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John Farrell answers questions from Red Sox fans

Jan 31, 2013|

John Farrell was the guest this week on the Hot Stove Show and the guys opened up the phone lines and let some callers ask questions of the Red Sox manager in addition to asking some of their own.

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Nuts those putts -- -- WEI -- and hand out Spiro Bradford and tonight a couple of minutes Red Sox manager John Harwood join us and you have the opportunity to call when. Ask questions of the manager phone number for that is 6177797937617779. 79370. Of questions for John -- you wanna answer I think he got. -- -- this upcoming Red Sox seasons thoughts on the team. And his no I think shortage of questions ask your tonight guys it's a lot going on. A little inside radio 4 o'clock we had no idea we're gonna do. But thankfully we get that big Lyle Overbay debate between you two. And now we get John -- answered calls as well so. All the stars are -- but the Harlem. There are a lot of course and. And John it would -- -- compliments I guess before we we get to him. I guess it's done in Lyle Overbay is sort of the last piece you would imagine of the 2013 Red Sox -- -- -- he's in the team or not but sort of a back up. Insurance for Napoli would overbay. Certainly he's a guy who profiles as someone who's demonstrated an ability to be in in spurts and everyday first baseman even last year. You and I've discussed this in the previous yeah it is -- -- but he was used I was ownership numbers. Yes but you were mere bystander to be. You know to go to the scintillating back and I think if I don't -- I might have thrown out the fact -- -- hit two cold front that -- an adjustment has. Yeah I bred he's averaged sixteen home runs per 162 games in his career and yet last year on on July 27 when he got injured. He was Sy he had mica a 360 OBP right -- -- at mid eight hundreds of PS for the after the Diamondbacks out. You know it's a nice minor league signing for the Red Sox accused them. Perhaps a little bit of protection if he looks like he's still swing the bat pretty well in right his contract is. Opt out if he does not make the team. Right yes got a lot of -- that he had -- and I think that. It's one of these things where the only thing that. That probably the they would like to have in this equation is a little more flexibility in terms of position. Because -- you heard about you wanted to first baseman who going to be able play I'll feel a little bit and we talked about maybe you know backup third baseman as well. So. But Alex is right and you beside a guy like that to a minor league deal. It's it's his his high risk I mean high reward -- 617779790. Threesome of questions for the Red Sox manager. John Ferrell who joins us now in the AT&T -- John it's Kirk Robin outside of tonight. It Greg you are probably and they are excited he'd Red Sox manager saw the town hall on this in the other night last imagine even more excited to the first three time guest. On the hot -- shall congratulations. Thanks you know rob mentioned that protectionist earlier and and you know -- can't explain and -- got to look at Triple Crown. Well well -- a lot of people don't know of the Thanksgiving show actually counted -- when we were gonna count that as well. So it was a blast that news did you guys -- it was a -- -- -- prejudicial -- takes questions from -- it -- Spencer. -- outs they'll start pursue Connecticut as the question to manager Bruce how are you right. They -- well great -- part yet. I don't know I got a great amount of respect Korea I love what he did it as a pitching coach we hear what threats such. I think I'd I'd. I detect that you're disciplinarian. And and you you rate that could just a couple of hired pressed. I expect it probably about the same -- to the Red Sox this year. I have to question -- it just strolled out in your comments about -- what did Tim Wakefield western said he. Predicted by jet lag to beat comeback player of the year this year. Q what do you proceed that I was Lackey got -- -- The second question there is a -- wouldn't signing day and -- such a bit here and read such Asian going to be most pleasantly surprised when I. -- -- -- -- Bruce -- full slate of the first law you know go back to comment on -- the pitching staff of the Marxist. I would say that there was there was solid. Solid structure. I think guys -- at this level still like direction and hopefully we provided that Foreman. But certainly and there's not to be the same over the course of a 25 man roster for so I appreciate the comments but. I think quakers right John Lackey saw it but and it goes down doubts he looks great. I think when people see him on the field for the first aren't going to be surprised at how appreciative audience -- -- dropped about 1215 pounds and had a chance to watch him throw his arm that looks Lucic. He's upbeat looking for there. Put Tommy John and some experience behind him and that are positive and I I would. Agree with blackjack as you -- -- like I think he has a chance to have a big impact on our club as anybody on our roster. I -- on that same visit looser. And Mike Napoli. And I know a lot of been discussed about what he's gone through. -- and swing the bat in he doesn't feel legal action the condition he's feeling what shall I think we're gonna see a very productive right back in light now. Charlie I know that as you reference of we Wentz are quite a few of these players and anyone who really jumped out in terms of I know you mentioned Lackey but their performance and what they showed either way they talk the way they acted as anybody that really jumped out. About surprising you of those visits. I have to go back to Lackey. You know. Just you know physically and mentally. There's big differences and certainly got a couple of points won his first year came here. In the NC and him the following year across the field. But to she would stunned. Like so -- the body so the weight he's talked with eagerness to get back on the mound and and I and I really think that people sit at a different side John Lackey here. Then then what has been seen and I'm not making excuses for anything that's happened in the past but. The best thing that John can do what pitchers is capable and now that you know he's healthy had a -- paired in the elbow fixed. I he's got a chance to do just that but. I think we have yet to -- the John Lackey that was archer. -- from opens up next is a question for John no replied -- Good what's up. John it's great yeah. Talked it out now so excited doubt that we as a manager. I'm sure -- an opportunity. That they'll question I had and I know the manager you're not gonna -- what you guys shoulders but seems to -- the -- get out. Boy look out so Lester Buchholz still let me comedic going to be the biggest key and if they have a good yeah they're gonna keep you that if they are meant. It's going to be tough to stay in that he's. Do agree with that what you have a -- are two guys -- do you think it's just more the whole rotation. All I think I think -- I would just put a bunch of guys but I would say that center. Performance to be consistent with what they've shown multiple years previous would certainly go a long way for us. Two to compete and and went division title I'll -- that I think this division is a lot of parity to. I was so it's gonna take us stay healthy. You know we we -- those guys and you know everyone. I think completely starting pitcher because the focal point and deservedly so. They're -- they're paid according. They've -- here have -- go to go out and perform and compete and contribute. The same way. The first stay healthy I think we're gonna score runs for sure I think we'll have a very good offensive team. Our rotation in the public figures or two ago. John it's not italics here I was just curious about jumping in on not on the kind of Tora pitchers that you've had in this offseason what did you see when you went is that to visit with Daniel Bard how how's he throwing does he look. Close to what you saw in 2011 or is he still summer between that and 2012. Him or is it absurd to make those those judgments at this juncture. Yeah you know I'll be in that it's in January and Steward make that you know all. The things that you look for. Are -- where other arm or two where they -- are protected their rosters were hurt you know are very a lot and try to manipulate the face all sort of saying get. We were trying to cut it I whistled onslaught dropped a little bit more troops recorders are low record around slot and what you need to stop -- not the strike zone at the same lockers down until the all expecting a right hander and and stark gets right handers as a result or you lose command of the search. But to see him up and normal onslaught that -- previous. Birdies to his credit. You know is that year in terms of the way and last year. I don't want to say just -- You know reached pushing a recess but his short Ortiz made adjustments. I was in a good frame of mind and most importantly from -- -- -- you know -- factors stand by the baseball and commanding a at least -- nearly don't. -- from Dorchester is a question for John Farrell. I hate -- -- mr. Farrell that the president speak which you and I congratulate them on being our manager and I think he gonna do a great job for their ballclub. My question is. Compared to last year and added that this game and -- it. Well I think yeah I think in the time that a team goes through fifty plus players in the junior that match. That's obviously signs -- some issues the flyers and performed or so. I think the revamping eruption that Ben has done has been outstanding. He's brought in some college guys are gonna get most balanced in the Carolina. There there's ballots in terms of speed power left center right hander. It -- and I I don't feel it's a team that's deeper than the people are giving it credit for at least on paper. And again as a -- tour earlier caller. Our pitching in the consistency to which we -- will be cute. 61777979370. The question for Red Sox manager John Ferrell joins us on the hot stove show. -- from Quincy is a question also actually about Daniel Bard. -- -- I -- underwent. The -- good to see -- back and out of course and not last year. They've been that got by I believe it messed up -- Olympic stardom -- what do you think about this year and I got to be. I didn't like connect twelve that -- or started. No we're we're we're here. -- -- -- -- -- thinkers you know we talked internally. -- offseason and you start to get. You know into dental plans in place an expert speaking directly with Daniel. You know I'll see you bonuses at at -- the outset. I would bring him along like the first year that you came to us and typically each week we brought me into a similar situation gained some confidence. Eric and at least and actually envision a similar -- And as we get him on track and is able. You know to realize the same or similar results additional perhaps and certainly that's important certain. Higher leverage innings -- common time but I think given what you got to choose pressure want to get them back in the ball -- and then suited to build our conference. You know the -- and it's still healthy still fouled a personal reason it doesn't give factor for the performs before. John I don't know if you can infirmary and talk about this but we found -- that. The team is agreed to terms with -- Lyle Overbay. And I guess in a general question. Would you oversee a scenario where you would have a defensive minded first baseman like him overbay. Off illnesses as a defense replacement. 44 Napoli because that they haven't done that around here I think it's been since -- -- year back in 2004 but could you ever foresee that happening. It it should depend on whether our overall roster. There what can we have to keep my close. Davis coming off an -- As does Mike Napoli -- -- protect your record for the start -- but we've we've got to be. You know we've got to protect ourselves in the offense that you know there Cutler get back into everyday play well maybe they offer. Per week air and out of -- talk -- -- functionary a year. DH or rotate. Regards through two spots not not what it will -- aren't put to have a guy that can locate through that area that I mean that's such -- scenario that was discussed them. Played so the other day I think we'll probably see some added -- At that first that position. But he's New Hampshire he has a question. The Red Sox manager John Farrell asked about. Why -- -- different Boston and Toronto. I am loyal. -- -- are -- good -- companion dog leg. Bringing open bought their almost like I've got that would have been a bit of that. Well I'm sure Greg. Was going to be different here and there wouldn't throw the last two years. Different -- or. -- we lost -- a that you may be saying different in terms of maybe went ballistic win more games do you think potentially than in Toronto. Last couple years I'm -- speaking from but. 22 reasons are suffering confused for -- happens. Two reasons and primarily your water what is the overall depth the roster and the pretenders to her and two -- that there. And all of the starting rotation. Those are some areas as you point to. Over the past two years. Those sure shortcomings as you go to work in the entire heart 62 game schedule. Or to change and overall offense seemed there should be a little more the first to take advantage of opportunities that. -- Strongly envision taking place here well it doesn't mean we're gonna put guys or take away that strength. I think we can look at their overall roster. To me that's -- If you tickets and inventory though. You know and looked at what hasn't gone right in your couple years in Toronto and I you may do things different here in Boston. Absolutely. I mean from. -- to -- it to not look back and learn from sort some things that transpired or or they complexion to that would be full remark or. It was well primary reasons that when you ordered to go and and to make. Call to make him go to the closer now. And the reason being under similar situation we're in 2000. At a lot and we had three former closers. And when you have. The potential having multiple guys -- still the need Arsenal to rollers to where they fall in that doesn't mean it. Doesn't have a potential change or failure or someone else than opposing but I think initially there's got to be some sense of -- for strictly because our games. Draw tomorrow things up next. Charlie go ahead you talk to John -- Rajon I'll welcome back the clock and it led to questions -- my first question is. What are your specific plan to make Julio Iglesias successful as a Major League shortstop Everett and as a Major League hitter. And in my second question is what are the 23 during that concern you the most that essentially keeps look at night turned to your roster. In 2013. John let me just say this if you can make Julio Iglesias a good Major League shortstop you'll be manager of the year. Im going to differently or already are a good shortstop and I think 100 people feel like -- play at this level defensively. But perhaps in other side of the ball and you know to be productive. Hitter per productive big actor he's got two more to do. It -- Primary reason that Stephen Drew and Simon brought her. You know as far as the two things are really. You know -- understand -- Are we going to see in the first -- solidified and never ever think we talk about what Mike -- years. I think there was there was appeared to try and their work -- and -- that was in there. Play itself out come to fruition under contract. That was one area and hopefully -- CU he showed their ability that we foresee him. I know that -- in the balance. The war floated marchers that. Like we do every other player from marker or closely and I just think overall. Health status or middle of the order we -- -- season. Is is another area that you know you'll have a policy concerns. Do you think that as being. The fact voter rosters -- And then the rebound from those guys we talked about the rotation go to three things to me that are gonna be future store -- John if you read the Francona book. -- not a -- In and that's pretty stellar that I read and it has been part of it is would you think of well I think it's time to read an extra point in the -- a greater complex which comes out of I guess the thing that I you don't talk to others about it. It seemed like these stories that -- written before. He ends you know what there was a return out of those eight successful years here -- -- -- job. When you talked to him about. Coming here whatever music conversation the anyway dissuade you given his and his relationship with ownership. No not one bit and and more than anything. As this was being talked about possibility and ultimately be happening he he had nothing but encouraging and positive things to say you know. I know that that eight years -- -- Acura tremendous -- probably the best for the most successful manager in history. He was very supportive. And I know you know they're certainly going to be challenging -- go slower but when he talks about the challenging times. He had -- They were far outweighed by the success that they've that they've we've lived. It's about their cultural quick David -- he's up next. He -- he Dillon welcome back to when I welcome back to Austin. Great to come. Up or quit you can't adequately -- -- my question for you though. Of them on autism and naughty pictures you have a couple of names that maybe years and that that that we can try to keep our eye on during spring training. And what I'm kinda look at -- a couple of plays that you've -- I'm very close to it and have a real chance to contribute to the team. Yeah there's a couple of guys. In. So it means -- probably guarded and talked about and the -- more high profile young players well let's Jackie Bradley price -- so I think there's a power hitting in fact he's got power hitting. I also sports. You know it can be in triple -- news got a chance if it's an injury comes up or. -- we need we need a right fielder this together physically profile position. But I think there's a guy that started to really gain some -- momentum McCain a lot of notoriety. Within the organization -- which critical communion Steven Wright is a knuckleballer. And I go all the soccer lightly because snicker -- that went down in the Dominican winter. Pitched against her the lineups a lot of success. And whether or not. Realize as a success so we wait for RA Dickey. Era in a matter of about two -- three year period he he's got a very good feel for the pitch you throw harder than -- all the more like RA Dickey. But it's got a -- chance and certainly will report that starter right now. It's actually going to be an interesting guy who are. The back to a culture Jesse Waltham as another question about job ahead. -- -- done right -- great to have you back about that thanks preacher. Odds are with the pitching on a quick question in regards the last. Ian Dempster. I'm wearing a lot of -- later gonna get chipped in on Aaron and Eric and he make it -- -- about five. -- especially Lackey -- it not around the park what how much we where they're gonna get what you can into. Well anything can certainly happen but. With the way we're approaching this season we certainly don't envision that to take place and you know if we felt like yours you know -- of these guys lose are certainly free agent at that. I don't think we make the commitment. I -- investment and a guy that that protection that type of performer I do know this deficits that are American League east American League west and actually central. They've had a long. History of making quality pitches regardless of your making the transition the nationally go to America late. I I think we saw it Dempster Leicester or through an adjustment period with the Rangers. In the last 67 starts with a -- well. And we -- he's going to be very capable starter force. What you look at is not setting performance side -- if we had injuries to our rotation. We know that and what we're gonna do in spring training we're gonna stretch out what so ever so morale all. If there's no need they would then go back in the -- and at that point. And it and then we start getting to that next step. That wave of depth and match where. But Steven Wright comes in play that's where -- Lester -- -- those being starts. Come into the -- sort of -- -- Which -- pretty good about our depth is right now looked remotely -- John just jump in here for a second you mention Stephen -- a couple of times at this point did you work with him in Cleveland before he made the transition to being a knuckleballer. No it was a usually draft stretch at University of Hawaii. You know in the top three rounds but he went right in the draft that are in and he really conventional what overpowering you as a college right hander and had good command. It's appropriate ball strikes while I'm -- And as she is. Physical -- probably. Took him to a level reached -- plateau. That you started all the local all the -- lastly and Cleveland and and use it make the most of. Doug movements up next you'll start by the ownership John Farrell. Hey guys I don't it's not like to know what kind of influence. Lucchino on the ownership group had on the decision making process for the he has brought the these guys are just really all cherries and brought. Well first of all -- -- active ownership group there are certainly going to be kept abreast and have an understanding of what the pool of talent is and then what are approaches. Towards beating -- on the roster. But I it's so having set out there there -- not commit just. Go unattended or their markets and on the side and it and to view from our third they're gonna wanna know they've been a bit. Obviously very strong interest in what's going on here they're totally committed terror that the money that you allocated to our roster and our payroll. So I will say this that there was clearly making -- strong recommendations for the army were regarded and that's how things played out. Stephen -- show up next to John Farrell. -- John welcome back to Boston my question -- is when you were here at the pitching coach. The step to get at some great years -- it's very clear that you aware of it in the clubhouse. And then once you're -- now that became more consistent and their work ethic. Came into question a lot so my question Hewitt. What do you think it's about you or management's Abbott get the staff to work and get in the put an extra hour that they need and northeast except. You know I can't speak -- the year -- what I -- all I can say is that you know. We we lay out there a plan of attack whether that sooner -- condition and in conjunction strength staff here. More importantly. It's it's a pre. I think pretty straightforward. Structured play and work our attack of the opposition on in this and reinventing -- -- the ones mind -- that we wanna. Maybe re -- It is attacking strikes element trusting the stuff early in the count. Through the first returns for strikes again these are basics for the pitching but I would here in command of the count and work and that hitter. A lot of things are gonna go your way and I don't want things you look practical walk totals. Because there were you know cars are trusting the stuff to attack the strike on a walk totals were down. And particularly in the ballparks. You. The less walks allowed. The better chance you're going to be in a position when a game like if need be. But I think those are those the basic elements that we strive for in. Told one another tolerable. It's a daily work that we put him in the attack plan was put together before insurers. Our -- we appreciate your time -- -- ask you one final question rank for me. The three appearances for you on the hot -- field which was the best second best at their -- that as much time to. Well clearly -- your question salute to -- so much they weren't jealous that better since -- No doubt -- my it was it was the top. What's really scary is that it's just two weeks ago here and you know we're -- have you -- the fourth time you've got that's like favorite big home runs and the other teams combined into one you make four years separation. Well I've got to control our time with my back so obviously you'd probably guess you know it's a major Phillips are I'm gonna to help you guys. I'll -- -- that's what we do we just like to get the redeem you fresh reaction from him and thanks a lot John appreciate aren't they start. Thanks Corey. That's Red Sox manager John -- kind enough to join us that your phone calls here.

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