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JJ Watt, Texans DE, on the loss to Patriots and thoughts on Belichick

Jan 31, 2013|

JJ Watt joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Texans loss to the Patriots, playing Tom Brady, and his thoughts on Bill Belichick.

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Final seconds now. Poor seconds three seconds. -- -- -- Mostly AFC championship next week. But Lou live in Boston not a three point seven WEEI. Not the Super Bowl this year patriots are involved so. We check in radio row in New Orleans with one of the best defenders in football doesn't -- Pat's uniform doesn't change the truth. On -- JJ watt is a beast up front JJ -- joins us to tell us. Lots of football on about how he's got that Mohawk looking so good JJ muck Lou how are you under greater areas or -- axle let's get this out of the way first lot of patriot fans. We're offended by you spitting on the fields part of that playoff -- you explain. Exactly what happened a -- trying to be. Trying to rile you team up was that something -- specifically in that game re trying to be offensive to the patriots in their -- Not at all I would never do that is something -- do every game -- -- to midfield home or away I don't feel let due to. Look there's been little white feed off that storm mistress so I know people kind of evicted all of it immediate definitely -- with no disrespect meant I would never do it took Travis. You're -- that first meeting going in seeing a winner Louis for the Texans stood at home field at the -- leaning towards step but the one thing that can't happen. The what -- won't happen if it's a blow off you know what it would mean to that team. What was it like for you guys coming in that game and walking out at Gillette this was that something that that really kind of -- you guys down the stretch. I mean yeah we're frustrated we we are very frustrated mom obviously went in there with big plans and it and gore win you have to give credit to the patriots they played great football game. They had a great game plan and I mean that's the reason there was testing ground for so long. But some we make no excuses and democracy and make any excuses they play great we didn't play great that's why we went. It's not an excuse but do you think looking back on when your team in Andre Johnson calls a regular season game JJ the biggest game in franchise history it was a too much pressure internally. Put on that game you think by you in the guys. I mean obviously. And you can look back on that and you never want to make one game bigger than it really is to beat but there was a big game and there's no doubt that it was a big game force well. We definitely didn't didn't do we were supposed to do that and we didn't perform the way we should perform. That second game coming in the playoffs mindset obviously -- no. This wasn't us we didn't show the way we can play. Was exactly didn't go exactly the way you guys and -- -- the second time as well not exactly I mean we went up there with big hopes that ended in big plans. The patriots played very well again and we didn't again so. Like I -- not gonna see me give you any excuses democracy -- reasons why they played better we didn't play -- -- and they won the game because of it. We think -- -- here knowing at least I have been JJ about the match job and wondering -- can -- win that game you guys must. Hear that in in Houston do you get sick of hearing people question the abilities your quarterback almost do. I mean of course I have a lot of faith in him he's a very good football player he works very hard -- it doesn't. And but I understand I understand that's is and it's people questioned everything people need things to talk about and people are gonna come out of but -- in our locker room we all believe. And we believe these -- Pakistan and we're all behind them. You know defensively you guys are very aggressive and -- to bring five or more pass rushers so morning team in football a lot of people look NC got a guy like JJ watt. Why would you need to bring that much pressure just dropped guys back. But yet you guys still continue to bring pressure would you rather four -- -- let you do your thing in -- maybe have a cup few more seconds after the quarterback. -- -- like the combination much like the pressure elect the aggressiveness our defense like that we're getting after. On obviously when you -- five guys that makes the offense game plan a bit differently because. They are forced to block off five and can't double team couple guys so. But obviously I've -- like to believe myself -- -- -- one -- to like to believe that -- you don't -- -- -- I trust with books I trust him he's a great -- -- or whatever he calls Utley and -- what they are surprised that second meeting that did you guys seem to be still caught up or -- hurry up offense of the patriots. And you would think that you know watching so much from you know the pictures today and yet they still caught you off guard. Yeah I mean that her if we we were ready for we knew was coming. But it's effective and Tom Brady is such a good. Control of his office he knows he's doing it in such a good. Feel for the playbook and what's gonna work what's not. He's good -- mean you have to give credit because tech quarterback that -- team and if -- -- workers to. How much of a disadvantage of that to a defense JJ when an offense. Runs that fast you can't sub in and -- -- stick with that package how how much it affect what a defense tries to do. It definitely affects me when he canceled and packaged. But obviously they have the same issues they canceled and out of a package put. There obviously planning forward and defense you have to just rule itself. It's a good tactic and obvious it was effective for them has been effective for -- so who knows them. It's going to be pressuring for use just don't get the Patriots offense is Tom -- these guys he gets rid of the ball so quick and it just doesn't give you enough time to get through what was. The actual playing going in how to stop this office. I mean just like any office from the it's always stop the run first -- mixtures -- on the running game and then get after the -- losses pastor. It after make -- do things does one do. Obviously play against guys like -- very -- -- -- on the slot to review and he's very effective it's great things is Tom Brady the best quarterback in the league did you. I don't know that stuff dissent. -- -- -- guys again Rogers they've Manning Tom Brady you resolve very quarterbacks wooden. I'm definitely not qualified to to name whoever that opponents -- off for a lot around the net defensive line is it. What spot you like being in -- Michael and after you know over the senator over the guardian might be out there and Ian -- It doesn't matter to me I don't discriminate office any office -- position anywhere. I like that I like being able to people who doesn't want him like the chance to people as -- game if -- -- -- -- like that was the guy. Any offense -- to lead the QG the most trouble. That's the stuff to say. You say nobody did you want to say don't let I would think not not necessarily want -- guy would say it's when they bring a running back to influence by the center over little things like that. The -- suffering replica so. I'm not that triple teams I guess I'll say that all week we talked to -- earlier down their New Orleans is he guy when he stays in the block is a tight and I and I can't imagine -- tight ends are good blocker is he ranked in the top of that list. He's a pretty good blocker he doesn't stand a whole lot to block obviously it's such an effective receiver but he is a good -- going to stand there. The offensive -- pictures early year lot of criticism -- an -- gonna happen no Matt -- Brian Waters was holed out. You got to see them a couple of times -- your thoughts on the play in those guys group. Aren't there they're good group that they're good offensive line in the thing about them is they understand -- there and they know what they're doing it to a very well. They're very Smart and knowledgeable and they're very effective. We -- Crocker earlier about dear aunt whispering he said never heard of it be familiar with the deer antlers -- NFL guys I had similar stuff. Had never heard of that violence and it's kind of crazies we're. We are here about never heard about it and it's I mean. Who'd ever think and that would be something to be such a big splash. Wisconsin in a -- that was right out there -- -- that's why I'm so surprised I never heard about it figure that whatever about it with this announcement that's that's an interesting topic. Like going up against -- Bill Belichick team I mean you know you've been in the league now couple years of bill's been doing his thing even before that and looking across -- seen him. Is very very -- obviously the team is very well coached. You can tell from execution from the assignments from you from the scheme. Very well coached football team lot of respect for what they do and obviously I want to get a win against them one one you have to beat him they -- -- choices here they're very good team. And so they got the kinda. They can have my number I wanna get back -- time you defensive players that you look at that play in the past in the NFL Jane you stated you see those are guys are trying to emulate. I get on the field. In the past I like guys like Reggie White like as I was long Bruce Smith. What I try to do such frantic little bits and pieces for -- to their game to try to compartment like one great -- are trying to do Obama also put miles around as well. Before we tell people about how you get your Mohawk looking so good we we posted a video. Up the -- our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. You reached out to a six year old girl JJ. And she was so upset there's a YouTube video her crying because she can't Mary. JJ watt and you tracked her down and you married her and her for a day that's a pretty cool thing to do. That was a lot of fun -- -- granny yesterday. Was very happy I got to meter obviously I saw the video somebody sent to me via Twitter and we set out to find a -- and we found her within two days and so I'm sorry yesterday -- -- flowers. You're one of my white jerseys. As as a kind of a fake wedding dress and a proposed through the ring pop and we had our first danced her favorite artist Justin Bieber Scioscia she had a great time it was really court. See the smaller fish was great never like to see any little thing -- so I appreciate my fans I love what they do for me and them always have fun with you back. 920. Did they were. There April in Europe you do when I had really cool yeah. I don't like to marry JJ one that was pretty cool now that the question becomes. Without this acts hair products using now that spiking -- the JJ Mohawk look as good as looks now it's definite definitely needs the axe hair spiking group they did a great job on Tuesday they -- in America. And I've been using the actors biking -- sense to get good reviews on here in New Orleans. If you got a little more body can check out axis FaceBook page they have information on all their new. Hair styling products are actors do great work really appreciate what that don't meet. And it looks good I appreciate. We appreciate you taking a few minutes JJ thanks your time the best of luck in the world will talk to you soon thanks guys appreciate everything. That is that Houston Texans. Defensive standout JJ watt joining us live in New Orleans and yeah he's got its -- Patriots offense and it will put Brady is the best but what's been some sort group they are -- fast as its intention to get the other side of it. They've gone up against an offense to get their taken on its speed. Affects this team and as patriots fan a player like JJ watt -- team. It would Jones and appeared pretty good pass -- 61777979837. The phone number Texas any time. It's the AT&T text on a 379370. Mismatch Ross earlier -- swats it's the best up at 1 o'clock a month.

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