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Leandro Barbosa, Celtics guard, on Rondo going down

Jan 31, 2013|

Leandro Barbosa joins Mut and Lou to discuss his new role on the team now that Rondo is lost for the season. He also talks about the report which stated he requested a trade from the Celtics.

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Back get a lot -- not to three point seven WEP I'd is indeed a Celtics Thursday Celtics with a big win last night over the kings there out to -- I guess we'll call the post Rondo -- joining us from help -- Celtics guard Leandro Barbosa Leandro -- Hillary you. I'm good how are you guys doing or do an excellent thank you for taken a couple of minutes here they added a great shot on ABC Sunday of your team winning and beating the heat. And Rajon Rondo walking back in you you had your hand on his head and it's like you were talking to on curious what you said -- -- did you know what that time. Rondo is gonna be out for the year. No way did in the I think Q what I was saying to him at that time it was there. We've got the game for him I think we don't know how much. Was important game for all of us -- you wanted to be there he wasn't so with. We got his back what was the reaction like when doc told you guys after the game he BO for the year. It was pretty said there -- said in shock. I think you mean we saw him in the shoot around. Before they gave a couple of minutes before the game in he was walking in. Just talking about some. Weird pain that he had he's -- but. We I mean we knew that you probably would be that game but. For the whole year so it was kind of we've feelings you know these two leaders shock. He's the guy days they're very important for to teen he helpless -- And we -- meets him so. It's hard to lose a guy like that he's just made -- to -- are you supposed to starting in. Izturis. Is it hard for himself right now so. We're happy we hope he's feeling OK and he give backs in responsible to the court. Doc talked about your transition without him and says you know even in practice that's a -- unit we. Well at the play more like that spread amount everybody on carry the football I mean everybody judge you with the basketball but. How was it different is last night pretty impressive win for you guys is gonna give everybody more involved. Yes definitely we were heading for you know and we know that without -- -- we gonna have to move the ball really really. Good in I think we did -- and left my. We have a pretty good players we got a lot of weapons that we can use and so I think we did feel we did a great lesson -- There was a report that one of the Brazilian publications Leandro said that you were unhappy you're with your role he wanted to be traded to a team that would give you. More playing time did that conversation occur was that a a misprint by the publication. Back to doing -- definitely a miscommunication. You know I never said there. Never said that I wanted to get trade and if I wanted to get trio wouldn't be talking to the media -- I wouldn't talk to Denny gained in. And then off to my teammates and in the media. I knew my role was going to be like that and and that's why I came to the seventy's it was a dream come true for me and I'm happy to be here. You know Doc Rivers admitted I think -- the few points here during the season maybe. They -- you a little bit more the energy you bring on the court when you're out there is that something that you pride yourself fauna and maybe with more minutes you fear you can contribute more. Well I've been ten years in in in my career right now also most years it was like -- not being come from the bank chin. Tried to run the pin downwind definitely know that we can run this team and I think that's my role right now. Just curious because when you signed here and so the -- kind of late new of people looked Edinson what. It was curious right because David Bradley was coming back soon as can be a lot of guys at that guard position what made you come here to Boston. Like I said dream come true you know it was the team that I was always watch. When I was a little kid in. There's a lot of you know good players there. Been around to these team. And I'd just start today it could be a good experience for me evening I didn't have -- many minutes or or opportunity to play. But there was receipt to issue for me to learn from -- get older guards in this experienced -- so it was great. In college you get recruited did Doc Rivers have to recruit you at all the mic Jack called sick Kamal we need to on this bench. Yes yes it. Yeah he. He tells both fab Melo these young kids played much basketball but I've even had a chance to sit doctor -- given your background he's a great kid that I knew him before. -- -- -- to the Celtics. He's atomic -- The the young so he just need to learn you know a couple of things that they MBA. Has I think if that happened with through all of the rookies you know and he's been through there right now. Hopefully he's going to be on the court with us and having fun. -- -- brought some app resilient whether appear Leander it's a little Q we need some help with that you work on that fourth can't man I wish it was the same -- resume that let. -- -- -- -- good luck against Orlando look for a talking on the road thank you very much Leandro Barbosa Celtic guard joining us here.

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