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Rob Gronkowski, Patriots TE, on his arm injury

Jan 31, 2013|

Gronk joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his arm injury, if he felt like he came back to early, and the future of Wes Welker.

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Our -- not learned at a three point seven WEEI Super Bowl week rolls on in New Orleans. Patriots not involve a tough and they are you with the loss to Baltimore. Joining us live from new -- of Rob Gronkowski is here with fanatics dot com. The largest online retail officially licensed sports merchandise they have over 250000. Team licensed products for France regardless of where they live in Super Bowl champions merchandise will be available. On the site as soon as the game ends rob but Lou how are you. Morning Roberts a man worked out there aren't we're doing great how you do. I'm -- trigger caused the all right now. I'll how's the arm -- what exactly is the timeline here you any concerns all book that camper that. I mean I'm door and I just just. And got a little -- time that you amount so there's no hurry over us. Others during the week probably Monday barbarians you're stronger every day or so improving every weekend. It could cost -- an -- almost no time in Russia and regular 100% before camp starts. Saw a picture you with the NFL play sixty campaign which a great campaign the black cast crop around it's bigger it's bigger than. The one we saw you know when he when he came back with. Is there a reason it's it's like the whole arm like pick up your whole arm right now. Let's -- -- -- doctors gave me and I ordered doctors or I listened to our league -- I mean. Our government whole arm so. So nobody I mean we are uncomfortable so it's fine and I. I was going to go out -- I'm good I'm good with a. Dark was it that it's a couple years Iran and played nets Super Bowl we all know you were a 100% annual you're involved a Baltimore game to sit there and watching and knowing. Most important time of the year you're unable to go out there and do you do best. Yes. -- -- I was out there and when I'm out there don't suit with a mountain folk. I'm a terrible documents are about their -- and he argued are we had a couple of estrogen. When you what hit the ground that sideline the play that you appear to be re injured it in and I guess three break and a new break their rob I mean did. Did you know right away when he made the catch -- land out of bounds that. -- some might not be right here. I guess stuff -- handing. As. You -- wild planet I mean obviously I was them he's saying and I -- there's something wrong or when it's so. I just wasn't sure exactly orders order was to sometimes used singers sometimes you get like. The Charley horse cynical way -- two minutes and it is hurt real bad real quick for two minutes I was -- -- it was satellite. Of course stinger. Like in the -- -- -- Marat in the -- or something emerge is number there are real quick. Consultant or those are and what you are aware obviously and -- -- broke so it would look in the way I wanted to go out we want them and there's little -- lawyers are. That's sort of what happened. There there was a lot of conversation after the initial injury -- -- special teams and crawled is too valuable to be out there was indeed on that extra point out that it happened maybe earlier in acting. None of them -- support around. I -- pulled off I mean where you got the year ago period in game you have got different game so. But the matter what really happened to have I'm so so pretext. I get a 100% now. You gonna -- six weeks later and at Miami game and is a good pitcher Buchanan. Avoiding that are much is dangling that -- was a bother you that much in their final game -- the -- regular season. -- A millionaire group. Comedian we're really vote them back out great obviously cornered about -- -- -- -- one hand as you can see everything but. Are -- getting used to it now and experience but the flow of the game against our duty to beat down. And other times you're prepared going into the oil output -- a Miami game. Did it concern you because you know -- broken bones -- for six weeks and you -- six weeks out and you're still. Steele feel it was -- talks about not playing and second. Now I'm in there at the doctor's don't clear me and they -- -- -- Smart enough are Smart play in the Miami game and I wanna have a good start discriminating on the -- -- -- so. Obviously I want to be up their rhetoric directly go out there so parliament -- cleared especially -- -- -- But is there concern because you just obviously didn't. Didn't feel right and then we thought maybe a couple weeks first game of the playoffs he'd be a lot better and first play you at the ground and it was their. We try to figure out why this was still bothering you there may be found out later that there was static stress on the part of the ball. Are what what what -- be your. Click here how concerned were you that moving four did you think the two weeks we're gonna help at all because. In your six weeks out need to be -- it's healed by now it was. It would I could really tell your circular and I felt good in just going into a playoff game I already felt confident about it in. Like -- it was a freak accident and -- go away our plans and it broke. And the difference are endless. Was he wasn't just happened and obviously wasn't planned -- and. Should try to -- regular spray. Or that stuff works pretty good. About. We're talking to Rob Gronkowski join us live and -- with fanatics dot com I have ever heard of that stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seattle to confuse our listeners because we were talking about the site we get all the information but I was wondering more if you had ever heard of the year in color. Well ever appear -- are never heard of that but -- But I not a -- and everybody -- used -- never heard Mitch Rosser slots in the -- it was right rob. Not merit a barrier. Guy who -- -- Wes Welker can you explain is that as a receiving tight end what Wes Welker does for you rob in terms of as you free up space you make your job easier middle field. Oh yeah about what I mean you're -- OS here play it'll work on because as a -- he's an unbelievable player. And also so much fourteen. He's got a -- gravel target and he helps me to get opening up principal players get open. Because they got a double cover him that we single coverage for other players so he's a great player play where family got suck up when he in the in my back and. Do you think you'll be back next year with the team rob. Are no good but my short term. I have no prayer you know Brothers -- thought well this offense and in the post season maybe struggling against physical teams and tiger says can be frustrating for you in anonymity being a tear it to repeat baby physically healthy wise down the stretch with. The two tight ends we always talk about -- and Hernandez and this year to seem like you were never on the field togethers that take away from what you're able to do. Offensively what the original game plan was. Yes. We -- we love being out on the together and I don't agree. Our country out there and unfortunately we really -- out on the field together this year and we -- -- missed we don't talk about getting back out there and this unfortunately typical way. We wanted to go solemn. Or just -- we discuss grounded out this offseason. Our guys are no real target on your side and that you won't restart -- -- oh air America get out there together wouldn't we can start their slogan on again. It explain what it was like working with Josh for a full year for the first time it seemed like he likes that too tight and set as you said try to utilize it. Did you like the offense to put together with you guys. Yes I did a great coach great guy and a -- this offense army you know -- -- -- -- there's so whenever go to China Thailand their you know -- you know I love that. And I don't think it was seen it before you know it the summer crop last year in the picking at a potential of the you don't have that -- -- -- correct as we've actually seen pictures of your girlfriend. Are not an article. The best year ever imagine being duped -- would you have to see this girl. And I know Romo -- world. I got really no -- about -- you -- column but here's we need. You do if you seem anti U -- culture of up on. You know. There's actual girls on campus their Notre Dame rob we didn't have to do go to the Internet secret big key to give us some some relationship lessons on how to get girls that on the campus right. -- I'm I'm one in the same thing. I think I've been very valuable lessons. Is it disappointing being there this week in New Orleans for Super Bowl your team's not involved -- he can explain what that's like. You know that's where I mean obviously what shall. It went a different way and always. Can't really say it disappointment or it means that you're not really satisfied about I -- we gave no we have all year. And I give. Was whenever I got out there are so obvious obviously they're going away -- Internet. Or I mean you live and you learn so we are making corrections -- and get better Nazis and so we complain about in our president our. In the operators here to to get to the bar so please don't do well we practice hard in order we got to work harder to get it could not level. I get a prediction in this game. Are no prediction c'mon don't watch it. I don't know the closed it down with yet I don't know I don't have done it once again. -- record your -- your Jersey the rocker cow -- Jersey last year was number eight in the NFL. In sales and so you're telling me is if I wanna outfit. EL my son six weeks old and in a little -- Jersey I should go to fanatics dot com and pick it up there. Yeah I'd rather have everything you need from our youth sizes cobalt sizes as of a matter though -- -- so that you can get your six. One year old kid -- record. At least six weeks and I want to be able that. The pull some of the girls you pulled -- and again I'm one of these jerseys and open helps out. Every great. -- appreciate -- cargo port rob we appreciate your time best of luck with the offseason and your preparation for next year to join the world once. Our -- appreciate it thank you patriots that it Rob Gronkowski joining us and he's here with fanatics dot com the largest online retailer. I'm officially licensed sports merchandise they currently have. Over 250000. Team licensed products of France regardless of where they live in Super Bowl champions merchandise available. On the site. As soon as the game ends the website again is fanatics. Dot com I. Do you think we end up seeing a picture rob about about in town -- black cast. He's rock and right now downtown at odds are yes paddy O'Brien and some of those places hurricane and hand most likely patriot fans via DMZ have a cellphone. Picture Abbott. That. It would confuse our listeners to think that rob and Murkowski is now on the website. He's on the different website -- get. All the jerseys and everything and -- -- -- website elect appears. Rob joining us live in New Orleans up part of the civil week with the Fila pokes at fanatics dot com let's get a 92 break we'll come back to react tell that react to what you heard from -- Ross. The.

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