WEEI>On Demand>>Jason Terry with Grande & Max: Celtics are "a very confident bunch", even without Rondo

Jason Terry with Grande & Max: Celtics are "a very confident bunch", even without Rondo

Jan 30, 2013|

Jason Terry with Grande & Max: Celtics are "a very confident bunch", even without Rondo

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I'd John thank you so far so good for the dealt with that 9981 win over the Sacramento Kings at the garden tonight Jason Terry joins us from the celtics' locker room. It has to be. A fascinating day on Sunday on a variety of levels when everything sort of changed over the last couple of days being at practice at around this team. What the confidence level in light while people on the outside started out the question. We're very confident but I mean we're very talented group. To a man. And so because what happens throughout these men have died down to come together. Collectively as a group and -- get -- job you know we often tough circumstances. Had a book right now without our -- -- possibility of would that mean tonight we have to collectively. What. What that affect you guys do it is today you have particularly if -- like you guys the all. Off the pool via the path of the privilege front though only on the -- -- -- goes -- individual. Skills. It is phenomenal him with the ball in and -- -- applaud mr. one but without him. I think we have to who was with the -- we can't afford miserable group work. We must move the ball. In in the half court that we hit the ball we don't have -- we can drive it. But more time my confidence and -- That open guy. Have you. Jeff you've been the thing about two years you've been of great to draw your career. Hard times thought that you early on it and that you picked it up that they've become a slack off look that. You back in the groove right now because he's like you look at we found out what today. You know on we look at your growth with this but I think time is not and I well if he's got god. First season for my whole career value from the Boston. These. Emphasis on making every shot. That's a little at a press that I have played with right -- it didn't have the opportunity you've got I got that big of the -- might argue about the what -- -- -- Whether. Of our -- we'll talk with them. Whatever that the same problem does -- take advantage of opportunity out there Hugh Hugh. What -- for me and or pimp written about it give up and take my things. Is there what changed when he talked about the volume of shots is there is -- healthy mentally you're marketing it as many -- no basketball programs for if I complain if someone out there on the floor it will be hip hop -- on behalf. And I -- who want to step because that's not my rhythm. And the only way you can get there rippled through them just through repetition. And that taught train creature had and that again is an adjustment period for myself -- I love our team you know we're very talented and in this not going to be a situation where I'm gonna get 1015 shots -- I got to make that adjustment. And continue to try to find out that the. Well what the nets out to the Dallas people but you via that everybody would it awards -- when they talk about Q -- Mark Cubans that. He had the place to come back who went out -- -- why do so you know. What do you do you talk to you felt that the -- that there -- Marines don't make -- because you never know what you might have to go back we all know. Question I mean there's -- situation you don't wanna burn any bridges correctly. This with the good old boy in the it's a blessing. We're very fortunate to play in this league and as you know when you play for great organizations like Dallas like Boston even in Orlando went out there is no we didn't win it still look great organization. Our -- tight knit relationships. And I continue to keep those relations because you never know when on the job. Always practically Robert pear dessert only seven does tonight but he made five love and more importantly the Celtics get an easy win and it's on Friday in Orlando -- Terry thanks right now founder.

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