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Doc Rivers says the Celtics have players on the roster that can step up in Rajon Rondo's absence

Jan 31, 2013|

Doc Rivers joined D&C to talk about the Celtics' second straight win without Rajon Rondo. The head coach believes he already has the players in place that can fill in for the injured point guard. He also thinks the physical play of Avery Bradley has helped motivate and drive the team.

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Our conversation with Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust global space and buy -- Mercedes-Benz has always doc joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT good morning doc -- -- Good morning and we're at Boston's. Are -- at the patriots that didn't go so we didn't go. Well that's -- right now I don't know I like about Rondo so far so good you've beaten the best and now one of the worst is it going as well as you thought it would. Yeah you know I don't know what -- -- You know we're we're we've played extremely well in and no Purdue in Miami and then. In spurts but last night we play well the second quarter was as well as -- -- -- you know when you win games you would -- you it's going good. This is the highest scoring second quarter of the year that was the highest scoring first half of the year. I -- the 49ers speaking of New Orleans has the pistol offense would this be called your spread offense stock. Yeah I guess it would be you know war. Or shoot offense. The because you know you don't have that one god it to go you know we know beaten ball pressure and complete defense is sort of what has simply too. -- we've heard it I'm sure -- -- we've heard from so many people sent all the will be better without Rondo they'll be in -- way they'll do different. Is it that is certainly silly docket as overall in the big picture but. What specific things can you do better can you play better defense without Rondo. Well I don't know -- the bottom line brother album. But we do have other guys who do different things. You know every -- you -- Avery did you -- at the guard spot you know so. They're they're more physical guards and defensively they can be more physical so in the beltway event helps. From. You know this would be as big as everybody does different things and that those who we are -- How would Rondo if you were in the game prevent you from playing that style. Why would it prevent -- war against our. Are these lies being physical around the okay because movement is better we will. You can multiply ball pressure defensively. Just remember your big physical -- are elected to government floor. You you're four point guard can you ransom is simple question do you need a point guard we we talked about. Kobe is one without Michael Jordan. I really couldn't have been -- an assistant you know we do have a system that can go either way. There are citizens know. -- seeded system move would mud and Tony. -- you needed a point guard and -- really do when the run that system. So are really do depend depend on the title often triangle that you don't need a point guard immediately Barmes. Is met. Basically where we're at right now we -- run in the triangle -- in the mystery at all and that similar problem where the point guard as a matter of important. Does Paul like the role of point forward. Well you like too much sometimes you know I thought last night. It is trying to be important -- of just playing and that's one of the things that totem when I took about Tom. In the day in the first quarter of people we just need to score in -- instincts it will pick over you'll -- but don't try to be a press. -- Europa and you really due to shoot the ball. And I thought he did it when you can imagine in the second quarter. Don't you think you may be getting a bounce from the fact that guys are looking at this as an opportunity to shine a kind of a -- -- type of thing and there's -- this is my opportunity to have to make a mark. You know I don't know I just -- more minutes killed anybody yet and maybe that it. We lost six games in a -- and I thought it was time for a start playing well you know we did play well against Chicago and just didn't win the game. We played great against -- letter to to have quarters and then lost today and so I thought we started to play better anyway and I was with -- Why -- why such a short. -- minutes in the first effort Jeff. Well you have to do well earlier on -- -- -- -- we do tomorrow than -- in particular are. You I think when green Jeff Greene went to sleep last night he heard your voice in -- ear you were all all of -- Is that is that why you get the best out of him -- one of those kind of guys you gotta get your. Depend on the day. That was in the second half and you didn't just came in with a great and -- committed in the first. And that's one of the things we -- it. They are just about and focus in meridian give it to guard down. In their own dorm about it -- the Detroit. With total regard to the switched. Foreign over in the would have -- Burnett on the post and that he talked up to the three. When we're struggling 2.0. -- more. I can answer. Isiah Thomas in Sacramento when he -- offered 27 and you. Guys got beaten pretty badly was Rondo on -- that game most of the time and is -- the difference when a guy like Avery Bradley or Courtney Lee is on. On the we're going -- but you remember elderly are hamstring. Nuremberg -- day before. I didn't go there through destroy moving. There and they wouldn't just round there was a lot of guys on the -- rumbling to guard him. But you know you don't know you have to physical -- to stay in front of it definitely helps. A doc what's the coach does say or think when you see somebody like Bradley run down Isiah Thomas from behind to block him from behind button what to get uncontested layup. Oh great it's a team builder you know when those things happened quarterly dividend times just and a couple of times. You don't you just billion a way to make a place that's when. And it didn't think they have a best Newton it is tremendous. Police during the didn't. You know and also I would say about those -- Even if you follow them it's a great place I mean even if you're in a black -- and he goes to life is still gets everybody going. They're doubling and you may save one point when that -- It would break down film I assume you you show the bad so you -- correct you also show the good stuff and at the -- that is just with that Bradley block from behind being your breakdown. You know lets you -- number one player like that. George -- directed charges. You know when guys running guys down -- -- judgment -- extra. Those -- always been don't always lead to -- The darkest night games to go before the trade deadline it feels like. A situation where Danny is gonna watch and see how you do in these nine games and see whether you're. Contender or a team that you would did not pull the plug on bill for next year. Is that accurate is that the way you look at. I don't look at their way. I think -- like they're -- -- think he thinks we're can be a good team -- what we. I think then you banning. He's got to do his job just gonna keep looking. And keep -- to help the team but I don't think there's been no talks. But -- -- blood dripping blood. If you suspect that he was unhappy with the team has currently constituted would you lobby to keep them intact there is keep the team intact until you see what I can do with this group. You know work but I don't think we have to have that discussion I think Demi liked to do as well Tom there and you know obviously we have a -- instincts of low pressure is which will -- What we're gonna do and you know if we demand another guard will do it but we're not out there's surgeon. But you were under 500 with Rhonda Emanuel barely -- in the eight spot. You really liked the team that much. Well we removal of former -- in the probably last year as you can work in -- you know every year. We made a lot of changes you know we -- nine you guys. I don't think -- -- and how important that is and bring -- in new guy in. Adjusted. I didn't think we sort of the better than our record is -- that Warner that there's more. But. This team that doesn't start the play that. I assume you think there's value added having the court he leaves the Jason Terry at the Leandro Barbosa is people like that of after a soldier. Played an entire season with KG and Paul even though -- was gone or something to be learned Bob by those guys and the tutelage of the of the two veterans. -- it a lot to learn -- You know just the way both of those guys approach every -- -- play well every game just so the work of their games in their practices. All the guys who haven't been with those two will be better next year because they've been with those two. -- is natural conflict between GM and -- -- get along great but. GM the coach don't they have different objectives day in and day out. Maybe even they'll. Publicly Merrill. I would say. When you get to a point where of the Jim Woodruff the long term. The trojans would do that and now you can have disagreements but overall I'm open to debate and helping at all. Well one on the business a lot of stories obviously after a Rondo went down a lot of people talk of trade given up on the year plan for next year plan you know ray and Paul Pierce. I'm one story had -- a Yahoo! store by Adrian margin askew had Danny. Very disappointed in himself that he didn't make the trade with Memphis rail and OJ Mayo last year and and -- that wouldn't happen again. Do you remember that legacy does he regret not making a move them and do you think that's. I don't think I really don't they did do. There have been married obviously he had started with a deal that we got a shot. And I wrote my memory is an avid read articles and read at all. About. Would that -- pulled the plug Matta. So you know -- -- to the program melted and I don't know but my memory is. America's -- about -- Plus she thought. You with Andre was gonna stick around. To -- we did but you know just so much younger that's straight what we do we really. Thought we had a look at there are. It -- in your mind how important is it not to finish -- but rather seven and six to avoid Miami in the first round. Well very. Emotion he will play my army and there will be ready to play him but it's always nice to win a playoff series and important. Other than going the start of what else to do it. This Salinger's. Back okay Willie B and then tomorrow. Don't know. You know that's going to be visited Beijing maybe for awhile. You know. Does he had back problems and start up and spasms. You know compared -- wake up in the morning they're Garmin. And ambiguous words or just -- let them do we have to wait and see. As far as you know is this a sense knew what he had in college or is this a different morality. I don't know -- and him. -- -- -- Our time now the coach's question that we brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers see -- -- limited offers on select vehicles that you local Mercedes-Benz dealers. On the web at MB USA dot com question -- You got a Super Bowl got the better team will be inspired motivated team of destiny. I got the better did you know there. Just go yes you didn't have to plot and. Why I'm guessing you have some connection you know somebody somebody on the -- room for. Really don't have much conviction -- -- -- -- -- very well a goal and an Indiana. I know our gym a lot better binge. Don't Madonna road America. Delta Jim double -- I just think they're just do a better days I've been that there'd -- an instrument -- and you know they're -- Clinton over the last modified since -- have been unbelievable and undergo. And we do you think there's a shelf life. To the raw raw motivational but it cannot be sustained for as long as ray Lewis and the ravens trying to sustain it. Yeah it can be but I think the other team they're gonna have. Some integration Cuban boat didn't Super Bowl I think. Yellow ribbons or habit but I did so will the other team and when you get to the Super Bowl I don't think. Once you should have an edge over the other team as far as wanting to win anymore. I know how you how do you watch it you have go to a party have a party and -- playing the clippers on one. -- and budget on in the road right you'll be home. Yeah I'll probably be home you know when it to give are really wanna watch like last year. I want to loan. But when it's this amid Jordan I don't know double does have a permit -- but two minutes and then go what. No -- -- he's got to get out there for the game regret it all right -- Persia the double talk -- down the road. Our interpreter Doc Rivers brought you by northern bank and trust -- space and by Mercedes-Benz joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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