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Dale Arnold talks about the Shawn Thornton - John Scott fight and the ensuing lack of response

Feb 1, 2013|

Buffalo's John Scott took down Boston's Shawn Thornton and there was no ensuing response from the Bruins. NESN studio host Dale Arnold asks, "who would you have fight Scott?"

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Do you love Johnson got on board this guy. Is about as close to a person who's you can get through six say juice and ability to move forward. Scott averages all three minutes and 45 seconds of ice time the game. He has one career goal. The board goes to the box is a hockey player Jon Scott. Didn't really -- people. By my count nine punches to the head of -- Orton and talk about a warrior at the end even down in almost out. -- -- was still holding mascots left him sleeve. Wouldn't let go. And Scott in the Americus where did -- break that was just too easy for him six point 777 -- 7937. Joining us on the AT&T hotline Arnold -- a -- pre game in Russia and post game hockey nosed good morning dale how are you. Let's get the the juicy stuff first to the Bruins do themselves a disservice by not responding to John Scott beat -- Sean -- last night. I'll probably not I mean I thought Jack put it perfectly there in the in the clip you just played we're talking about a guy who averages a little over three minutes of ice time the game I think he had seven total -- last night. And and I know -- -- put all the calls this morning I heard them driving home last night with John Ryder everybody wanted to today in which article out some men fight with this guy. Zdeno Chara averages probably more ice time than any defenseman in the NHL in Norris trophy candidate. Believe me buffalo would be thrilled if you sent today and I Chara after Jon Scott. So what do you do if not -- should -- to have stepped up so should the McDermott. What what should have happened though. -- hit it and Emma and I understand the question and it's hard when I believe me as -- mr. Bruins fan and a hockey fan I would sit there last night hoping somebody would go take this guy on. If we should probably you know not make Jon Scott and of more than what is. He's cute guy. He's an especially great fighter to be honest with yet he did a great job potential -- important. Sean got off balance right from the start never you know really got to punch him but this guy is not that -- you know undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. He's he's pretty limited as Jack just said in that clip. Yeah I think the Bruins. Probably felt like they could've -- responded I'll say this. If they were gonna respond next game or if they want not gonna respond next game Lindy wrapped in short that they would with fourteen seconds flat. Whoa -- take us through that because I believe. He called the timeout then put his tough guys on the ice took a panic and others off and put his tough guys on what happened. He put Jon -- out and John's got a C in the ice in about a period I think. You know Egypt's first while you're up 74 with fourteen seconds let you get scored an empty net goal. Calling the timeout period it's kind of -- you know somebody's nose and it. I I don't know what he thought Jon Scott was gonna do I'd probably cut the Bruins were gonna deal. I mean laying McDermott was on the rice who's a fourth line guy who was gonna get final 142 -- McDermott is a fighter either I don't know what. When the rough off the Bruins response was going to be. As I said whether they were gonna respond to John's -- or not plenty rough probably short of that well. Will rough apparently thinks she's a fighter his quote after the game was when McDermott was out with one of our skill players I didn't want anything to happen and that's really what it was all about. So he is suggesting -- comment dale that he was just out there to -- things and make sure nobody took any shots at his skill players not look to start -- -- and -- it was win. McDermott so he thought on the so really. I mean come on -- McDermott. And he looked -- -- -- career statistics and and this is not a disservice to -- -- -- say it is kind of tough -- -- mean not a fighter he's not a Jon Scott type he took fourth line guy who. To be honest got an opportunity to play yesterday because they thought -- sport needed. A night off in the in the press box to take a look at the game from a different perspective. Lindy -- useful. Lord -- -- the perception -- was when they when they had a healthy scratch with -- and they brought McDermott and that's what it was -- toughen up a little -- in case something like what happened last -- happened last night. No absolutely not they thought Chris -- really needed a chance to try to chill a little bit you know. Look at the game from a different perspective calm down he's been way over anxious. That -- that one. I'm more than this strikes me this way dale it seems like. If this is that chess game buffalo just went check. Or even check mate because they don't blood sport and gone and Scott still lists sitting on the bench smiling. They don't have an answer for that elicited an OSHA Ara or -- a -- it steps up and as you point out certainly -- is too valuable in McQuay is an actual. Player so who'd they have who can step up and and challenged them into an important gone. Sure important call it I mean that's that's the thing that I'm I'm trying to make sure we don't overstate here but until. That point he has. Jon Scott it's not that great fighter he he definitely clean shot importance clock last night Sean will it. But in Milan Lucic could fight with them and beat him Shawn Thornton could fight with them and beat him the Bruins have a number of kite who could do just fine against Jon Scott. He had a great fight he did exactly what he wanted to do and and you know edit it out I'll say this is it check. I won't get it checked -- don't have to win a playoff series at some point sometime in your lifetime before you get checkmate. Yeah yeah I mean I'm not so he's not checkmate is checked. I'm not sure that Julie had to move to make after -- left the ice left the you know left but after you are important. There wasn't much Julian could do. I. What we're trying to do was win the hockey game and and for awhile there it looked pretty good you know what they were up 31. We have if they weren't able to seal the deal they were up 43 in the third I think more than anything else he felt checkmate in that game would've been beating the Buffalo Sabres now. Once it got 546474. You know it could they have responded at that point what Jon Scott didn't see the ice until the last shift so you -- you did have a chance to get it ML -- wanted to dive into their bench. Dale how does that dynamic work the decision not to respond is that something that's -- up by the coaching staff is left up to the players political capital organically talked about that dynamic. It's never discussed openly. You know to Claude Julien doesn't -- Milan Lucic each on the shoulder and say hey there's John Scott go get but it's kind of an -- written on said the saying you kind of have an idea. Based on the situation based on what's going on because he -- I said Jon Scott played seven ships. And one of those was in the last 142. That's the moment talking about the bill the last isn't that a challenge when he put Scott out there says. OK you guys want to retaliate -- ago. What the problem we have here is that the rules under the new CBA is that he gets suspended. If you -- and start a fight in the final two minutes of the hockey game he gets suspended. I don't have anybody on the Bruins that I -- -- -- expanded to that send a message to a guy who you know averages three and a half minutes a game. It till the last place team they desperately needed to win the Bruins were flying high they lost the fight they lost their way defensively certainly in the third period is and is it possible that at some point we might look back at this might say. That's the -- the Bruins lost their swagger. I doubt it. I think the Bruins are two good hockey team. You know I I -- DB in order for that to be the case what I saw in the first six games would have to be false. And I don't believe that's the case I think the Bruins. Are a better team the deeper team they didn't play well last. Is there any doubt in your mind that on February 10 spot will be out on the ice at some point against the Bruins in the rematch. I wouldn't be sprite he's challenged by somebody. Wouldn't be surprised -- -- important. -- -- it's funny I talked to Sean. Earlier in the week in the dressing room and I said you know if your top guys honestly. There's no pre season to preparing. It's not like you fight with guys in practice and training camp to get ready to fight somebody I -- it. He gets thrown into the first game in the fight and I said first game Rangers game you -- the biggest guy in the ice brought. And you fight with him and he said dale it's always the biggest guy and the -- that's my job. He said my only regret is that I am not bigger. He knew exactly what he was doing Jon Scott knew that he was doing. Sure I'm I'm I'm telling you right now if they thought again. Well maybe not tomorrow -- on the Charlie fighting for a few days but if they ought to get the next game I wouldn't be a bit surprised -- -- for -- beat them. Then. I don't calling game do you bet the most of the first two periods had no relevance to how is going to look from that point on I mean it went from eight. Scoreless first period two -- 31 Bruins lead late in the second and then it all just fell apart the third. The act completely changed around and yeah that's what happens you have a couple of bad shifts and I am not I don't -- Make this sound like I'm not given any credit here Michael manic and his partner of one -- hockey team a really good line. And Vatican common villain -- that are good line. They had a terrific game Danica especially. And the Bruins quite honestly got away from everything they had done in the first six games they were horrible defensively. To go wasn't great. But let's not try to place the blame on him for the six goals against because. Got -- he had no help at all they just got running around weight from what they do. Don't give up thirty some odd shots and Buffalo Sabres defeated the Boston Bruins are better than. Mike has been one of those I don't want to say let down games of Mike does that one of those human nature game for the Bruins -- themselves we're playing great everything seems be going our way there -- struggling all three and one last -- were given to show up and win this game they took a little lightly perhaps. The other completely deny that but I think you might have some. Some truth to that I -- you see it happened so often I would be a bit surprised if subconsciously. Think that way. -- they they certainly won't think that way tomorrow night when they go to Toronto what if anything this is served as another wakeup call for this team. Should be -- in the got Toronto on Saturday and -- three days off that maybe -- seat or back on on month arms Wednesday gets Montreal. Wednesday against Montreal but look -- I should stress -- I don't know when he sang it even go to the dressing room after the game last night. My guess is you don't see Sean born until at least Wednesday based on what I saw last night. -- I'm sure the phone is still ringing in his in his going to be his right is left here I suppose. -- -- you know we can do what he does for a living that's why I have such respect for top guys. You know you went into the that you went into the game knowing. That was gonna have -- that you did it anyway. Yeah just got to wake up everyday and -- tonight my job is to -- -- there and do this and we wonder why so many of them rank in object royals and hills and. And you know a guy like -- on -- dot. -- important can play. Into hockey player now he's about thirty goal scorer he's not gonna claim -- is but he can hockey player. Jon Scott. Doesn't really have much redeeming hockey quality -- to the what you saw last night. Well he did as he did his job the did it well after that well certainly the Albanians pointed to that's the creepy thing about the Olympics smile justice well. You know like -- he was but he was melting after the fight and that's one. One fight with them 11. I think he meant one bro one I think he meant. That was -- one match I guess had the opportunity presented itself they would have gone with -- teacher I think he thought maybe he was gonna have to go with somebody else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LT -- -- amazing how many people have to exodus and sets gyroscope. And -- with the and it's unbelievable the main I didn't think I thought maybe McQuay or maybe the German army beat somebody but. -- would be awesome I'd I'd be graded it would be headlines around the country -- if they have a good -- immense as I mean these two. Ridiculously strong guys would have been awesome. I don't these people that's on the -- letter or think you like their man but personally is somehow felt by the Bruins respond tumble you made me embarrassed to be a -- and if you had responses to should include chicken that it -- second lieutenants. -- and step out and fight the big east -- 6827. The text line animal was true we can -- analysts said McDermott did a forty fights in the last three years when McDermott. Jacqueline when it all started yesterday afternoon Keeneland -- Jack said the same thing I want to -- -- -- I was following Jack Edwards at that kinda got the whole the whole ball -- sell off the ball to look at this amicable aren't quick time out we want to know who you -- in the football championship game on Sunday -- us on Twitter a Twitter handle is deep and -- show. To get the link to enter to win we need to know which team you think will win and the total points scored the winner receives two tickets to a future Bruins game and the opportunity to join Dennis and Callahan at the nest and garden studios during the pre game show or intermission got a question for you could take about a mechanic if you -- -- -- and -- saying. Right now is. Want. Would you rather have him go in the -- Or become -- X games competitor and -- -- -- winter X games or -- one. I pick winter X games and suggest he do something no more difficult -- and having my yeah. --

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