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Mitch Ross, co-owner S.W.A.T.S., on Ray Lewis deer antler spray allegations

Jan 31, 2013|

In a lengthy interview, Mitch Ross joins Mut and Merloni to explain his product, which athletes use it, and his reaction to Ray Lewis' comments about him.

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Much loot 93 point seven WEEI Super Bowl week rolls on in New Orleans and one of the names that we talked about last couple days co owner of swap spread about his story in Sports Illustrated. He has Mitch Ross joining -- say -- -- little Boston power you. -- you appreciate it this digit did you think what he has talked to Ray Lewis the night of October 13 the -- Super Bowl week you would be. Maybe the biggest name leading it to the biggest game. Well let let's just say I really don't wanna comment all Ray -- as of today tomorrow I'm gonna go to New Orleans and hold a press conference. But I'll just say no I didn't think that. Well just curious what you wouldn't feel the last couple of days in Michigan go to New Orleans reviews. Pretty pretty adamant you know first day I don't think he was two must -- I thought yes they can match you stronger. And I just I just wanna play a little bit and here's a guy that you helped -- rehabbing it he goes and says things like this yesterday. I think is probably one of the most embarrassing things. There we can do on this type of stage. I think it takes to go your way from you give somebody. Their ability to come into our world. You know our role as a very secret society and then we try to protect our world is much we can but when you -- When that cowards come in and do things like that they know it's it's kind of disturbed and something. Any thoughts -- about cowards in no credibility in years ago that you help. Put back on the field -- wondering what your thoughts when he heard. I really don't wanna comment on it yet. You know I that you guys -- Boston got I'd like to talk about this with baseball. You know I've got a lot of baseball players have worked with you know aren't on this stage of the of these -- velvet. You know -- and and tested this. In 2000 Carlos Pena I -- opinion 2000. -- says but you said. Too -- and I hit it past eleven tape bandit currently suing Major League Baseball Players Association as we speak. Let me ask you budget that the product it's itself because -- looking at them. Oh dear velvet and a look at the whole food form of a 100% natural from port of and we know that. All the nutrients that are in the area and everything and in what it does for you. I want to ask -- the -- just the extract is very different from your product the extract in just the whole food form. It's Demi it's appears form. We do program the deep deep frequencies that -- program other things whip. India also display but now that Jack -- that I have is that complete that. It is today it's incredibly it has. -- can't Ali -- which -- your chest level up to 93%. So that is a test and I ITF one booster in oil and so that start off with the ultimate spray and then moved on to develop this. Second spray which is. What I believe the cover the red covered bottle I've -- got to Sports Illustrated. Book yet haven't had but. These products are Taylor felt it because New Zealand. And when I get of him and I my location. In program that was performance and and brain wave frequencies. That I have been fooling with -- said so about 2000 fat. This spring itself Amin does that us and all the nutrients it comes and it. Do you extract just the IGF one just that insulin growth formula. Though it's the entire. Annual form located at or -- in the in eight spray formula. I mean there's no -- there's no extracting -- -- his aunt and velvet -- strategy and many sat -- manufacturing you have to understand that. I just. It branded Indian -- develop formulas with its. So actually I don't pull it off the antlers and they had to freeze -- put -- that -- date that -- in Reno Nevada and in the in New Zealand side. That's kind of difficult for me to answer that question correctly because I don't know how they spin the Taylor velvet and indeed that is in that format. What will help me here than you say you've not read the SIPC yet match. I've read the what India. I read the one on the Columbia on the Internet. Yeah I mean that's going to be the full thing that it's it's not a not. I've read into -- you know I've read it. He gave the timing was horrible. The eat you know they didn't think -- ravens were going to be in the Super Bowl. I didn't they've been -- for a year and a half you're gonna happen -- that all of Bobble head attested to that -- was nothing and it. And so when they get that -- so we want a Bollywood the story so. They probably very years I have been. You know been becoming up and say we're gonna run the story this week. It at the story runs and the part -- I guess are having a hard time with when you talk about. The all natural IGF one and how it's a natural product person decent set than that a problem product that is. Banned by the NCAA NFL EC are suing Major League Baseball. Do you understand why people are skeptical of your product of your story when it. There's and it's -- it would David but Bora who sewage your company. And you don't fight that in court and you get Levy with a five point four million dollar hit in you shut down for six months and reopened six months later quickly -- dad and I think of course there are steroids -- near -- synthetic because he didn't like this the last time he got brought to court on this. Well when an athlete changer you're your product concede the other NFL players are using and don't test positive. And -- -- small company giving it to players not selling its film. You know I had no choice I had no followed the -- you know is frivolous lawsuits and you know now like to do was closed down and you know. We -- I -- -- in that case tainted the the sample himself. That was that bad bottled traveled from. Saint Louis from excuse me Baltimore where -- steel used it to. Saint Louis where he headed up a Porter bottle to David but -- And then eight months later available for says it may have tested positive I've had this same lot number tested and -- steroids were found that it. And that any Yahoo!'s sports story two years ago. We're talking to nick Ross co owner of swat which is your product FDA approved dubious DG your book banned substance control group. Why why is that -- you haven't gone that route to try to get a. If it doesn't -- to supplement. What have -- I'm a friend of mine that you start a company called the wrong and it's on percent on all the potter velvet tailored in and they are FDA approved and they are. Certified by the BS CG. Well advocated powder velvet. Go into the stomach this stuff -- originally brought to America at twenty years ago about a man who was trying to save his brother from -- before that it wasn't in America. It was brought in in pill form in capsules. It was called God's gift. Well what they found that is that we need to take it orally in a powder form -- says that the delicate. IGS foreign idea to -- other growth factor nutrients are destroyed by the stomach acid. So then we did we did decide a lead as normal display -- to go directly into the bloodstream. So here again the delivery systems of what I am doing my tablets the tablets they go through the stomach into this small intestines. So if I would have -- a piece of venison. OK I would digested. In my small intestine is not my stomach it would be very prepared for digestion in my stomach. When you take that capsule -- goes into your stomach. The capsule dissolves in patriot is destroyed. By the stomach -- it never makes into this contest and so there's the difference and that type of technology and the one that kept. You don't have to have your settlement approved by the FDA having. Got AT&T most of that does not approved by the F. Do you believe the growth hormone should be banned in sports. -- synthetic form absolutely. But not and it's natural for. It but how is your product -- at some level synthetic will be taking a a large grouping of IGF -- what. What's the difference but it sounds to me like you're just taking a lot of it putting it in -- how is that not pushing the limits of a banned substance. Well okay is that if I put a advice so Bennett -- on my web site. To an athlete. And he cannot put the description disk contains ideas one idea it would then it should be banned. What you're we're not talking about venison or -- -- talk -- your -- understand you're taking a lot of one thing -- kept -- it -- -- Hillary spray form -- can -- can expand your acting like. I think I -- -- over synthetic. And let's go to created it was -- in 1994. Your body produces -- daily if you eat steak it created a mistake is creates instilled by and yes -- now. Notes on the banned list anymore. Okay it's the same exact process they couldn't stand it is -- natural occurring substance that the whole problem here what you where you cross. -- with synthetic. And natural. That's that's the problem they education is not there. Well it got the case that if it's if it's not so bad righty standing by the its natural you have all these app which had a great list of these athletes who supported. Your website go to -- website niche and they were all these aptly stable asked to. Take their names off are they all recognize that ball I was probably taken a banned substance here I can't be associate with. And I'll -- well ordered revisit the if you read it they were ordered by the NFL. To. Revenues. Or they would be suspended I had I had four NFL coaches endorsement Johnny -- endorsement. -- the NFL -- players and numerous golfers well guess what in 2010. Excuse -- 2011. They see that I tell the truth about our product that -- state has no idea what is natural and they go he's dealt a banned substance. So all these players are having to cut ties because I -- honest. So the key is this I'll go back to have you gentlemen eight at stake this week or try to milk this. We -- is Jerry Jones living science substance because if your -- at the grocery store. That is cows are shot that was recovered. Bovine growth hormone and it is transferred into your body when you digest that meat or that milk. That is what is -- and sympathetic if you go get aggressive -- stake. All raw whole milk. Or -- or -- -- consuming. Natural light yet once Korea and naturalized yet to it is natural form. That's where the ball is dropped here. US and have a lot of products that are are talked about a opened a web -- in the story were you upset. That if they had experts SI did basically go through your list of products that negative water though the beam -- bases say. This stuff doesn't work this that this is that it's ridiculous to think this helps you at all. You know what. I've learned about print media. Media in general de do their best to destroy whatever they and that is good though they say and a -- doesn't have an idea wanted to. And they say it does either desert doesn't which is that what we know it does okay. Should at least be able to use. Natural things to recover their body or should they do it the Lance Armstrong play. But the Barry Bonds way which way should they do it. You know the government the Mitchell report wanted alternatives and education. Alternatives. That's what this is that's what my company is about providing alternative performance enhancing and do you think I got to this stage. By lying. Giving things that don't work you really think he's Jackson brought into the NFL. That's -- -- all right well hue Jackson here's a -- distance himself again he comes out apologized that a ravens he says Leo. I know the younger -- to be that way I thought I was doing the right thing he's another guy that that you know. But then let's go let's go in 2008 he he brought in to work with the ravens look at the turn around 2000 the turnaround he goes to the raiders. He uses me as the offensive coordinator and he did is -- case -- You may say he is the chips when he was the offensive coordinator OK and -- when he became a head coach he was told he couldn't use and all -- players were injured it -- They wore when anyone went in and then by the candidacy because nobody uses delegates to the bottom line is this athletes -- people to get what they want. And if you can make it perform better built. Do anything that I learned in 2006. I can make an athlete perform better still give me an endorsement for the technology and that's how I've got a hundred of endorsement but paid no one not one person. You would think you look at that ravens team involved in that ravens team as other guys and it to you questioned. -- -- coming back any work with Terrell Suggs and -- No I did. I work with Brett Favre well what Carnell Williams. It. More OK bottom right now. That's old school the blade PC I don't. To sleep now -- I think. -- bring in the blade back very good he is on he is actually on the protocol and he is plans on coming back to. You're you're gonna you're gonna at a press conference tomorrow and Orleans -- said. That's what I'm I have worked on right now we -- is advising me. And the that's what -- -- We're talking -- Ross co owner of slots and and I know you wanna address the race stuff there but it and it's basic point missing guy that. He called you the night he is try to come back and play and you advice and you get the product that you go we listen you speak Q you are passionate. About your product you believe in your product and ray says those things yesterday I -- you gotta be hurt by that that's got to really bothering. I don't let -- about it. And it did it too long when -- -- with your bank and and sued for help the people and try to bring the cost them the right way Bradley to compete at eye level and you're successful at it. I'm successful at my track -- would I will Carlos Pena he -- The National League with home runs any broken -- a month out OK he was on the always everytime someone that would test positive Carlos would comic. When Manny Ramirez tested positive right CD called me five minutes after broke and he said this to me. It may have but he sure I'm not gonna test positive for all the -- I think yard Italy and test the product. You've been OK okay out to do I have -- right -- -- you -- -- drugs or you do itself and you know so. This is not -- to -- that was worked with Johnny Damon in 08. It is it is just the thing is is that it's it's it's so ridiculous that it space and that's why Sports Illustrated did distorted because when they tested it. And it was knows stairway to edit and there was all this hoopla and I have all these people I was working where they were like how does this happen -- do at all these people. This simple when something works athletes know their body. Well it apparently works because Alabama football -- did he get a lot of feedback from the SE CF I've followed that the -- Ross name on Twitter. Seems like they are very interest and how much you work -- Alabama and L issue and you're getting some flak from the at the college area -- correct. -- are much much college. 2008 Alabama 2000. And Alabama Alabama got letters from them so we went right back and went to Auburn. They won -- national championship got letters from him. Work with LSU in the first game of the century. And then they got a letter from LSU until it right back Alabama this thing -- that don't go to the code that I go to the players the bottom -- the players what they're the NFL and they wanna waste. The -- to where these meetings. Yeah that I don't talk it there's one kind of like watch tell the coaches as they did state that he could. They're not on the field play. There on the team -- it it gives it their outcomes under sanctions the -- the once again again ever dear Mitch all the players. -- players that they on the players. They don't throw it -- -- -- all and it's not an excellent rate of any political -- obviously he's retired British. There's a question it. If -- Glen Coffee or your Mark Ingram or a candidate or whoever. And you go and do your homework on what I've done with professional athletes. And I mean your state. And you have the ability to get to me. And you do which you know -- -- substance that worked it was not illegal. It's ridiculous yes -- -- generally well received letters from Alabama since -- away from our athletes. Absolutely that -- deftly -- and even more. -- why it if you present -- -- would you present your case to the university. If I ever presented it to everybody it's outlawed it doesn't were really lighting your Heisman Trophy winners keep coveted but it's save my track record with as a trophy people. Okay to -- chase Daniel's and Coke read what boat ship in the year that they were in the Batman ride. Okay Alabama's Glen Coffee the they're dead after day year Mark Ingram. After that Cam -- after that get say you know they -- that it would grant Richard investors haven't been. I mean if the president putting if you do your homework it all out there the problem is it. I allowed by. For years to just give them. The body of work to hit the work done give this stuff give to step. Give it to the players if they'll endorse -- get the endorsement if they're agents get involved don't work with the player. Okay. You can go to my web site right now -- Missouri Tigers talking about the 2007. Season. And that's how it opened up June Jones would not let his Hawaii warriors in 2006 and 2007. Go on the field with out the chip -- And they scored a ton of points they always do -- sketch out on this have you talked to two Ray Lewis we talked to before the press conference tomorrow. Now I'm not. I don't I wish you'd talk a bit Emmys let it leave everybody thinks I. I did -- I couldn't focus not what what. I -- did you did you give them the video they talk about that's what people are saying that that they have date SI saw the video that you taped the conversation him. -- -- -- -- -- On the I'd I'd I'd videotape myself on the phone with every athlete that set up a protocol for for two reasons. I'd videotape it. So I can go back over it and make sure I got all the information from the athlete about his injury. What it -- well we said so I can change it and also to cover my butt. Did SI see those videos. I'm I'm not -- say that. Well I go toward a press covers -- let us know this is going to be look for it to. Following -- tomorrow at thanks -- Not today and in -- basin and in New Orleans. Always a few people we option they'll be there for this one. -- We're gonna go there and he knows it sexy time -- appreciated. On the draw school for slots joining us right here -- and Maloney 93 point seven WE yeah.

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