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Mikey recaps the events of the day

Jan 31, 2013|

Mikey starts off the show by discussing the trade rumors around the Celtics, the Red Sox signing Lyle Overbay and the Bruins-Sabres game.

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As short as a short -- If the. Not a short showed. No hell no writer as Hillary -- A big key force. And I do think sometimes did that you try to deal with the you know that the January blues. February blues account January almost over which is good -- -- relatively quickly edit in athletes don't view it it's over ready. Today the last day of an animal. And you know sometimes as of therapy to try to get rid of you think of war -- warm thoughts. If you think of Hawaiian breeze blowing through -- the beaches of Honolulu. You know 72 degrees. You think of summertime at the -- -- got a warm thoughts you think of a brand new poppy. You think of it. A brand new puppy I mean I understand the warm thought aspect Burnett -- -- -- to -- summer with the idea of minutes I detail under the covers listening to his his friend talked to the ground or stuff like that so I want to. Tuiasosopo thinks about that Jewish. It will forever Mitsui OS as a -- hole. You know I don't get it you -- still get that another doctor Phil's been you know over the Internet writer -- bit you know trying to figure out what's up these guys and and I. I just think you know I'd be hesitant to draft the guy. -- restore order to get draft these great player of your -- we will get drafted OK but. You're the guy drafting for your team okay and you have the potential. Him and so whatever guys around him in the -- zone for you you know as far as who you wanna get any team he sees -- this guy spent. Years. Talking on the phone to an imaginary girlfriend. Or whatever or whatever it was a person it just wasn't a girl well. Or maybe -- wise but it was a it was a hoax -- it was him my question is no matter what no matter what the ramifications this psychologically or mentally to -- -- it's we want to take a risk with your high draft -- I'd take a rescue. Dominant player but I don't think -- I don't think the if you type of -- senate that they go to our let's talk about the past by any team well I can tell you wanting it. On the field when he's out throughout the field Q measure would some of these opponents are going to be say you know that's that's ridiculous and that's part of it. You know and then and then there's there's the brother regular development of a player going from you know college ranks to to the pros they don't always can count in a reason you know and always translated to a great for a later. And it got this all this entire world -- bubble about this that's going to be. Forever. On his back. No matter what he does not in -- so what is it I mean what's gonna be and why would say -- you know what it will take a chance on -- ultra. And is -- will happen. Late forces are really -- around something missing. You know on his head. There's something missing well all we keep hearing about as I would intelligent player is from Notre Dame OK but it did you agree it's got to be something askew. I mean a little bit anyway and there's so many layers to this thing -- yes there is -- but the most bizarre story I've ever and almost on any level -- no matter what you believe what you think could happen in this scenario -- it's still going to be beat the Houston and ask yourself is there something wrong here I -- I mean I'm just. Well yes I would think there's something wrong especially appearance. Love -- this early to think she's dying you would probably wanna hear what we're located what have been on the phone at two years we would once you anyway yet and I think you'd. -- -- and I don't know what you'd call it a -- for instance you don't know this is a friend it's totally freak -- and I don't. Again and I don't know it wouldn't take yours for the stone eastern. Despite -- -- if it ever does tries to do. So I guess he's had that he's gonna have the the -- the guy's gonna do the voice behind at. A screen doesn't wanna be on camera doing it he can do this voice and he does them part two tomorrow. You know what he's he does he -- he was Mel blank nasty to cartoon voice meant it as a weird. Area so weird that it really warm cheery thoughts. And I try to companies. Positives about what's gonna what's gonna transpire next say twelve months for all the bosses sports teams look at us now I'm. Back burner for me right now is the patriots because at that just recently ended and it's too difficult to try to look look at -- people don't anyway but for me to look into the future. The brewers are doing quite well and as you know will we have our new alarm system set. So whatever it is a goal in the bruins' game you'll hear bang boom that. I don't know if that was a fake when there is that the game has start you did to a nationally at the so it does we'll keep your post zone that course and -- later on and DJ being joins from the garden to give Osama. -- -- emotional. Important what's what's transpired as these things go at it and tomorrow the Celtics who played the third game without Rondo. Editing most people would agree when they saw last night although you know -- talking about one of the great teams the NBA and sent and no it is a team to beat him out there by twenty -- -- And it is it's their second game without Rondo. And -- it last night's -- say yes right. -- gave -- a run and looked -- to almost seven guys in double figures. It was nice that sacramental let him run those drills they hit the practice drills but they just rely just on I think it was who wasn't that according leaders of note had nine points and I'm just -- you don't think they were -- while yes I was in a -- retirement stretch in the second quarter when they were. On at fourteen for fourteen -- -- outscored by 25 and of course but. The fact is they were spreading the ball around. Everybody was getting the shot everybody was taken a shot that would make it a shot it was to have seven guys on your team in double figures. It's pretty impressed as far as that kind of attitude. About. And in the minutes were down for the for the two to the Big Three now have scripted little amount. And you just you know pretty impressive now I don't know that -- far some of the callers that have been saying yeah. -- -- It's batter is out -- out. Hear that now for since Sunday. And I mean I understand why people say that it looks different. Feels different. But it's a little too much from -- swallow. At this point time. As to say Williams teams here in about a -- I think the only aspect it's better Mikey would be there their -- defense the on the ball defense with a lead Bradley. And Vegas -- -- portion of -- not helped us but we'll see that are sort of on a show is that we're here to 10 o'clock 6177797. 937. -- -- to hear from all you folks on any of these is a plethora of sports stories talk about considering it is the last date January. It's certainly not a dry arise when it comes to weird interesting. Things to talk about in the swirling world and the Celtics I mean this is -- tomorrow night is another home game. And have to play the magic. Tomorrow night should be a win soldiers got a little bit of of what back spasm -- -- So while we don't know about him being an active you know without -- lastly left after what four minutes of play yes. So. -- just it looked. Very very promising considering. Personal weren't on the court early will be on the court for whatever reason. But embassy and a hot stove show it to another and of the Red Sox made gigantic move today. Picking up a minor league contract and while over that's huge. I decision data the better the more goma's. But it's a nice night to talk about love you you rate has been in morrow Gomez Mike Napoli says you know your other guy at first base in it and so I think it was a Smart move to begin -- -- back insurance although none of these names. Including. Napoli this point because what people think he's damaged goods. He could come up -- -- wrong. He could come out no you know hit it like crazy like he did two years ago and be a hero in this town. But we all know what happened with him and the delay in the contract in the physicals and all that and the reduction of his originally signed contract. So there are huge giant question mark is Red Sox team so which would -- talk the talk to about we unite. At six point 77797. 937. We're gonna leave it open for any and all topics tonight as we have a full three hour program -- program full -- hours. Open to look at 10 o'clock time that riders can and yes it's -- midnight. And writer and a regular banana at 10 o'clock Null views against Fareed just scholars really all right so let's make -- a caller night then -- the -- take over. As we usually do anyway. But look at this red sox' depth chart I mean the kind of chuckled shortly. You know to myself a little bit because. I'm him I'm trying to think what we're what are what are the middle Lisette Ortiz who they're saying is not running yet. It -- he's not running. Yet -- okay. This -- an injury that was supposed to keep them off for originally for a couple days and -- originally for a couple weeks and then overseas for just a couple months and now. He's not running after getting a new contract and he's he's honestly we counting on David Ortiz yet more than ever. More than ever this year there Red Sox recounting of David Ortiz to provide. Big big number I would hope so especially with Napoli and a question mark John -- on the hot -- shows that he likes what he's seen -- so when the men up well good and I hope I hope he's right -- ultimately you know Johnny. Right now the depth chart stands this way. Jonny Gomes and left. Backed up by Daniel -- -- very -- -- backed up by the injured Ryan K which. Victor Reno and right backed up by the injured ranked English drew Iglesias and Syria -- poet shortstop. Yet drew. -- Brooks. Napoli Pedroia Saltalamacchia. And Ortiz. -- it seems to be a lack of and I could be wrong. I don't I give you also get pretty got will middle Brooks is what -- we thought it was last year because no sophomore slump if he's not. That you really only have a 334. Maybe and that's the person Ortiz and Napoli or -- you know if Pedroia answered them my my point is. Is shaky at -- Barry. Who two years ago like Napoli was a gigantic star he's a real key to this whole thing last year did not think. Real key to this Ellsberg Ellsbury had a terrible an -- ago he got hurt again and whatever. Some 714. Homers 26 driven in. With a 313. On base percentage. Not good. Now big year for him big year firm with a -- says big year for him personally being a free agent after -- so he's got to you know he's got troops open it again. I go back to what he was two years ago which was by the way his only full impressive use had a massage uniform. And guess what he's 29 years old someone will have every thirty and 9/11 of the season and -- mostly young but. The some all have a surprise season and some -- -- disappointing season always happens someone you expect. Unexpected surprise and is going to be some colleges -- -- say -- I'd say overall still -- young I don't. -- -- -- nothing -- he's been through though you know he's an old 29. Well aren't -- a couple of freak injuries here. So that's a real problem looking sort of head to -- -- what's come of the recession and here's -- turnaround make it all different you can have Mike Napoli beat a guy it was two years ago and and be really just fine. Did not of the five bowl or whatever it is Fenway Park numbers hold true he'll be OK and and maybe even good but you gotta have red flags in your face on this are based on the hip thing. Is there a steroid connection to his performance of a couple of years ago why was he so bad last year and what was so awful about revision conditions of his hip. That it would negate the deal was signed in -- deal deal delivered. And that it you know now he's cut back by. My two thirds yet and maybe more big difference between 39 on five huge huge. So let's -- the -- take over the show talk about whatever it is you want interprets man hi KO. Or his -- creditors girlfriend or anybody else he's got his friends it's it doesn't bother me at all and were happy to talk about it. With yet again we'll keep you posted -- -- have a zone for a at the garden tonight out in our first -- this -- is all in the great state of New Hampshire the granite state. And I don't yet. Again. Now my question I'm not really aren't course -- it's -- -- Oh what's happening on the court. The what is happening or Rondo when I mean when I don't know what. What what's going on what what -- easily because that was out but he war. Out to be enough you know Bob and asked John the same question about it to me it looks like -- they have a a different choice when it comes to how they move the ball around to bring up court brick and and get set up. Iran does when these guys who you know he's a -- guy. You know he likes to journal. And then he's well he's got a huge assist total it's because of it how much he has the ball it seems that when it with the other guys get the ball maybe I don't know this could this could this might not last. But it looks like -- -- -- to move the ball with passing and quicker rotation no less dribbling. Regalia is spread office again they can't do that in China -- Sacramento last night and others to. Worst defensive team in the league in terms of given up points and pressure the ball more at the top of the key. But. That's what's going on here it's the running game spread offense but again this is a short sample size very much -- very much so I think they galvanized together that Miami game Miami was expecting Rondo not to be there. Last night Sacramento I checked out of that game early. OK I got you area Baghdad. Okay hardball noticeable is a simple question. Texas also about management says number -- project I do sometimes -- 37937. To send -- a text message. On our gigantic text machine which we have going here I'm surely a lot of calls about Lyle Overbay tonight. It is one of those guys who. The other is always around them. And sometimes you come up and hit the you know using double home winning run against the -- get a big game I'm number one huge game against the Red Sox at Fenway. What -- with the blue jays just couple years back -- -- four hits in seven RBIs yes and these guys sound is named Selznick. The status before it can be in the house of boards that a bio lists -- Lyle -- yeah now just so you know he's 36. -- result. He -- with two teams last year. 59. In 65 games. And he was wiped out the month of August it would injury and he was dealt to Atlanta. Used to pinch hitter played only twenty games for them -- 100. So coming up the injury to record got back to whatever it was he was before the -- to seventy. Pedestrian as far as these numbers you know respectable. Sixteen homers 39 and you you read the stats or 162 -- probably never been a year reported on 62 but. He's basically pack of insurance to Mike Napoli Paul insulting to your next -- insulting -- an edit. You don't like at all. I want to talk about the Super Bowl and it's such an -- now Baltimore Ravens defense stepped out there that don't you could be -- part about it. Why can't let the people they're only. Yet their filthy they've always been kind of you know you know -- you can't just a tough defense if you're just going to be nice about it. But you're probably more accurate -- -- -- nasty guys and a defense -- these these teams are both of these teams similar in that respect. Okay that the -- they had nicknamed. You know -- beat air support so artist you'll hurt some like Arab people leaders via -- got a nickname for Baltimore Ravens a good what is it. The F structure that shot that led by Ray Lewis a gang -- There the obstructionists. Yeah well you know and I'll bet it did they're not -- I guess unless your Baltimore person. You know I I think god -- gain a lot of points and like ability category for some reason has been Flacco he's taken a lot of crap over the years. For not coming through you know in the clutch or whatever and not you know now -- -- -- -- throws he's bombs and -- you know he's not. Not quite elite yet please them making strides. Toward. You know over recognition factor he's always had the -- straight but now is more accurate. Well I agree with you Campbell that felt a lot of -- effort you know lashed back but it -- I bet he'd been -- act well. You know it is about the ravens is -- -- I think a lot of people hate the ravens for different reasons but that you can really kind of look at the individuals on their team. On the defensive side of the ball. And I mean it was sure of Ray Lewis -- and you're gonna hate. You know people love them love them and -- -- this season that he -- no in between. Yeah that they'll. But that I got a name for the simple also -- have not been as I've really not getting dressed in it because it's basically are against the ought. Well column of the toward the ball. Isn't it fair to say that virtually no matter what teams did an aside from the team you'd -- and follow. 50% -- -- your team is involved and anymore. Alicia have a rooting interest against a team like I think patriots fans. Clearly are going to be on the side of the niners. Based on that they don't like the ravens. You know and yeah true. But their coach Bob bought -- I don't know what it. But yeah so immature Orton which won this yet one that says -- being eats about GM of San Francisco yeah it's kind of -- and when he got. Got their call Bob -- yet electronic book called on it at all around. But now it's not -- and of and a belt from head coach -- how. Stupid. Well I guess -- the niners every week and we know -- -- their 2000 was in what eighteen years now for the niners is administer rules like that. I Nadia I think we're going to be the sentimental popular favorite around the country. Our -- critics agree story Lotta people you know like Kim and like when he brings the game and the excitement of that player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know Ed Reed I am I getting credit for -- obviously great professional player over the years as someone who has the respect of -- coach -- league. As a veteran presence and all that. But you know you gotta hate Pollard and I I for one can't stand the whole Ray Lewis -- which he showed up now come to -- He's gonna shut up at this week simple thing of the it's his first career sack against his first career sack -- Jim Harbaugh. That's kind of weird it's ironic that very ironic I haven't. I dug passable football cards -- I am I in my closet for over 65000 baseball and football. And I found a Ray Lewis rookie -- shows him you know in in his college uniform and that I don't know what year was eighty and ninety. 9897. AM all right somewhere and and I'm an elephant in the same year cars Tedy Bruschi was one of the rookie featured guys -- well what. I just think about Ray Lewis over the years and I. I just don't like exact. I don't know what it is all a lot of people feel that I don't I don't like that the dichotomy of a guy -- you know involved obstruction of justice is the murder case the guy who talks about god every two seconds I don't think that makes any sense. And I I -- active just wrapped my arms around his character at all in any recent perform.

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