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Ray Lewis vs Tom Brady, who is more respectable

Jan 31, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder take a call from someone who says that Ray Lewis is a more respectable person than Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, needless to say everyone strongly disagrees.

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So back up plan in my you show writer know yours truly might yet it was here and dad I'm here to attend writers on until midnight and we get your calls coming in 617. 7797. 937 you can react to. Atheists are going a lot of lobbying going on it's like all oddball stuff Dan Marino's -- -- A sad story from the X games in Denver I don't know if you heard this story yet but Caleb more. These X games -- -- Gotta be a little bit nuts -- -- watched any other hitter and I this is just so crazy it is not absolutely nuts. He tried a -- back flip in this gigantic cast snowmobile. And it it's flipped over -- you know at the tip of the things that he went off shooting off the thing and some snowmobile hit him. He was seemingly OK right after the fact but then. There were complications bleeding around his heart and all kinds of things he died sadly the aged 25. Doing the X games stuff. Instead trying to go back flip on the snowmobile width 450 pounds. And it is you know and just Russia I saw the video and it was terrible but I guess he was still lives in critical condition at the time and -- is gonna do an interview or something in me. I just. Just unbelievable -- lead that lead to injury yeah. A kicked in Red Sox -- signed Lyle Overbay NATO mightily cannot travel backed up. Insurance for first base. And a lot of other stories some ugly comments about -- gay people. From a member of the niners. Of all the towns and having your hometown and make those kind of comments San Francisco. So if there's all kinds of weird stuff swirling around. The world a sport is Super Bowl -- was -- ambler rest spray you know under the tongue for Ray Lewis who now let me just ask god to heal them now. You know he had to take all that stuff well he thinks of a -- is God's creature -- yet okay so that's why you know rallies ever said that sent right under the sun Cheri Dennis. I'm sure he just figured that that Vijay Singh coming outs and he did. So weird six -- seven. Whats left deal almost Phil Mickelson almost gets a fifteen time it is his thirty putt lips the cup. This is the little sidebars you know right he's on any -- is broad bent on Super -- always big gamble when it comes to football. Buffalo up one nothing. On the Bruins the tape one not to the united Thomas Danny -- So bruised one of these second period to how far gone we in this early -- -- about three innocent -- Michael's in Plymouth Michael you're next on the planet Mikey -- 6177797937. Michael. -- are extremely good evening gentlemen -- an update. I think that -- can answer your question Mikey about why I didn't. -- Lois asked god yields so let me answer is god helps those old Charles. Bernard at -- -- when I heard that sure. You know I I think -- -- -- far more likable than Bob Brady and certainly open a likable but Bill Belichick. You know sort of reference. Tell me why you think -- first. -- I think the Middle -- not the -- the Colorado proper field you don't drop radiate out to the championship game. That no props extended to regular -- the way. Peyton Manning did a total. I think we're so it's inspiring -- and pervasive pop out motivational probably. All prepared to operate and how much of that has to do -- CDs. Are much better I. Cheating by I don't know how this CD is cheating honorable. I -- I don't know but each second PCD's. But I think taking steps like to thank god to get your free copy got to get better it is probably I think the thing. To a -- Child like it's awful this evil that's obvious I think I'm really -- On the score like -- pour about the other might this opportunity -- embraced. -- There ought to be an activity totalitarian and somebody that's probably true which are in -- since breakfast god he's a fantastic play these fantastic. Acumen and are now -- hold your saying he's a fantastic human -- How do you ago. -- well and -- acknowledged. I don't think any laps probably -- agility you just said he's a terrific human being now already people in your life Michael and -- you really know well enough to be able to say conclusively that they are great human being. You know what they want you to know right. I consumption. So I'm not according to -- epic now are you just said he's a wonderful human being based on the and you don't want to -- a bit -- And guess what. You know in the in the football -- penalty checked out Michael at the he you know -- helps out a lot of wounded veterans the of Saudi at a very close relationship with some of that had cancer. And help that family out is that is that would -- June that stuff. And -- yeah imply. That's but it did but some of these other things strewn about like what bush -- To be honorable what you got checked up to the 20068. C championship game of that interview parliament are. That touched just crap up. Or -- you know what what do you expect these guys we jovial after after that -- I'm. You -- what do you expect a losing coach to act like after a loss on it. Better to be Tony Dungy didn't check. Out dignity. Not on the. I don't know what. And it's just I don't believe that conversation. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady not good people. Ray Lewis a great a wonderful human being that's according to Michael. Calling from Plymouth Massachusetts. A wonderful human being Ray Lewis -- and people can motivated in different ways I think Tom Brady's -- motivate her to bill Belichick's -- motivated. Motivation. He beat just through example on the field it and I know that those guys do it in the locker room as well there can be it doesn't always have to be rock rock -- I the Bruins the equalizer. I'm looking over you when you score that goal but. Bruins tied up yeah -- would have boy that would that alarms thing news is working very very well Beverly first goal of the season passes awesome. Ray Lewis as wonderful human being and he's a Christian area he admits that and he talks about a lot. And he refers to god all the time and I don't know how often he referred to god during the the you know -- the trial and a all the aftermath of the two murders. Now the murders and then again these guys are let off the hook to a broad based on some of ray lewis' testimony. But the white suit who's -- united killings has never been found. Paul Howard alleged the -- he's a DA -- of a late -- the -- states it was dumped in a garbage can outside a fast food restaurant the night had no fingerprints -- DNA. -- subsequent subsequently testified that Oakley and sweeting had brought had bought knives earlier in the Super Bowl week from a sports authority where Lewis have been signing autographs. -- blood found inside of lewis' limousine. They get around truly talking about until much later spent some time in jail while they waited for the truth to come out and he admitted to misleading. The police of the morning after the killings so. Is that what a wonderful human being does I don't know I again I never involved and it's like that. But that's that was his behavior after the fact the people that defend it will say that he was young at the time. Made a mistake has turned his life around the the ones that news say well look he's been news you can now aces he's still fraud. He also has six children. Four boys two girls. Would only four different women raid the third. Die Daiei human. Russia and race shod ray -- and Caitlin or his kids now. He they might say that he's a wonderful human being too and they -- it would probably nobody in the rest of us. I went 11 of his kids go to Miami to put football the world. You know I I personally think he's -- fraud that's just my opinion and I have every right that opinion and you call me crazy. Matt is in Orleans messages that's okay. There without felt -- I met Palin and -- -- caller I I'm not quite sure what planet he was living aren't by. You know and I don't want to turn etc. religious conversation but just because somebody talks about an awful lot that would make them a good person there's plenty of molested children who backed -- on that. Right well yeah I bet every -- the evangelist. Sex cases that they came out about 1015 years ago there was a different evangelist busted -- weird. -- horrid behavior. Not dimension members of the Catholic church and sell gas you know I mean. Jail all right Tom Brady like let's say the what what's the worst thing immediately walked off the field without -- fighting somebody that's not quite as dishonorable as -- obstructing justice and potentially being involved in a double murder notes and and by the way. Just because operate at a walk on -- brag about all the charity work he does I guarantee you -- just that much is -- for people that are less fortunate to have. Right yeah I I don't know how you compare that that the two and -- why you'd want to or whatever and you know the other people you could probably more easily compare Ray Lewis to within Tom Brady certainly but you know he can have added if he wants to if he wasn't big -- But Ray Lewis is a wonderful human being in those two other guys and our you know that could be an anti patriot think. I don't are we get text messages all the time to stimulate the patriots out there in Oakland. I'm sure it's -- -- -- but I literally laughed out loud when he was talking about what a wonderful human being you look like you said -- never met him one time probably. Right and yet this text -- for example Matt says it's it's OK to kill two people but don't be rude Desalvo Wilcox after losing the AFC championship. You know all while. You know. And where was god help -- about what it was time to do the right thing after that murder trial and give the at the correct information to the police or try to find out -- two people are dead rate. You know I mean. Turning your back on a guy on the other side the steal a little different but turning your back on to murder victims. Yeah high -- and then it then this whole thing comes out and not you know what if if a part of his thing his curriculum with the god thing is is lying. That he can continue to lie about PD's if he wants to he got back -- the -- pretty damn fast after tearing a biceps. I seem to remember was Ted Johnson. Tore a biceps was always there and try to -- tries tries -- right. Torn -- What whatever the case citi's -- just anyone or any age to come back that quick from that injury. Is amazing in and looked at especially. Linebacker position -- defensive players. Most players outside of a quarterback I would think -- some sort performs its dry and what's -- for the for the company that are there or the director of the whoever was putting him on the regiment of of the PD's -- that well. What will be his motivation to come out and have actual quotes and diary notations and you know records on ray and Ray Lewis in his present. Brad -- fourth goal of the season -- my tolerance now grab a two to one lead on buffalo -- brought up -- one there you have it and that's our -- like got -- alarm that when that when you -- John -- that means someone escorted at the garden. Alec it's gonna be here -- -- -- let's go please not oil. Thanks to call Matt. Appreciate what -- really the only team as a chance at a championship here. On the Boston sports teams is that how you look at that yeah. Now is that being -- front runner is the Bruins are doing well no I just don't forget the Celtics have won two in a row without -- without -- on right and I hope I'm wrong on the Celtics but. I think to be a playoff team edged up to -- -- championship. 6077797937. And in national its Ed hello Ed. I I don't. And I don't hear it on terrorism I -- didn't stop listening Lleyton. This important matter and it means is that it. Strategy. Defense he -- that. Who cares and don't get real I mean -- at all yet. The different forms is drugs doesn't. Doesn't bother me too -- to a -- but he's -- and he's gonna lie about it. Knowing how well that's why -- that flies in the eight at this guy and abuses of god and every other phrase it -- out of his mouth and then he talks about line which is one of the ten commandments. That I just want to be entertaining I don't Q what he does. I just wanna be that it would be that it can only occur if the state into this up and let them. I'm not taken a -- thing is -- jumping up and our faces that. You have it president. -- that it's Skelton clock c'mon -- -- Talk about strategy we give me a very good luck well Opel. OK -- let's talk about the strategy retirement strategy -- gonna use against the ravens. Absolutely okay they're gonna have cavern that run the ball you know intermittently with throwing the ball they're gonna win. I said the ravens when it. Might you don't have the ravens -- you -- Edwards writers got the ravens said what do you think's gonna win you know however that tells me not to go the ravens the way -- the big games lately and I go and the -- right. Ed what do you think's gonna whip who's gonna win. -- Nazis at c'mon you call you want talk about strategy when you tell me everything's gonna win. Really tell the way this is all fair game this all this stuff hazard and are you kidding me you look at today's headlines. In the world the sports. As you know we get this guy called out gay people get this guy who you know all the same quarterback with a child out of wedlock. We got Ray Lewis the you accused you know whatever. From everything from back in the day. To do would tear and it was spray under his tongue -- taken all kinds of and I have -- I've just I've only just begun. At doesn't include man -- -- out all that weirdness but it it's weird to Super Bowl week is that something else -- and the stuff that comes up here what are we supposed to talk about strategy. Does anybody really wanna analyze the strategy that's gonna get the niners over the hump against the ravens are vice Versa. -- some might but OK but what is it wouldn't. It if we know what the strategy was going to be. -- we coaches the NFL I would I would be played -- we don't have the playbook in. I won't strengths and weaknesses that Nelson's in the through when I Nelson award. -- -- -- Comment -- you need to place what's going on region and I like you know the Bruins while another. That's its artists three don't want an Allison Thailand and upland -- this particular crap out of the sabres right now -- the -- crap out of him like Ray Lewis after us. A ball. Hey that I got to make two point as like European allies and now I'm. Are you is based on you talked about earlier about Belichick and I'm Donald constitutional Brady I mean. Not to act on its squeaky clean it guy yeah I mean no I talked -- and you know I like to keep getting caught with marijuana. Goals by gates and any -- a lot of bad on his side. I mean on highway two guys collaborate on -- and our topic is. I feel like the Celtics are good now possibly when the champs it is in Iraq and done I think they're better in Morocco Doc Rivers doesn't want to admit it. Black a -- about it they are better team I'm on the left arm underneath are acting they demonstrated that. -- really want to make everyone think is great value in disguise -- by I think aerobatics -- -- -- Trying to bring our Sony's nobody -- from your base that on two games. He's Belichick -- getting busted for marijuana. The guy can't shoot free throw okay it will the blocks long he has no child shot his intent is not act. Okay and he's not our. -- didn't take over a game or changing game I mean. I mean at that he'd take. And not write you this big -- -- guys and we -- -- do you want a six foot ten exactly right they've made a run at a championship. You had three dollar favorite garner team in our menu and nobody out. -- -- -- you -- playoffs last year against Miami couple of just that easy Rondo and the one great game in game seven I have to respect I don't get gave to. I don't bug -- say I respect that was that you look back right. As a reality that situation you see him do I have a couple former site. In several obviously he has the pro shop subject can they obviously want played cards auto. Well Nelson you know what I I disagree with everything single thing -- said so for about everything from the start. -- yes he had just as it does on -- -- with any of that stuff -- or even the start of it. Yeah -- and other Belichick thing you know. Eat -- we don't have from his personal relationship -- of view and you know whatever resentment that's I don't care about their exit that's personal. You know we've all had relationships we've all had break -- we've all had whatever. So that's and that doesn't really apply to anything less is a crime involved -- some kind of you know it's -- look -- an -- to get busted for pot you know so what I got busted for pot a great guy I am. I don't think Bill Belichick advocate servers on to be smoking -- well and I from what from what I know and I don't hang around with a -- -- many cases Bill Belichick -- like -- equality human being -- nothing bad to say about -- coach. You know easy unfriendly sometimes you know receipt. Tight lipped -- are Raj you know even because of -- arrogant MAQ was that fine. But you know it's it's -- we are going to be when you're one warning is coached yeah coach and his relate. I like Raj not trying to you know not qualified to talk on that -- Rondo in the playoffs round when the playoffs you don't know what you build are -- in I don't know but I. -- -- It got two minutes ago Judy I already collecting which you -- -- about Bill Belichick you know prior to. Well again -- that whole thing that's that's an episode that is and I hear Italian that if you think. For 12. The Bill Belichick or his coaching staff is the first coaching staff or coach. To ever do whatever they can to gain as much knowledge of as they can about the other team then you're crazy. It happens all the time and the fact that somebody got caught taping something that it came to light. And they they paid the price for it. I you know if you're gonna say let's besmirched. The entire Belichick Reza made based on the spy gate incident then that's really crazy -- -- just has now he's only been the winningest coach in the league since then. Nelson. Playoffs for Rondo -- grew fourteen point five points per game nine point two assists per game. Six rebounds a game of those bad no -- I think some of the numbers actually turn -- turnovers gained two point eight. -- -- to reality every time they're quantity -- number three corner and NBA right down OK one at that I mean he and you won't have to. Point eight turnovers averaging close to forty minutes a game in the playoffs. You -- they're not a better team without although the record would indicate that they are I would buy I can't you know I was always has it's insane to think they're actually -- and a better without now. Different style it might be effective different bunch of people contributing that doesn't mean they can't be good. But you know now that not a playoff series -- the breaking you down and that's when he shines that's life -- and other moments too but you know I can't believe this I've always been called the Rondo hater. I'm all of a sudden the Rondo defender right now made the -- you know I like Chris Paul better as a player you love LeBron James that's natural and you welcome. You know to say that because. All right. Dollar is -- you at -- as you -- I try to pretend you're his girlfriend on the phone who had never done that he's done it to me though but. -- whose Dwyane Wade on the island would mind Dayton has girl but the no I mean look he's the best player in the game. Not a big fan I'm not a fan of the Miami Heat is a fan of his like I I -- watched him play he's actually who ray -- talk into when he lip when he -- the word god he's talking to LeBron James who run James is the chosen one. Sam is in Charlestown -- process. -- I don't like to beat. All of moderator role among multiple all the stray. Very little very well fox. Did you happen to catch the piece set that I cherish captain about him and his father and you know -- yes I did I watched that generation. The you know -- -- first laden either hand and all left. You know he's not the first -- current law is a common criminal. And he's not a personal -- -- he's congress Jesus moments. He's just such a bloody hypocrites. I just can't believe the hype around this -- -- I don't enough player that I think he's more than a little too close the reactor. Pat you know I think the Ray Lewis use uses the god thing and you know again there's no official word on this committee vote on you -- the dark inside his head. But I have the period after that whole murder thing that he used that. That preacher like a god attitude to to turn to turn his own personal image around. Because he really needed to after that now let's say that that's the case. Now -- use it it may be I don't know in the locker room to inspire his teammates to go out like Bernard Pollard to what in people's careers and twist their legs out of the socket. And helmet to helmet guys now what which god is he talking to -- he talked to the god it's there before the game the god that they're during the game because he's encouraging his teammates. You know using whatever whatever he's got for -- -- skills. To go out and do things and sometimes they're filthy rotten on godlike things. All -- definitely they get to a certain point they're not just athletes and in order brand. So after all this crap without. -- without -- -- was and he got to protect the brand you -- rehabilitate all current and this charitable work. That's fine all these that we have a charity anyway because you know a lot of it's just a tax write off not saying it doesn't do any good but. The proof -- in the party walk that talk stop -- around trying to populate your like your Osama bin Laden. The -- in. Order to see. Like our own little -- and they said you see I was his dad inspires another to form this bond. After all these years. I see him gospel -- before the us on the phone and that's awesome I'm an American which of the album comes on -- -- -- -- Thanks for the call is go to David sings her debut next on the planet Mikey show. -- our guys did. Not to large didn't start out by saying I apparently they were a little bit and the fraud. I think -- Obama are thought oh god you know that that's. And I are brought in outside of people but you. I really is you know. I apparently that you beat the crap but. -- -- you know armed it doubled -- you right now or. Great Braylon haven't sank and was all wet and and operating haven't -- and -- -- Whitman. I was about about 44 kids difference there right. I don't Spain at the same. Light. Oh well -- well -- I am not sure the you compare the two scenarios first of all. You know and again this is we're talk about personal issues that have less to do that with the football any else. Tom Brady had a girlfriend and -- near the end of the road with a girlfriend obviously you know in new girlfriend on the online you know and she was a supermodel and his old girlfriend got pregnant. As but he had the baby it's Tom Brady's baby heat spent time the kid takes care of the kid -- financially. Well will always figured gala. Yeah he -- but wait a minute hold -- but that and then he -- that he got married and he's had a couple kids now -- -- -- he's got -- -- -- arsenal and has meant to -- committed relationship. -- been in a committed relationship -- the Ray Lewis has not but I wouldn't say probably long term relationships with every single one of those women. Would you rather -- -- or let it happen and have a relationship with the women are -- -- can't ignore what happened and deadbeat dad. Right no I mentioned that earlier right. Right well that's that's all fine I you know that the fact is though in this this is rampant in all of sports I think you know -- NBA Ian and the NFL Major League Baseball. Guys have girlfriends and kids all over the place and an in this day and -- in the old the old days it would have been really looked -- as well -- -- -- a bad guy to me all this holier than thou stuff. And it's easy to say this on the phone and everything else but. But you can you can safely say the two guys are roughly the same agent Brady and ray and -- you -- aren't that far apart in age couple years may be right -- Two years Heidi you can just and people will tend to judge -- six kids with four women. That's a little bit different that's a little bit different than having. Two kids went to -- the poster boy is Antonio Cromartie yeah yeah. I cannot resources are. Oh on us right now I I do think that -- -- the purpose of -- is -- there are light and play here in the next generation. And you know are all recreation. And I'm -- are you doing that whatever money you donate now. And it it got to get out of that are under chip out and now I'm Mallory got nine dollars and are -- -- back I think that race. An under its own web it will not already -- you know. It's not -- it's not it's not and has nothing to do it but here's the here's another fact for. The night of the murders. OK we -- know which murders were talking about in Atlanta. That night. Raise fiance was waiting at the hotel. While he was out with some other girl on these murderers. It is limo. Drinking party and get his -- all bloody at -- got to go back. Talk to the fiance after the fact and make sure they got their stories straight before they mislead the -- misled the police so -- I don't know I Brady's never had it's been like that. No alleged murder -- cover ups -- rating like that. So I don't think that we put him or a lot of other people the same category Ray Lewis still has been similar incidents involved buffalo scores now three to its. After a scoreless first period when he is scoring here in this out -- replay that sound effect during a would have been buffalo scores to. Now that and really so it's just went abroad score. Our biggest shut out we're not gonna hear that thing all night long aren't Thomas -- his second of the night.

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