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Maybe the Celtics are better without Rondo? No, that's "silly"

Jan 31, 2013|

The hot topic of the day is the debate between fans and media, as well as Doc and Danny, about whether the Celtics will play better basketball WITHOUT Rajon Rondo. People seem to be very divided on the topic.

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Sometimes you just don't want Sean being the one that describes stuff discussing vivid vivid imagination. Are backing the big show our way and -- it's -- -- 77797937. Will get -- -- -- Danny -- of the 4 o'clock hour this afternoon any wild week for them. I'll look like he might have to make changes anyway after we -- in Atlanta instead he finds out two days later. That he loses his point guard and maybe his best player for the entire season. And other get a changeup and a different ways and we'll find out how that affects any of where they go from here you'll be witnessed -- before Clark. Back of the phone calls we go -- clay in Boston likely. It would that I am so excited you neglect wine and a lot of good being gone which seemed a bit about Robert counterfeited. Etc. it. They cannot they know they've got -- could actually shoot the ball. Okay Bob okay that's the Robert and -- bet that -- -- -- minor league okay that god that -- got a bit of format. I dropped six straight as I wouldn't lose a lot of popular they've won two straight. A shooting percentage marks and guards in the league. -- committed -- -- it what you know loan interest and is the stronger what is the issue what is where is Rondo. In shooting percentage of guards in the Indian. It's Alan forming it so it should answer that thoughtful because I can tell you what he's been I don't know what the last -- But. He's right at the top. He's -- one to three if any has been over the last three years ago. And it become too. It takes to sit. Sure it's. That's not his job. That's not. Good clay and clay he's that facilitated that's not used to. But he will take it -- and it -- to -- in which. It. No it's advocates say that six game losing streak hasn't been solely because of Rajon Rondo he's part of the turning. What happened at all on him you -- Doc Rivers answered the question this morning about about what it di -- Doc Rivers into the question this morning. About what people. Are saying that there -- better team without John Rhonda. Glad we've been. Concluded it was not a yes or. If I guess it's and and I think I think Dodd called it I think ducks and it was reject. You know I don't wanna want -- -- -- -- -- because really silly so I'm not gonna say stupid I think that I'm being nice. So ominous thing certainly even know I want you to know that I really think -- stupid. Because you're losing an all star point guard -- -- certainly an all star point guard if she does that you take an all star away from your team. Replaced him with nobody. It now. You take away all start from your team with no replacement and your better. Actually tell you clay I -- you reconsider. Actually and -- important that you. I don't think that you'll get that they've got in particular he got caught in -- would look interconnected to not put anybody -- So -- So you think if they may have if KG goes out or pierce goes out at the table -- and the -- doesn't win another. -- -- -- -- course Beckett what did you listen for a second. So if you take out KG by that logic to pick up KG and you take out years in your worst that means you'll not win another game for the rest of the year. Back to took a bad. OK we can't -- that -- but not instead -- He's just starting point guard in the Eastern Conference will start. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I tell you what this is the most really. It's the whole concept of people really think that their brother Michael's right you replacing him with anybody else are you talking about the people that can shoot. -- -- -- This addition Hillary had the opportunity to shoot here. Barbosa so the opportunity to shoot. Ali the opportunity to shoot breathless at the opportunity to shoot the opportunity to shoot out. Are you have the opportunity. To shoot so why aren't they a better team if you like those other players would. The best facilitator of the US. -- -- -- and defend bigger technical and the extent and I would do it before you go to a congenital so much. Why is it casket has been in the -- doc. You know coming out disabling it it's ridiculous what. Why did go Paul Pierce answered the question -- when Doris Burke had told him about that Rondo being out for the season he set all my gut. Why -- players on the team. Visibly upset why did EG gold on it on an old. After it's finally sinking -- why would the players do that if the guy is nothing but you know piece -- -- boring like you describe them. Wouldn't let it sit still but I don't feel like -- might think OK it's about what that would mean everybody liked the I want to particularly. Okay well -- do -- you can go to go to. And it inaccurately about. You bring your sister has its own our drought has -- Thank god I hate it I mean. I get out. I got a little Miranda was apparently it's not but even migrant denies them. Okay obediently does this work while I just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Indy when we get we get here. When he was asked about -- -- at this. I run -- out there obviously some strong emotions. When it comes to -- they don't like to write the Yankees punks. Party -- -- For some reason he's a kid they don't like if you take away amendment meant to somebody who's not an all star yet. If you take away Avery Bradley from the Celtics. In the you know bring in anybody else. You're not a better team correct. So to take away because he brings something -- -- -- you still wouldn't have not take away whatever it is he brings your worse right so with a Rondo. Where do you think he's a -- W said blown up like a balloon here -- only the creation. Of the creation of things over high. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He still gives you thirteen and eleven. So we take the guy gives you thirteen and eleven and you replaced him with nobody know you don't he's giving more time to Barbosa more time to leave. More -- brought somebody. You Mort somebody gets more time when these guards maybe Jeff -- Perry who knows. In a better. Somebody principal opponent. Action. Somebody's got to make up those numbers. Britney you've got to change the way you play the game we still have to somebody has to pick up those numbers -- -- that your phone calls plus ducks reaction. When he was asked question about people like this last caller who think this team is better off without a job. We've heard it. I'm sure -- -- we've heard from so many people sent all the will be better without Rondo will be in they'll do different. Is it that is certainly silly docket as overall in the big picture but. What specific things and you'd do better and you play better defense without Rondo. Well I don't know our main the bottom line brother have a home. But we do have other guys who do different things. You know every Courtney Lee and Avery yeah size at the dark spot you know so. They're they're more -- darts and defensively they can be more physical so in beltway event helps com. You know the biggest everybody does different things -- those who we are now. Our servers so afterward -- -- -- Jason's and -- -- to make sure WEEI hello Jason. They -- afternoon. Or all -- that -- -- I get up truck as it by saying that I am not a Celtics stand or Rondo. I don't take beat. Out that he'd -- opt out there at all star but. The couple lead and I guess my thought -- why it. Stop it into doing that so -- of course some the it. Number 1 at Eastern Conference all our current journal -- anyway. I also think going back a last year this problem which are double faults. Sense of where the Celtics are hierarchy. He doesn't. In all honesty so researchers call without parole last year as well. And I have re -- I don't know Celtic get by Chicago and so. At that point. Decent girl caught effort at the end this is so I just didn't do well Ron are you compete against he'd. Like Chicago like a Miami. Down the stretch it's. Whether or not you order star Ernie cedar and look at an art -- travel differences that make it to marginally better with similar about him at all so I mean. I get so Smart I know you don't. You don't like it's. It's a good thought Jason. In and you said the reason some people are taken this taken this approach that look the Eastern Conference and there was any juggernaut in the Eastern Conference and that's fair but if you say if you look at it that way when you say as a Celtics ran. -- we're not dead yet. Look at this conference. We don't have Rondo. But we can still compete against some of these teams are not afraid to Indiana I'm not afraid of Atlanta and you go to on that list are not afraid of you know Philadelphia behind you're not afraid of Philadelphia not afraid of Brooklyn. You wanna avoid Miami and probably Chicago. And that's about it. So that's that's reasonable. But how do you take. Looking at a weak Eastern Conference. Looking at your team without Rondo and end and say we're better without them so. It's so you you you can't and it becomes more difficult when you get into the playoffs because you're going to go up against your better point guard that is absolutely. No question about up but this is they but we always have knowledge about things like this in town. Generally. This is refreshing -- give guys credit the better about -- people. Generally you people are the ones saying the -- you're the ones saying there's. The media. It's the media. -- some. Alone leave many alone leave JD drove alone. Leave and want only candidates that went about a time honored on leave -- So now it's round it's coming from the grass roots movement it is. And weren't -- their side there's not a single person in the media writing right now. Which you're saying so this is your your take circular. You're taking any you know better and you don't. The interesting thing about what you just said about not a single media person writing that they're better off without Rondo. I think a lot of the media people are not crazy about Rondo because. It doesn't help them do their job. He's he's not a guy that's easy to deal with. When you're out there -- debate so it's a guy that if you wanted to go have your little personal agenda if you -- the media guys out there you could city and so this is a good time to. In stoking up a little bit right. Actually we have. Terry who he is in terms of that dynamic with the media where. There there's there's -- hot and cold. Off -- on a lot off more often on relationship with people in the media. But it doesn't seep into the coverage. Of the player until after the player players gone we haven't seen it -- You heard the stories are known not to mossy give credit to Ross -- was when the first people when Nomar was in town. To say something about it than -- Buckley says something about him after that for the most part. Nomar. Starting with his rookie year all the way until 2004. The -- was traded. -- pretty contentious. Relationship with the media. He was hour -- a lot red line in front of Islam wasn't just him but he if he really got into enforcing that. That rule it was really. Start off as an innocuous thing OK I guess give this a small clubhouse after the guys in space so you know. Camera people reported. To be aware of the Red Line but no -- that red line and like okay us vs them. You -- crosses there redlining and have problems. We didn't hear I think did you have cars updated and they wouldn't allow it and hear a lot of those stories. A lot of Nomar is soured stories and -- now right Rondo. That's a good -- noble are similar in the way that the medium. Feels about these guys. But I think I just don't get the the idea that this is going to be a better team different team yes they got them. Challenge ahead of them they're going to be able to do a few things may be better without Rhonda. All but on the whole the complete package and I just don't see here's pat up in Maine that. And all of the shell I got a great job out. Now landed. And don't you -- it which it did maybe. Could opt to gather in -- like a little better. It was a little more are. About to rally around and Rondo the -- out player ball in court. Short -- leader of men. And with that. You'd say well it should stay out operate at. Nobody is accusing Rondo being a great shooter. I -- nobody's. Nobody's expecting him that to be. -- great leader of men as you say he would not not now. Took great leaders. Of about the players two great leaders. -- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett got a great leader -- your head coach. Rondo doesn't have even have to play that role right now don't know when those guys leave. KG is gone -- is gone and then in the building around Rondo you know how to do it but right now it doesn't. But as a point guard don't you kinda have to have a little bit of that. On the court on the court all you have to do -- be able to facilitate what -- you -- you -- ago you you're not necessarily very motivated again it's gonna get him go. Could they win more games the rest of the regular season. Arm without Rondo then they did with Rondo -- my guess is they probably will. And if you look at the last couple seasons they played poorly the first of the season that Rondo and -- played much better in the second of the season I just think they're built that way. To play better in the second half of the season -- -- -- something to do with the scheduling -- -- to do with the old bones. -- getting more orders point to Pat's point that they have something to rally around right valid idea. I think that equipment and that is certainly did that last -- president also that applies to everybody. If you lose you lose when he your key guys now you say hello we don't we can't afford to turn on turn off. And that there was some intensity so that would indicate that it -- appears lost KG and or in this case losing Rhonda. Are we got more demand telltale thing a little bit later because doctor Phil's gonna sit down with. Eight I also daddy's coming up to 4 o'clock -- This is -- around so I'm always in the garden and I ordinary but not yet we're way who has always. The lesbian Americans. -- lesbian Erica thanks. Acura division I took what 777. 7937. Celtics for the big huge -- last but they blew out Sacramento. Never really was a game after the first quarter first quarter game and after that ceiling of -- from -- and we've already articles they're better off. Without -- it's not like it's AM. A large majority of callers that are calling up there enough of them out there were wondering if it's just that. John Rondo is as Michael described him what are those guys those lightning rods that for some reason. We we know they're really good players. What does something the pump them that we just don't like and so maybe that's the case right now in the way that people are reacting to John Rhonda. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it like oh I love the show. You comment on old rotten thing but I'm more important regular question. I want to actual -- it. Found. Out that you and it's all -- yeah I think pop it in the water about Celtic players Al -- in particular. More championship ring if he could have Antoine Walker bring him down opposite. Other facility was a -- can say hey it was a great team. Yeah I. Bought off the team order of aggressive advocate I think -- I don't think -- brought him down I think he brought into line up -- give -- to -- credit for this house and -- the -- Joey. That if if you ask me to describe DeMarcus Cousins with the same school as Tom by the way I see DeMarcus Cousins is eight taller Antoine with the worst attitude. -- actually cared checks in with a serving in the cafeteria yet so. Antoine given credit for this he realized very quickly. That he wasn't the best player on the team and he began to even though he was still the captain of the team he began to defer. You Paul Pierce on the court because he knew it was better. Every I think it was the opposite I think. Pierce really helped him. You know what that's one thing that I I amount of last night's game with Joey is not thought there were times that Paul Pierce was trying to defer his game. Said everybody else up and he needs to right now. But I'm not sure that's good for the team in the long. Because they're still going to need. Forty points tonight from Paul -- Did you get that feeling where everything else are those that market did you get that feeling less than it was just deferring it touched -- -- -- everybody does not get everybody involved and opulence. And there are times when Paul can do that but he can't because they don't have enough guys -- can they can score but I think will but I think. -- Of I think there's a method to it if you're trying to get everybody involved with your first official game where everybody knew. That Rondo was going to be there that you know on Sunday and fun and after the after the fact so you try to get everybody involved. Everybody feels like they're part of -- -- they all know. Paul Pierce is not afraid to take a shot and and a big situation. He was shying away from stuff early on -- -- let him. -- good look at that look at the body of work look at the career look at the guy in laws he loves big shot who loves big games. A second chance of doing that here's -- just like Kobe you know Kobe and in part of their winning streak their modest winning streak the lakers are shooting that. Yet a couple of games were near triple double fourteen assist. Just trying to get everybody involved. But if it comes down to -- the lakers. Need to score -- and go to go to Coby who take a shot anyone haven't you won't have any problems with. -- -- -- The MacWorld and the other day on I don't understand what we who would you rather keen. Beat talented and they don't win. Fourteen that won't go hostile. In growing their talent. I'll make it very simple for you I would rather rouge on round UB healthy. And we go in with this entire crew with we're genre and they give a better chance which Rajon Rondo the world out of. Larry I think I I agree with I agree with you I'd rather have a hustling team. That does the right things and I also agree if you feel this way you feel like the Celtics -- under achieved at this point I agree with that point as well I think. Where where well to back away from everything and -- just throw my hands up -- a -- -- meanwhile what the hell's going on. When people say the reason their underachieving. The reason they're not playing up to their capabilities is because of Rondo in the if you take Rondo out of the mix suddenly. All of their problems blowing 27 point leads in seventeen point lead and and allowing teams go on seventeen no runs. Those will all disappear because Rondo is gone I'd. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it sure is part of what he is what percent up and -- -- little thing that I have noticed the most in the first half of the season when they lose Lisa let me ask you if you've seen. The exact same thing Larry. Is Kevin Garnett goes out of the game. And suddenly this team has trouble in trouble with -- in trouble in it defensively especially interior defense. Rajon Rondo does not play -- a powerful. He may or. Almost every initial pass in the offense because -- him. If you noticed the same thing if you notice the same thing in the first embassies in KG leaves again. In this team has problems. But that's OK but that's not Rajon Rondo. Don't know what you know what you're throwing you're throwing the fault of his team struggling in the first at what's on average on broad question there aren't. Important that the book local Rondo question that we'd be better without him -- -- and that you're you're seeing it I think that's when you played one game. One game went -- -- equal Egypt. Not all the one game against the heat is a much different game you -- you -- understand that that happens in the NBA when you lose a player. At that one day a lot of times you win that game that you go back in history of the NBA and CO2 times a bird and magic one of the great players didn't play and that team ends up. Winning that game without that the player. It just happens that last night you got your first game in which they are playing. There -- new offense right now this new spread offense without a legitimate point guard while -- was game. Pulpit and win or -- robot and it's. In the same -- I tell you what all of its hilarious let's watch this thing play out I'll tell you when the end. You'll be seeing the same thing that that a lot of people are gonna say. That is now that we would've been better off with we have a better shot which version and a. I don't think we ever replacement on our team we obviously need to look for something that's portrayed her being talked about. There are -- don't -- they were being -- -- that nobody else before before we let you go here Larry I let me ask you that's what an honest answer them. Where the Celtics better. Off with the without Kendrick Perkins. So it hurt them to lose Kendrick Perkins. It helps them to lose Rajon Rondo. When it helps them but it certainly put it on it -- the onus is on other players. To play more to their. Just a bit in an applicant to -- to do it in England were waiting for a minute. I'm running political and or where implement started Larry -- -- you're so emphatic. At the beginning I'm sorry and now. No I'm Larry and out you have -- well Larry we have changed the yard like it nice job a moment ago I like it like it are we. Go to the same thing. A lot of it may be this much. People want the team to win more often we want the team to win as well. So if you want the team to win and you know that -- -- -- coming back you know that's in the rearview mirror so you should ignore. You know. I actually think they can be without without Rhonda -- you just eat you sell yourself because you wanna believe now in the Perkins deal was -- Most people. But a because arguing with a I was sitting here saying you took away a guy who is an important piece of what they're doing defensively but everybody shut. I shouldn't have a majority of the people felt that they were better off without him. Kendrick Perkins wrecked and I I still believed to this day they had Perkins they would have had a shot at winning the idea. What about a shot when he. Now long term. I agree on much of the Perkins was the best player in what you start losing KG and Paul Pierce changes up everything is suddenly. You can't -- is that is you know fits into your it would you don't. But for that you know. He -- there was no mama. And what I said to Larry that he was. He was when he present the problem just like you'll be -- those five guys out to 20% of and that's probably too -- That that number two guy -- on -- given it is. Of the five got the five starters in and it's a number of things. And great Abdul Jabbar -- -- a larger one. Robinson hurt in. Get a little bit of each one of the again yeah Rebecca I think rustling at like 4% to close it out didn't didn't have Celtics. In the year that Rasheed. Was on the team. They have a stretch 127 and 27. -- longs where Republicans more than half the season. They went 27 when he said he knows a good game -- -- for -- are all things play hard and can spoil our. God bless. Them have been appointed as the players. We've seen teams under achieved before in nobody became the face of I guess at the time machine with a face of the under achievement even though he was coming up the bench. Now it's Rondo Rondo is the source of all of their problems it just think that's that's look I'm not buying and I'm not either. I'm applying -- -- I think in the long run unfortunately we're gonna see this because I had high hopes the beginning of the season that this team if they could stay healthy and in. That they could compete. Certainly in the east that they admit that I thought it would be -- Miami again in the Eastern Conference final thing we haven't even talked about. What it was when they lose some of these noble games now they just lost. -- we don't you know we don't know how long they're gonna lose him but it's a back problem and remember. That's why he dropped out until the draft so much because there was a back issue this is the first revert to the back issue. But he's a point right now where we've just about complete the college season. So now he's in the bonus time from what he's been accustomed to playing basketball -- -- -- I don't know. KG can KG stay healthy every single game the rest of the year Paul Pierce. I mean I've got to believe there are some nagging injuries here that those of the night's. When you get Rajon Rondo that can take over game and can buy you that night when you don't have one of your other guys wouldn't. -- really could've been -- -- you know we do have a system that can go either way. There are solutions we know. The old he -- the move would mud and Tony. You needed a point guard and a really do when the run that system. So are really do depend depend on the -- ball tricky triangle that you don't need a point guard immediately Barmes. Is met. Basically where we're at right now we -- run in the triangle born in this heard often -- similar. Where the point guard as a matter of important. Inching your matches the triangle because it's similar to try to deal. I'll probably with with more players than just these three guys but -- we start Chicago occurs when you have Michael Jordan. Are kind of works you know and then when you look at edit the earlier days with Los Angeles got Kobe gonna tackle already -- it -- it worked pretty good you know. The question is. What these guys do with -- what does Jason Terry do it well what has lead to that this is going to be the thing to see how this plays out. A let's go to DJ DJs in Jamaica -- -- -- Go to -- are you know these are great and our our home. Our group of people are gonna call up and got out front or Iran builds the bomb and so forth but yet there is also -- they definitely a great player however I called additional note shall on this station went right and guys are. That trade Lauren bill. When it was a good idea oh you can really get two pieces. To replace. And the public -- not a better team right now without Rondo. However I do think that. Home spirit gasoline certain aspects. But the -- that became -- look I'm much better and they helped them win more games and the first one news. Defensively. They'll be a totally different because Rondo. Would ever read error when -- first came into -- he seemed to play better defense. When you've got a point where he played no decent people argued blow past him all the -- And yeah identity of the Celtics when they won the championship. Was strong -- They've lost some of that when they lost -- And if they don't have you know what would -- the big hole in the in the arms that the position if they double click on that are clean and I don't think they have which absorb while we felt like. What bill was just another liability although he can score can blow past people you know and dynamic dynamic now that stupid game but what to. Era that really hurt the -- with it depends on the fact he didn't play enough and in effect he couldn't hit the -- -- -- would spread the field. And make. Regain use your other. Wanna give -- the killer in his game that was free throw shooting to me if you're gonna go to the hole as often as he does. Teams -- gonna follow you and they just gonna hack away actually games to get you to the free throw line. It's difficult to keep a player who can make free throws appear in the last minute of the game they what you best players out there. But the defense support he was a very good defense of players made first and second all defensive teams that's back I agree. He's not playing the same type of defense. He gambles far more by the white -- successful a lot of those he ambling. And chances that he takes out there but the other thing is not that big. As far as as bulk and strength and I can saves are saves it now for the offensive end I think it's more by design I don't think it's lazy to get credit for me for making that -- shot. Making and taking an open China. Do I give -- back to give him credit for that now yeah. I'll give him -- -- by doing that little bit better and yet in the other numbers like much. Much better -- the numbers the numbers say he's much better especially if you don't want certain points in the storm and there there are lots of low web sites. It you can look on the to regard the Obama the shark this really great elbow he's one of the best players in the league you make -- -- right elbow jump. Okay are back in the group that he'd taken more more -- -- make him and I can I I hear about the number but it also very important numbers mean. While he was and while he was star point guard and it was wins and losses the more you're eight CT. I don't think we're gonna do any worse with what. Been there and -- they work for. What I didn't win a championship -- a -- people are I don't know I just don't think they're going to be worse -- That's why have all advocated -- contribute all of the great player and could hit a little peace and in return for. -- I thought it would be better off the -- incident in the wind you have to be extremely strong perspective like they were when they want that -- dimensional. Everything has to go KG and and and -- went. It's not going to be -- -- opening report that deployed yet he may be a little secured that way. I won't let up I what are those. What are the DJ and Glen since they won a championship. They have not been weak defensively since when -- championship. Every year we've been a top five defensive team every year. 2010 minute when it top five defensive team last year it went -- 515. That's not the issue and I think. You can't do that the problem is you can't do a Red Sox unloading salary to give -- ruby Della Rosa and Webster and the trade they made. Over the summer. Because the campuses that could allow you to do that and teams are gonna do that they don't give you. It's a liking get in -- the pieces you're thinking of our first round yours. In a bad team is that gonna give your first rounder for obvious reasons. And -- good team gives you first rounder it's. Every first rounder who going to be role players. But not necessarily impact on. And I -- first round draft pick for Rajon Rondo unless it was a great draft Emanuel was the number one and number two -- in two great players on the board. I'm not gonna take my chance. Go to the lottery. Given a runner a you and I both were in agreement. We traded for Chris Paul -- in -- heart regard Jennifer Chris Paul -- -- better all around the Rajon Rondo but getting back to you that. The -- -- point. Over the last two years they have been -- the first half of the season a -- and they've been great second half the season. So the barometer to -- of -- set up the criteria here. For what they should be in the second half of decision is great the second half of the season without Rajon Rondo because of their better. Without Rajon Rondo. Then they should pretty much be able to do easily. What they did the last couple years what Rajon Rondo and that is get off to a real slow start to the first half of the season. And because -- an older team takes them awhile to get going. They -- Smart really paid dividends later in the season younger player especially fresh out of college are accustomed to shortest seasons they Wear down a you know. Get a little to the point where they hit the wall. This should be a great team in the second have a decision in should get -- -- I just don't see that happening. While they're really going to be tested in the and the test is gonna come. Fairly soon. Mean it's that Somalis -- -- so they have Orlando coming to the clippers on sun yeah so well clippers on Sunday Orlando tomorrow. But this -- and -- the lakers. I'm on the seventh. Considering what this installment where you get them out there -- -- we got to here got to -- A week from today. The lakers are here then you turnaround. I start up this road trip which is that pretty comical -- He got here at Charlotte come back home -- Chicago after game. Then at Denver. At the lakers. At the suns. At the blazers. At Utah. That closes up that word being the son out that the test and be nice to strike you get a better write -- David macaw hero and W. They don't do. Our gentlemen I have to say all the bloody angry. At Akron. Yeah I hope I hope your phone allows you time you got that little that wavy thing going on with your phone I don't know what it is to go ahead. Of us how long it will. You'll keep up here. The first one -- kind of agree with Larry. And quite the Celtics have been on watchable and I don't necessarily what brought a lot of what -- -- -- brought bill. But they've been on watchable at times I think part of it is anyway that dominate the ball and I think the other guys all the new parts. They haven't really found their niche when he was here now they have to find their -- when he ought. I don't show why -- we whining and directing it and Rondell. And not saying where's the Jason Terry that I remember in Dallas. You know worst Courtney Lee that are remembering Houston what why are these guys doing more. I think they have to pick up the game I don't think they have a choice. I think it felt like they had a choice war that he was saying brought those in charge. Their new leader. -- you're giving him a little bit of extra slack here they should have picked up their game because they were brought in here to help this team and give them. A lot of depth around a couple of aging players but. Okay you're right. Now there's no excuse self esteem. Fails over the second half of the season. And people point the finger directly at the adjacent area and and lean and green and those guests. I think you're right I think the -- that you guys talking about. Whether they keep order not. Hoping to pick up pick and obviously. Roddick gonna -- -- that you can already see last on etiquette and at the change their game. Germanic -- and I don't we got her last night but hopefully it's nothing serious with the tobacco soldier I don't see sellinger in the starting line up. I think you're gonna have to change stuff around there. To try to get but more ball movement rhetoric has to be too much into what you said you don't see sellinger I don't see them let him out of there I don't I don't actually. I mean if you look at you look at sellinger that you're -- -- your point about the wall for rookies and it happens that to most rookies but. -- that he's getting their physical wall. What he's doing he has already scaled the wall mentally he's doing things now that he didn't. Didn't quite understand the first few weeks of the season. So he's starting to understand exactly what they wanted to do really meant to even get graphic you see there's no mistakes. I was amazed at this that rising star team I don't know any rebounds he's one guy on this team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You need him for down low presence now. As were that's sweet and so I just think we'll see how it plays out I just think doc will make that will make that change. The second point I had a that I think that -- outlawed no I'm hoping he could see the way the other operate. From a distance and maybe integrated spell better with all the other complementary player. So so what other word jerk your blaming everything that's happened on him it's his fault he hasn't done what he needs to do now I would agree with you. That Rondell. Has not been able to. Facilitate the newer guys -- maybe the newer guys are part of the up problem. -- facilitate a good word I guess I hadn't thought of it that way but I I'd agree with that. So how much of it is just problem and how much of it is the younger players icu and not the younger players the new -- -- constantly. Out here read directing they call a timeout he's walking over agreed he's he's diagram where you should they're wrong -- you -- right. So how much of that is wrong -- fault as opposed to other guys. You know -- that we run these plays all week long and you guys still run on the wrong -- So if you're Rondo and a play breaks down because one guy. Is not doing what he's supposed to do -- double pick whatever might. It's run those responsibility now. To make something out of that broken electric to the hole. It's an old dished it at all I'd take that Iraqis would do so I think if you don't wanna waste out of 242 clock right. Exactly exactly who we've seen that now that that explains. Some of the things on offense that have been right it. There's still something about. Defense is defense has not been -- the level -- question that should -- no question initiative from and that's why did you play. And we know what we've seen it -- it would be different we believe -- know what he can do defensively need to get a life became totally is that the bad but the player in that. That's his reputation you -- okay. Live with that he's a point guard who can pass very well run up at the camp lady. We know that's not for I'll tell you he likes cheat a little bit right now take a few gambles out there and he knows. Every once and Wally -- applicable --

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