human destiny is good you know Ray -- is -- in parliament is that the fact that -- -- Watson's brother early indisputable or they played patriot. Is that the fact that OJ Aybar can't -- former player whose offer -- out in their -- all of us. It's been a big part of their team about the fact that are on dealt past the and they Wear the patches that have -- name on it so. There are a lot of little things like this going throughout the slot from when you talk to the players beat down here they have been so like care free they've been shorted that it had a great time went to their practices the other day out of all worried its practices just like. Solos and just it's like everything that you hole. You would see if you're a guy like my position because you don't want you guys uptight and got -- releasing should be embracing all of us. Maybe the dollar human decent being -- law this year and perhaps the beat Joseph Flacco quarterback liberate themselves. I don't know -- it's sort of put your finger on it but I do not ask the 49ers step or -- the better team they're faster they're younger. -- they're there and aggressive physical team and a camp -- about saying that this can actually be more physical from the Baltimore Ravens but when you look at them on film you watched a way that they play -- piracy and you see what I think that the NFL's best roster right now. And you know -- -- it's hard to believe you say that the the more physical they're the better defense did you ever think you see the day that ray Lewis and Suggs and reed be in the Super Bowl. And you say edge in many big edge on defense to the other guys. And that's true because all the -- given up almost 400 game on defense now. Where it's worked for them though and -- -- take a look at the statistics. Although these particular offenses in this game. Or attitude that gave up the fewest turnovers throughout the year at I'm on the other side bolted down -- come up with huge turnovers. Especially in the second half of the game they played in the -- in the playoffs so that's. That's the rub here which quarterback's got to turn it over which one of these defense is gonna get that key turnover late in the game that's gonna steal the victory for their kid I really do believe. Because all the intangibles from the fire on a Baltimore Ravens have really good quality players that have a forty honors this relationship it's. Between that coaches do what they celebrate that a Big Brother little brother you know talent and this kind of thing gets. -- that this game should be a fourth quarter game it should be a relatively tight game I think it's gonna stand mid twenties I. I would be really shocked somebody's -- over thirty points in the game -- course. There's some breakdown on special -- were generally don't expect. -- where you are expert on Super Bowl distractions we talk about Stanley Wilson -- you every year we got some big big big distractions this year humble -- all. Obviously the Ray Lewis the deer and Butler thing was a distraction and then you get the call over gay comments and do you think those matter and and do you think. You can get Ray Lewis off his game with this kind of attention. You never you know in the control side that it during did numerous press conferences this week that. These guys kidding me I mean distractions are legal power he'd like we haven't had these things all on this war and what they're being you know the depth of our. You -- wanna pursue his brother or whether it be it OJ recant all those little things we're talking about it does it matter applause this is. Governor of those this final game they don't test for HGH you know belts awhile maybe a big deal in Major League Baseball -- -- sort of twelve arms it's not a big deal football right now and I'd give it all that railroads and broke in the double murder back in 2000. Do you know all there is you don't gyrations in games all the publicity that he's gotten -- that the last thing that they worry about on the other side for -- the -- the -- that may -- anti -- state government a look at him yesterday outlook for the guy that was really comfortable. Who really -- that was about what he said I don't -- especially now that he understood the enormity of what he was straight party line item in arrears so it is it is. This situation look -- their -- that he's probably carry a little bit of that in the game because I really felt bad evil. Indeed very very in Paris and overwhelmed by the whole bust up for what his comments you know created. You know but that's the Ray Lewis -- or -- thing you could almost make the point that it's not a distraction -- -- import or -- say yet again they're trying to take this away from it actually might be help for for them. These guys you know what I mean that's being missed. Been around they've been -- everything you know about a year that you support that double murder 2000 you have to remember. He became the -- of the player of the year and they went on the win the support could help and so it. I -- the airport gate thing it -- a blip on the radar screen compared all the others but he's been on the slot. How will Roger Goodell handled the Ray Lewis at her -- questions that he will surely get today and the second part of that question is how aggressive is the league you think. By trying to get the bottom of this before a lot of low kick off on Sunday. Well I don't think the league -- interested at all because they can't passport and you know and then I'd I'd guess that discuss what you many years guys. Who yelled responsible for stuff like this and committee of the and -- -- VA is much. Guilty for player safety and our Applera long term health care that anybody else I mean they've invited her free agencies in 1987 a lot of guys like a lot of money by a situation like -- where they say they want state compared -- all Major League Baseball going at it when it's going to be obviously the -- our -- Are you know as early in my estimation a black eye towards the end LP today. I think they're the ones that -- about the stop but the political nonsense about say compared cut that you get it done. You know the Harbaugh Brothers a lot of everyone says that the parents are remaining neutral Jackie and Jackie I guess I don't believe it boom I think they're rooting for John I think he's the older brother he never played in the NFL these -- a little older. And Jim is the cocky and this and he'll he'll have his turn it quietly they're gonna root for John you look at those two guys that think one coach is better than the other. I don't really quite frankly -- sound like it's coming from somebody who has yeah and all the -- slightly that -- -- -- younger brother and I know my parents don't root for him they would definitely root for him. I didn't I didn't Thornton and build it somewhere that her battle. -- to interview these coach is that it for the dollar global war broadcast on Sunday that's what the question that I -- them. About their relationship odd about it but I think that parents of embrace this accord -- -- all really happy with the way that charming shipment handled this whole thing down here. They've been. In other personalities are very different. Jim -- to build a more cynical by a child has really wide open and gregarious and state played to their personalities that -- really haven't British citizen met a lot of media at times were to get all ad nauseam. Really covered and I give a lot of credit for it Jacki Jack other parents a lot of credit Oregon and hopefully this game. Doesn't embarrass one or the other is in terms people may be a bad call they make bad decisions that -- -- because of they want thing now will be able ball all season Google was dark. You don't want that Grady Little moment here's what I think -- -- to look at the two teams that one is some potential dynasty. I mean six super balls I just mean like a patriot. Like a Brady Belichick that I -- isn't it. Jim and call and -- predict who have the potential to have a nice 67 year run with him -- -- the Super -- to a three times. Without question Tom you know Jim and heard they're very good team from Mike Singletary. Wrote the missing -- -- explosive. Quarterback that a good solid -- -- Jim reclaim Beckett who don't -- we're talking about here you know obviously -- couldn't do what -- -- does -- especially when he has the -- and he's running with it by. You know there -- a division with Seattle and Seattle -- other really good team. In the embassy that Yong and it's going to be that people are used to comment why is that well because. The most important position is manned by a guy who doesn't make a lot of money and those two guys Russell Wilson can't Stafford -- can not redo their contracts. Pollen it's another year Russell Wilson is another two years. So what you're in that situation as a football team and a salary cap era you could start spending money and other places to keep some of those young actress. And act or will together so yes I agree that Sampras let's -- is going to be around. Well quite sometime and Baltimore may be on the other side of that because if you take a look at their free agent and and who's going to be leaving their team and the fact that the -- the pay their quarterback big money. I think it's gonna cost them. Know a couple really significant players that may also caught them someone to adopt a -- and -- a tough division with the bank also -- and of course -- -- Over in your estimation is the pistol offense here to stay or will -- be like the wildcat and people figured out it goes away. I think it's here to stay as it won't just -- -- athletic quarterbacks -- -- 54 or forty but -- -- cabinet can do RG three can do. They get the the ravens complex watching their practice. One of the guys that was actually stimulating all the stuff the -- cabinet does. The government Dennis Dixon he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers you now on the leave the practice squad roster of the ravens fan myself. -- I think Richard -- would love to take a run this kitten in Philadelphia and employee is offense editors support to the -- offense. With the young athletic. Got -- can actually play and total football so. I think I think you literally look at for quarterbacks like this especially quarterbacks that don't halt the armor elect so they can support all the other players positions around. Speaking of quarterbacks I apologize for the obligatory question but I have basket is Flacco and only quarterback now. -- weak and unsuitable to get into that fraternity. Well you're asking a former quarterback who didn't what are Super Bowl looked like I'd like -- I played I was put it up and upper Echelon. So I you know you're always gonna get the same answer from me regarding these orders. I chose numbers speak for themselves east played every game for the Baltimore Ravens that he has that he could play in -- or it was strip five years old yet from the games due to injury and or anything else so he is their franchise quarterback got -- we work outs are about franchise quarterback he's not going anywhere is gonna get a nice big contract. He's he's really I mean you talk about playing your best football the right time given his contract status he's a guy that is absolutely doormat so. He is a franchise quarterback to me that's how you define whether -- not a guy is gonna -- -- -- prolonged comment shows aren't going anywhere. A boomer watching listening to Ed Reed and Bill Belichick you know send signals to each other from fox like listening to LeMay. Pakula and now -- -- element is real this real love. Between us two does it make sense for agreed to finish his career in New England do you think he has a lot left. I think database to help a lot of senses simply because. I'm sure that Reid probably love the experience that he's gone through a small ravens right now. And that's where -- -- agreed to get back there is still survey. On the landscape of routines and look at their quarterbacks I would think that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning would be very appealing for a guy of his stature that stage and if you want to take a little less money out of -- -- -- -- -- -- Optical player for one of those franchises again that he would have another shot at super all right sir you have -- complete -- it. Out today is the state of the league press conference by the commissioner it's trendy almost common to say boomer that is the best run sports league in the world and probably as. But it certainly has its problems you have to head trauma CTE suicides do you wise drunk driving deaths. Garrett -- atlas bragging rights fines suspensions illegal hit replacement officials what do you think the state of the NFL is as we approach super -- Well you know the biggest. I think the biggest thing that we have to worry about it to -- -- CC. Russian. Discussions because you know that -- knowledge would be an appellate probably gonna college high school football youth football. And you know we're all down you're talking about this and and I and I told you guys many times we have so it means so much keep my family so much all of the support. My son's disease not a national scope result 400 million dollars and -- fight and I will never ever take anything away from the NFL because like I said. I was so what the -- play and even though I played in the Bermuda Triangle the appellate court also jet ankles. There's something to be said about him and elsewhere for fourteen years I'll mom I'm not disheartened sometimes I look at these. These lawsuits to let you know that there's probably 5% of the players that you really need help and are all are hurting from their injuries that they receipt that they hand. Professional football but I think back in 1987 when we the players on strike if I was the highest paid player in the league I was one of the NFL -- I was really behind the strike and every but I was. Because I was fighting for long term health care and pension benefits and the -- at that time Gene Upshaw was our and -- -- PA director told me you know we've really got to get free agency and I don't represent. You know the retired players and that's why I basically. -- removed myself from all equation that is not the -- -- -- -- guys taking care and I still site that you have felt he had much like -- with the HEA testing. Has a lot of responsibility here it should be doing so much more to help the players. But of course the former players and -- warriors are gone after big ticket in the big that it happens beyond -- -- I can only all twenty years and now that the game has changed. That much where we are today that it -- -- great game great sport and a lot of people. But I'm reliably Obama. -- granted this is off topic but given the recent revelations about to broadcast partner Dan Marino. How is Dan doing. You know where awards yesterday I had I had none of us know about it total other or yesterday -- called us personally told -- this -- what was happening at the New York Post. I've known to have her almost thirty years now I've worked with them for twelve years here at CBS is one of the most gracious down to earth. Big stores that I know you'd give that in -- The -- off the back for -- efforts -- called he's he's a man's man he's he's in every day man he got caught up -- something obviously eight years ago that. He thought that he would take care of and that he would not all the right things effort you made the initial stake I know that is hurting an already embarrassed by -- but he put out a statement I'm mad there's about his private life is private family that he and his -- dealt with just eight years ago. Other problem is ballots and them it's in the public domain and everybody is government. And you aren't in the position because -- really really truly is a great human being. It was -- sort it was a big star quarterback at CBS. -- Well you know the thing about it is that. You know we all have personal lives we all live our lives -- unfortunately for anybody. Did the right and yet or the wrong thing and then for him and has -- that -- for summaries and we got a lot we don't know where it's common problem. -- -- but I think he's dealt with that honestly ultimately. -- he's spoken about it then I -- Airbus in that situation. Obviously there's there's probably embarrassment and there's promise healing and hopefully -- for he and his family -- -- -- -- faster than. You can have the highest rated whatever -- -- pregame Mitt halftime it was going to be watching then most. Most people watch anyway boom for the get more people gonna watch a CO -- old and up. If you're all of finally worked yesterday and you know we're all -- -- where you just you -- and -- like that you wanna be with your friend you wanna be with people who. Are are there you better to support you and support your traveling outside but we're we're all out right now on the interest again for us. More Super Bowl coverage vantage point got a lot of really good stories are recovering in RC rebels say the pregame show a coach. Dan and and JB you're gonna -- one area meet Greg outlawed -- going to be another Arab majority burglars. Upload all of the pace and on we got a lot of good. Topic to talk about we got a lot of good players that we interviewed him. And I'll put those stories are resonate with everybody who has a football fan get everybody wrapped up for what I hope is going to be great Super Bowl 47. And over as we wrap this up just about the game itself what do I would be the coolest story of this thing play itself well for me I've I've imagined. Alex Smith comes in -- nicked up cap nick and rallies the forty niners to win and that everybody's up in arms about the quarterback situation again. Well what could be like it would be very AFC championship like for the for the of the -- page I think that it was against that first -- -- yes yes and rescued are are heard Tom Brady a lot of very similar. Situations with the decision between appellate checkpoint on Brady as it has looked almost met of course -- protect. I don't call I think for me at all fourth quarter early fourth quarter went either way is going to be unbelievable. The fact that these two Brothers in this game. Like the 49ers guys I think that they big. You know keep the game -- -- report warning that it is going to be wrapped ramp up my -- because -- a revolt but because he's two Brothers on each other side of life. All I can be great to see the pistol offense. Actually culminate with a victory -- -- -- -- that way everybody could stop calling it what you know what they wanna call that I can pick your offense which is not. Well over thanks for another great year we've enjoyed it are blisters and enjoyed it I gotta tell you don't go anywhere without somebody at one point image in in the evening comeuppance and I got to tell you Boomer -- stuff on Monday morning with Dennis and Callahan is the best stuff we do all week so I appreciate all you've -- I appreciate you get up early and -- into -- -- we will be watching Sunday -- -- -- You know you guys been friends since 2000 I want and I WTI's been very gracious to me my foundation. I can't get the here every Monday and their ball but I couldn't ask for a better group of guys the work -- We serve -- very appreciative of everything you as a operatives. Well -- enjoy the game Mandela talked it down the road. -- but politicize it with Dennis and Callahan for the last time you rely on to agree Lewis -- just -- -- joins us of course on the AT&T.

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