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Thursday, January 31st Whiner Line

Jan 31, 2013|

Have you seen Mikey's phone? Anyone?

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. The white -- these aren't buying TTP. Proceed with caution. At least -- discretion music box to. Only Morris and now -- Laura you're alive. Today you pleaded guilty. To having sex with -- underage woman she was sixteen she claims should have known did you. Nolan says that's not my MO I've been ground gays and and people all my life I don't get down my -- and now I have I'm not the cause of prostitution. And happened sometimes I make mistakes and I -- go out -- but I didn't pick her up for no Dey gonna playground. It is humorous that. Mine a school bus will get enough -- school buses that this is a working girl WEEI. War. -- near line they came to my and came to my room and I don't know. Where he was enough acceleration Tomasson tonight tee and I say this right but it hasn't. These cells effects in the world dial 6177793535. -- -- and today it just a world. It's a world prostitutes maybe you never know what you're gonna get whiner line. -- bomb -- -- ago. Mow it it was going to be a young girl -- quality hill at best you can only ask and now in that no I don't card. I don't don't expo floor for birth certificate good WEEI. You whiner line. My ultimate. -- LT. Process just oldest profession in the world. Sometimes you've got as tough questions in that case well -- -- -- -- younger episode episode of law and it was a repeat the -- two quotes from there really used. The guys that and I didn't pick up you know school is currently the word for word which law and order -- was god bless you all. -- -- at a studio here my -- -- to watch out Kirk's chair and watch out we mean well the assassin -- people. The -- What -- podcast pretty good. And actually get somebody on -- that will answer our and that's the -- -- -- intensity between its water poured into it the more you can get the really -- there. Are some -- -- -- both. Cius opiates to expect it on video and I speakers. And Edmonton and they -- -- -- The store interview with an act like that's that's what I think of -- -- don't don't yourself. Clinic for probably the marksman whoever gets illuminate interview these when Reynolds. I don't draft guide to tail now -- -- the stuff comes mock draft him from Nielsen -- -- rooting for you what if you season imaginary ball carrier coming to jump some guys back you went into whatever there doing what they don't regret -- bottles and as a reliever out of -- because -- -- After -- finding fault because every patriot and certainly say that interviewed doctor it is what it is it is who did it isn't what it isn't it's the exact opposite go to double -- that case I'm -- finalized powered by AT&T WTI -- it's available on your iPhone -- android Blackberry device like the alleged to have one -- the most and to trust -- you -- if the patriots -- educating informing AT&T -- LG he was Spain's. A fast written project AT&T rethink possibly as all of us. -- Hey -- and end boat. I'm not only did I can't crush your president profile. You were one time did -- -- yeah I and a football experts strewn about me you can ever bigger bottom -- and again. That's fair Avago Linkedin profile but that is accurate solid start your back -- Your little day of the staff right right I had nothing -- from -- -- I think it is yeah negated some right. Is that right I thought young kids kick -- in -- scratching you know I get it. Now let's get this car works a lot better part of her idol I like to Curtis and her media debut. Yeah it was that your your -- of think it was Jim -- in boulder Jeter's jock guys stand -- In my show knows with Boozman can we -- -- that what was it will be your premise -- -- -- -- -- -- worked aboard Jim Rice and retirement -- some Alison is a player Jim Rice is not in the class Derek -- that's true -- Note that's false and our failure to take right and it sort of different Anderson fifteen. Amusing that they Jeter won -- rice well item that I simply shortstop stilts or some time here anything can happen -- stories out there that's true but as -- but as a post game analyst. Prices without -- -- -- -- -- don't -- get ready to -- Go to 45 minute -- Gotten guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And message a stupid. You're good at the dumb wine with. Yeah I am and what operate I -- -- -- -- that we had high. Okay back. Back. Scary. Everything at pat and. And -- -- what -- she asked me that like a personal friends with a guy generous -- the surprise you. No he's accused me anything with the things he's done the places he's put -- -- Anonymous has really now. Because of anybody that would you know -- -- -- that's why don't I am sure that females car's right -- Jeremy -- your phone I had dinner with Brigitte -- Did you -- She was great -- we what does that mean had we with the same restaurant or does that not reset we made her and her boyfriend Dave boom boom cannons that together and act as different. Global -- boom he's in a movie. -- the people thought they go a little world. Yeah drama all my -- go ahead. You know a little bit of power it is that we don't want -- want him a little model have plain -- -- the game and dot com. It worked out the wounds of war Aaron. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every day I want -- my -- the way. -- -- they would patent. What we got group that is as well one of my top five favorite. I have been dedicated song to then put this week are configured the my weight -- high school. Don't fit are the Big Apple and what -- OK do you -- -- about Bob me. Both of us about quote couldn't ask what how may. And then couldn. Wherever you are -- bridge fuel number of imported toy gun and I think -- broad based mobile -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jackie Robinson you'll want one of the greatest and -- -- wherever you want -- -- before would. And not a bad clothes -- -- How do you put. That together with one of the injury sisters dying a giant she's Jackie Robinson always hit your particular -- Who would you rather -- saying. -- -- -- Might be -- to make that decision. All my outlook today love -- now. We don't. Know quick. And obviously it was sorry to that indiscretions achieved significant and accuracy. -- Dan Marino still kind of makes headlines that mobile. Illinois no. Lack of protection and go back to protect. -- hit an option I wanna isotoner gloves. Whether it's exercise price of -- yeah. I. -- go up put you over under -- told people they go there be better off without Rondo. At about a 100000. And I've gone over the great guy. And so far you guys are too and -- you Rondo haters you to know without -- officially won and now. Where guys can because of OK just Sunday Shanahan again they didn't know where to someone you play and they still play in front okay -- -- -- I don't know if you I don't haters get it on the Toronto overall I don't know about that -- -- -- hole I just say you can't even -- -- part -- and -- -- Our example. So that code of good -- it would -- -- -- roar of the I don't know a little bit and very. -- -- were you guys there. Go apply to medical school and get off -- big red apple but I. Didn't think it. -- Where several spots always read -- -- -- -- that irritated at least. One candidate that it's not normally have a red. I thought. They're so big they're without wrong. Both thing. Can't all go away from may cause. And his mud and pray that didn't -- And -- message. Our fellow American -- -- good finish and an executive order batted the -- who. Voters from Bridgewater. Other Brit order to do about that or they referred to as Bobble. Britain although I have spoken bad at all that. God what a barbecue and -- And that message. IBM (WSJ) never objected to him. People who says he didn't ball deep into the you know he did I don't know they did just say I was -- Boston instead you point to a point. You're the president of the united states of four from the former president you have. He's governor of Arkansas upset at Baghdad stroller around I don't think he was I'm sure people have been looking form. That he'd always with his wife over Akashi members. Last week or so yes you've that's when she found out -- -- -- somebody asked the press for president you know house Hillary's -- -- she Monica. Horse. While the market you hold on to Verizon I -- -- -- is attractive -- 718. Edit me out that. Line. Like you know back when my investor and -- Flat handyman that the only way -- state. -- -- -- move up and went to become like ten different but it can equity and -- man eating a lot of absolutely and the Big Brother ahead. The deadline -- And I think they have what did you let it go that I pick -- and I didn't. Yeah that you have. Employment that -- your way of state. And that message. You never had a Butler -- it's real -- There -- up -- -- Red -- you watch the football promote recreational Roman Britain had married about our. Halfway through it -- back to life. And -- pregame Jerusalem. While much radio although they get mall based on the wall. Let's pray. I don't I don't know. Find it very. It our business fit that -- That we -- I have not yet but. And -- Helicopters. I really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She practice no means at its first got there about I. I'm really to keep -- just four hours. So this idea. And threatened. To. -- That party and Qatar now the -- that kills I don't know yeah -- are awful I read what you think about it yet you seem not -- -- way you are persistent. What that's a tough one and -- Bruce I understand -- says exacts a soapy strong connection. Yeah I have to go Bruce that's close -- -- able to -- partners make that decision. Mr. President Bruce good record -- two -- mean it was a Sampras -- albums -- actually. Last time you watch a complete sporting event to -- -- It's only leniency and it's better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't go it's -- As well I didn't call. But you. I had to Burma. That way I was certain I was using. I mean you ought to be here. What I asked him that what. We -- mean that that the goal appeared in the headlights look. And that. QQ. Apparently you aren't you concerned. Not your fault that two shipments. Apologists can. There -- -- on the bid to have fired me. Not to become you know Morgan Creek that very thing. But I thought that I -- get the job but it did it should be noted I'm -- -- -- -- -- Because of the Wanamaker and everybody. My proper and I don't wanna make sure that you know -- -- -- make sure that they can give -- enough time help me. You know how much they appreciated all the work that I did it and you know everything that -- more so great work that I expect anything you know. Serbia and. This one's dedicated to the -- gender bias. Removing the -- name in theory. You know. You know what the. It's true. Girls are guys who believe V. Agenda. I urge all finalists are might go I mean I heard it it's powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE's. Except the ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible.

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