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The great Rondo debate

Jan 31, 2013|

Some people seem to think the Celtics will benefit from the loss of Rajon Rondo and others fall on the other side of that argument, both sides make valid points.

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We're back through a planet Mikey show -- -- calls on everything to run no Ray Lewis. Dan Marino whatever you got. Murray on a ride you know. I want to talk somebody -- will be here a moment but first let's check in with the Bruins now we're gonna back to the Boston Garden -- -- -- the man who seem to DJ being -- he's. He's alive he's he's on its own. DJ how are you. Okay are you guys if they TJ I hope it's not a long run from wherever you watch the game into wherever you make the call back at. As I yet you don't hit it a credible. Good good it's good here OK so we are talking about a scoreless game in the first here now look what's gone on now. No longer talking about that now we're talking about a massive offensive penalties and power plays and Brad Marchand take you over and all sorts things and how -- they can actually have a really good game despite he's remained quiet in the gold department actually statement early evidence best game of the -- and just. With doing the little things that you also -- seen in the early going battle in things like that so. And encouraging period. In some respects. A not so encouraging period where you look at there are at minus two but overall more exciting here. So -- bull bull home you know 120 minutes of hockey six goals. And what what changed between period one -- period to edit the you can surmise. I mean it certainly just opened up a bit but I mean there have been. I say an army that -- could cause some more sense of lapses especially on -- the mark our goal he just walked all over them. But I mean just the opposite sides to show up in -- very good goaltenders are now a lot of legal. Peace as a general and you know you look at -- one point 74 goals against for too good going into this game that jumps up a little bit just based on that last period alone. But up till this point in time their heads there has been a whole lot of talk what Tim Thomas. Right. -- -- -- at the very good thing if you're the current and urged the group where torture are sick of being out the -- Since honest productive and great I was saying yesterday that. It's always -- -- The Bruins goaltenders just how good they are not the making unbelievable stated because they'll have such good numbers because they have the dips sharply program. You could but they don't -- in front of me I'd probably out like that. 2.5 goals against. Wow you that are not not not be used to be the -- Right -- -- I don't know just -- Yeah I mean -- it's like I -- -- Republicans and -- army. It goaltender so much better look at him -- bit hard to get around the guys. But any route been spectacular display especially what he'd been tested. Which was a lot more not second third -- second graders -- I should say the -- in New York you have the that there is that the couple nights ago at the oval. They need to respond to -- this obviously probably like you. To allow -- maybe street last night but I would -- would deal. What what about the goals tonight. All on grass skirt and what percentage here. What -- big. Be the first bit acorda. Will. The boom boom boom nothing you can do about it. The the second best record to actually. Can't put too much done on him. But yeah he has made some -- start off. He JB is at the garden we don't count on him for a for reports on the the Bruins DJ we thank you we'll talk to -- -- Arctic where BJ being live on the scene 332 period and it's about -- third is a third begun then not yet not quite yet there's so -- to her -- and its mission. In a 33 game against buffalo Boston -- back the falls ago Manchester, New Hampshire for a line for Greg. Hello. I Greg you're on the air there on I got excited group right. Here -- as -- topple our cell. Rondo. Armed you know I heard the call on Iran. Usually every week or so. Talks sells blood. You know I'd do what I wanna come Toronto I think it's even all not a fan of what package like this. The NBA now -- and so when he removed count from McCain targets saying that they're better. Yeah who whichever. Several Rondo while it or the NBA without the players yet you need star players to win you write what you need to have opportunities you'd have flared every position. You know you have to have well clicked together as a unit yellow stars when championships Natalie. But -- -- but there's no question in my mind Rondo as a vastly overrated player particularly Boston. And you not bulky guys on basketball reference at all but if you look at you win shares category. Which is a very very. Insightful. Statistic in my I think what is that statistic some good news. We're sure it's it's almost like war baseball. And that it calculates how many wins. This particular player contributes it is. Well but it's it's based on some intangibles that has to be. Well they can do well -- the humid winds wins when you determine a win. Another -- at the baseball a win big guy who's responsible for wind drives of the game winning run for example. While that. Yet that well it it went it will based what it's all it's just what baseball when she wins just basically about rock and how many runs you produce and are you -- for. Yeah and wins above replacement -- what team is like when the players not would that team our our our how to better the terrorist. Larry have better the player is on the replacement yet. Yet but you would think so that was he went shares statistic. That Rondo a guy who you know obviously it deficiencies -- Free throws as the -- -- You know outside shooting. -- -- That that -- shares would almost Buchanan a different light and therefore you know they cannot be better player when you look at those numbers he is not an elite. -- -- You are what numbers you look at it this year last year on his career we look at that. If you look at outlook is it's a researcher at -- attic you look at cards and you -- a great. Search engine in on that site. Arms you can evaluate went shares over the past three years Q real -- Robin not even a top twenty in terms of guards. You know these. Yeah there's. There's this step is win your share stabbed before I'd try to analyze it or rip it apart or supported I have to know exactly how was -- compiled because. You're talking about a guy is -- league leaders in assists and as guards go in scoring as well. Well it calculates the totality or go to court doesn't quite a way yeah but again but he -- you got to calculate defensively. You know -- -- that's an abstract term you can wanna use the eye test better than you -- use a number based on defense right -- apologizes. And is also a function of wells on the court the wanna judge Rondo -- defense -- But the but that's not my point bipartisan stat before you say the stats -- good battery different you have to know what how -- make that stat. But the thing is so you look at -- but you look and again a lot of these are the way to compute -- districts are very they're very detailed very complex. But the thing -- Most people are like you know Rondo such a great player a great player but what exactly -- The quantitative categories that you. He used to back that up which is what I'm asking you about the brought more often anarchists and that's not he -- a -- predecessor vastly overrated. Yeah well he's not. He is not. -- twenty in terms of point guards in the NBA great. A cure yet is just using your eyes were you put me in guards in the NBA. Where do you put. I think he eats tops seven. OK but he like I said what what exactly did he do that sold that jumps out besides the -- and it's not the case. Well he scores he rebounds you know what what what are you supposed to do your point guard what are you supposed to do is appoint car. Well lot of a -- probably port our league score. If we're talking here in circles -- you're here you're you're coming up with his argument that -- is not good okay and then you and he's not good. I'd say he's not he thinks he's all right are they better are they better with him or without. They're better let's say ambiguities talent and great like I said I tell you you you act talent he's attract talent you're better or -- works I'm gonna have to like Marcel. Before we go any further Rondo is this. You know this a -- player yet you know that they did it and heritage of you know burdened. I know -- -- whatever element that category but I don't I think energy getting up before we talk about this further every invite a call back when -- Researched what this wind shared thing is because. You know until you tell me what what does that made you gotta gotta understand what is static did you take stats and make anything happen with a -- if you use the right. Criteria. But Iran -- stats standalone stats aren't on point guards on scoring assists and those John you -- agreed it was a 120. We're joined -- what to win one maybe you know. What Osi gonna look at. At a point -- what's first in other words. Cents on the point guard and what his job is -- that specific -- enemy carrier Irving for Cleveland is not. Supposed to be of a major facilitators -- -- score so much right but if you got the two is a combo platter. Okay and you you know -- June oh this guys a break point current party you know. The hasn't scored at any doesn't have a lot of assists while I don't know that while what are my basing it -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're not scoring yet you have a lot of assists that's of value well I also wanna see you reality that so many variables. You know what have the defense is he playing is he supposed to be. Playing -- type of defense is how much does he turn the ball over. Let's turn -- can be measured into it as well I would think has as a but that's a valid legitimate step that's not some abstract think yeah.

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