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Danny Ainge in-studio with the Big Show

Jan 31, 2013|

We talk to Danny Ainge for an extended interview live and in-studio with Michael and Glenn. We talk about the impact of the loss of Rondo, whether or not the Celts were players in the Rudy Gay trade, and if Danny would consider moving Paul Pierce in a deal.

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We verdict I'm sure you burden we've heard from so many people sent all the will be better without Rondo they'll be you know they'll do different. Is it that is certainly silly. Doc Rivers this morning -- Dennis and Callahan or a lawyer and holly back here in the big shell and -- change joins us live in studio. President of basketball operations human interest in weekend. I've added that we go to veto land here in studio. Like that they'll carry it out you reap what we hate to bear itself out. Cell phone do you Republican edit now look at look at problems. And looks new cordless and it works or doesn't it doesn't matter market this right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guarantee you when you're making a trade that's our -- works works a lot better and that does it. Did you first find out. That because it's so bizarre you didn't think of it certainly on Friday night and in the game in Atlanta you didn't. Know -- So Saturday you don't hear anything from -- Sunday he shows companies feeling a little bit of -- thinks it's like hamsters. It's a Sunday without it was a hamstring injured before the game. Didn't think he should play. But did not have any idea doctor McKee and actually do an evaluation on him but that there could be an ACL injury in. Sin entered hospital that was the first time -- -- Sunday before -- game. So when did you find out. The the results of that camera when he was on the way to hospital -- wells on the way to hospital like you know there's -- check disease CEO mixture. There's nothing wrong there's ways I was the first inkling that we might be in and missed. During the game. -- game found out that it was. There. Are -- gonna make any moves. To replace him I mean directly you may ask somebody -- talking about. A guard and specifically point guard got to do anything. Well. Now right now I mean there's there's a lot of reasons why we're not just jumping out doing something right now I mean there. There really is nobody that you gonna find it to replace Rondo obviously through trade or through. Freeagent acquisition at this time a year with art in flexibility but I think that. Words that we'd like the guys -- -- Barbosa has been dying for a chance to play in and Jason Terry and Avery playing some more point position and -- those guys are looking for an opportunity so I think it's that the chance pressed to see those guys. Play without on the plane to see what they're capable of doing. Did you have an idea before. The injury that you were looking at the -- acerbic as I know every week keep you on the bad cellphone you tell us how much you you'll like distinct. And his team has not lived up to the expectations but you keep on saying you really like this -- you think eventually. They'll come together war right now they're missing a a key piece but you an idea. Of where you ordered to go between now on the trading deadline depending on the plate and has changed. A lot. I think I've been pretty consistent on this team the last couple years. I thought I set it like the individuals. Obviously don't like twenty and 23 which we were up up when when -- heard that's not I didn't like key part of that. In I didn't like the 2727. And 2010 and I didn't like -- thirteen and seventeen start from 2011. But what I of what I have continually said as I like with these guys are made -- you know particularly our core. Guys that have been here for along time and had great successes. I know that when it comes time to and you can say playoff basketball big games where whatever. I know what they're made of and I know that they have something extra in its edit in gear that can take it to another level. And that that's the confidence that I developed in them and in doc knowing that these guys will all be there and be ready late season but. You know at some point in every year I think that. You'd doubt what whether it's gonna work whether the pieces -- whether it's the right combination of guys. And this year there's there's no question that those doubts creep in -- I think I still have I'm still looking at that still looking -- now how now how is gonna work in but but I've never questioned. Sort of weather. Jeff Green comply or whether Courtney Lee can play or whether Brandon Bass can play I mean. Those guys have played too well too much throughout their careers. That to you know to question those things the question is are at is that right fit. And speaking of questions the American -- What we've been asking people earlier today because it is it has taken on a life of its own. The team is better without roundup that's what a lot of people are sent to an -- when asked you to defend that. I wanna take it to another level and say what -- your. Expectations for Rondo coming into the season. And how did you think he was not living up those expectations. I think Rhonda was -- a very good basketball year I think he was I think he's maturing on and off the court and make his role as leaders improving. I think that he is a fantastic player I mean the guy. He single handedly carries this many nights and I don't see how people don't see that mean there's games the game against Chicago where we lost by one you and I were sitting by the that the -- he was unbelievable he was clearly the best player in the -- In so you know when people say -- we don't we don't we're going to be better without Rondo or. You know the team's going to be do better without him I think that that's just. Mean -- it's silly he's a great great player and he's proving that time and time again I mean the guy's been in BP of probably 45 series. Over the last five years not just. Individual games here and there is triple doubles on national TV he's been the best player in a series against LeBron James. He's been the best player in the series against Derrick Rose. He's been the best players you know in -- series and in you know in three games and it in a final series. The guy has been has done too many good things that the question is though you know how do you. Other pieces right around him and and so sometimes needless to say our offense plays better now on the people say oh you know but that doesn't mean that Rondo still not a great player. But I think that we're gonna have some ups and downs in. Guys are gonna get an opportunity to play quickly and maybe there's some doozy hasn't for the opportunities that you CEO of the guard play. But I think overall we're -- we're gonna greatly missed. Two things come up all the time one that he doesn't play much defense that's one of the criticisms we get. And yet he's already got a first and second all defensive team maybe Walsh changed -- in the last year year and now. And the other one is he's a stat freak as he keeps on getting the triple doubles many times have we heard the last couple weeks on national team on national TV and he. They're throwing it out there that he just gets them on national TV gets the triple double. When you got you know 35 points and took about 62 shots that was kind of like -- that forty. As opposed to a guy who's you know who you know getting huge numbers in points and rebounds and assess -- of. Well you know first of all I think that that the whole stat world that we've grown up again. And the whole concept of double doubles and triple doubles is a bunch of nonsense anyway I mean. There's a lot of guys have seen a triple doubles have bad games. It doesn't mean that your winning mean there's someone so much more of the game there's guys that get to rebounds and three assists have more of an impact on the team winning. -- by playing defense every single possession so I understand that criticism. Where that knock that's possible most of the triple doubles I've seen Rondo. Were pretty special performances individual performances not at all. But most of them are I mean the rebounds and he gets most guards can't do it. The assists that he gets a lot of people can't get. So I think that that's. They may take a gamer two or three that he might have been you know hunting like that you know I think that the Detroit game doesn't help. Read the Detroit game we stayed in late to get that. To get that that assist record -- I don't think postings are helpful in the long to make it appear ever. That year that those stats are important the only stat that means anything is winning and down I think that that's what I loved about layer as. You know sometimes Larry can have a teammate wanting him to go get a quadrupled though we're planning game in -- -- remember McCain and I was I was sitting and Larry was like a steal away from getting -- -- was double and the fourth quarter was just starting in. Casey wanted to keep him in the game Larry goes you know hear about that stuff meat that sends an important message -- volunteer coach. But to every player on the team. Like that stuff means nothing to me and and that's that I mean you listen Larry love to break scoring records and he loved to do things that kept him motivated during the course of the year but. That wasn't who was who we was about in the in the overall scheme. All week we can half after Mikhail it's that the Celtics record with 56 Eagles outscored sixty Irish to a sixteen you could you could. Feel it coming no matter what but I do remember the Utah game is the lead was huge it was like 22 point lead in Utah on the road. At the end of three quarters and Larry Stedman and I'm done for the night and he could have got himself that the quadruple double which is that you -- a unique guy right now. He did it he couldn't care less. Or do you show so do you think that that is in issue here which -- that has to be addressed because there are nights that you see him. And is closing in -- that triple double and you know wished to assist shy. And instead of -- and what he's -- the open jump shot he's feeding somebody else with a little less desirable. Shot opportunity. While this is what else. About Rondo and that is he wants to win really bad and he wants to win as bad as anybody. And like Larry like we said you know Larry one Indies score sixty when Kevin scored 56 I mean. Those are challenges that they have and I think that you know I think that all the great players. They do try to challenge themselves and and I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to get you know triple doubles a national TV here in triple doubles but. At that comes at the expense of winning then that's that's another thing and I think that if that happens with rouge on I think that first of all he'll mature out of that. And if it and I think that killed just sort of grow out of that phase mean he still is very -- Are good for us bad for you since you're not on the cellphone -- studio which into one more segment review. You don't get to leave early and Michael have a couple more questions then age ready -- the fictional next. Back here to make chuckle out of our way Michael Holley -- our weekly get together with Danny age. Good news today is -- is not on that horrendous cellphone. Masquerades. And how you make a deal imminent -- on but he community media on the other end so between on the trading deadline. How do you approach you what are you -- you're gonna watch this team like if they play well please stay with what you've got. If they don't play well they don't -- last two years talked about the terrible starts at great second half of the season so I would think. -- Well last year you were last year. Year before it was. That's right it started you know terrible -- almost. 65% of the season. And last year was the shortened seasons ago. So how do you process. While the first while I think whether whether we win every game -- word works we struggle I think it's just all depends on what opportunities. And so we are open and listening in discussions regarding. These. We don't feel pressured to do anything that's you know I think that we -- me. Some change to help improve our team as we always do oppression. Now we know in the past some guys have been really unsettled by trade rumors or just the idea that. -- -- had to be a rumor it's the idea that. Deadline is coming up and I might get moved have you. I've taken the initiative to talk any players or of any players come to you saying you know what's going on -- what are you thinking. You know I think I think in the last couple years there's only been one. And that was race and you know attention you guys before I was very open with -- with things that we're going on. Maybe I should even shouldn't have been as it you know on the Internet elect owed it to rated as keep human warmed. But no book that really haven't been any other players I think they were on edge. I think Ray Willis. Was a little bit on -- last year not the year before the year before that yes and I communicated to him too but it's a credit to ray -- was again. Teams want it because of his contract situation and because of his skills. It you know teams are looking for a guy like him and I think that. He got a few guys like that now. Do you feel like it you don't you don't necessarily need to talk to them because they just. They're veterans and -- you know there's there's -- you gotta have. You know a lot of interest in in you know for whatever reason ray has in the guide it on our team it you know generated the most interest. And that's why they were the most. He was the most talked about it you know a lot of that wins because. Others partly hasn't been a lot of conversation in involving the players over the last couple years. Paul has so publicly released said that he would like to finish his career as a Boston Celtic if you read any conversation. With him because he's the one guy you could possibly see. If there were another party interest and out there. That a deal could be done though because at the end -- the news and talk about Paul discussed. Nothing is closed and -- to -- Paul Pierce retired as a Celtic. That would be great that's what we were all attached Paul pause -- rate for the city. Franchised each of us individually he's been a true pro. -- having said that. If something came up I would -- -- all but you know my job is to do what's best for the Boston stands for the Boston Celtic team. What's in the best interest of our team them regardless of my personal ties. And personal relationships with players are you going to be more difficult to do this timer on and it seems like teams are trying to setup to make sure they stay below. That luxury tax virtual. You know I think that that the new CBA has made it a little bit more challenging in that regard but it's also they've opened it up a little bit making contracts I have to -- so tightly. In some circumstances but. I think that. You know deals are just they're just hard to do. Deals where. People are getting Smart in this business and doing things that are mutually beneficial to to both teams. They're just challenging. Some teams -- -- mark on. This is that necessarily connected to not being Smart but the Memphis Grizzlies. OK I think stupid that -- -- have made some very curious moves. They were you where you contacted by meant Memphis because they've made some pretty shocking moves here in the last three weeks. They gave me Cleveland got a steal from Memphis for financial purposes I imagine. And then they were they they were able to move Rudy gain in. Get away from significant money they owe him the they call you convict him and called a lot of people. I Memphis with a new ownership and new management they've been pretty active. So yeah -- conversation anything enticing anything that -- not real enough that never got close and and I think that. I think. It's been well documented it well. Publicized things that they were trying to accomplish it under the tax team but they can get -- long term things that come. And they got they got some good players mutation prince has terrific player in at davis' growing as a player. And you know time talent on the east trades remember that yeah there's there's been a lot of trades that people have been really criticized for. It turned out to beat it two years later and so I think that now I'm always careful. Jump to quick come on one side or another. Involved in these trades because they really are big picture things in some cases of this case I think it really -- you go look it. Of this season goes because they'd they'd -- that's nice -- what's latest with sellinger. Salinger is just getting tests. Dunedin practice today was stills or today and -- back spasms he just never know they really RD day. And hoping that he has a quick recovery in its -- What -- the -- obviously he dropped down in the draft and seems to have been a great pick for you guys but the back was an issue. Is any of this similar to what you were looking at with medical reports when you before you drafted him. Well yeah I think that I think that when when he when he was drafted. With the medical reports -- -- -- back I think it would be crazy -- -- think that there would be some days meanest and that there would be some. Management that we are about -- looser and doctor McKee in in Brian do they spend a lot of time which aired. Each day in and stretching and formulating plans. To strengthen his war in two street in the muscles on his back because he does have. Management issues back there and so I think that he's got a this is this is not a surprise -- I guess it was a little surprised it's taken this -- mean he's been with a since July 1. He's been pain free and hasn't missed a practice until the game last night when it was sort of briefing news got a rebound in his backs as. We're talking about re a few minutes ago it and get a chance to ask you did you talk to him. On Sunday and what was that conversation like and made his first trip I did. That intentionally or no business. Zone now I mean now I'm a fan and always will be and be grateful for -- And his wife and all of that they did for franchise that I had nothing to do is just my schedule is busy run round. You know in the Rondo -- -- probably -- did hear from me care about that there'll come a time when. We play golf together. Rehash. It's payback for him for -- what. -- all I got to ask you before you go the globe piece the other day and Robert Parish and Michael line. And Robert on -- here he talked an awful lot about trying to give back in the game and took responsibility claiming. That he was the -- the kind of checked out in left a lot of people. I in the lurching got away from people and and should have done a better job both of being a PR. -- for his own future career post basketball but some things to say pretty much that Larry is not helping on the Kevin's now and opening them and they yourself. Bank. I didn't I didn't see that I did someone did relay that to me. Look and listen. There's a lot of qualified people there's lot of guys out there they're looking for jobs that I wish I can hire and and can't and you know I hope Robert does get an opportunity but you know we would in my job is to do what's best for our team and bring in the most qualified people. Does it hurt. In that he did separate himself from the game that he was out of it for a literally came back in the organization and did some stop but none of it was really. Dealing with coach because I think -- and he looks at his -- Clifford ray he says. Cliff is still part of these important to get close stayed with me but a lot of people -- -- with a lot of people in the game. Was the only game that I thought Robert took responsibility. Himself when he was on the show last year but that that he got away from the get that urge him that he stayed. All around after he was playing Italy two with three years after that and get back into it with that they've given him a better shot so. Think that there's me if you look at the players that are in you know high positions. Around the league and you take a guy like Doc Rivers -- Mark Jackson owner became Lindsey Hunter diskette that had job in Phoenix. Myself Larry Kevin I mean I think that there's there is. First of all it's who you are as a player. That management wants to bring you back you know how you go about your job that you work ethic is in and year -- your competency I think that are all issues -- -- -- And then sometimes opportunity comes along you willing to take something lesser mean that -- doings another example you know he's working as a player development guy I mean I think that he'll be. In a high position in the MBAs sometime I think that that connection is important I think that's who we was as a player. What he was like in the locker room like Lindsey hunter's and other when the news in all of those things are factors in in who you want -- you're you're looking at a Reza may you look at it. Nobody looks that -- you know fifteen points and ten rebounds everybody you know and everyone's looking at you know your work ethic here. How how what you what you have to offer them at the next level and can't do that on the court you know to do off the court and I think the whole package is important. Greater avenues tutors like an honest election you -- every single when he says it. Last week we were short thought you said -- socks and these these guys I wasn't sure. So I didn't wanna repeated but we could hear everything here -- it's great -- And good luck with all of us mr. range of -- it'll be an interesting -- Are we take a break at the top of the hour or get right back to your phone calls here at about --

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