WEEI>On Demand>>B's fans in for an old fashioned 'donnybrook' tonight!

B's fans in for an old fashioned 'donnybrook' tonight!

Jan 31, 2013|

We talk about the knock-out, drag-out fist fight we're all expecting out the Bruins and Sabres tonight.

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I'd if you are a hockey -- Who doesn't like. Fighting in the game. And there are there's an element out there -- people that you don't want the larger rinks and don't want that any flights during the course of the game they want it to be totally eliminated from the game. Then shut off the TV set that you do not wanna watch the scheme that this game is going to be brutal this game will laugh. Yes it's gonna be out of the game. You can say well come -- I just because of the personnel we have made the Bruins make the move today. In which. They're gonna make our Chris -- in active to put lately to. What do you like -- -- I don't think they're doing Brett. Because. Jon Scott is on the Buffalo Sabres at 68270. Pounds. And -- gets -- so then added people. To give them that forensic quality and tonight but the Bruins they're gonna get into it's we're gonna have some fights that will be talking about we Jack highlights -- -- That are and I wonder why and what's wrong with a quote while this is what's wrong with that for buffalo. Is fighting and infighting in the game. You're not going to change as a secretary for awhile but in terms of buffalo having two guys like that. After the game the game has changed where you can't necessarily carry. A guy because he's going. Can't carry Gomes eminently. You can carry a guy that did they can fight Dennis Dennis skill as well what shot the shot and I don't know I don't know what he's just now customs bureau. Now but I'm talking -- -- -- like we had here a few years ago and and I liked watching them fight but that's pretty much all he did Cold War. And then he had bounced right. -- did it was quite of these guys right now in the league you have some skill you can throw home up -- on at least a fourth line right. Which -- getting right. As some of those guys go up and down. That Europe for the big leagues and have their back they send it back down and they do specifically for for is that their -- There was some bad blood here if you remember yes. Ryan Miller -- Miller this bad blood here I just think it's going to be. A phenomenal game -- ticket it's going to be phenomenal entertainer fights it's commission but to be great entertainment in this game. You'll be emotion. -- -- -- complete they'll be some fights as well honestly. Which Iran and IIII. And I do like aspect of the game what you're right in terms of the excitement level from Jack -- turn the TV yup. When this happened these -- he he -- some fights now. That was even a fight. Don't know what was that that. You know that -- It was it wasn't. -- -- -- Check that was really when he was plain -- -- -- I thought well we'll check -- -- get a phone calls your big joke. Pick it up with Tom in New York what's up to be. A spot proper spot bartered out is PK -- get laid out Montreal yet. Anyway. I -- -- -- -- a lot but I got a lot besides didn't you know. It's been living gate. Product that you meet. Then any other team in sport that we now based already haven't been out that you might have Richard at a chart that that -- sure but I mean you that -- -- -- pretty liberal on a guy on Earth Day. It's an Allah is not an element of the game element of the NHL game element is that it's -- element on you know it's our hockey. It's it's. NHL. Part of the editor David Hartley and it's hard NHL that's it. It. I think it doesn't part of college. As a part of the college game absolutely not. -- school no way. So it's it's NHL creation. This I think at that point it's all so. I think it -- break I think those guys got there there. Are definitely -- -- lap but then I think there. I think they experienced enough and I think they're. Strong guys that we talked about concussions and hit nowadays that needs. To stop that stop -- -- any others. Yeah but the fight is a little bit different guys in their -- they did not planted solidly. On the on the on the ground. Of those punctured -- only now. What a bit of blood she's got to wait and suddenly you guys that -- -- -- -- the -- -- Etched in. Our create. Your right now I would that would be even. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A slap shot. Israel a slap shot -- -- guys get hurt in hockey when somebody gets rammed. Against the boards. When somebody does something. You know -- in. It up and down the ice or whatever. The fights rarely do they get -- I mean they get -- -- -- amid the Adobe's face in her husband beat up a few times but they really get hurt. We really see a lot of the concussion stuff there was that other hockey fight -- -- -- -- number I don't. I'm sure we do I think it I think you see him more within the elements. Of the game or sometimes slightly outside the legal elements of the game here's adamant lol what's up Adam. They can't vote on animals. Equipment into the apple right now hockey team keeping the guys that -- -- early cheap shot and you know goon tactics. Who -- it's eight. He earned it by again but now I know he's he's he's. On. A lot to get -- -- you know. Well I mean he serves that purpose for the steam. But he is he but he's got skill level where he can -- out there on the fourth line that by the way would this team. It's an awful lot of ice right yeah he's not afraid to -- anybody but he can do Morton.

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